Philosophy in the Park

Philosophy in the Park

Learn about the philosophy of knowledge in just 30 mins

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Iain Wang
Iain Wang

Have been teaching for 10+ years and still loving it!




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Take a relaxing stroll through Hyde Park and stretch your mind.

In just half an hour you’ll realise that the definition of knowledge is pretty tricky, and in fact, you might decide that you don't actually ‘know’ anything at all!

In this class I'll lead a fun discussion on what constitutes knowledge - how can we truly know something?
- Do you know something just because you believe in it?
- Is belief a sufficient condition for knowledge?
- Is belief a necessary condition for knowledge?
- What other conditions do we need for knowledge?

What will we cover?

- Introduction to the field of philosophy, and how philosophers build and defeat arguments
- Some initial ideas from how prominent philosophers have tried to define knowledge
- You get to challenge these philosophers (with my help), and maybe create your own definition!

What will you walk away with?

- You'll build your skills with logic and reasoning (which can help you whether you're building or critiquing an argument at work, or whether you're finding holes in your spouse's excuse for not doing the house chores)
- You’ll have a great topic of conversation for your next water-cooler chat / date / catch-up

You’ll notice that the total class price is the same, whether you attend by yourself or with 1 or 2 friends, so come as a group and at $10 per head, meaningful live fun doesn’t get any cheaper!

If the weather is bad or if you hate trees, we can go to a nearby cafe instead. Let's philosophise!

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None. Just bring your enthusiasm!

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This workshop is a great rainy day activity.


Hyde Park, Sydney, NSW

The teacher can also travel within 2km of Sydney for private classes


Iain Wang
Iain Wang

Have been teaching for 10+ years and still loving it!

Hi there!

I have a wide range of interests, from philosophy (I studied it at Sydney University) to origami (a self-taught enthusiast).

Stretch your imagination and/or your fingers with me, over a lunchtime in the city. It will be one of your more memorable lunch breaks, I promise you that :)

As the Head of Strategy at THE ICONIC, I know working life can get a bit hectic - that’s why it’s important to take a break every now and then, temporarily focus on something completely different, recharge and consider new perspectives.

I look forward to meeting you at one of my future classes!

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Philosophy in the Park review by Alexi Review by (attended on 5 Feb 2018)

Interesting and thought provoking. Thank you Iain


For this class

Review by (attended on 24 Oct 2017)

Really thought-provoking and interesting, I would highly recommend it. Iain got through a lot in just 30 minutes, and my colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

2018-03-02T12:10">Fri 2 Mar 2018