Heather Hunt, painting and textiles teacher

Heather Hunt

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Heather opened her Studio East Village Art House, located in leafy Balmain East initially to continue teaching art to adults and school children after school and during school holidays. She had been teaching as an early childhood educator and decided on a change incorporating the best part of her day, teaching art.

Now, she has decided to extend the workshops on offer to adults as well, with a wealth of talent in textile art as well Art workshops. She extended her interest and knowledge when she and her family set up home in Tokyo for five years where she learnt ceramics, Satchiko, Boro embroidery and Sumie ( ink painting) and she makes her own ink from charcoal and gold leaf. Her studio is bright and welcoming located in the front of the family home.




Susan Harris Jan 2022

Watercolour Painting Workshop

I loved Heather’s watercolour class. I learnt lots, great teacher and venue. You don’t need to take anything just your enthusiasm.

Painting workshop review by Susan Harris

Lauren Evans Jan 2022

Clay Hand Building Workshop

This was a really great class. Heather is an excellent teacher and the class had a lovely atmosphere. Great location, with loads of cafes nearby. Definitely recommend.

Ann Elliott Jan 2022

Watercolour Painting Workshop

Heather gave me the confidence and knowledge to take my interest in watercolours further. Her instructions were clear, the materials provided were good quality and I’m looking forward to joining her for more classes.

Christian Meier Jan 2022

Watercolour Painting Workshop

Friendly and relaxed service with access to great resources (different paints, water colour paper etc.)

Alison Thorpe Jan 2022

Watercolour Painting Workshop

Great beginners workshop Heather explained and demonstrated techniques clearly. It was very enjoyable in a cozy space with all materials provided with take home brushes.

Sir Vasey Oct 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

Had a great night, we were lucky to have a small class that night. I had no experience painting but Heather made it easy and fun and i was really happy with the result. Thanks Heather :)

Amanda Watson Oct 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

My guests really enjoyed themselves and can only sing Heather's praises. Highly recommend. 5/5.

Anonymized Customer Oct 2021

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

Sip and Paint at Home

Great skills for impressionistic art. A therapeutic way to destress with painting. Learnt how to blend colours.

Sip and Paint at Home review by Anonymized Customer

Megan Smith Oct 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

Heather is lovely, such an engaging woman and obviously a very good artist! The session was relaxed, informative and just a lovely way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

Natalie O'Halloran Oct 2021

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

So relaxing! Heather is so warm and generous and love my basket. A lovely afternoon of coiling and conversation. Strongly recommend

Veronica Lin Oct 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

Heather was really great and we really enjoyed the session. She walked us through the entire process with a lot of patience! Thanks Heather.

Jessica Hanys Sep 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

The class was so much fun and Heather was very friendly and helpful! Highly recommend!

Amy Buhell Sep 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

Heather was fantastic! It was a wonderful way to connect with friends virtually and the painting was fun and easy to do. Would highly recommend!

Sip and Paint at Home review by Amy Buhell

Sarah Stokes Sep 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

Absolutely wonderful session! Will definitely be back for more. Thanks Heather for a lovely evening!

Louise Graham Sep 2021

Sip and Paint at Home

Thanks Heather we had a lovley time - so sorry to hear about your week you've experienced too much grief in such a short period. Hope your session with us cheered you up as much as it cheered us up. Kind regards Louise

Rachelle Gaal Aug 2021

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

very thoughtful teacher! Really appreciated the effort that went into the class. Thank you! xo

Natalie O'Halloran Jun 2021

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

Clay Hand Building Workshop

My friend and I had a wonderful evening playing with clay. Heather is a warm, highly professional and generous teacher. There were plenty of options of what to make and space to explore our own creative style. Definitely good value for money and lots of fun. STRONGLY recommended

Helen Bersten Jun 2021

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

The class consisted only of myself and my sister. It was a lovely light open space and Heather Hunt was charming. There was no actual tuition but we were encouraged to use a prior pupil's work as a basis for our painting. I enjoyed the evening.

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop review by Helen Bersten  Sydney

Joan Bersten Jun 2021

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

Heather was very welcoming; venue was pleasant & warm on an extremely cold night. We were painting with acrylics & provided with 3 different size brushes. It was a fun night.

