Lisa Shepherd, textiles teacher

Lisa Shepherd
Lisa Shepherd Floral Artist

Lisa Shepherd Floral Artist

location_on Dundas, Sydney

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Lisa Shepherd is a floral artist specialising in the historic cyanotype printing process. She has a passion for flowers which radiates through her work and she has been using botanicals as the main focus for her art for many years now.

She has spent the past 20 years working as a textile and surface designer and more recently as a successful Sydney artist. She has experience in a wide variety of mediums and has specialised in cyanotype printing for over 5 years now.

Lisa looks forward to sharing her skills and knowledge of printing techniques with you and help find your inner creativity or expand on existing skills.





Yoke Heng Ng Apr 2024

Had my first Cyanotype experience here with my friend, and it's been an inspring class! The teacher Lisa is very knowledgable and friendly, while the class is very well organised with a good selection of dried plants, cut-outs and prints to play around with. Overall a fun-filled activity with good company. Thank you very much, Lisa!

Marie Williamson Apr 2024

My daughter bought me this for Xmas and it was an amazing class. Everything was ready and well prepared. We learned how to do cyanotype on both fabric and paper and were thrilled with how these art pieces turned out. Loved the bonding time and class size was perfect.

Shwu Jiun Wee Apr 2024

This is my first ClassBento workshop and it is such a lovely experience. Lisa is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of experience and is very passionate about cyanotype printing. The class had a lot of hands-ons activities and we had to opportunity to make a few prints to take home with us. I thoroughly enjoyed this and would love to ve back for more workshops by Lisa.

Heidi Tamlyn Feb 2024

Fabulous day! Highly recommended. Came home with 4 beautiful artworks and the inspiration to try this beautiful art form at home. Ideal location. Lisa is an excellent gifted teacher, well prepared with an abundance of gorgeous resources to share. Perfect for everyone, easy, fun and relaxing!

Teacher's response

Thank you Heidi for coming along today it was so lovely to meet you and I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the workshop - don't hesitate to get in touch if you ever need any assistance in your future experimentations.

Jacqueline Murphy Feb 2024

A fabulous introduction into cyanotype, with a small class to do individual work and instruction from a skilled craftsman.

Yining Chen Feb 2024

Probably one of my favourite days if I look back on 2024. Lisa is very knowledgeable, she also provided so much dried plants, prints and tools for us to experiment with. Overall the workshop was really relaxing and rewarding. We enjoyed it so much. Thanks Lisa!

Jennie Cramp Feb 2023

I only knew about cyanotype from seeing Lisa’s art. I love her style of floral art. The workshop was a lovely way to learn about how cyanotype work is made. Everything was supplied, including a great selection of flowers and patterned material to use in our own compositions. We made 4 lovely pieces to keep. Lisa was very generous with her knowledge and the class was friendly and relaxed. Great venue.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Jennie Cramp - Sydney

Angela Donald Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Welcoming and beautifully set up with a lovely teacher. Lots of things to choose from to learn this lovely art form.

Wanda Snitch Feb 2023

Lisa was a kind and experienced teacher. The venue was very pleasant and the class did everything promised. We all went away happy with our little artistic endeavors, and enjoyed the delicious morning tea too!

Stephen Mercer Jan 2023

Lisa Shepherd was a really great teacher. She was very organised and was very thorough in all her explanations and explained them in a way that was easily accessible and understandable. Really great for people who are wanting to do just a fun activity but also really great for people who are wanting to get more in depth into cyanotypes like myself. Very friendly and welcoming also!

Sandra Wilhelm Dec 2022

My first impressions was Lisa was super friendly and the space was felt warm and welcoming. She also provided a huge catalogue of options and tools to use! As well as a poppyseed orange cake, she went above and beyond! Would recommend even for someone who doesn’t know anything about cyanotype like myself, she offers random history information and visible examples with a run through process.

Samantha Hyde Dec 2022

Lisa was lovely, warm and engaging. She’s passionate about the subject and an excellent teacher. She was very kind, helpful, thoughtful and even treated us to a yummy home baked cake and other goodies!

I loved the venue which was a bright and welcoming space. We got a great folder with all the relevant information for us to take home. Value for money workshop which I’d highly recommend for anyone who’d like to learn about cyanotype printing. It was lovely to take home 4 pieces of our handiwork.

The workshop piqued my interest in learning more and to experiment with this printing method.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Samantha Hyde - Sydney

Tash N Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class is fun and brings out the creative side of you. Would recommend this class for those looking for some history and fun!

