Jean's reviews

Feb 2021

Make Your Own Beeswax Wraps

Pamela delivered another fabulous workshop which was very easy to understand & to follow thru to a successful outcome. She inspired me & entertained me once again. I look forward to more workshops. And the kit arrived extremely quickly. And I have leftover was etc to make more wraps. I also now know how to use & care for them.

Textiles workshop review by Jean Parlett

Aug 2021

Jewellery Making class

Brittany is a lovely, talented artist and teacher. I was lucky to do the class one on one. I found the session both meditative and energising. I look forward to finishing my first carving and doing more. The zoom setup was the best I have experienced. I could clearly see her, watch her carving & chat to her without losing access to see how to do the carving. I loved this workshop.

Soapstone Jewellery Craft Kit review by Jean Parlett Sydney

Aug 2021

Make a Mini Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Unfortunately my kit was different to the other class member’s kits however the teacher did provide some tips on mixing colours. The other class members made one mini succulent during the class & we were shown examples of other succulent leaf styles. The teacher did send me more colours after the class & the class recording so I was able to make my first mini succulent after the class.

Make a Mini Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay review by Jean Parlett Sydney

Aug 2021

Make a Human Torso with Clay at Home

I was lucky to have my class one on one. The teacher is very easy to follow and gave me great advice as I went along. I have never done clay sculpting before, let alone studied anatomy and was pleased with the outcome. I am confident to put the finishing touches to the torso on my own.

Pottery workshop review by Jean Parlett

Dec 2021

Silver Jewellery Making Class: Earrings

Fran is very talented and a great teacher. I finally did a jewellery class where I finished a fab and wearable pair of earrings I am proud of. Frans venue was properly organised with we had access to everything we needed. Fran was friendly and easy to understand. The class was well paced and held at a great venue. Everything I needed was provided and more.

Jewellery Making workshop review by Jean Parlett
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