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Liliana The Tea Atelier

7 year+ teaching the art of Tea and Tea Blending +TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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Liliana Algorry, Certified Tea Sommelier, and Tea Blender, I'm the founder of The Tea Atelier, company located in Sydney Australia, my aim is to introduce you to the Charming World of Tea, through my tea knowledge, workshops, masterclasses and tea service. My wish is to mesmerize people about our natural farming teas and handcrafted herbal blends.





Celine Herit May 2023

I really enjoyed the tea blending workshop today. Lilliana was a fantastic host & very knowledgeable teacher. The venue was easy to find and to access. Would definitely recommend this workshop!

Alleyne Moss May 2023

Liliana was great! Very knowledgeable and had a wide variety of ingredients and blending opportunities. I had never blended teas before, and even so had a great time!

Lucy Vujcic Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

So much fun and really interesting. Lovely warm teacher with a real love of her craft.

Jacinta Clark Jul 2022

A tea lover I really enjoyed learning about different teas paired with cheeses Liliana is very knowledgeable and personable. The session was well presented especially the sampling! Highly recommended

Paralee Sakonnakhon May 2022

It was a very good experience to me.
I love it so much.
Thank you.

Christopher Lee Mar 2022

Liliana was great and the course was very interesting and informative. Very recommendable, good fun.

Freya Hadley Jun 2021

The class was fantastic. It exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much about teas. The pairing of the particular cheeses with certain teas was an exquisite taste sensation. Liliana was warm and knowledgable. Her enthusiasm for teas and cheese was infectious.
I went to the class on my own and the others in the class were lovely. It would also be great to go with a friend so you could talk about it together after

Mary Cappa May 2021

Thoroughly enjoyable, Liliana was terrific with a wealth of knowledge. Will be booking more of her classes in the future.

Alice Ng May 2021

Absolutely amazing experience. Liliana is brilliant, engaging and so knowledgeable. We are going to book the tea and chocolate pairing next. And tell our friends and family. Highly recommended !

Tea class review by Alice Ng - Sydney

Brady Coyle Mar 2021

So much fun! The tea and cheese was so delicious and the class was very informative. Great value for money.

Priska Wenas Nov 2020

It was a great lesson to learn more about tea, e.g. What basic ingredients to blend tea. The activities were fun as they allowed us to be creative to make our own tea. Liliana is a patient teacher and is able to deliver the materials well.

Creative Tea Blending Workshop review by Priska Wenas - Sydney

Anita Kenny Aug 2020

Really enjoyed Liliana sharing her passion and knowledge of tea, encouraging us to create blends of all types. Clean venue, COVIDSafe practices in place and a lovely blend to take home.

Creative Tea Blending Workshop review by Anita Kenny - Sydney

Janelle Grange Aug 2020

The teacher was very good. Lively, interesting and interested in us, our likes and dislikes etc., and very informative. The venue was great - clean, spacious (the toilets were immaculate and fresh smelling). The materials provided were excellent. Large range, well set out and labelled. We got to try out about 4 different blends of our choice, which was fun, but I don't think I am creative enough. Got to bring a small bag of our favourite home which will be nice to use. All in all, I would recommend.

Adam Aug 2020

It was great to experiment and learn about different tea flavours and ingredients to blend

Tea class review by Adam  - Sydney

Edmond Tran Mar 2020

Passionate, knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely. Great class and I highly recommended.

Tea class review by Edmond Tran - Sydney

Tugba Ozdemir Mar 2020

Great class, the teacher was passionate about tea and all around it was a fun class. Excellent quality of materials used and the venue was a nice cosy space to hold a small class.

Aileen Wu Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I attended a private tea and chocolate pairing class as part of a hens party. The tea and chocolate provided were lovingly chosen and of very high quality so it was great value for money. I now understand how the flavours of tea and chocolate can highly complement each other! Liliana was very knowledgeable and professional. All the girls had a lovely time including the bride-to-be. I am keen to try another of Liliana's classes. Would highly recommend for a fun girls day out!

Meenakshi Chidambaram Mar 2020

Learning ,preparing & enjoying 5 Tea types, interesting session prepared happily making Tea’s with chocolates

Zita Hilvert-Bruce Mar 2020

Fantastic class, really lovely time with the girls. The only small area of improvement is that I wish there was less single use plastic used in the class.

