Screen Printing Workshop

3 hours Class size 1 to 15

label $66 - $90 or 4 payments of $16.50 - $22.50 Afterpay
($90 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $77 for 2+ guests, $66 for 10+ guests)

Your teacher, Carizza Teague is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

See additional precautions taken by your teacher   

Disinfect materials and workshop space surfaces, provide gloves and disinfectant.
Students are welcome to bring their own masks if they desire

Learn how to screen-print your own designs (or a studio design) from exposing screens with photo emulsion and a light box to printing then stripping the screens. Screen printing allows you to replicate a visual design across surfaces (e.g. fabric). Plenty of room for experimentation. If you'd like to print your own design please read the "What students should bring" section of this page.

Each participant shall receive an item to print; e.g. a t-shirt, tea towel or tote bag. There will be swatch fabrics and textured papers to develop your skills on too. You're welcome to bring extra items to print. Please make sure they are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen etc...

This class is ideal for those seeking a new skill or refreshing old skills, making handmade gifts, starting your own business, making your own band merchandise and for those just interested in a new creative activity. This screen printing course also makes a great gift for those who love arts and crafts.

Groups and individuals are both welcome.

Duration shall vary from 2-4hrs depending on the number of participants. The best way to book is to join an existing session (if any), or else use the "Request" button on this page - you'll get a response quickly.

Location and covid 19 measures:
We are located within a very large art studio. Our workshop space is approximately 60 square metres and well ventilated with access to disinfectant wipes and hand sanitisers. Please adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rules.


There's also an opportunity to join The Printroom and have access to using the facility for future printing.

Please let me know in advance if you would like to purchase your screen with your design on it. This would cost an additional $40.
Secondhand approx A2 size aluminium frames are available too for $55.

Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

Knowledge Required
No knowledge required. First timers welcome.
What you'll get
Each participant shall receive an item to print; e.g. a t-shirt, tea towel or tote bag. There will be swatch fabrics and textured papers to develop your skills on too. You're welcome to bring extra items to print. Please make sure they are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen etc...
What to bring
All materials will be provided.
Please wear clothes that can get messy or bring an apron along and let the creativity begin !!
If you would like to print your own design please bring it printed out in solid black (no grey tone) on white A4-A3 size thin 80gsm photocopy paper otherwise we will use a studio design.

The Printroom @ Monster Mouse Studios - 9 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW

Your teacher
Carizza  Teague
Carizza Teague
(Carizza Designs)

9 years experience in screen printing

4.9 (150)

I’ve been facilitating open to the public DIY screen-printing studios in Sydney for the past 10 years across a few independent creative spaces such as Anyplace studios in Rozelle, Blackwire records in Annandale and currently run The Printroom out of Monster Mouse Studios in the industrial landscape of Marrickville.

I studied textile design at the Eastern Sydney Institute of Technology and instead of being disheartened by the move of hand printing to digital forms and sitting behind a computer all day, I decided to start my own studio. This could not have been achieved without the support and head start afforded to me by Anyplace projects - a group of folks who reclaimed unused buildings and transformed them into creative community driven spaces.

I spend most of my time teaching people how to screen print, Shibori dye fabrics and other surface design techniques. I print a lot of band merch for friends and friends I haven’t met, and help run Monster Mouse Studios as well as work on my own artistic practice.

Verified reviews

Yuliia Mishcehnko • Oct 2020

Really good class!
I wanted to understand the technical process of screen printing. And got answers to all my questions. Carizza is a professional of what she is doing and is a great teacher.

Susan Vardy • Oct 2020

My husband and I loved this class. The teacher was very knowledge and helpful. We had a really fun time. Would definitely recommend.

Screen Printing Workshop review by Susan Vardy Sydney

George Spanik • Oct 2020

Very well spent Sunday morning. Carizza is a great teacher, approachable and helpful. Everything necessary was provided and I end up with my own screen printed t-shirt. Love the class!

Anika Rafa • Oct 2020

Carizza was great! I enjoyed the workshop. All the materials were great too. And the whole process described nicely

Adi Rony • Sep 2020

Carizza is an awesome teacher. Friendly and ensures you gain a true understanding of the art form.

