Ikebana classes - Melbourne

Keen to cultivate a little calm? Discover Ikebana, the meditative art of Japanese flower arranging. When it comes to floristry workshops, the Japanese art of flower arranging is one of the most creative and calming things to do in Melbourne. Combining elements of art, history and mindfulness, our hands-on ikebana classes in Melbourne are the perfect way to explore the intricacies of this age-old art form. With an emphasis on balance, seasonality and simplicity, you'll learn to create a stunning floral arrangement using a unique Ikebana vase. Dive into the symbolism and history of this traditional Japanese art and discover everything you need to know to continue experimenting with Ikebana flowers at home.
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Looking for more options? Please message us or call us on 0488 839 505, and we'll quickly organise a class for your group

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