Introductory Latte Art Workshop

Make beautiful latte art with our specialty trainers

2.5 hours Class size 1 to 8 (public classes), 6 to 10 label $119

Coffee appreciation takes many forms from taste and lasting flavours to the intricately designed latte art.

Our latte art workshop designed by our expert trainers will give you the core skills that are needed to make the perfect cup.

What you'll learn:

  • How to judge a good latte art.
  • Intro of free pour.
  • How to choose your milk pitchers.
  • Make good espresso.
  • Free pour techniques.
  • Three basic patterns rosetta, heart and tulip.
  • Common mistakes and how to rectify them.

Our cafe is located downstairs where you can enjoy a beautiful meal prior to or after your workshop. Please be advised that meals are not included in the cost of the workshop.

Knowledge required
No knowledge required. Beginners welcome.
What you'll get
A certificate of achievement at the end.
What to bring
All equipment provided.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday or hens party.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


157 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW

This venue is a short walk from Sydenham station (100m).

Introductory Latte Art Workshop location
Your teacher
Roastville Coffee
Roastville Coffee

Coffee Lovers at Heart

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Our teacher at Roastville, Andy Liu, was a recent NSW Barista Champion, placing first in a highly competitive process. He also won the World tea brewing championship in 2017.

Andy has taught students at all levels in the art of coffee and tea making, from absolute beginners, to other Barista Champions.

We can't wait to welcome you at one of our future classes.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Jana Cruz Nov 2023

The class was very fun and informative! They taught us the science and technique behind latte art that let us understand how it all works! Roy was a great instructor, very knowledgeable and was always happy to help.

My partner and I came out of it very keen to keep practicing and get better. We had a great time!

Lauren Baker Nov 2023

Had a fab time with Roy! So much fun and learned a lot too. Our coffee game has levelled up already

Jamee Papadopoulos Nov 2023

Roy was an excellent teacher. He went above and beyond to help every person in the class. All the materials were provided and it was very hands on class. Highly recommend!

'sky' Shi Hui Kew Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Roy was a great teacher! Love the way the session ran, he explained everything really well, can tell he's very passionate about his craft and it translates through his teaching! Highly recommend this workshop for a fun Sunday afternoon!

Alison Dennis Oct 2023

This class was great fun. The instructor was great at what he does and had answers for every question. There was plenty of time to practise our late art and drink plenty of coffee along the way.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Alison Dennis - Sydney

Dave Kearney Oct 2023

Loved the course! Very informative and great value for money. Very happy I attended this course.

Kevin Tim Lee Oct 2023

Great class. Roy was a fantastic teacher that showed us the proper techniques and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice

Narelle Matheson Oct 2023

Facilities & equipment was good to learn on.
Teacher explained and demonstrated techniques well & was easy to understand.
The workshop was well paced, not rushed, providing plenty of time to practice the art.

Ruqaia Alhelou Sep 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

great class, informative teacher, learned different latte arts and how to froth milk correctly, not enough machines to work on

Alimohammad Khakbazan Sep 2023

Really good and efficient class,
After that class, the quality of my Late in the home has been changed.

Hayley Froggatt Aug 2023

The teacher was very thorough and clear in his instructions and demonstrations of streaming the milk, pouring techniques, and the basic latte art patterns heart and tulip. With lots of opportunities to practice or learning in a professional setting. I really enjoyed my first latte at class at Roastville Coffee.

Daniel Souza Aug 2023

The course was a gift
Feedback re the course was Positive but sounds like some extra touches were missing
Ie offer of coffee upon arrival or a little discount at the cafe, suggestion for another course , Information to take away etc

Julian Sutherland Jul 2023

A great experience and lots of helpful tips. Teacher was very knowledgeable and dealt well with differing levels of skill.

Rachel Curran Jul 2023

Amazing experience, I would do it again for sure
So much fun and learned some coffee art

Coffee class review by Rachel Curran - Sydney

Clara Lorenzatto Jul 2023

Great basics on latte icluding tulip, heart, and rosetta patterns. Super friendly and helpful course provider :)

Christine Lam Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, teacher can be a bit clearer when speaking, not his fault, just the accent a bit hard to understand.

Xiao Chui Jul 2023

Roy was really passionate and patient with us. We could tell he has a lot of pride and love for coffee making and it really shows in his teaching style.

He was also very considerate of the level of experience the class was at and taught us a lot of the basics that we really needed.

Thank you Roy for making this experience so great for all of us

Jennifer Zhang May 2023

Instructor is very processional and knowledgeable in coffee making industry. I've learnt a lot through the Latte Art session. Thank you so much, Roy.