David Stern Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Thank you. An enjoyable session that gave a goof first taste of the craft. This is an interesting medium that I’m keen yo pursue.

Necola Chisholm Oct 2022

Wow an awesome experience… loved learning about this brilliant process. A great course… easy pace & wonderful outcomes

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Necola Chisholm - Sydney

Tina Karayannis Oct 2022

A day of creative fun! Lisa is an excellent presenter and talented artist sharing her ideas.

Textiles class review by Tina Karayannis - Sydney

Nicola Mills Oct 2022

Lisa was absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it. It was wonderful to be able to create something beautiful in my favourite colour using parts of nature that are beautiful without any embellishments. I would strongly recommend the course as Lisa is very friendly, personable and makes you feel like you are having a lovely afternoon with friends learning something new

Julie-Ann Ventura Oct 2022

This was a fantastic day. Lisa was engaging and articulate. The venue was really lovely and created a very welcoming environment. We will deffinitely do the more advanced course. Thank you we had a lovely day.

Textiles class review by Julie-Ann Ventura - Sydney

Roxanne Phan Sep 2022

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

We had fun with learning cyanotype printing. I really enjoyed the experience of just testing out things on paper/fabric and just loved the process. Lisa was a great teacher and can see her passion for cyanotypes. I really liked how the venue was set up as it's a nice cottage <3

Textiles class review by Roxanne Phan - Sydney

Madeleine Vito Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a wonderful time. Great instructions and ample opportunity to experiment and learn about the medium. Easy to get started and a really fun day.

Textiles class review by Madeleine Vito - Sydney

Tamara Bishop Sep 2022

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Lisa is a great teacher who is always very encouraging & open to sharing her knowledge. The class is very practical & 'hands-on' (ie not much theory) giving you plenty of time to explore & create some great pieces. Although she has a vast collection of items to use throughout the class, you are more than welcome to bring your own & experiment She is a great guide. I would highly recommend! xx

Keira Bower May 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Beautiful venue, great range of materials and resources to use and a lot of fun! Highly recommend this workshop, such a magical process and lovely instructor. Thanks Lisa :)

Anita Rowles May 2022

I did this workshop with my mum and it was SO good. Perfect mothers day present for her - it was fun and we were super impressed with how our pieces came out. The teacher was very friendly and helpful, and knew alot about this art technique. Would definitely do it again! A+++

Berna Berti May 2022

A great class with a lovely teacher. We made some beautiful artworks and Lisa provided all the information we need to get started with cyanotypes at home. Highly recommend!

Christine Woulfe May 2022

Oh my goodness just had the most pleasant daylearning Cyanotype for beginners with Lisa Shepherd Floral artist
I have admired Lisa's work for many years.
As a teacher she was fantastic happy friendly explained the processes so wellhighly recommend

Vivian Bayl Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lisa had set up the venue beautifully and had lots of materials for us to experiment with for our cyanotypes. There was a big range of dried leaves as well as stencils and cutouts. She explained the techniques for preparing the paper and developing the images using sunlight well and we had plenty of time to create our images and work with and fine tune the process. She was also able to give us ideas to expand what we had learned and details of materials we would need to continue at home.

Tess Cox Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Lisa was an excellent teacher. Everything was set up so nicely. She explained the process well and we got to go home with several completed prints. A very fun course anyone can do!

Leanne Vellacott Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I loved the venue was a delightful cottage. Lisa was a great teacher giving us many examples of her artwork. Plenty of dried flowers to work with. After noon tea was wonderful.

Joanne Neville May 2021

Such an amazing venue to learn the historic art of CYANOTYPE. Lisa us a wonderful teacher taking the students through the process step by step. She is an awesome host.

Such a beautiful technique to learn.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Joanne Neville - Sydney

Lydie Leforestier May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great workshop. Lisa explain very well and she provides lots of things to help in the creative process. I loved it.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Lydie Leforestier - Sydney

Julie Parkin May 2021

Excellent venue and facilities
Teacher very supportive organised and friendly
Good value for money
A very good introduction to the subject

Kay Veitch Apr 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Absolutely great! Really lovely venue, everything wonderfully organised and prepared for us - nice small class size. Lisa was lovely and explained everything really well, leaving us with great class notes so we can replicate the making of cyanoptype printing at home. A very enjoyable day - recommended with thanks.