Jessica Huy Feb 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Lilianna was an amazing and kind host. We held a bridal tea party and the set up and game were very well thought out. All the tea ingredients had amazing aromas, all the guests had an amazing time blending their own creation. Thank you Lilianna

Evan Ellis Nov 2019

Delicious pairings. Fun, easy-going vibe. Perfect for kicking off a day-out or an end in itself.

Dominic Maley Nov 2019

The teacher, Liliana, was very friendly, and the morning was a lot of fun. Such nice pairings, and will change the way we think about tea.

Job Dijk Nov 2019

An excellent introduction into the world of tea and the art of tea blending. Liliana is an expert in her field and passionate about sharing her knowledge. Two hours is a little short to learn everything there is to learn, but it gives you great inspiration to start experimenting at home. Highly recommendable!

Creative Tea Blending Workshop review by Job Dijk - Sydney

Caroline Pickering Nov 2019

My teenage girls did the class in their own. They were comfortable and relaxed. Both love tea and they had the time of their lives. They also retained the information they learnt and fed that back to me. Marvellous course and worth the money.

Kim Le Nov 2019

Liliana was so knowledgeable and imparted so many amazing facts on tea blending and how teas are created. We had the opportunity to make 4 different blends and to taste them, we then Got to take home the tea we liked best!

Perfect for a hens do or for any tea enthusiast

Tea class review by Kim Le - Sydney

Katie Lam Nov 2019

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

The class was great! The teacher was very informative and a joy to be around! I loved the selection of ingredients provided. It was very fun and interesting - I would definitely recommend this class to others.

Tea class review by Katie Lam - Sydney

Fiona Summers Sep 2019

So much fun! I'll never look at tea and cheese the same way again nor will I make green tea the same way again. The cheese was amazing by itself but paired with tea, the flavours were kicked up several notches.

Tea class review by Fiona Summers - Sydney

Jessica Wasilewsky Sep 2019

I have never tasted of this class. Sadly I'm very busy and usually use a tea bag of English Breakfast or something similar! Dreadful I know! Liliana was excellent.Informative entertaining delightful. Sadly wasted on me!.Ron

Heather Knott Sep 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never thought of tea and cheese as an obvious combination but it was fantastic. Liliana is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic host. There was so much information and the teas and cheeses were totally delicious. I highly recommend this experience.

Chloe Bekiaris Sep 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Liliana was extremely informative and passionate about her work which made the class all the more enjoyable. She was able to pass on knowledge about tea to me and help me to understand the art of tea blending - not an easy one! But definitely a tasty experience!

Ashleigh Hewling Aug 2019

Loved this class so much. Lilliana was a great teacher, very friendly and accomodating. I would definitely recommend this class to others who want to create tea blends for themselves or as a business venture

Anneliese Braendle Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great stories, great teas and delicious chocolate. Can't wait for the wine and cheese class now.

Tea class review by Anneliese Braendle - Sydney

Audrey Moffat Jul 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A great class with a fun and informative teacher. There was a good blend of information and guidance, with the freedom to create your own tea blends. A fun activity blending and tasting your creations, taking home a larger size of your favourite. There was also the opportunity to purchase ingredients to continue at home.

Ruth Masih Jul 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very informative and hands-on Appreciate Lilian testing and trying each student's blend and giving true feedback.

Will recommend to all.

Thanh-Tuyen Luu Jun 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Thanks Lilianna for your choice of chocolate pairing,we did not realise how complex the choice of chocolate and tea could be, it was beautifully demonstrated by your superb knowledge of teas and the range of chocolate samples.We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend our friends to try it.

Clare Cullen May 2019

Liliana was an enthusiastic and engaging teacher. My friends and I really enjoyed our class and would love to go back for more!

Jessica Wang May 2019

The class was great! The experience was fun and we enjoyed it, however preparation took longer than expected and we started the class 30 minutes late

Sarah Lee Apr 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We booked this class for a bridal shower and we had the most fantastic time. Liliana is a wonderful teacher - her knowledge of tea and cheese is exceptional and she was able to explain it in such a fun and practical way. Liliana was quick and easy in communication and was so lovely in person. A great class for anyone who loves cheese or tea, or just love learning new things.

Sophia Amini Apr 2019

My sister and I have been interested in experimenting with tea ingredients for quite a while now, but had no idea where to start. Buying packs of ingredients would be such a waste of time and money if I didn't end up liking it. Liliana's class was a great opportunity to be exposed to a ton of tea components, some of which I'd never heard of or would never have thought to use.