Lee Tan Apr 2023

Marvelous to have Roy instruct us on the fundamentals of steaming milk and starting latte art.

Now that the core fundamentals, it now comes down to practice.

Strongly recommend the course to anyone who wants to understand how baristas make such beautiful art.

Roy topped it off with a swan which was so impressive!

Ronita Louy Apr 2023

Amazing experience and super in depth explanation. Highly recommend giving this workshop a go even if you're a beginner with no experience in coffee art.

Angela Donaghey Apr 2023

Learnt a lot at the Latte Art Workshop, was amazed at how quickly the 2.5 hours passed by, Ray (Roy?) was a very good teacher, very knowledgeable and patient.

Coffee class review by Angela Donaghey - Sydney

Justin Levis Apr 2023

The facilities were good and the teacher clearly had many years of experience in making coffees and coffee art. All techniques were well explained and some additional real-life stories made the class more interesting!

Dale Tucker Apr 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was kind, patient and had so much knowledge. While giving us the necessary technical knowledge in a way that was simple and easy to understand. I highly recommend this class, great value for money. While my art is not perfect I know have the information I need to practice and perfect.

Coffee class review by Dale Tucker - Sydney

Nathan Hyratt Apr 2023

Roy was a great teacher! He is really knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. It was little tricky to understand him at times with his thick accent, but he never minded clarifying when necessary. I really valued getting to learn skills that will help me to troubleshoot my milk skills - knowing what I need to change when seeing a mistake I’ve made. Glad I did the workshop!

Duncan McArdle Apr 2023

The class was good, and I felt like I learnt a lot around a new process of latte art. We used the full length of the 2.5 hours, and we had a lot of time to practise (including a lot of coffee and milk) which is the sort of thing we just couldn't do at home. Roy was a good teacher, but he did tend to repeat himself a lot (it would take him 10-15 minutes to tell you something that only really needed 2-3 minutes, because he would keep repeating it). I would have liked something to take home (a cheat sheet sort of thing) as some of the timings are easy to forget / misremember.

Andrew Nguyen Mar 2023

The Latte Art session at Roastville, Marickville Sydney was awesome. The host, Roy - Head Barista, was such a wealth of knowledge. Awesome to be guided by someone so enthusiastic about coffee, hospitality business/culture.
If you love coffee / you're a home barista, and want to take your finesse to the next level - this is a great and fun experience. Especially with commercial grade machines at your fingertips in the workshop.
An area of improvement would have been better organisation? The cafe was really busy, so it was quite disruptive for the staff when we came for our Latte Art session. The workshop wasn't set up in advance, so myself and the fellow guests walked into a sauna, and the room never really cooled down to be comfortable. And no machines were turned on, nor materials like milk were prepared in advance.
Just a bit of preparation and organisation and team work would have made the experience top notch.

Madeleine Markson Mar 2023

Excellent class! Lots of hands on practice which was great fun. Would definitely recommend this class.

Angela Nguyen Feb 2023

Great class for beginners! Roy was a great teacher and we were given a lot of time to practice.

Georgia Hill Feb 2023

The course was very enjoyable and our teacher Roy was extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend this course!

Judy Pham Jan 2023

Beginner friendly class. Teacher's vibes was fun, welcoming and passionate about coffee. Plenty of tips and tricks to to go home with~

Hrithvik Sood Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great instructor, thoroughly enjoyed learning about the techniques of steaming and pouring milk, and how cups can make a difference in the taste! Highly recommend this for everyone

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Hrithvik Sood - Sydney

Cynthia Lam Dec 2022

Educational class. Roy was a great instructor and was very encouraging. Also very accomodating to use of alternative milks.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Cynthia Lam - Sydney

Patrick Wilford Dec 2022

My husband really enjoyed the class he received as a gift. The teacher was very informative and there was plenty of time to practice.

Jie Lun Nov 2022

Great teacher, Andrew explained the process thoroughly with encouragement and positivity, I didn't actually manage to produce a latte art by myself, but the other in the class did, so I'm assuming it's just my lack of technique, but I do feel like I learned a lot about what equates a good coffee and how theoretically it can happen.

Madonna Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Tried to contact organiser to reschedule but was unable to so have missed paid class.

Jo Wang Nov 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Nice teacher. Clear instruction, easy to follow. Have learned a lot, and the coffee served in the cafe tasted great.