Painting workshop review by Joan Bersten

Karyne Ang May 2021

Textiles class

I enjoyed the class. It was very informal, friendly and the instructor provided clear instructions in an easy relaxed environment. Materials were all supplied, and we each got a bag of more materials to take home to practice some more. The location was great and very conducive for a short relaxed session.

Summer To Apr 2021

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop - Central Coast

Heather was great and friendly, my husband and I had a relaxing and fun evening painting.

Lynette Dolbel Mar 2021

Loom Weaving Workshop

Demonstrated well. Friendly helpful advice. Individuality encouraged. Choice of materials were plentiful. A great afternoon.

Ai-Lin Lee Mar 2021

Watercolour Painting Workshop

Enjoyed a wonderful watercolour class today. Still buzzing from all the new techniques I learnt from our teacher Mardi (and hosted by Heather) and going well outside my comfort zone. The class was well structured with Mardi gauging our interest and experience to tailor the class to us and keeping time so we could complete our painting without rush. The studio is in such a good location for a relaxing ferry ride from CQ and walk from Balmain ferry stop. Enjoyed coffee and bites at the cute cafes nearby. Highly recommend! Looking forward to Heather  + more

Amelie Bergeron Mar 2021

Watercolour Painting Workshop

Great workshop even for beginners in a nice relaxed environment! You get a lot out of this 2 hours class

Pip Hooper Feb 2021

Watercolour Painting Workshop

Great class and venue good. Mardi was fab! First time I’ve painted with watercolours. Learnt a lot!

Tessa Mansfield Dec 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

The venue was clean and well appointed, all necessary equipment was provided and generous supply of products for use. Guidance and advice was pleasantly delivered, nurturing ideas resulting in a very relaxed and creative environment. Was such an enjoyable experience we will return! And have already recommended it to friends.

Michelle Ng Dec 2020

Clay Hand Building Workshop

My friend and I booked a class with Heather on 12/12. From the moment we stepped in, we immediately felt at home. We sipped moscato and shared life stories with Heather while we waited for the last guest to arrive. It’s easy to see that Heather’s workshop/ store is more than just a space. The last guest has known Heather for many years and so while we were making our clay pieces, my friend and  + more

Clay Hand Building Workshop review by Michelle Ng

Lou Muscolino Nov 2020

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Mum and I attended this workshop and loved it! We don’t do things like this often but it’s made us realise that we should. Heather was an excellent teacher. We were the only people in the class and she welcomed us with warmth and wonderful conversation. Her instructions were clear and helpful. She always came over to assist if we ever got stuck while making the baskets too. For someone like my mum who is always caught up doing things for others, it was really special to see her have some time and space to enjoy learning something crafty and  + more

Elizabeth Kuriype Nov 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

I liked the venue and I liked that there were options on what to paint

Alana Noblett Oct 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

The class provided excellent materials to work with and allowed freedom of movement and creativity in the room. I am very happy with what I was able to come up with and paint on my canvas with the inspiration posted all around the room as well. The teacher helped all students in need and provided snacks though we were more focused on painting. We were able to draw instead of paint though painting was  + more

Painting workshop review by Alana Noblett

Jonathon Pucar Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

A fun and relaxed date night. Heather gave us some artistic guidance and also painted alongside us giving us the freedom to choose our own subject and apply our own interpretation

Rob Fuller Oct 2020

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

We thoroughly enjoyed our basket weaving classs. Heather is a lovely host and teacher. We came away with a cool basket each. A great afternoon. Thank you Heather

Lia Pipolo Oct 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

We had a wonderful time with Heather She had a really relaxed approach and we were encouraged to do whatever felt right for us as the individual painter My partner - first time painter was really surprised at how relaxing it was. We painted different subjects which was fun (Less competition!) and we were both proud of our final product ! Thanks Heather, we will be back

Hartshorne Tracey Sep 2020

Loom Weaving Workshop

The class was very fun and we learnt lots of techniques in weaving that we can do at home. It was great value as we got to keep the loom to make more at home. It was a very enjoyable morning.

Textiles workshop review by Hartshorne Tracey

Michel Manietta Sep 2020

Loom Weaving Workshop

Class excelled my expectations. Learnt so much in a lovely atmosphere with a very friendly & experienced teacher.

Pooja Rao Jul 2020

Loom Weaving Workshop

Great course! Heather was fantastic! Really enjoyable and relaxing course that was practical and fun.