Liliana was absolutely lovely and knowledgeable herself, and really encouraged creativity. She gave us a decent intro into different things we should keep in mind when designing a blend, then set us free to experiment with her ingredients. After this course my sister and I are a lot more motivated to continue discovering the versatility of teas and tisanes, and have a bit more direction on how to do so.

Thanks Liliana!

Thanh-Tuyen Luu Mar 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Hi Liliana,
I just wanted to say what a wonderful time,my friend and I had doing the cheese and tea pairing.We were amazed to learn the origin of flavours of teas and your fantastic pairing with cheese.
Best Regards,
Tuyen and Yvette

Sharon Laing Mar 2019

I did not know what to expect, but found the workshop a wonderful experience.
Thank you Liliana.
Kind regards,

Nabilah Ghazali Mar 2019

It was a really interesting experience and an eye-opener. We learned all the subtle flavours of different kind of teas and how each chocolate paired will affect the taste of it. Also, we learned how to brew tea properly so that each flavours of it can be enjoyed fully. Personally, the thing I love the most about this class is that I got the opportunity to taste high quality and organic teas and that definitely changed my views on teas. Will definitely recommend it to other people!

Tea class review by Nabilah Ghazali - Sydney

Carolyn Ferris Mar 2019

The venue was OK and not too hard to find. Liliana was extremely knowledgeable and spoke very well about the teas and chocolates. I learnt a great deal about each, especially what is a tea and what is not.

My friend who I had invited knowing she loved her teas, thoroughly enjoyed Liliana's workshop and we are both interested in attending another.

The only comment I would make is that perhaps the workshop could start earlier. We arrived early to find that Liliana had already started explaining teas to those who had arrived before us and seeing others arrive after, noted that Liliana did not explain things she had already told us and therefore we concluded that things were explained before we arrived.

But overall, a thoroughly enjoyable workshop.


Carolyn Ferris

Nick Burchell Mar 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was very knowledgeable about tea and showed me how little I really knew on the subject.
Chocolate and tea pairings were fantastic and blended well together.
Not entirely sure she was completely correct about her knowledge of some of the details of the farming, chemical and mechanical knowledge and processes ( minor details though )
Overall, a thoroughly enlightening experience and enjoyable workshop.

Alexandra Baujard Feb 2019

Liliana Was really professional and patient. The class Was so interesting and we learned a lot.

Winie Haryanto Dec 2018

Liliana was an amazing teacher and explained everything thoroughly. Really enjoyed this session and will definitely try her other classes.

Melinda Crouch Nov 2018

Liliana is so passionate about tea and the health benefits. I had a great time playing around with different blends.
Super easy location to find and loads of parking options

Josephine Wilandouw Nov 2018

Really fun and informative, got to blend a lot of teas and be creative with many ingredients! Awesome time and liliana was very helpful :)

Tea class review by Josephine Wilandouw - Sydney

Lisa Brogan Oct 2018

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The team enjoyed the tea and loved the interactive part of the workshop. It sounded like the blending portion was great!

Kirsty Richards Oct 2018

I enjoyed learning about the process behind how to get the different types of tea. I also like tasting different teas i wouldnt normally try

Elizabeth Doran Oct 2018

Lilianan is very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession.
The teas and cheeses provide were amazing.
I brought this experience for my partners birthday and she throughly enjoyed the educational experience.
It was a relax atmosphere and it was lovely to met everyone. We are now looking at taking part in another one of Lilianan classes such as the chocolate and tea pairing.

Siobhan Dowling Oct 2018

Overall an excellent experience. We were very late on the day and apologise sincerely for that as it is not appropriate. Booking was quick, simple and easy. Nothing was too much bother.

Miki Fang Sep 2018

Liliana was absolutely lovely. All the ladies who attended had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about tea for sure! Was a very educational yet fun afternoon we had.

Brian Danielle Sep 2018

Wonderful experience! Lilliana is very knowledgeable, and best chocolate (and tea;-) ever!

Corinne Cossyvas Jun 2018

The teacher Liliana was amazing! The venue was good and easy to find, the materials were all helpful, and it was a really fun class.

Claudia Chan May 2018

Great event for my friend's hens. A lovely afternoon spent learning about the intricacies of tea. Liliana was very nice and made the class very enjoyable. It was extremely sweet of her to make sure that everyone felt included and special at the same time.

Tea and Chocolate Pairing Workshop review by Claudia Chan - Sydney

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