Easy to find, ample parking and everything on site for you learn or enhance on your screen printing skills.

Yanzhu Qian • Sep 2020

The teacher is amazing and helpful.
Good studio fully equipment.
You don’t need to bring anything except when you have to do your own design.
It’s a good place to go with friends and make a gift for each other.

See 113 more reviews   

Sarah Mercer • Sep 2020

Excellent teacher and lots of fun. Looking forward to doing the advanced class soon. Thank you Carizza!

Hayley Gunsberger • Aug 2020

Teacher was super friendly and very knowledgeable about screen printing. Great, creative space! Final product was great.

Screen Printing Workshop review by Hayley Gunsberger

Debbie Tsang • Aug 2020

Carizza is an amazing teacher and really knows her craft. Broke down the screen printing process step by step with demos and hands on work. Studio is well set up. Co-vid measures were in place with masks and sanitiser and separate work stations. If you have every wanted to learn screen printing - this is the class for you.

Screen Printing Workshop review by Debbie Tsang

Jamie Harbison • Aug 2020

Really enjoyed the session. Carizza was very knowledgeable, and shared lots of great tips, and a good look at the end-to-end printing experience

Wakarladesignsgmailcom • Aug 2020

Teacher explained everything in clear concise form. Hands on part of the course was easy to do.
I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn screenprint

Martha Ganilau • Aug 2020

Carizza was very relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Large studio with all equipment provided.

Textiles workshop review by Martha Ganilau

Kathryn • Jul 2020

The class was excellent. Carizza was so knowledgeable and could answer every question. I learnt so much and have been inspired! I highly recommend this class to anyone looking at an intro to screen printing. Excellent materials provided too

Blythe Ashton • Jul 2020

Carizza was such a great teacher! Very in-depth with her knowledge and we learned SO much. - My friend and I got so into the class we ended up signing up for the membership program. We also loved that we were able to purchase screens through Carizza too.
The venue was also very sanitary and Covid safe.

This class is SO worth it. If you're interested in screen printing, I HIGHLY recommend attending Xx

Juliet Davis • Jun 2020

Carizza was very warm and engaging with all participants right from the start. Her knowledge of screen printing was amazing and she had no trouble answering questions. She had a good sense of humour too.
As I didn’t know anything about screen printing I was a little lost with the beginning process but it all came together during the class.
The materials provided were great and I thought the take home items were usable not wasteful.
The venue was good, parking was easy, although I found it very cold in the warehouse. Maybe in the class notes they could add wear warm clothes (I did but it was still cold)!
All up a fantastic class given by a very talented teacher.

Barney Potts • Jun 2020

Carizza was fabulous. Very knowledgeable and covered every aspect of light based emulsion silk screening. Friendly. Approachable. Generous.

Meegan Conwell • Jun 2020

Amazing! Loved learning more about the technical side from a pro! Thanks so much for an awesome morning!

Sally Kerfoot • Jun 2020

Teacher was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and helpful. She was friendly and ran the class seamlessly and to time, and allowed all to take their time and test/ experiment.
Would definitely recommend!
Materials provided were also fantastic.

Steve Ward • Jun 2020

Great course, learnt heaps. Teacher was awesome, super approachable and full of ideas. Would recommend

Ade Lim • Jun 2020

Looking forward for other class with her she is very informative and answer most of the questions. Very recommended for anyone want to learn about screen printing.

Felicity Wade • Jun 2020

A great class, warm and informative, great creative space and great to have a product at the end.

Christopher Newman • May 2020

Great and really helpful and not too many people, perfect Good fun and worth it

Matt Robinson • May 2020

Carizza and the studio space were great, really good to go through the whole process and come away with the beginnings of a new skill. Very informative, hands on learning, would highly recommend.

Screen Printing Workshop review by Matt Robinson

Emily Gregory • Dec 2019

Gift for my husband and he loved it. The teacher was excellent and learnt lots.