Hanna Whydle Oct 2022

An amazing morning! Andrew was brilliant and super encouraging. It’s was so much fun, would 100% recommend

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Hanna Whydle - Sydney

Lissi Lee Oct 2022

Easy and Kind teaching.
Enough time to try coffee and art.
Thank you so much.

Coffee class review by Lissi Lee - Sydney

Jaehoon Jeong Oct 2022

The venue was fully equipped and the teacher was super nice with lots of lecture and explanation.

Agnes Choi Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Our teacher Christos was great. He was knowledgeable and patient. He also explained things well. Would highly recommend this class to anyone who would like to learn latte art!

Mary-Helen Daly Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Christoph was a exceptional teacher.
The venue was great; all materials and tools were provided and enough time to try out technqiues.
I learnt how to steam milk to get a silky texture which I had previously really struggled with, but Christoph provided expert advice on a simple method to get consistent results.
As a visual learner, I really appreciated the explanations of the concept/therory of latte art coupled with the demostration and constructive, real-time feedback on how to correct tecniques during the workshop. Leaving the workshop I felt more confident in creating silky textured milk and well on the way to building on my latte art skills with practice. Also, I won the latte art contest at the end, so I feel pretty proud!

Elmar Scott Oct 2022

Very good and clear teaching. Will definitely help me with work options thankyou for it!

Dean Taylor Sep 2022

Awesome little course and a very enjoyable way to spend a morning. Christos was a great tutor and took us from complete numpties to a level of knowledge we can now build upon on our home machine. The venue was cool, with a cozy vibe – there were 5 on the course altogether when my wife and I took part. The machines we worked on were professional-level machines you see out and around Sydney. There was a nice emphasis on supporting local businesses. And if you wanted you could even get advice on your first home coffee machine or upgrading from what you have. Very knowledgeable and friendly guy. And the food downstairs is damn good too but make sure you are hungry! Highly recommended.

Lou Bowen Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The person taking the class was friendly, encouraging and easy to understand. He gave good demonstrations and there was plenty of time for us to practice with individual support as needed. A fun day.

Jess Taylor Aug 2022

Best teacher I’ve ever had he make the instructions so clear and easy to follow

Kerensa Mungkung Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a lot of fun and instructions were very easily given! would recommend for those you like coffee and want to broaden their coffee-ness.

Gail Miles Aug 2022

This class was well worth it - I learnt a lot. From how to make the perfect espresso to frothing the milk & making designs. The teacher knew what they were talking about. It was a small class which was great. I definitely recommend this class for beginners. I walked away knowing I can make decent coffee art, & feeling confident to do so. Practice makes perfect. Can’t wait to make my next cup!

Coffee class review by Gail Miles - Sydney

Lee Jul 2022

Good fun. Expert tuition. Really recommend. Book yourself in if you love coffee and want to get better at it.

Crosbi Knight Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a great class, highly recommended. The teacher was so knowledgeable and made learning really easy. Thank you!

Mary Triantafyllou Jul 2022

We had a great time and lots of time to practice.
There was a good mix of theory and practical elements and the teacher Christos was excellent. He explained the theory behind why milk and coffee behaved in certain ways but also helped a lot with hands-on help and guidance. Highly recommend

Charles Jacobs Jul 2022

A great course run by a fantastic instructor in Christos.

The course was a great blend of clear theoretical instruction balanced with ample opportunity to master key practical skills.

Christos ran the course in a very methodical way which allowed the group to build skills and confidence as we worked through each step.

Nikki Zanuttini Jun 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Learnt a lot! Teacher was very thorough even for total beginners, even if I didn't get it all down, he laid down basics and I learnt a lot. Wonderful hangout idea for dad :)

Tingting Liu Jun 2022

andrew is very good teacher . The whole experience was fun. Just four attended class so each of us get plenty of resource to practice and learn

Don Le Jun 2022

The teacher was very knowledgeable and provided great tips and pointers. I would definitely recommend!

Kahlil Oppenheimer Jun 2022

Andrew and Dougie were amazing. Spent a few hours learning how to do some basic latte art and also basic science/technique behind frothing milk. 10/10 recommend for a home barista looking to learn from some of the greats.

Neha Vasant Apr 2022

The class was very good . The location was great and the teacher was excellent! He was very patient and very keen on teaching extremely well and made sure we practiced enough to go to the next step
We learnt 5 types of latte art , texturing the milk to the right consistency and texture and couple of other techniques
I would highly recommend doing this class !

