Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed

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An introductory online workshop for calligraphy beginners

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 15

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This is a ClassBento LiveBox class! From the comfort of your home, share an artisan experience with your friends, family or colleagues, or just enjoy with some like-minded others. As seen on The Guardian, TimeOut, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and more. Here's how it works:

  1. Book or Request your preferred time
  2. We'll deliver a ClassBento Box to you - this is a physical DIY craft box containing the materials you'll need. Shipping is free, and you'll get your box delivered in time for your class. We ship nationwide.
  3. Enjoy the online class. You'll receive a link to a Zoom meeting. On the day of the class, use that link to join the class. Class sizes are kept small, so you can easily ask questions and get immediate responses. Zoom is free and easy to use, on any device. You're in control of your privacy - you can mute yourself and hide your webcam if and when you prefer.

Have you always had a knack for making letters pretty? Have you always wanted to learn calligraphy? Are you looking for a creative hobby to destress? Or just need some new and exciting indoor activities?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, this live online workshop is perfect for you!

Deconstructed (verb): “to break down into constituent parts; to dissect; to dismantle."

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed focuses on the “very” fundamentals of calligraphy. These fundamental elements consist of various strokes and these strokes put together make the letters of the alphabet. And by mastering these letters, you will be able to connect them and form beautifully written words.

In addition to practising these strokes and lower case letters, resources relating to calligraphy basics, encouragement and support can be expected.

Cultivate your love of beautiful letters in this fun, laid back workshop and make calligraphy your creative outlet!

Add-ons available for this class

Five sheets of A5 blank black calligraphy practice paper ($3)

White pointed pen calligraphy ink in dinky dip jar ($4)

Walnut pointed pen calligraphy ink in dinky dip jar ($4)

Gold pointed pen calligraphy ink in dinky dip jar ($5)

You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge Required
Whether you’ve got a blank slate or need a refresher, individuals of all levels of knowledge welcome!
What you'll get in your craft box
- Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed workbook
- Nib holder
- Nib
- Black calligraphy ink

You can also get these optional add ons:
- My favourite white ink sample
- My favourite gold ink sample
- My favourite walnut ink sample
- 5 sheets of blank black A5 calligraphy practice paper
What you'll need
Attendees can opt to use their own calligraphy tools - either pointed pen or brush pen with high-quality practice paper.
Suitable for

This Box and Live class is a great indoor activity idea for individuals and couples as well as for virtual team building activities at home.

Your teacher
Icy Icaro
Icy Icaro

4.9 (110)

My love for calligraphy started in 2017 when I started bullet journalling, and decided to DIY pretty much everything for our wedding. Since then, calligraphy has become my creative outlet., my calligraphy Instagram account is where you’ll find my work. I mainly do signages, place cards, envelope addressing, and ditigal lettering on Procreate for various events. My tag line is “celebrating life one letter at a time” mainly because doing calligraphy not only for myself but for other people bring me so much joy.

Verified reviews

Olivia Carter • Oct 2020

I had a great time at the Modern Caligraphy Workshop. Icy is an excellent teacher. I completed this workshop having already completed Icy's bullet journalling workshop. I'd highly recommend the caligraphy workshop to anyone interested in getting started. This workshop is great for novices like me.

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Olivia Carter

Yamuna Dassanayake • Oct 2020

The class is very interesting. Icy is very nice and her teaching is very clear and informative

Maddie Balitactac • Sep 2020

I had a really great time and I think that the class was amazing! Thank you so much :)

Sebastian Brydon • Sep 2020

Very clear and helpful. Explained everything in detail and did her best to give examples of the different techniques and traditions

Holly Briffa • Sep 2020

Thank you Icy! I had a great time in your calligraphy workshop. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was able to pick up the basics :) Even as a left-handed person who has never attempted calligraphy before. I will be back!

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Holly Briffa

Diana Mammarella • Sep 2020

I loved learning the basic elements of calligraphy which Icy explained very thoroughly and clearly. I am going to enjoy putting it all into practice. Thank you

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Helen Martin • Sep 2020

I am a visual learner and Icy’s explanations were just what I need to get my head around the intricacies of the art. The time went so quickly but I felt I learnt so much. Well worth the time and money if you want to dip your pen into calligraphy.