Jennifer Brown • Mar 2020

Carizza knows her stuff and teaches in a very easy and personable way. Great value for money, especially if you have a design you are wanting to print several of, as there is the option to buy your own screen to put your design on. You will leave with a head full of ideas for your own things and the confidence to make it happen!

Screen Printing Workshop review by Jennifer Brown

Shan Handran-Smith • Mar 2020

Carizza is a great teacher and the workshop showed us every step in the process of screen printing. I really enjoyed this workshop!

Roslyn Langley • Mar 2020

Very enjoyable class and experience. Learnt about the screen printing process and had fun on our projects.

Tosca Lloyd • Mar 2020

Fantastic workshop. Well structured so we got all the practical guidance on screenprinting, as well as got to actually do it. Carizza was super available to answer any and all questions. I was very happy with the final product I made - a teatowel. Highly recommend!

Textiles workshop review by Tosca Lloyd Sydney

Janjaras Nagavajara • Mar 2020

Carizza is AWESOME! she made the screen printing class so much fun and easy to follow.

Textiles workshop review by Janjaras Nagavajara Sydney

Jules Lawson • Mar 2020

Good fun class. Teacher made everyone feel included in the whole process of print making by giving hands on experiences of all processes. Great value for money. Would love to do it all over again

Toby Burrows • Feb 2020

Carizza was a fantastic teacher. Really personable and knowledgable in her craft! Very enjoyable and well-presented beginners class.

Vivianne Hussney • Feb 2020

We learnt about the process of screen printing, both the preparation and actually printing, and we were given a range of different things to print on (which we got to keep). Awesome course! Worth the money spent 100%. Amazing lecturer as well, super chill and friendly. Thanks for the awesome time!

Asher Taylor • Feb 2020

‘Twas Excellent fun, with a teacher who is very helpful, succinct, accommodating and kind. Gave an excellent understanding of the process without being overwhelming. The course gave us eager foresight for where Screen Printing can go, and still kept our bellies full, letting us be instantly involved.

Leanne • Oct 2018

Had an excellent time at this class. We really enjoyed the funky venue and learnt a lot about screen printing

Jodie Clough • Feb 2020

Great class and very enjoyable.

Carizza was wonderful and very informative, we enjoyed it very much.

It was an extremely hot day, 35 degrees so the warehouse was extremely hot. Carizza made sure we had refreshments and the fans were on.

Definitely recommend and great value for money.

Kristie Kha • Feb 2020

Lesson was great! Teacher was very helpful, went over everything at a good pace and happy to answer any questions. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in screen printing.

Tho Hoang • Feb 2020

The class was great and Carizza is amazing, friendly, funny and so assisting and patient!

Textiles workshop review by Tho Hoang

Carmen Daher • Feb 2020

Carries was fantastic, very knowledgeable and friendly.
Loved the class I was happy with my printed items

Textiles workshop review by Carmen Daher

Karina Parker • Oct 2019

Carizza was so helpful. The class was simple to follow and lots of fun. The venue had plenty of space for us all to do our screenprinting. I brought along my own design, which I was successfully able to print onto a t-shirt. I feel very accomplished when I wear my own screenprinted t-shirt. I would definitely recommend this class.

Screen Printing Workshop review by Karina Parker

Kerrie McSorley • Sep 2019

This was a Very good small introductory class. The teacher was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Barry Costello • Dec 2019

The initial impressions as I waited outside were, I have paid $90 for this.
Carizza was an excellent instruction who knew her subject very well. She explained things very well, was keen for us to ask questions and went over anything we were unsure about. Carizza systematically gave everyone an opportunity to do what she had just explained. I would come back to classes that she was running and I would highly recommend anyone interested in Screen Printing to do her classes.


Sarah Curran • Dec 2019

Very nice environment, Teacher was nice & good at explaining things and made sure to answer any questions we had.

John Paine • Nov 2019

The course gave me everything I needed to know in regard to preparing and making screen printed products. The teacher was helpful and could answer all my questions.

Lea Dawson • Oct 2019

Venue and teacher excellent. Great way to spend a Sun morning. Love the activity and space.