Coffee class review by Neha Vasant - Sydney

Craig Nolan Apr 2022

Enjoyed the experience, teacher was good & explained all of the pros & cons in making good coffee art.
Equipment was readily availabile, size of class was good however would not of wanted anymore as the teacher was under the pump when some people required more help than others.

Helen Lee Apr 2022

the theory was easy to follow and well-explained, definitely helped grasp the concepts and transitioned well into the practical part of the class. Dougie, our teacher, was so lovely and gave time to have one-on-one lessons with each student, so by the end of it everyone got the results they wanted. if we ran out of milk or beans he would refill immediately so we didn't have to lose any time on practising. I could not praise him more, a truly genuine and caring guy.

Coffee class review by Helen Lee - Sydney

Hannah Mutze Mar 2022

Dougie and the workshop was amazing! We learnt SO much and left excited to keep practicing and perfect our newfound techniques! Thank you

Geraldine Blomfield-Brown Mar 2022

Awesome teacher, resources and very good value. I enjoyed every aspect and the chance to create with my favourite beverage. Would do it again!

Vincent Martinez Mar 2022

Amazing class with an amazing teacher ! It was so fun and interesting to learn how to pour latte in an artistic way. A skill that will impress my friends and could help me get a job as a barista. Thanks a lot !

Eddie Choa Mar 2022

Great environment for beginners to learn latte art! This course covers fundamental pouring techniques and basic shapes.

Steve Bradley Mar 2022

Teacher was knowledgeable, patient and good at explaining things. Room and equipment were perfect for the class.

Sarah Smith Mar 2022

Dougie was a great teacher. He asked us all what we wanted to achieve from the course, and made sure we all left feeling like we achieved what we wanted.

Such a good class.

Gustav Sjöberg Feb 2022

Dougie was amazing! Super personable, a good listener and let us be hands on during the class! He has an incredible amount of knowledge. We learned a lot and the time went by so quick. 2.5 hours felt like no time had passed at all. Would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn more about coffee, using a barista machine and learning how to create latte art!

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Gustav Sjöberg - Sydney

Jessie-Rose Driels Feb 2022

I thought it was wonderful. The teacher was so clear and technical. He taught us in a sequence so we got the basics down pat before moving onto creating artistic coffee. I’d love to come back for more advanced courses

James Saab Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Intimate location. Fun and hands on. Good for people who don't know anything about the craft and just want to try something different for the fun of it.

Anna Eremina Jan 2022

The teacher was very professional, good explanation of the process, all materials were provided. Only wish it was a bit more time for practice.

Wendell Keuneman Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The main reason why this is rated great is because Kunaal is an exceptional teacher.

He is passionate, yet laid back and knowledgeable in a humble way.

The Roastville “lab” upstairs was comfortable and felt like a science lab where blends and single origins are created. Since it’s was a very small group we had a La Marzocco espresso machine each!

We learnt a lot about the coffee making process, asked a lot of questions and got great answers to everything. This preface to the actual Latte Art making was really great on its on.

Kunaal is on Instagram as @kunsin - but hope he creates a YouTube channel sharing his expertise…I’d watch it!

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Wendell Keuneman - Sydney

Suchanun Upathumphan Jan 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was amazing! Kunal, the instructor is patient with us and give us tips and tricks along the way. Very friendly and professional!

Coffee class review by Suchanun Upathumphan - Sydney

Lina Dawood Dec 2021

Douglas was amazing and very patient with me

I was able to successfully create two hearts by the end of the lesson.

Definitely would recommend this to everyone

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Lina Dawood - Sydney

Richard Knight Jul 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class . Learned a lot and will be putting it into practice. highly recommended. Thanks

Calvin Lu Jun 2021

1. One of water taps is wrong design, too close the edge of the sink edge, splashing water on the bench top.
2. It'd be better to improve lighting of the classroom. It is dark in the room.

Jacqueline Walker Apr 2021

Great Work! Lovely set up for training and beautiful Cafe.

Only set back ,more lights needed to entrance steps.

Vanda Tangel Mar 2021

9 ClassBento workshops attended

Join the Latte Art Class at Roastville Coffee is the great experience ever.
The trainer is really patiently to teach us and you can easily pick up the information you needed to learn as a starter. Lots of fun, highly recommend it for those want to appreciate the fine art of coffee.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Vanda Tangel - Sydney

Patrick Cini Feb 2021

I've always wanted to improve my latte art and I learnt so much from this class. The teacher was great, starting at the fundamentals of milk texture to how to hold the milk jug to draw the art. Had heaps of fun and even more coffees. Thanks!