Cassandra Cliff Jul 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

We really enjoyed the sip and paint class. The teacher Heather was great, she gave good advice and helped when we needed, but let us do our own thing which we really liked. We'll definitely go back again :)

Painting workshop review by Cassandra Cliff

Rafia Hussain Jun 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Heather was a lovely teacher and the class was great! Had a really good time and got to take home a lovely cute little basket

Joanna Mohammadi Mar 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

Heather is a beautiful kind soul! She was so encouraging and provided some amazing tips Highly recommended if you want a genuinely passionate teacher

Painting workshop review by Joanna Mohammadi

Madison McAlpine Feb 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

A refreshing change for a Sip and Paint. We were actually given the option to paint whatever we liked! Heather's a very talented artist yet lets you find your own style. She had a lovely cheeseboard out and there was great conversation and music. Located in such a cute area of Balmain, tons of restaurants and pubs around for a dinner or drink before or after the class. Will definitely be returning.  + more

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop review by Madison McAlpine

Sophie Jalowsky Feb 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

Heather was an amazing teacher and the class was so much fun. It was intimate and personal, and Heather really cared about all of our pieces of art. She was incredibly personable and overall a wonderful person to spend a couple of hours with! The studio was organised and we had more than enough supplies. Heather even set up a cheese and fruit platter for us. In the end, I left with a painting that I love and one that I would never have taken the time/ gathered the supplies to do myself. I have nothing but great things to say!

Sarah Dicks Feb 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

Heather is an incredible teacher and creates such a welcoming atmosphere. 10/10 do this class!

Lori Hunter Feb 2020

Sip Wine and Paint Workshop

The Sip Wine and Paint Workshop was so much fun. Heather was a lovely host and she gave us some great tips along the way.

Susan Schmocker Jan 2020

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Heather was a great teacher. I felt immediately comfortable with her and I feel confident to take basket weaving a step further. I leave in Balmain and I will drop in should l need further assistance. Great venue and also the food provided was generous and delicious. Susan

Natasha Laving Jan 2020

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

We had a fantastic afternoon with Heather! All materials were provided along with a delicious cheese platter! We we essentially taught the beautiful art of basket weaving, but along with this we learnt the magic of mindfulness and friendly chatter as we created our pieces. I will definitely be back to experience more of Heathers crafty wisdom. 5 stars

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop review by Natasha Laving

Michelle Laving Jan 2020

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Very relaxed environment and lots of fun learning how to basket weave! Well organised workshop.

Susan Britton Jan 2020

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Heather was exactly as her other reviews described. Cheerful, patient, full of ideas and generous by nature. The studio is a bright light and lovely space in Balmain. I was so impressed that she held the class for me one on one as the other group who were booked were coming up from the coast and couldnt get through in time because of the fires. She honoured my booking anyway. Although I had booked a coil basket weaving class, she was able to change it to raffia hat making as that was what I particularly wanted to do. She was so helpful and was  + more

Georgina (Gina) Dec 2019

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Heather was so lovely and so knowledgeable, she was very patient with me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and have come away with with the skills and supplies to finish my project and can’t wait to do more. Her shop was well set out and easy to find. Definitely will go back for more!

Carollyn Nathan Sep 2019

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Lovely few hours learning to weave. The time flew by and Heather was a great host and teacher. Very clear instructions and I feel I will be able to complete the project on my own with the materials provided.

Despina Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

This class was definitely worth it, I walked away feeling quiet confident in being able to continue working on my own projects at home. Heather was very helpful and patient and could easily answer any questions that I had. I will be recommending East Village Art House to everyone I know!

Textiles workshop review by Despina

Joanne Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Wonderful class! Heather is lovely and welcomed us into her studio for a fun afternoon. It was really easy to pick up and I’m so pleased with the end product. Heather had lots of tips and techniques for how to make different baskets. All the materials were provided - which was great because I wouldn’t have known the right kind of raffia to buy or any of the extras, and we got sent home with a goody  + more

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop review by Joanne

Joanne Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Raffia Basket Weaving Workshop

Heather was very patient and friendly. I loved that all the materials for the class were provided and I took home enough raffia, needle and even scissors to do a few more on my own. Heather explained how she made all the colours. The group was nice and small allowing for extra help and lots of chatting. We hope to catch up for another class soon!

Textiles workshop review by Joanne

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