Rebecca Mealey • Oct 2019

Carizza was a great teacher. Very patient. The screen printing session was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Louise Bezzina • Oct 2019

So much fun and great practical instruction. Carizza is a very good, lovely teacher. Highly recommended!

Eirena • Oct 2019

This screen printing workshop was a fantastic way to learn the craft. Carizza was a great teacher and super helpful to make sure you fully understand the process. Was the perfect class to do with friends or even solo, and conveniently located. Thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks!

Screen Printing Workshop review by Eirena

Rosemary Carroll • Oct 2019

Informative hands on class . Good for beginners. A good taster for screen printing in general. Carriza was really helpful with inquiries regarding specific projects. I went home happy with some successful prints and some new knowledge. Thanks

Alexandra Muir • Oct 2019

Carizza's screenprinting class was amazing! This workshop makes a good birthday present for a group of friends we had so much fun. Carizza is a great teacher and took us through the whole process step-by-step, giving us an in-depth lesson in the complexities of screenprinting. I brought my own drawing to use, and it was so worth it seeing my own design come to life on a tshirt!

I would highly recommend this workshop!

Screen Printing Workshop review by Alexandra Muir

Shaun Garner • Oct 2019

Enjoyed the class so much. Carizza is great and everything was explained so well. Super happy with how the design I printed turned out

Emily Murray • Sep 2019

Carizza is such a fantastic teacher, so encouraging and beyond helpful to all students during the day. A great class with an insight into the process of screen printing. I really liked the prints I took away for the day.

Luzia Lins • Sep 2019

it was interesting and hands on.
loved the explanations and wish we had more time to do other/more motives.

Patricia Morrow • Sep 2019

Carizza has a wealth of knowledge and great little tips. She is very friendly, helpful and accommodating. The class size of 4 was perfect. The venue worked. It would be helpful to have a sheet with screenprinting stockist supplies. The time frame was great.

Vanessa Opazo • Sep 2019

I absolutely recommend attending to Carizza’s workshop.
She was really lovely and broke down every single step of the process to help us understand and create our own work.
She is definitely very experienced and made it feel really easy.
The group size (4 people) was ideal, because we all had a chance to work in our designs with her.
She provided us with different materials to test different outcomes, and had a vast range of colours and tools to work with.
I would definitely recommend this class, especially for designers wanting to craft their own products.
Thank you very much

Berni Allan • Aug 2019

What a great course! Thank you so much for giving us an insight into the wonders of screen printing. It went way too fast but I love my creations.

Victoria Roberts • Jul 2019

Interesting and fun screen printing class. Great to learn all the steps involved in the process of printing and to be able to print our own designs.

Thanks Carizza

Pauline Lineham • Jul 2019

A wonderful hands on experience. Carizza had everything we needed. She even had a screen prepared for us with a design that was emailed prior to class. The process of making the screen was explained and demonstrated and the actual printing was demonstrated step by step. We had every opportunity to use different materials for the printing and a tote bag as well. Carizza was there whenever you needed assistance or advice. The venue was well setup but parking could be a problem as it is in a lane way with lots of driveways. Thanks Carizza for a great session. Our group would glady recommend the workshop. Yes great value.

Merryn Bourne • Jul 2019

Hello, our teacher Carizza was great, very passionate about her craft. The studio set up is perfect for the workshop. She patiently explained the steps clearly with tips, and best practise for screen printing.

Nicola Leon • Jun 2019

Carizza was really great in accommodating our large group of 13. She was really clear in explaining the process to us and offered us lots of help throughout the workshop.

We learnt the process of emulsion screen printing from start to finish. We were able to submit custom designs in advance, and print with on the day. We had the choice of t-shirt, tote bag or tea towel to print on which was great. Everyone got something they wanted. You could even bring some extra items to print onto if you wanted.

The shared artist space was a little hard to find & a little cold (it is mid June) but was interestingly creative. Location is easily accessible by Uber or a short walk away from Sydenham train station.

The class was great value for money, and such a fun group activity

Di Ooi • Jun 2019

Really enjoyed and learnt so much. Carizza was so generous with her teaching and beautiful enthusiasm. Instructions were clear. She is a great teacher. Lots of fun with the whole class. Everything turned out wonderful.