Taylah O’Reilly Feb 2021

It was a really good class, I learnt a lot more than I was expecting - not just about latte art but the whole coffee making process as well

Venus Kwong Jan 2021

it was a fun & hands on experience making latte art. great workshop and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Nikki Chavez Dec 2020

It was an amazing session. The venue was nice, easy to find. Small class size than other classes so the instructor has more time to answer our questions and assist us. Very engaging. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. We used amazing machines from grinding the beans, compacting, extracting the espresso, texturing the milk and even rinsing the milk jug. All were automatic and very nice machines so we can work on fast pace and concentrate on our latte art. Very good experience.

Coffee class review by Nikki Chavez - Sydney

Nikki Chavez Dec 2020

It was an amazing session. Small class size than other classes so the instructor has more time to answer our questions and assist us. Very engaging. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. We used amazing machines from grinding the beans, pressing, extracting the espresso, texturing the milk etc. Very good experience.

Ricky Huynh Dec 2020

I highly recommend this class! Max was so thorough in teaching us the theory for pouring the art. He also worked very closely with each person helping them to fix their pouring and steaming. The venue also provided an excellent meal for our break so we felt nourished and able to continue making latte art. All in all, highly highly recommend!

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Ricky Huynh - Sydney

Matthew Evans Dec 2020

Really enjoyed the class. Now I wfh have bought my own Breville coffee machine and wanted to learn how to do coffee art - but learnt so much more. Thanks!

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Matthew Evans - Sydney

Kerry Danaher Dec 2020

Kunaal really knows his stuff and how to share his passion with the not so knowledgeable. I was amazed Kunaal was able to cater for the various levels of experience in the group so well, it was a very collaborative season. Venue was perfect, nothing virtual about the experience at all. Supper was unexpected and delightful. The journey had just begun. I will be back for more tips, tricks and trade secrets for sure.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Kerry Danaher - Sydney

Vivid Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Good class considering the duration, but I wish we practised more during the session. After all, practice makes perfect, am I right?

Rose Dearinger Nov 2020

This Latte Art course was absolutely perfect for my skill set, I definitely achieved what I wanted from this class. There was no messing about with basic coffee machine operation - straight to business with how to texture milk and free pour beautiful latte art. I went from absolute latte pouring novice to being able to control a heart and a leaf !

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Rose Dearinger - Sydney

Sophie Ko Oct 2020

Beautiful place, nice coffee and delicate teacher! I was really happy to experience the best facility, materials and food.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Sophie Ko - Sydney

Gregory Kinda Sep 2020

Great and highly recommended course. The teachers was awesome. Learner a lot. Will definitely be coming back for more coffee and education. Thanks a lot.

Malek Elzein Aug 2020

This was a great class. Making coffee is fun, doing latte art is challenging but when you are able to get that pattern in your cupthe coffee just tastes better.
Kunaal was great and has a wealth of experience. He provided great tips and advice about coffee and latte art. Definitely taught me more about how to get the art right.
The venue was great, had a nice cosy atmosphere. The equipment was amazing.
The class was so much fun and enlightening, I'd definitely do it again.
Latte art is a constant learning game and I definitely learnt more than I could from watching videos online.

Highly recommended!

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Malek Elzein - Sydney

Patrick Aug 2020

The barista teacher was very informative and provided practical feedback when trying to reproduce the latte art patterns. The teacher was always happy to answer questions and willing to go the extra mile to help you understand the concepts.

Yin Tun Jul 2020

The teacher was very helpful and friendly, displaying great knowledge about coffee and what goes into it. It was also a lovely venue. We learned about the basics of latte art (heart, tulip, and rosetta patterns).

Coffee class review by Yin Tun - Sydney

Asmita Ghising Jul 2020

It was greatwe learned many tricks on what to do and no to doand the teacher was very friendly and supportive

Luisa Muehle Jul 2020

Amazing class! The teacher was great and very patient haha. Definitely worth it! Would recommend.

Elaine Tsang Jul 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was knowledgeable and able to provide instructions and feedback constructively. It was a fun class and a light dinner was provided which was nice. Lost count of the number of coffees I was able to make so even though there was only one machine for the 8 of us we still got ample opportunities to practice!

Coffee class review by Elaine Tsang - Sydney

Nicole McGowan Jul 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This class was fantastic. The teacher Kunal was very knowledgable and approachable and we had a lot of fun applying theory to practice. I was a lot more confident making my own coffee (and art) at home the next morning. Thank you!

