Personalised Presents for Couples Who Have Everything

Personalised Presents for Couples Who Have Everything

By ClassBento Team

If you happen to know an amazing couple who seem to have it all, take a look at these incredible gift experiences for couples in Australia! Instead of giving them the usual store-bought presents that end up hidden away, why not surprise them with some truly experiential presents for couples. It's a thoughtful way to bring them even closer and create some beautiful memories together. They're sure to absolutely love it!

Whether they’d enjoy shaping molten glass at a glassblowing workshop, pouring latte art at a barista course or piecing together ceramics at a mindful Kintsugi class, these creative indoor activities have something for every pair.  

Read on for our insider’s guide to the best fun things to do in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond.

Give glassblowing a try


One of the top fun things to do in Perth for couples, glassblowing classes are hands-on, challenging, and even a little bit magical. After all, there’s something quite mesmerising about playing with fire. Chances are the lovebirds in your life have never had a chance to put on a pair of goggles and learn how to operate a blowtorch. All classes take place under the watchful eye of a professional glassblowing artisan, meaning they’re 100 percent safe for beginners. 

Wondering what to expect in a glassblowing class? In this glass bead making workshop, couples will learn how to transform glass rods into colourful beads that can be used as decorations or reimagined as a wearable work of art. Perth isn’t the only city where you’ll find glassblowing classes for couples, with Melbourne artisans also offering some incredible workshops. Learn how to fuse colourful mosaics, shape glass bowls and create boutique-worthy jewellery. Want to nail your 10 year anniversary gift? We've got you covered.

Or let them forge their own knives


If your gift recipients aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, metalwork classes make unique presents for couples. Led by experienced metalsmiths, these classes take you behind the scenes of blacksmithing studios and show you how to navigate your way around a forge, anvil, hammer, tongs and fire poker. Trust us, sparks will be flying!

As you hammer and forge, you can reconnect and help each other during the process. Learning a new skill together is beneficial in relationships because it helps you connect with your partner deeply. Who knows, a metalwork class could be your next date night! 

Are you searching for something with a bit of an adventurous edge? How about gifting a knife-making workshop? These workshops offer a fun and slightly cheeky twist if you're in need of gift ideas for couples who have everything. Plus, you'll get the unique opportunity to learn how to forge your very own blade using high-carbon steel. The best part? The couple will be able to take home their very own hand-forged knives, making this experience so much more meaningful than simply purchasing a pre-made knife. Check out this link Knife making workshops to find out more details and start them on an exciting knife-making journey!

Become each other’s personal barista 

Coffee making

Are you on the hunt for special wedding presents for couples they'll be able to enjoy together? How about gifting them a delightful coffee class where they can learn the art of brewing the perfect cappuccino? Australia is filled with top baristas passionate about sharing their skills with coffee lovers across the country.

Of course, as the country’s coffee mecca, Melbourne offers some of the best barista courses. From latte art classes that teach you how to transform coffees into sippable masterpieces, to hands-on barista workshops that cover everything you need to know about operating state-of-the-art espresso machines, there’s something to suit everyone. If you think your recipients would prefer to drink coffee rather than make it, a coffee lovers walking tour is one of the most fun things to do in Melbourne.  

Learn how to cook together

What’s one thing you can never have too much of? Delicious food of course. Learning how to cook together is a fantastic chance for couples to bond and reconnect. Wondering whether to opt for a pasta making masterclass, a Chinese dumpling extravaganza or a tantalising Thai feast? If you’re having trouble deciding, think about a country your recipients have always wanted to visit together and choose a cooking class to match. If you’re on the hunt for meaningful wedding presents for couples, why not choose a cooking class inspired by their honeymoon destination? 

There’s no need for any previous experience, making our cooking classes great anniversary gifts for couples who want to get off Uber Eats and start making the most of their own kitchen. Armed with the skills to recreate recipes at home, couples can continue to enjoy the class long after they step out the kitchen. As the gift giver, cooking classes are also the perfect excuse to fish for a dinner invitation. 

Discover the beautiful art of Kintsugi 


Looking for foolproof presents for couples who have everything? It’s very possible your loved-up couple has never even heard of Kintsugi, let alone learned how to master it. The ancient Japanese art is incredibly therapeutic and is all about learning to embrace imperfection - a philosophy that every couple should adopt. Guided by experienced artisans, Kintsugi classes teach you how to transform broken ceramics into beautiful works of art using lacquer, fine gold powder and a healthy dose of creativity. 

The upcycling nature of Kintsugi classes also make them great gifts for eco-conscious couples trying to minimise their waste. This Japanese craft is making waves across Australia, with classes now one of the top fun things to do in Brisbane for couples. Students will leave with their very own Kintsugi art to take home and treasure for years to come. The use of gold powder really makes Kintsugi ceramics sparkle and makes these classes great Christmas presents for couples as well. 

Encourage mindfulness with these personalised gifts for couples

Gift a moment to pause, unwind, and enjoy each other's company. These amazing experiences are carefully crafted to help couples both relax and rejuvenate. They offer the chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply spend some quality time with your partner. Experiences are the perfect gift ideas for couples who have everything because they'll be able to step outside of their everyday routines and have some fun together.

Learning to master a new skill can also be amazingly therapeutic, making these gifts for couples a thoughtful way to support mental health. From gold-dusted Kintsugi workshops to high-energy cooking classes, experience gifts demand newbie makers to focus exclusively on the task at hand. No matter what’s going on in the outside world, they give participants permission to step back and find a moment of Zen. 

Ready to wrap up a personalised present for a couple who has everything? Browse our website for thousands of classes across Australia.

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