Wint Nhein • Jun 2019

Enjoyed my class a lot. The teacher was really helpful, approachable and friendly. Would definitely attend more of her classes in future. I just wish there were more designs to choose from. Felt like most were too simple. Would've also preferred a t-shirt over a totebag

Nick Grayson • Jun 2019

Carizza's class was a great refresher of the basics of screen printing. Covering the whole process top to bottom in a comfertable studio environment.

Myra Bulanadi • Jun 2019

Carizza was a great teacher, very informative and helpful. The venue was really cool - situated in a large artists' studio with a band playing next door (loved the relaxed vibe). All materials were provided - a tote bag + fabric and paper scraps to practice on. Carizza also mentioned how she tries to recycle as much as possible and be enviro friendly. We learned a lot in the 3 hours and it was a very hands on experience. Highly recommend this class!

Jennifer Rudland • Jun 2019

Excellent tutor, easy to follow instructions,great sense of achievement after a few short hours. Great Sunday activity!

Virginia Junquera • May 2019

Carizza was absolutely amazing. She is kind and attentive. We were a large group of people from work looking for a social activity to do team building. We had so much fun. The studio/space was very interesting. Exactly what I was looking for. Totally recommend!

Adam Plimmer • May 2019

Carizza was once again very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Any questions we had she was able to answer with ease and could provide feedback on specific needs of my screen printing practice. The venue of Monster Mouse is a fantastic art making space. I would recommend this morning to anyone who is interested in screen printing.

Scotia Hennessy • May 2019

Carizza was fantastic. Very friendly, inclusive, and encouraging. She helped me a lot. It was fun and very interesting to do. It was a fun group of people in the class. I will probably do it again!

Anastasija Kukic • May 2019

This class was amazing and really well explained. My partner and I really enjoyed it and our teacher was so nice and amazing

Ayshah Alqaisi • May 2019

Great value for money. Excellent teacher, went through all the steps, patient with students, and took the time to individually help everyone out. All materials provided, well equipped space.

Joanne Knowles • Apr 2019

Fabulous screen printing lesson. Clarissa was fantastic in her explanation of the process, and was extremely patient, we really couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.
The venue is an inner city warehouse shared by several artists which added to our artistic experience, a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Easy to find and easy to park close to the venue.
Great value for money, and we have come away feeling confident that we can screen print some of my own designs successfully.
Thank you Carissa, we totally enjoyed our lesson and your encouragement. ❄️

Charlotte Cowie • Mar 2019

We had a lovely time at Carizza's workshop for a hen's party.
Carizza was very welcoming & easy to work with, and the class was good value!

Rehana Badat • Mar 2019

Wonderful session, Carizza was lovely to listen to and showed us how the process worked. She was open to all questions and happy to help out if you're struggling. The small class was really nice and we all got to know each other. I think they only suggestion I would have would be to let people know we can buy screens from the session ahead of time, or bring our own items in to screenprint. I've been recommending this class to everyone.

Thanks Carizza!

Audrey Perl • Mar 2019

Interesting and friendly time.

You will have every explanations given by the teacher (were really clear as english is not my mother tong) and all material is provided

Clark Bosley • Mar 2019

loved the class, relaxed atmosphere, carissa a good communicator, friendly and opened up pathways for further progression. I will be back. Clark

Ash Brooks • Mar 2019

Carriza was so helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process! I genuinely learnt so much and had so much fun. I’d highly recommend jumping on a class if you’re thinking about it!

Hanna Bauer • Mar 2019

Great class, we learned about the whole screenprinting progress hands on. Very nice and knowledgeable teacher. All materials were provided and everybody got to take some nice prints home.

Jen Pratt • Mar 2019

Really great value for money and lots of fun.
Carizza was lovely and very enthusiastic.

Alejandra Salas • Feb 2019

Beautiful class, i really loved the products that we made. wish i could have more time to experiment. Amazing and approachable teacher, she really knows.