Shai Thaler Jun 2020

professional and knowledgeable teacher, venue very cosy, thanx for dinner.
I got a taste of what has to be done and intend to do a lot of homework on my machine at home.
there is no point in having another workshop before really training a lot.
overall- enjoyable experience.

Wai Yuen Jun 2020

Andy is a really good instructor! I could do some latte art after a few hours. The way he explained is really easy for beginner to understand. Super recommend for those who are looking for making instagramable latte art

Mandy Hu Jun 2020

Andy is so charming and professional. He gave great advice and guided everyone to make improvement. We learned basic skills, how to make heart, tulip and rosetta with commercial coffee machine. He also did demonstration on another level.
Highly recommend, will definitely attend for the further course.

Coffee class review by Mandy Hu - Sydney

Sung Tse Mar 2020

Great class and professional teacher. Nice place and equipment, good workshop for for latte art beginners.

Coffee class review by Sung Tse - Sydney

Beatrice Jacinda Feb 2020

Very informative workshop. Andy corrected the basic common mistakes baristas make when steaming milk and pouring. Overall it was great but I’d hope to have more coffee machine during the workshop as there was only 1 machine so each of us had to take turns.

Kathy Feb 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Thanks for a great class, Andy. I appreciated your technical approach, so that we learned how to identify the steps needed to create great latte art.

Marc-Olivier Maizener Feb 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing teacher, thanks for your time! It was interesting and dinner was provided, thanks again

Janelle Reeves Jan 2020

Andy was very knowledgeable and gave us loads of interesting information about coffee, its origins, and of course the art of steaming and pouring milk. We had lots of demos and assistance from him as we tried to replicate what he had taught us. I think we'll all be practicing hard at home now to perfect our skills.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Janelle Reeves - Sydney

Elodie Leveque Jan 2020

We really enjoyed the latte art class! This was a very first for us! Andy is a very good teacher. We had enough time to learn and practice and now want to try again at home!
It was totally worth the price and we even had a nice snack which we appreciated!

Coffee class review by Elodie Leveque - Sydney

Grace Miltenburg Dec 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great workshop, very informative and improved my skills in coffee making. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone

Ying (Amanda) Dec 2019

Our teacher Andy is quite good, well explanation, everyone got chances to try on their own,too. He also gave us great advice, which makes us get better in other attempts. Highly recommend, it’s really value just come and have fun(●´∀`●)♡

Coffee class review by Ying (Amanda) - Sydney

Michael Krampitz Nov 2019

The instructors were very talented and examples were explained well.
The drawback was that a class of ten people only had one coffee machine to practise on. The workshop was useful as a tutorial but under equipped as a venue for practising and developing skills with Latte Art techniques.

Coffee class review by Michael Krampitz - Sydney

Scott Philipson Nov 2019

Andy is not only a great Barista and latte artist, he is a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the class

Olivia Mackay Nov 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere, highly skilled teacher and the snacks were delicious! I’d highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to take their latte to the next level.

Gemma Turner Oct 2019

Great teacher, great location, I would have loved to actually drink one coffee - before we start?

Myoungjin(Kate) Seo Oct 2019

It was so much fun and helpful. I’m positive my latte art will be better. Thank you for all , Vincent

Bruce Anderson Oct 2019

Vincent was fantastic. So energetic, engaged and knowledgeable. I had no idea how much technique was required to simply make a heart

Great fun and we went through a lot of coffee in all the practice. Also learnt how to drive a full blown commercial coffee machine.

Aaron Cheung Sep 2019

Very friendly and informative. Explained things well and corrected us when we were making mistakes. Learnt techniques to make a heart, tulip and Rosetta. Only negative is I wish there were more machines so we can practice more. An enjoyable night nevertheless

Thien Nguyen Aug 2019

I love this class. Its so amazing, i learned how to steam milk for latte art which i did wrong for a long time and the most important is how to hand the pitcher. Thank you Andy.

Prince Shah Aug 2019

Great value for moneytotally worth it. The teacher was really awesome, his eye for detail on every students performance and teaching them accordingly makes him a great teacher.

Koki Kigure Aug 2019

Teacher was really great
So kind n easy to understand even for me.
Thank you!

Yi Zhang Jun 2019

In this workshop, Andy demonstrated us heart, tulip, rosetta and some complex animal patterns. He patiently told us what we can improve from our pouring, had fun and learned a lot! Will probably join other coffee class from him!

King Fong Jun 2019

Experienced tutor! Fun class with good food. It would be much better to practice more!

