Illustration Works Course

Discover a captivating world of illustration through our expert-guided 5-week workshop.

5 x 2.5 hours Class size 5 to 12     label $280

In this engaging 5 week drawing course, you will delve into the world of illustration over a captivating 5-weeks. You'll learn to master a variety of mediums including watercolours, pencils, markers, gouache, and pens, and explore the art of creating captivating compositions, diverse styles, and intricate structures on paper.

Don't worry if you're new to illustration; under expert guidance, you'll discover how to keep your illustrations loose and expressive, allowing your creativity to flow freely. The class will be a safe space for you to experiment, make mistakes, and refine your skills in a supportive environment.

Throughout the workshop, you'll immerse yourself in the creative process, gaining confidence as you bring your ideas to life on paper. Working with different materials and techniques, you'll not only hone your technical skills but also develop your unique artistic style.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a collection of beautifully crafted illustrations to take home, serving as a tangible reminder of your artistic journey and growth. Dive into this enriching activity and unlock your potential as an illustrator.

Knowledge required
Suits beginners or intermediate levels.
What you'll get
Material packs will be available if required.
What to bring
Bring along your own materials. We will discuss what you need in the first lesson if you need them. Watercolour (pencils or markers) or gouache, fine point pigmented felt-tip pens in various sizes. Journal or notepad and graphite pencil.
  • 300gsm paper no larger than A3. I do sell packs in the studio if you need some.
  • Bring your own references, photos, or a tablet; you can just use your phone.
  • I do have books and magazines in the studio if you would like to borrow an image.
Session repeats

This class series runs over 5 consecutive sessions, at the same time every week.

Suitable for

This class is great for a birthday or hens party.


Art with Tea - 429 Fairfield Road, Yeronga QLD

We are located on the corner of Fairfield Road and Devon Street. There is 2hr parking available in the Village Center parking area and along Devon Street. And longer parking is available in the surrounding streets.

Illustration Works Course location
Your teacher
Art with Tea
Art with Tea

What's my story? Why learn with me at Art with Tea?

My name is Tianni Fazio, and creativity has been a driving force throughout my life. With a background in art materials, illustration, and painting, I've long held a dream of creating a welcoming space where people can explore their artistic passions.

Alongside my talented husband Sal, I've made that dream a reality with Art with Tea in Yeronga. Our cosy studio is designed to be a creative home - a comfortable and inspiring environment where you can unleash your artistic side through workshops, exhibitions, and casual creative gatherings.

At Art with Tea, we believe art is for everyone. Whether you're a complete beginner longing to tap into your creative spirit, an experienced artist seeking fresh inspiration, or someone simply wanting to incorporate more artful moments into your daily life, you'll find a warm welcome here.

My approach is all about sharing the joy of artistic expression in a relaxed, judgment-free atmosphere. Think of it like visiting your favourite auntie's house - you can get colourful, get messy, try new things, and not worry about getting in trouble! We encourage good conversations over a warm pot of tea.

With my diverse expertise and passion for nurturing creativity in others, I'll be your guide on this artistic journey. Join me at Art with Tea, and experience the deeply fulfilling magic of making art among newfound friends.

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