Mother's Day Gifts for Mums Who Don't Want Anything

Mother's Day Gifts for Mums Who Don't Want Anything

By Annie Symmonds

When Mum says she doesn’t want anything this year don’t take her word for it! Surprise her with these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas and gift her an experience that she’ll adore. Get messy with plants and pottery or indulge in gorgeous scents at a perfume making workshop. These creative and unique things to do across Australia are a great way to get her out of the house to make a DIY project and make some amazing memories, too.

When women become Mums, their lives are completely changed forever. Their sense of self transforms and time becomes one of the most important aspects of their lives. They watch how quickly their children grow up and hold onto a lifetime of memories from every age and stage. 

On the flip side, they tend to value time to themselves much more than they did pre-motherhood. In fact, many Mums value the simplest of things – a coffee with a friend, a chance to finish that bestselling page-turner, or an opportunity to go shopping without juggling after-school commitments or weekend sport. 

adding gold to kintsugi ceramic

This Mother’s Day, help Mum rediscover her me-time and allow her to feel empowered and appreciated by the people she cares for the most. 

If you’re struggling to come up with Mother’s Day gifts for Mum this year, there's nothing wrong with buying her another bunch of flowers. But rest assured, there are far more thoughtful presents to be found! If you’re looking for unique Mother’s Day gifts that will completely surprise her, we're here to help you think up some genius gift ideas that will have her wondering if you’ve suddenly become a mind reader! 

Let's face it, Mum doesn’t need another bottle of store-bought perfume or any sort of clutter, so let’s get her feeling awesome, uplifted and appreciated with our curated selection of gift experiences for her this year. 

Help Mum embrace her green thumb

placing succulents in terrarium

Is your mum a bit of a green thumb? If she watches gardening shows or reads gardening magazines, encourage her to put her passion into practice and get her hands dirty at one of our gardening experiences in Australia. As most green-thumbed gurus and plant-lovers would know, gardening is both calming and meditative. What’s more, it’s a rewarding experience that empowers us to tune into the rhythms of the natural world and learn about the art of self-sufficiency. There are loads of different types of gardening classes in Australia to choose from – from herbs for healthy living to gardening in small spaces – so you can make an informed decision as to which will suit her best for her Mother’s Day present. 

Does your Mum like the idea of growing her own organic veggies? A DIY organic vegetable garden workshop with Gaia’s Organic Gardens in East Perth could be the best Mother’s Day gift idea for your mum. In this beginners workshop, she’ll learn absolutely everything there is to know about growing her own veggies in the backyard. She’ll discover how much sun and light certain veggies need to grow, how to keep the soil healthy, and of course, which watering system is best to use. 

But not all gardening experiences are about stepping foot in an actual garden! If you’re looking for Mother’s Day present ideas in Sydney, your mum might love a DIY terrarium workshop instead. She’ll certainly get her hands dirty and learn all about how to create a succulent ecosystem to put in her home. With terrarium workshops all over Australia to choose from, they are one of the most popular gift experiences for her, because of their meditative nature and hands-on learning environment.

Sink into pottery classes for Mum

pottery wheel throwing from above

Many Mums spend their time running around after their children, looking after the home and juggling the demands of work as well. Often, this means there are not a lot of opportunities for her to spend time doing more of the things she loves. If that’s the case for your mum, why not help switch off and unwind with a pottery workshop? With thousands of pottery classes in Australia to choose from, there are plenty of different types of classes to get involved in. 

Discover a fun beginners kintsugi workshop in Melbourne and your mum might end up with a new hobby in hand! Kintsugi is a beautiful Japanese art class, whereby she will learn how to mend broken pottery with epoxy glue and gold mica. Taught by Daisy Cooper, she’ll learn the basic techniques and practices to continue on at home once the class has finished, while supporting local makers. 

If your mum is always on the go, she’ll appreciate the opportunity to learn how to make her own unique mug in a pottery class in Sydney with IMakeSculptures in Waterloo. Join her in the class and create gorgeous memories as you both support local artists and makers in Sydney. Make a day of it and discover hidden gems in Waterloo you never knew existed! By the end of the Mother’s Day class, your mum will take home her homemade mug and will be reminded of the memories you created together whenever she drinks her morning coffee.

Looking for Mother's Day gift ideas for new Mums? Get set to impress! 

Give Mum some peace and quiet with our beauty and fragrance classes

mum making essential oil blend

Being a mum isn’t always easy, and sometimes all they need is a bit of peace and quiet. Take her up on this request and give her a beautiful Mother’s Day gift with a wellness experience. Wellness experiences in Australia can range massively, so buckle up and we’ll help you understand a couple of the best variations on offer! 

In Brisbane, your mum might love an essential oils workshop that involves chakra and energy healing, with Botanix Natural Skincare. Based in Drewvale, she’ll be helping to support local makers and come away with an understanding of each chakra and how they make up the body’s energetic system. In this relaxing wellness class in Brisbane, encourage Mum to feel totally Zen while she learns how to make 10 essential oil blends to help promote natural energy healing. 

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than lighting some candles, filling a bubble bath and soaking in the silence. Get Mum to make her very own beautiful, scented candles at this beginners candle making workshop in Granville. Using a variety of essential oils and fragrances, Mum will learn how to make pillar candles, tea light candles and more. She’ll never need to buy a store-bought candle again! 

No matter where you are in Australia, these Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for any Mum who insists she wants nothing. 

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