Eliane Riquelme • Aug 2020

Icy was great explaining the basic elements about Calligraphyit was a great workshop!
Thanks Icy :)

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Eliane Riquelme

Joanne Howarth • Aug 2020

Icy was very accommodating! My ink had spilt in the post and she delivered a replacement prior to the class. It was a very good grounding and foundation for future classes. Icy is very knowledgeable and passionate about calligraphy. Her communication was good, easy to understand and I would recommend this class

Kelly Tang • Aug 2020

Icy was a great teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the class! I loved her structured way of teaching (especially being new to calligraphy) as well as her patience and kindness.

Rebecca Cohen • Aug 2020

Fun class that helped me a lot. Having fun practicing the techniques of her calligraphy

Claire Cooke • Aug 2020

Icy is great teacher. The pace of the class was perfect for me as a complete beginner. She guides you though with kindness and compassion. I can’t recommend this class enough!

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Claire Cooke Sydney

Joshua Licence • Aug 2020

Icy has a great teaching style, very informative. Love the practice materials, would have liked some more time for questions as we went along.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Joshua Licence

Rechel Cabasag • Aug 2020

Very helpful class and the format is easy to follow. I like that Icy introduced different calligraphy styles for some letters and encouraged us to play around with what style works for us best.

Tae Jowett • Jul 2020

Great to learn the basics! The pre-sent pack was great also would highly recommend

Charmaine Montgomery • Jun 2020

Icy is a lovely instructor, patient and kind. She taught us how to break the letters down into their component parts so we can look at most alphabets and recreate them rather than having to remember each individual letter. Icy also showed us different tools as some of us provided our own equipment. Thank you! However, I would strongly recommend getting the kit and class as Icy used a flange, which I’ve never seen used before. An enjoyable workshop.

Kristy Davies • Jun 2020

I really loved this class! Icy was super friendly and supportive. She checked on our progress regularly and made sure we felt welcome and well supported. She provided exceptional equipment and the class was well structured, allowing us direction to continue our learning individually after the lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson! Thank you!

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Kristy Davies

Gabrielle Ralph • Jun 2020

This was Really helpful learning the basic strokes To utilise with different fonts! Thank you icy

Alyssa Anderson • Jun 2020

Great class and introduction into calligraphy. Icy breaks down the steps in a really simple way to understand and is very patient and lovely to chat to throughout the class. Highly recommend to anyone seeking a new creative or mindful outlet.

Sarah Robb • May 2020

The class was really enjoyable and Icy was a great teacher. I would definitely do it again. I had no prior experience and found it easy to pick up with Icy’s help.

Nidhi Gera • May 2020

It was a super fun session. Icy is an amazing mentor and a artist. She was very patient in clearing all the doubts. Highly recommend for people who wants to try their hands on modern calligraphy and don't know where to start.

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Nidhi Gera

Nidhi Gera • May 2020

It was a super fun session. Icy is an amazing mentor and a artist. Highly recommend for people who wants to try their hands on modern calligraphy and don't know where to start.

Elsa Maria • May 2020

I enjoyed Icy's class thoroughly. In addition to teaching the different basic strokes and how they form the letters, Icy also explained in great detail the parts of the nib, how it works, how to take care of it, the paper to be used for calligraphy and where to get these from. She was very approachable and very pleasant. Would definitely recommend if you are a newbie like me:)

Nicolette Smith • May 2020

From the personalised boxes and notes to the class, everything was beautiful and fun.

Icy was a friendly and helpful teacher even from a distance her set up and instructions made it go smoothly.

Thank you for teaching and answering all my questions. Hopefully I can come along to a face to face class soon.

Hannah Lam • Mar 2020

She was great ! Very helpful and gives great tips on how to do lettering. So so friendly. I really enjoyed the class !

Pouthida Ngeth • Mar 2020

Practised good basic skills and was provided with one on one support. It was quite informative

Esther Loh • Mar 2020

My daughters enjoyed the class and Icy was great ! Looking forward to the advanced class for calligraphy!

Tulin Sayah • Mar 2020

An awesome class superbly organised by Icy.

An lovely take home pack to carry on learning which was a lovely surprise

Parmpreet Dhaliwal • Feb 2020

Icy is a great teacher and was very helpful. She provided great learning resources and was always on hand to support with basic strokes and more advanced techniques.