Lisa Saunders Mar 2021

What a great workshop! Lisa was welcoming and made the group feel comfortable straight away. She explained the cyanotype process clearly and was very generous with sharing her knowledge. The venue was perfect for this course and the group size was also good - we all were able to have our questions answered. And the morning tea was delicious!
I left the course inspired to try some cyanotype printing and feel I have enough skills to give it a go at home.

Maria Priestley Mar 2021

Lisa is great.
Very generous with her time and knowledge.
Plenty of material to work with - we made 4 pieces.
The venue was ideal with plenty of room to work.
Great for beginners.
I am inspired to continue experimenting.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Maria Priestley - Sydney

Elizabeth Levick Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lisa was fantastic. Generous with her knowledge and really took care to make sure we had time to learn a few techniques. She was very warm and friendly and did a great job making the whole group feel comfortable.

The course is perfect for beginners and you leave with some beautiful prints that make you feel like a true artist.

The venue was beautiful and very comfortable.

We will definitely be trying to replicate this on our own.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Elizabeth Levick - Sydney

Bec McCarthy Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lisa is incredible! We had an Amazing day. So much fun and fabulous art work to take home too.

Textiles class review by Bec McCarthy - Sydney

Sophie Leaver Dec 2020

The workshop was great. The venue was lovely and there were lots of special finishing touches like candles and morning tea. Lisa was a great teacher. She was very welcoming, and covered a lot of material. Her artwork is beautiful and her explanations were clear and easy to follow. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting the learn cyanotype but also for anyone just wanting a creative and relaxing day.

Jeanne Fourie Dec 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Informative and fun! Lisa was brilliant and I brought four lovely pieces of art home. Highly recommended

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Jeanne Fourie - Sydney

Irene Filipoppoulos Dec 2020

Great atmosphere!
Lots of beautiful materials to work with.
Lisa is a relaxed and inspiring teacher- a pleasure to learn from.
Class felt effortless but productive.
Amazing morning tea:))
Would definitely attend again.

Patricia Baker Dec 2020

Lisa is a natural teacher and it was an extremely informative and fun day. We had a lovely group of people, we all produced artwork to be proud of and morning tea was an added bonus. Thanks!

Susan Allaby Sep 2020

Lisa’s workshop was one of the best I have attended. It was completely hands-on and we completed 5 projects. I now feel perfectly comfortable that I can re-create my efforts at home.
If that were not enough, a morning tea of Lisa’s handmade goodies made for a really delightful day out.

Tania Nichols Sep 2020

A fabulous class. I highly recommend. The workshop was very well organised and god value for money.

Kelcie Bryant-Duguid Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

A great workshop! I learned so much. Lisa was a generous and knowledgeable teacher. Thorough notes, a delicious morning tea, lots of inspiration and plenty to do and experiment with throughout the day. Everyone had success and went home with beautiful cyanotype prints. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop.

Gemelle Madigan Jul 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Presentation couldn't have been more thoughtful as well as beautiful. The table was set with a work station for everyone, plus wonderful notes.There was a great morning tea as a warm-up and get to know each other, followed by a visual slideshow. Then Lisa would show what we would do every step of the way and we would follow on. Everyone made artwork to take home, their own styles. Everyone was encouraged to try different techniques. Lisa is a great teacher, warm-hearted, generous and kind. She runs a great cyanotype workshop and I highly recommend anyone to her.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Gemelle Madigan - Sydney

Jacqui Coates Jun 2020

Lisa is a fabulous teacher. The atmosphere she created was so warm and cosy and visually appealing. She is very warm and attentive. The materials she supplied were tops. It was definitely value for money - loved learning about cyanotype and the process. I would highly recommend this workshop. Thanks Lisa

Caroline Verity Jun 2020

An 5 star day and a 5 star workshop. Lisa prepared everything with a great deal of thought and attention. She was warm and friendly, and generous with her knowledge and supplies. (And yummy things to have with a cuppa!). We were all thrilled with what we made and took home.

Textiles class review by Caroline Verity - Sydney

Terese Grove Jun 2020

What a great course. Lisa is so lovely. Such an easy process to learn. Lisa had all the materials ready and she supplied a delicious morning tea. I would recommend this course. Small number in the class which was great and gave us all time to do the fun stuff.

Beginners Cyanotype Workshop: Simply Blue review by Terese Grove - Sydney

Carol McFadden Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was excellent- most enjoyable and relaxed. The venue was lovely and the materials provided were just right. Lisa the teacher had time for everyone and I will be recommending this class to my friends.

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