Learn Meditative String Art: Dodecagon

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Practice patience and one-pointed attention with string art!

Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)
Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)
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75 mins

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Looking for relaxing things to do at home? Learn the mindful art of using string to create a beautiful and meditative piece of art.
In geometry, a dodecagon is a twelve-sided polygon. Some have believed that the dodecahedron represents an idealised form of divine thought, will, or idea. To draw this symbol was to engage in meditation upon the divine.
This 12 sided polygon represents cosmic harmony and balance in the universe and is said to hold immense power in creating harmony within oneself as well as with others and nature.
This experience is calming and therapeutic, as you connect with the process of stringing and weaving the threads, allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment.
Knowledge required
What you'll get in your craft kit
This meditative string art craft box includes one 25 x 25cm black wooden plank with nails, strings, scissors, string knot hook and instructional video for you to play and meditate at your own free time. The entire activity can be easily completed within an hour with focus.
What you'll need
  • A hammer to work with
  • Computer with wifi to access instructional video on Youtube
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Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)
Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)

4.9 (176)
Instagram followers4k

Whole Foods medicine advisor and author of “Bliss Pure Foods: Living in Full Colors”. Owned a raw vegan restaurant for three years in Kathmandu Boudha Stupa before settling down in Sydney; devoting time to teaching meditative food making techniques that include traditional fermentations of the East & West, sacred geometry arts and Whole Foods color codes healing. Bliss Pure Foods is currently in the process of writing next book entitled Super 7 from the Ancient East (2024-2025).

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