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Parmpreet Dhaliwal

Michelle Breton • Feb 2020

Icy is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher. Her teaching style is simplistic yet effective for complete beginners such as myself! The venue was lovely, clean and spacious. I really enjoyed the workshop!

Angela Lam • Feb 2020

I enjoyed the calligraphy class very much. Icy made the whole calligraphy session fun, exciting and very relaxing. Icy also spent time with us individually. The class was also set up in a great location.
Everyone in the class were first time beginners, and we all came with a common goal to learn.
Icy provided us with all the materials we needed to begin our calligraphy journey, and the resources to further our calligraphy skills.
I highly recommend this class. Icy deconstructed calligraphy so well, as we all left knowing how to reconstruct calligraphy.
Icy, THANK YOU for the support and encouragement to get me to do my own calligraphy for my wedding.

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Angela Lam Sydney

Claudia Crosariol • Feb 2020

A well constructed introductory class
Conducted at a good pace. I liked the venue too!

Lorraine Liberson • Feb 2020

Icy was very warm and easy to talk to. She really helped me throughout the class. Venue was awesome. A great experience.

Laura Nicols • Feb 2020

Really loved this class! Icy was so lovely and helpful, felt like I learnt a lot from her in a short amount of time.

Jane Li • Feb 2020

I had a really stressful week at work and this was a fantastic way to unwind. Icy was a really great teacher - very patient and attentive, coming to check up on each of us individually as we practiced different strokes and alphabets. I could tell that a lot of preparation and thought went into preparing for the class, as she had given us folders with our individual names written in calligraphy and also supplied us with practice sheets with words we had individually said we wanted to learn prior to attending the class. We got to take home a container of ink, a calligraphy pen and practice sheets at the end of the class which I am so excited to keep using. The setting was beautiful and it was a very relaxing way to spend a Saturday. Highly recommended.

Kim Vellere • Jan 2020

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a great introduction to calligraphy and Icy (the teacher) gave clear instructions and we all had lots of one on one time with her. All materials were provided which made it easy for everyone. The venue was lovely and very conducive to creating a relaxing, creative and fun atmosphere. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in calligraphy or penmanship.

Leanne Gregory • Jan 2020

Thank you Icy for a wonderful workshop; your calm presence was a joy. The deconstructed concept (learning strokes as opposed to whole letters) gave clarity and demystified. I felt as though I was able to ask questions, there was no judgement. And the resource pack provided was/is exceptionally detailed and helpful. Thank you.

Jo Freeman • Jan 2020

Great venue. Lovely non intrusive teaching. A really great experience. I highly recommend this course. Icy is a great teacher.

Kelly Hemmings • Jan 2020

Icy was great, after a brief introduction on the basics of calligraphy we were able to begin with the materials she had provided. Plenty of practice sheets to work on, and one-on-one help and tips too.
I left the workshop with my new calligraphy pen and ink along with a folder containing plenty of practice work sheets to continue with at home.
Very much enjoyed,

Leanne Matheson • Jan 2020

A very chill afternoon learning the basic brush strokes. Icy is helpful, down to earth and spent time with each of us to provide feedback and useful tips. She gave us plenty of practice sheets and I’m inspired to keep going.

Kim Guzman • Jan 2020

She really knows her stuff and very hands on during the class. Would definitely recommend her!

Kelly Tran • Nov 2019

Icy is an awesome and fun teacher! She is so relatable and made the workshop enjoyable to learn. It was at our own pace and she'd come around and help us one on one which is what I preferred.
Loved that we were given a personalised tote and folder full of practise paper, and given our own pen holder and ink to bring home to practise further on our own.
Thanks again to Icy for having this workshop. 3 hours was not enough, and I just wanted to keep going

Belinda Wagstaff • Nov 2019

Our teacher Icy was great - very helpful in demonstrating the fundamentals of calligraphy.
Venue was beautiful!

Yasmin Jenkin • Nov 2019

Icy was such a welcoming, kind and warm soul that just wanted to share her knowledge and tips on calligraphy with the students. It was great to be provided with all the tools required and one on one time with Icy. The setting in which it was held was stunning and so serene, it made for a lovely & relaxing morning activity.
My only feedback was the venue was a little difficult to find, so some signage or directions would be great but overall a fantastic class!

Ethel Wong • Nov 2019

Icy was really nice and she would give individual guidance to all of us.
I hope she'll offer other caligraphy classes so we can learn how to design a word/sentence.

