Men Love Flower Arranging Too

Men Love Flower Arranging Too

Men Love Flower Arranging Too

We've had lots of men come through our flower arranging classes, who have absolutely loved it, which certainly challenges the dated stereotype of flowers being strictly in the feminine domain.

Some have come alone, others with their friends or loved ones. Flower arranging is a great way to develop creativity, attention to detail, aesthetic awareness, and of course, to have a whole lot of fun and probably some hearty laughs; to be in the moment and just appreciate life's simple beauties. 

Some of the greatest flower arrangements and paintings were created by men. Artists like Van Gogh and Monet found endless inspiration in flowers and nature, and that's not even mentioning any of our fantastic modern artists. In fact, some of our best floristry teachers are men.

If Japanese-style Ikebana flower arranging is not your thing, try working with Australian natives in Chris Saban's workshop, or do a basket-style arrangement.

So man up and give it a go - you won't regret it!

Find out more about the benefits of flower arranging here.


Men at a floral arrangement class

Our flower arranging workshop with some good representation from the blokes, photo courtesy of our floristry teacher Setsuko @yugasetsuko.


A man's flower arrangement from workshop

And here's one of our man-made arrangements. Not bad, right?


Floral arrangement painting

Poppies and daisies arrangement painting, by Van Gogh

Attend this Floristry workshop yourself: Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

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