Johanna Guethler Jun 2019

Andi was really patience and passionate about showing us all different patterns and drawings with the latte art. He watched everyone of us individually and gave us tipps to improve our skills. We were a small group, so everyone got the chance to practice a few times. I learnt a lot of different techniques and tricks to improve my pouring technique. There was even some healthy food provided for our break. Thank you Andi

Raihan Rasheed Apr 2019

Great Class,
Lasted 3 hrs, plenty of time to learn the techniques,
The teacher was great, really enthusiastic and you can tell he has a passion for what he does, communicated really clearly and had a very methodical way of explaining, very easy to understand, highly recommend Vincent!

Coffee class review by Raihan Rasheed - Sydney

Charmaine Chow Apr 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our trainer Andy was definitely trying to engage us from the beginning. The class ran for the full 3.5 hours. Andy focused a lot on explaining his technique but the trade off was not getting much/any practice. There were 9 students & one machine with two steam wands so two people could practice at a time. That may sound like a fair ratio but I was surprised. In the entire duration, some people got to do up to 3 pours, others 2 and in my case 1. Baffling as it already was, I didn’t believe it was very fair as what determined the number of pours each person got to do was literally how students judged your art in a “smashout” between pairs. I agree that getting into the mindset of a being in a latte art competition (and focusing on theoretical technique) is useful, but not if we are unable to even try out the technique even once (i was given one go at the heart but not at the rosetta, free pour or even tulip after they were each explained). How different is this to watching video tutorials? Also it was established at the start that just about everyone in the class was doing this out of interest/ non professional reasons, so i really felt like there were no grounds for the lack of attempts/practice given.

Some food was provided which was a nice touch.

I came into class early and was all set up to give this class a splendid review, but the bottom line is: for 3.5 hours I only got one pour (doing a basic heart) and that’s definitely not what I paid/signed up for. And yes, I might have felt inclined not to leave such a review if everyone got the same number of tries, even if it was only 3 pours each.

Laniya Abraham Apr 2019

The teacher was very knowledgable about what he was teaching. He was quite patient with everyone and was willing to teach each one at their own pace, in the time available. I felt the class was a bit overpriced for this session.

Amornrat Thaweekaew Apr 2019

The teacher is really nice and friendly. The materials are good and proper for all students.

Viktoria Gallovicova Apr 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was very nice, experienced and helpful. I have learnt many tricks to improve my latte art skills, which I was not aware of before. And also I have to say that cafe place looks really cool, I loved the tidiness and professionalism of the place. Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed it! :)

Coffee class review by Viktoria Gallovicova - Sydney

Davide Aglieri Mar 2019

Useful, easy and funny workshop, basic theory everybody should know about before starting. I found all the class very interesting, a good balance between theory and practice. Sure in 3 hours you don't learn how to be a latte art master, but it's good for building up the basis to rely on.
The teacher is a champ. He really wants to help and he was absolutely available for any issue or question.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Davide Aglieri - Sydney

Brahminy Rusten Mar 2019

The class was amazing learn’t so much and would highly recommend it. The teacher is great and I now have a higher appreciation of coffee and latte art.

Coffee class review by Brahminy Rusten - Sydney

Chintia Wikanti Mar 2019

The teacher “Andy” he is explaining very well , he is very good teacher.
The ambience was nice , clean and homey .
The value of money of the course is good, compared with other place is not too expensive.
They provide dinner that I didn’t expect that before :) (very nice).
The equipment is provided by the place and they have incredible coffee machine and different varieties of milk jugs.

Coffee class review by Chintia Wikanti - Sydney

Ryan Cruickshank Mar 2019

Andy was a kind and informative teacher. Good value for the money. The place is cool.

Julian Pogrebizhsky Feb 2019

The teacher was just extremely knowledgeable however for the whole 3.5hrs we only attempted 1 cup of latte art, very disappointed about that.

Maggie Vi Feb 2019

Andy’s teaching method was easy to understand and allowed us lots of time to harness and practice our technical skills with his expertise guidance. The class was interactive and fun - I especially enjoyed the “latte art smackdown!” Would recommend this class for both beginners as well as those with more experience looking to fine tune their skills.

Coffee class review by Maggie Vi - Sydney

Bar Amsalem Feb 2019

The teacher was good, the environment was funny and great.
Anyway I came to improve my latte art skills and it was theoretical and less practical ~ used actual milk just twice during 3.5 hrs. So if you're about to learn about the theoretical latte art this is the place for you.
For me it wasn't the best value for money anyway but nice experience.