Liz Naguit • Oct 2019

I was so impressed by Icy’s preparation, thoughtfulness and patience. The resources she created were amazing and the time went by so quickly as we just dug straight in and enjoyed ourselves. She knew a lot about modern deconstructed calligraphy but was also very informative about other styles and shared her knowledge freely. She created a warm and inviting atmosphere and answered all of our questions patiently. I can’t wait to put all of my newfound skills to use! Thank you for an amazing day, Icy!

Hini Mercado • Oct 2019

Thankyou Icy for a great class! The venue was beautiful, welcoming atmosphere, was relaxing going through the practice sheets provided( w/ plenty to take home as well including a personalised tote bag, calligraphy pen & a jar of ink as well !) I love the products! Thankyou for going around & helping us all one on one was very informative, I feel confident now in my calligraphy, thankyou again! Xo

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Hini Mercado Sydney

Brooke Clark • Oct 2019

It was fantastic. Icy is very patient and well prepared. I had a fantastic time:)

Jacqueline Torrefranca • Oct 2019

Icy taught us really well. The fact that it was my first time to do modern calligraphy, I wasn't intimidated and she was helping me discreetly. She was nive, patient, detailed and lenient. Her class was fun and made sure we get it correctly. I didn't feel any pressure.

Materials needed were beginners friendly and good quality. She was honest enough where she get her own supplies and which product options (from nib down to paper) can be useful for calligraphy.

Overall, it was a great class! Highly recommended especially if you want to destress. Thank you!

Katie Lam • Oct 2019

The teacher was great! A great class! I would definitely recommend this to other people.

Lisa Huynh • Sep 2019

Icy did a great job in providing useful tips and instruction.
The venue was easy to get to although parking is limited. Nibblies were provided which was a nice touch. I had a lot of fun - practice makes perfect!

Tegan Webb • Sep 2019

Individual and group instruction, great supplies and a lovely setting. Thanks, Icy! I had a fun time.

Venta Richter • Sep 2019

I loved the class with Icy. The setting at Caroma was lovely - spacious, light and creative and we were welcomed with refreshments The tables were set up with our places allocated with our personalised bags and all the calligraphy practice guidelines, ink,pen and water jars. Icy explained everything clearly and gave everyone individual attention as needed and offered support references. I finished the class really inspired to keep practising. Thank you Icy

Maggie Lo • Aug 2019

The venue of this class is great, such a nice space. Icy is a lovely teacher. She started by explaining the various tools and then taught us the basic strokes of calligraphy, followed by the alphabet. She was very patient and went around the class throughout the time, giving us advice and tips. Icy was extremely thoughtful and the materials provided, as well as the items we could take home with us (personalised tote bag, ink bottle, practice material, etc) were all very well thought out. I left feeling like I could confidently practice and develop my skills at home.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Maggie Lo

Madeleine Zarb • Aug 2019

The workshop was really valuable, really fun and a really good set up!
I got so much out of it and especially liked Icy’s delivery and applying her knowledge in a encouraging and practical way! The little toches that Icy added to the course really made it. Plus you get all tools to take home to get you started! Love it - thanks Icy

The venue was fab and the to

Kazuya Tsukamoto • Jul 2019

Icy is an attentive teacher and gives you a strong foundation to build on with practice. Her class is easy to follow and fun regardless of age or ability. Highly recommend!

Praneedhi Pupulewatte • Jul 2019


First of all, I want to thank ClassBento for organising such an amazing experience for us. 
One of my friends suggested this to me, since I love making b’day cards and it sounded like something different, I thought “why not”. 
But to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be this fun and insightful

As soon as we entered the studio, she treated us with a warm welcome, and on my station were a bag with my name printed in calligraphy, 2 books to practice, and a calligraphy pen with my name printed on the case. My first impression was “wow, that is so nice of her” and that impression lasted throughout the 3 hours as she continued being super nice to all of us.

She had arranged a lovely set of snacks for us, chocolates, biscuits, salty treats, strawberries, black berries and cheese. The table with the food platter and all the arrangements was a treat to the eye itself.