Ngaru Brown • Feb 2019

Teacher is awesome and she explained everything how the process works and if you wanted to purchase you’re own product to do your own screen printing at home she provided the information of where students can purchase their items

Josh Lee • Feb 2019

great class, had a lot of fun whilst learning alot at the same time. teacher was great and help was always there when you needed it!

Irene Dawkins • Feb 2019

The screen printing class was very interesting and good. A new skill for me. The teacher Carizza was very helpful and full of energy.

Katty Fisher • Jan 2019

The class was great and I learnt quite a lot from the teacher’s explanations about the various steps of screen printing. The size of the class was small so I managed to get plenty of work done and take home a bunch of finished pieces which I was really happy with. It was a great class for the price and thank you for the great time.

Amanda Gawthorne • Dec 2018

Great teacher, venue and value for money. Although I would have like to see how to set up everything before printing - but I was 30 mins late so may have missed then. It was a fun, relaxed and enjoyable workshop.

Amy Foord • Dec 2018

What an awesome class and you get to take home a tote and T-shirt. Def worth the money and if you want you can bring your own screen prints and they can help add the image to it. Amazing

Joanne Knowles • Dec 2018

Excellent class, I learnt so much about the different techniques associated with screen printing.
Venue was great, materials were excellent and our teacher was excellent at explaining all processes and encouraged us to be hands on in all areas. Thank you Carizza, I very much enjoyed the day.

Rob Spiteri • Nov 2018

Carizza was a great teacher! The class was cool, we all had fun and created some memorable pieces. I’d recommend this class for groups and team building!
Rob Spiteri. UMM

Klara Bartos • Nov 2018

The course was fantastic and Carizza was a wonderful teacher! She took us through the screen printing process step by step and was so patient and supportive! All materials were provided and got to take home a T-shirt, canvas bag and a few extra prints so great value for money. I look forward to doing more screen printing at the studio I future

Daisy Knight • Nov 2018

Carizza is such nice and informative, the lesson takes you through everything you need to know at a easy to follow pace. The course is great value for money, when your done you walk away with your own printed tote bag and tshirt

Meghan Rauch • Nov 2018

Carizza was fantastic, was very patient and informative, I really enjoyed the workshop, we came unprepared but she let us very quickly sketch some designs first and it was really satisfying to walk away with a finished product, she expressed that because of so many variables, the prints may not be completely successful but she did everything she could to make sure it worked. Would highly recommend!

Jessica Gordon • Nov 2018

Carizza is a fantastic teacher, and the class was really worth the money. She explained every step very clearly and was very helpful and patient. The space was perfect for a class and all the materials were provided and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.

Christian Rich • Nov 2018

Carizza did a great job of walking us through the screen printing process. Highly recommended.

Adam Plimmer • Oct 2018

Carizza was a great easy going teacher, and worked well with everyones different tasks. The materials provided gave a good range of textures that could be screen printed on. The more hands on the better and that was a definite with how we interacted with each stage of screen printing.

Sejal Jobanputra • Oct 2018

Very enjoyable and valuable course. We were taken through the whole process, all items were supplied and best of all we got to take our hand made items home. Carizza rocks, she knows her stuff.

Barbara Washbourn • Oct 2018

Carizza was an excellent teacher - giving clear, precise instruction & she was very patient! The process was more complicated than i’d Imagined but I guess efficiency & speed come with practice. The class was thoroughly enjoyable & I came away with a lovely ‘bug’ design printed on a tote bag & 2 T-shirts as presents.

Jason Martin • Oct 2018

Great explanation of the process of screen printing! Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to understand what’s involved

Tomasz Forfa • Oct 2018

I loved the workshop! Carizza was very helpful and inspirational. It was an experience I look forward to having again. Highly recommended!

Mabel Li • Sep 2018

Informative and fun session. Friendly and professional teacher.

Sherin Leung • Sep 2018

Carizza was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and very good at explaining and teaching the process, techniques and equipment required for screen printing. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had!

Darren Chan • Sep 2018

Carizza is a friendly teacher, speaks clearly, gives good instructions and is happy to answer questions. Venue is in a shared artist studio, pretty spacious. Chill environment with relaxing classical music playing in the background. Workshop was heaps of fun!

