Last Minute Experience Gifts in Melbourne

Last Minute Experience Gifts in Melbourne


It can always be a challenge to find the perfect gift for a loved one at the last minute. At ClassBento we're less about things and more about spending quality time together creating something beautiful! There's always fun things to do in Melbourne when it comes to tourist attractions, but if you're looking for something super special we've rounded up 11 unique things to do in Melbourne that would make wonderful experience gifts for the next birthday or special occasion. 

1. Clay Hand Building Workshop

Clay hand building with Daisy Cooper Ceramics has to be at the top of our list. During the three-hour class, you and a group fo friends will learn to create up to three hand made ceramic pieces that will be fired and glazed and that you'll get to keep forever. 


2. American Smoking BBQ Cooking Class

Do you have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with American barbecue? Look no further than the American smoking BBQ cooking class! Organised by the BBQ School, this class is perfect for anyone looking for things to do in Melbourne that are both fun and delicious. You'll learn about American barbecue techniques used in Texas, Memphis, Carolina and Kansas.


3. Beginners Essential Oils and Fragrance Workshop

When it comes to finding Melbourne activities, it’s best to look for delicious-smelling ones. That’s why a beginners essential oils and fragrance workshop taught by Kat Snowden is a great experience gift. This workshop is perfect for groups of 10 or more and you’ll take home a 15ml bottle of signature perfume and the skills to make your own scents in the comfort of your own home.


4. Smartphone Photography Class

If your friend's a photography buff, send them on one of Alfonso Calero of Alfonso’s Photography Tours. The classes run with up to eight students and will take you on a tour of Melbourne’s hidden tourist attractions including hidden cafe laneways, vibrant graffiti, and colonial architecture. The class will allow you to put theory into practice as you learn about composition, controlling the phone camera’s ISO and exposure and more. 


5. Terrarium Making Class

If there's someone you know who needs help brightening up their office or home space, Evie Black's terrarium making class is the perfect choice for them. This relaxing class will teach you how to make your own terrarium using the right layering techniques and sweet tiny succulents. 


6. How to Knit A Chunky Scarf

With winter now in full swing, keeping warm is key and there's nothing more necessary that a woollen scarf. Why buy one from the store when you and your friend can have a relaxing time making your own? Homelea Lass will teach you how to knit a wonderfully warm scarf in three hours. You’ll receive your thick yarn, knitting needles, scissors, printed instructions and a carry bag.


7. Adult Pottery Class

Do you have a friend who has always wanted to try pottery but is unsure where to start? Marlize Myburgh has them covered. Over the course of five short pottery classes, they’ll learn how to make their own pottery and learn techniques in hand building, sculpting and casting. 


8. Barista and Coffee Art Class

Know someone who is serious about coffee? The Coffee School offers a five and a half hour Barista and Coffee Art Class that takes you through all of the essentials of coffee making. And as well as the insight and some hands on brewing time you'll head home with a complimentary coffee art book.


9. Acrylics Paint and Sip Class

Paint and sip classes are popping up everywhere in Melbourne and that's probably because there's no funner way to spend a weeknight. Gift your loved one a ticket to this Acrylics Paint and Sip Class and you'll sip and paint side by side in the styles of Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt  or more contemporary art styles. 


10. Introduction to Fermentation Class

If you know a health nut, look no further than the introduction to fermentation class. They’ll learn about fermentation and what the health benefits are, as well as pick up the skills to ferment at home. During the three hour class taught by Briony Kean, they'll learn how to make probiotic coconut yoghurt, preserved lemons, dill pickles, fermented vegetables, fermented honey and and even kimchi. 


11 Flower Crown Workshop

Are you friend of a bride-to-be and want to surprise them with an experience gift in Melbourne they'll never forget. Grab ten or more girlfriends to put in for this epic flower crown workshop run by Under The Ivy and you'll spend a beautiful afternoon sipping champagne and playing with flowers. 


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