Regarding the course,
- She started off with basic theories on what calligraphy is, differences with other letter types, different kinds of pens available and where we could buy stationary needed for calligraphy.
- Rather than straightaway jumping into the alphabet, she explained the main 9 strokes used in writing simple letters in calligraphy.
- There were 6 of us in the room, she came to us one-by-one to teach each stroke. And she gave us enough time to practice by ourselves and always encouraged us to ask questions.
- After the strokes, we moved on to the 26 letters in the alphabet. She came to me every time I had a problem with writing a certain letter.
- After learning to write each letter, we moved on to practicing common words. (e.g.:- happy birthday, good luck, congratulations, thank you, any name that we wanted to write).

- She was nice enough to refill our ink bottles every 30 minutes. At the end, we were given our own ink bottle, glass to add water, books to practice, calligraphy pen with the nib and a personalised bag to take home.

Icy Magno was so patient with all of us and helped us throughout the 3 hours. These 3 hours flew by so fast and I didn’t even realise when it reached 1.30 pm. I did not even want to leave because I was having so much fun.

I would recommend this class to anyone who loves to try out calligraphy, this is the best place to start :D 

Looking forward to an intermediate modern calligraphy class from Icy Magno :)

Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed review by Praneedhi Pupulewatte

Reenu George • Jul 2019

Icy is such a professional and patient teacher. The technique that was taught in class has helped me understand the basics of calligraphy. I would recommend Icy’s Class to everyone who is interested in calligraphy.

Vindu Palihakkara • Jul 2019

Icy was a very good instructor who was kind, patient and gives attention to every student. The fact that the group consisted only 6 students was very good. I was the first to arrive in class and Icy and her sister who assists her had already arranged the table with all the material and a lovely plate of snacks for us. I loved the custom bags she had kept for us with our names written. She is well organised.
The venue was very good as well. A modern and a calm place.
I would highly recommend Icy's Modern Calligraphy Deconstructed workshop to anyone. :)

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Vindu Palihakkara

Sunaina Kalra • Apr 2019

An amazing morning spent with Icy. She was very patient and attentive. She’s so clever to break down the letters as she did, it made the learning so much easier. It was a fantastic birthday present for our teens!

Ashika Rajan • Nov 2019

My daughter liked her Brush Calligraphy class with Icy. It was well organised and Icy was very helpful. Only suggestion is to have a smaller class size or change the seating pattern as the centre was very busy and noisy, hence Icy’s instructions were not audible.

Parika Mahajan • Nov 2019

I had a wonderful time at the Brush Calligraphy Deconstructed class with Icy. Icy is a great teacher and was very welcoming. Even though it was a bit noisy since the location was in the middle of a shopping mall but Icy made sure that she went to each one of us and helped where we were struggling. She suggested some supplies and shared tips from her personal experience. I definitely took home a lot and I will be coming back for more learning.

Kristine Nakhel • Nov 2019

Teacher was lovely. Instruction book was super helpful. We practiced step by step process of each letter. Highly recommend for beginners!

Amanda Waller • Nov 2019

The teacher Icy Icaro was lovely. She was very welcoming and explained the calligraphy technique well. However the venue was a little noisy in that it was difficult to hear Icy when she spoke to the group. The venue was fine as it was easy parking and easy to get to. If a quieter space could be found it would be perfect. Hearing the instructions is so important to participating in the class.
I would attend another class with Icy.

Lorelie Sarmiento • Nov 2019

My daughter and I had a great time and Icy is lovely and so talented. Calligraphy takes skill and a lot of patience! We are truly inspired, keep up your great work Icy x

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Lorelie Sarmiento Sydney

Pamela Ledley • Nov 2019

Brush Calligraphy Descontructed with Icy was a very positive experience. Icy was a patient and helpful teacher and I could see lots of progress all around me.
The venue was a bit tricky. Being in a public area of a shopping centre there were a lot of people going past and it was harder for Icy to interact with everyone. That said, she made sure she talked to everyone and helped out as needed.
Overall, highly recommended and well done Icy!

Rebecca Byrnes • Nov 2019

Thankyou Icy for an amazing introduction to beginners calligraphy. I certainly enjoyed it. The equipment ( which we got to keep) was top notch! I certainly will be putting my new skills into practice soon!

Katie Lam • Nov 2019

It was a great class! Icy is always very kind and patient. Always love how the goodies are packaged.

Brush Calligraphy Deconstructed - the Hills review by Katie Lam Sydney

Nicole Oddy • Nov 2019

Icy was lovely! Having never attempted calligraphy before I have been inspired to practice and give it ago. Thank you
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