Caitlin • Sep 2018

Great value for money and learnt new tips and tricks. The teacher was very knowledgeable and experienced and offered great suggestions. Venue was great but actual work space could be better.

Esiteri Kama • Aug 2018

I really had a great time with Carriza who guided me extremely well to every step of screen printing. Worth every cent! The room is spacious and comfortable working with others there. So proud of my work!

Malak Hariri • Aug 2018

It was amazing, we had so much fun and did learn a lot about this unique technique. I highly recommend it :)

Malak Hariri • Aug 2018

It was so much fun, we enjoyed every moment of it. The teacher was very nice and helpful did answer all of our questions.

Helen Fong • Jul 2018

Carizza was absolutely lovely, she had wealth of knowledge with all our questions. Would highly recommend the class to others who want an introduction into screen printing.

Rocio • Jul 2018

The place has character, is very artsy! I enjoyed the class very much. The teacher is lovely! She has a deep knowledge and explains everything well so you can understand. I would just wish it lasted longer :)

Jessica • Jul 2018

Great class and teacher! Loved it highly recommend it.

Stephanie Bird • Jul 2018

Excellent afternoon, learnt heaps and Carizza very knowledgeable in screen printing processes. Answered all our questions and assisted us in making our individual works of art. Would go again.

Danielle Jones • Jul 2018

Had a wonderful time at this lesson, Carizza was passionate about screen printing, super informative and helpful when we had questions. We learnt everything from start to finish about the process. We brought some designs we liked which were fun to experiment with and coming home with a bunch of our own art was great! Highly recommended, would love to do it again.

Justin Shih • Jul 2018

Carizza was a great teacher they were very engaging, courteous and encouraging. The class was very rewarding for its cost and would definitely recommend to others who are interested in an induction into screen printing for the first time.

Leslie Holland • Jun 2018

I had a great time with Carizza today. Totally informative, knowledgeable, patient, clear, and fun. It was fun learning the process from start to finish and got some awesome products to take home today.

Anita Chea • Jun 2018

Highly recommend this class for any looking to do screenprinting. The teacher was amazing and very accommodating to us as I booked this for a hens. Everything was supplied. We had a lovely day.

Lisa Waldock • May 2018

Fantastic day my daughter and I were so impressed would do it again in a heart beat

Olivia Tseu-Tjoa • May 2018

I’ve always had an interest in screen printing and this workshop is a great introduction to the process. I got the chance to print my own designs on a range of different materials. Carizza was super friendly and helpful. An all-around awesome class!

Vicky • May 2018

The class was very informative and practical.

Natascha Doran • Apr 2018

Carizza was a great teacher, explaining all the steps in the process and was great with the kids. It was just myself, my 9 year old daughterand her friend so we got lots of time printing with the screen.
We got to experiment with different materials and different colours which was fun.
We all walked out with a printed t shirt, tote bag and other random printed materials.
I was impressed with how Carizza re-used and recycled everything to minimise waste. The girls were engaged throughout the 3 hours and had a great time. We all agree we'd do it again for sure

Hedi Lampert • Apr 2018

Wonderful teacher. Great class. Excellent way to spend a few hours. Good value and we are delighted with our unique t-shirts. Love Carizza. All the best to her. Hedi and Erin.

Lisa • Mar 2018

Carizza was amazing! Very thorough class where you will learn everything you need to know about screen printing. Will def recommend to everyone!

Tarja • Jan 2018

Lovely one on one experience learning how to screen print. Great price for the experience, I am keen to continue learning the skills. Carizza certainly know her craft and was a pleasure to work with.

I made a teatowel and with my practise scraps I made this beautiful lamp shade when I got home. Thanks Carizza
Hi. Just wondering if your screen printing class would be suitable for a 6 and 8 year old? Thanks

Yes this class can be prepared for a 6 and 8 year old. It is better to do a private session if there are younger participants - just Request a time.

I just wanted to ask if printing on a Tshirt was an option and if so then should we bring our own?

Yes this class can be prepared for a 6 and 8 year old. It is better to do a private session if there are younger participants - just Request a time.

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