Chris Walker Jan 2019

This workshop focused very heavily on the technique for pouring latte art, including details on the scientific aspect of how and why heated milk can be used to create designs. While this was useful information, it took quite a long time to explain and the instructor tended to repeat the same points multiple times. The workshop is advertised as needing no prior experience, however the first thing the instructor mentioned was that it would have been beneficial if people had attended the "Espresso Workshop" before attending this one.

We practised the techniques with water, which was a good idea as it allowed us to continue practising and adjusting our hand and arm movements (and the floor ended up getting quite wet!). However, after the introduction, explanations and water practise, no one actually got to touch milk until 7.30pm.

The workshop teaches three key designs, considered the building blocks of all latte art. We learnt the first of these designs before having a break (where we were fed some very tasty food!) but there was so little time left after the break that we had to rush through the other two designs. There were 10 students in the workshop, and all up over the 3.5 hours each student only got to attempt pouring with real milk and coffee once.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and skilled and had a warm and friendly approach. He made everyone feel welcomed and safe to just give it a go. The venue was good, although with everyone crowded around one machine I don't think it would be so comfortable with any more than 10 people. Overall the course achieved what I was looking for - to gain some knowledge of latte art so that I can go away and practise on my own. I do think it could benefit from a bit more structure though, to give students more chances to try out what they're learning.

Daniel Greenaway Jan 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a Christmas gift to me from two of my sons who also joined me. We are not barristers or involved in a café but just coffee lovers. Our teacher was Andy Liu. He was great. His knowledge and tips were well received and enjoyed by all. The venue was very good and the 3 hours we had was well spent. Driving home we were talking about what workshop will we do next with Andy.

Catherine Arkoudis Nov 2018

Vincent was great! He has certainly done a lot of analyzing of coffee and latte art and it shows in his work and his teaching. I enjoyed learning from him as he has a true passion for it and they are the best people to learn from. The main thing I learnt was what my bad habits are and how to correct them, which is what I wanted to get out of it.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Catherine Arkoudis - Sydney

Matthew Catalano Oct 2018

The teacher was amazing and very knowledgeable on all aspects of latte art and showed the class the 3 basic shapes: Heart, Tulip and Rosetta. The lessons were broken down in a very technical way which I found useful for practice and further development. We were trained on cup grip, milk jug grip and alignment, pouring technique like the angle of the cup, speed of pour, placement of pour etc. and milk steaming techniques.

All materials were provided and were of high quality with a range of milk jug sizes and shapes combined with a high tech commercial coffee machine.

The venue was inside the Roastville Coffee shop itself and it had a very earthy, chilled feel and was very clean with food provided half way through the course.

Value for money is subjective and I would say depends on how passionate you are about latte art. In this class, you're not just given a milk jug for 3 hours and aimlessly playing around but you are step by step trained in all aspects of pouring art and given expert tips from a barista champion and for me is priceless value.

Coffee class review by Matthew Catalano - Sydney

Mirella Assoni Jul 2018

I gained a lot of knowledge and practice mr Andy liu was the best trainer i will give him 5 stars and looking forward for more classes with Andy

Kailey O'Loughlan Jul 2018

Andy was an awesome teacher - really funny and knowledgeable. He is amazing at what he does and we were in awe. The space is great and the coffee is delicious. We were provided with pizza as our light meal which was very tasty! There was a lot of hands on practice (with water) but it was great to have someone of his calibre show us the techniques. There are a few things that prevented me from giving five stars though. On Classbento it says that class sizes range from 1 - 6 students however we had 15 crowded around 1 machine which was okay when using the water for practicing but our class went 30 minutes overtime due to waiting for everyone to have a turn which actual milk. Also on Classbento it says you receive a gift bag which we did not get. I asked the owner on our way out and he said that it was a mistake. Overall a fun night with a lot of laughs and great company!

Coffee class review by Kailey O'Loughlan - Sydney

Rocky Huang Jul 2018

Andy was very informative and precise in helping us improve our milk frothing and pouring techniques. The classes could have been smaller as we were pressed for time and having more machines handy would have been good.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Rocky Huang - Sydney

Fred Huynh Apr 2018

Teacher were helpful and professional. Workshop were lacking of some advanced latte arts technique which i would love to learn.

Cameron Apr 2018

Skilled barista demonstrating and teaching competition grade habits, great value for price.

Introductory Latte Art Workshop review by Cameron - Sydney

Zahraa Apr 2018

Venue and facilities were great and very modern. However I felt there was a lot of theory and not enough time allocated to put these skills into physical practice.

Coffee class review by Zahraa  - Sydney

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