Fiona's reviews

Jul 2021

Mindful Art Kintsugi at Home

Thanks Yoko for a great class . U were very informative patient and understanding with me . U made sure each step was done thoroughly and properly before proceeding to next step I had done correct . Great class learning something new I enjoyed immensely .Great work Yoko . Thinking of getting for mum to do at some stage as gift .
I had some difficulty wih a couple steps but Yoko was extremely patient explaining the history behind do this art form and teaching how to do this on a one to one class with me as took some time to do but well worth it as my hand and back were getting sore but finished a great plate .
Thanks & very appreciated so much as I know I will teach my daughter and continue to do this to repair treasured items chipped or broken get fixed permanently with a brilliant gold decorative join .
I am really happy with my plate I did and can't wait five days to clean residue and let it cure properly .
Thanks Yoko /Bento's girls so much.

Mindful Art Kintsugi at Home review by Fiona Shaw

Sep 2021

DIY Candle and Soap Making for Beginners

Shirlee was great and explained everything used and why certain wicks / wax / fragrances/ moulds etc used. I totally enjoyed this class .
Shirlee explained each total process went through with us and was extremely patient with me . One wax cooled when I turned off at commencement class and we moved to next one then went back to it when I was able too.
Had trouble wax leaking in mould and Shirlee guided me through what to do as was mess. Had couple problems with my hands again but worked my way through .
I didn't do the bath extra for $20 as hadn't seen it when booked but watched and listened what to do when she was teaching may to do it .
Recommend anyone to do as great for presents for Xmas .
Thanks again and thoroughly enjoyed this class .
My soap I love and candles also .
Thanks for a fun class Shirlee .

DIY Candle and Soap Making for Beginners review by Fiona Shaw

Oct 2021

Make a Dried Flower Gift Bouquet at Home

It's always a pleasure doing Nikki's classes .
She is great and do relaxing as love doing dried flower classes with her .
Recommend to anyone to do as Nikki always sends colour scheme I love and all blend together .
Looks great big bouquet flowers and mini ones but as usual I struggle do had my worker assist me .
Thanks heaps Nikki and really pleased with my flowers in vase and wrapped in gift wrap and ribbon . My worker liked doing hers also .
Thanks Nikki can't until do another class with her again as she is really patient and allows for my inabilities so explained toy worker Nina how to hold and assist .
Great fun thanks Nikki .

Floristry workshop review by Fiona Shaw

Nov 2021

Make Clay Planters

Had great fun doing this class . Everyone nice and learnt 2 different techniques to do .
Teacher very patient kept checking everyone at stages allowing us to have a break etc if wanted . Explained to us the different plants used in our planters how to care for them and watering etc . Also some great tips and ideas for other things to do with polymers clay . I had taken little longer softening kneading polymers clay with hands but was pretty pleased turned out fantastic. Also told how to make earrings jewellery etc and baking times and explained process how polymers should be after baking . I have made coasters as well as had plenty left over to do other things . Thankyou everyone I felt welcome even though not experienced with camera as such turning on so most of class I watched them doing theirs comparing mine trying to make same .
Cannot praise teacher enough as I was one hour early for class and didn't rush through cos difference in time zones lol. . Learnt about Sydney from other people in class which was quite fascinating also as I never been there.
Thanks for fantastic class

Pottery workshop review by Fiona Shaw

Nov 2021

Make Botanical Skincare Products at Home

Really enjoyed this class . Michelle was great and said if my kit doesn't arrive would reschedule but it finally arrived 10/15 minutes into class .
One amazing inspiration person . So kind patient and very professional in explaining each step throughout as couple of us weren't at same stages .Michelle explained benefits natural products how they work on our skin that cheap and cost effective to make and also give as lovely gifts to people .
She truly inspired me as well with health issues had to change direction of caterer and how she loves to use natural products .
Michelle extremely helpful stayed behind with me to ensure I finish class and had done properly before leaving . Thankyou so much Michelle I will definitely do more of your classes .
Look forward to them and so relaxing once got over stress of class with no kit whilst others were doing made me very welcome cos I was Just to leave class cos didn't haven't kit . Michelle said it had happened before saying hopeful and checked tracking to say was coming as I didn't have number but assured me regardless I get to do class . Thankyou so much and products smell amazing and so nourishing and light on ur skin . Had excess in serum so put back into clear bottle .
So easy to do most of it just patience and a lot of stirring to mix oil and water together .

Thanks heaps so much Michelle . Look forward to next class with you .

Make Botanical Skincare Products at Home review by Fiona Shaw Sydney

Nov 2021

DIY Flower Candle Ring Craft Box / Kit

Thanks Nikki once again . Always love my boxes U send and my colours I love putting so much thought into and so generous in ur boxes sent out . U r a understanding patient and extremely informative knowledge and great teacher .
Lovey flower ring for table turned out fantastic . The angel in middle represents my grandchildren so dearly loved . U I appreciate so much as I do struggle but never give up on me always checking allowing extra time and so helpful .
Thanks as I would recommend to anyone wanting to do any flower project with your comprehensive skills patience and knowledge always never a hassle for U to assist me . Booking new class this week with you . Thanks U are a gifted teacher with great qualities customer service and skill .

DIY Flower Candle Ring Craft Box / Kit review by Fiona Shaw Sydney

Dec 2021

Make a Dried Flower Hanging Wall Installation

Michelle was great . Was late with delivery but come 15 mins in class . Michelle helped me do and was extremely patient and understanding helpinge after class had finished . Very informative knows her products and classes makes easy allowing us all to do and ensuring we had texture right before going on to next thing explaining every step first to us .
Great products made economical cost and fantastic on skin .
She is a fantastic inspiration to anyone who becomes sick and has limits that they can achieve to teach and do a job from home regardless of their disabilities . Thanks Michelle so much looking forward to our next class bathbombs .

Make a Dried Flower Hanging Wall Installation review by Fiona Shaw Sydney

Jan 2022

Candle Making class

I always love Shiree classes . Doing such variety of things in one class . Shiree is fantastic understanding and so helpful to me . I highly recommend anyone to do get classes .
Such a talented teacher whom can't help her students enough . Thanks for as present also shiree much appreciated Fiona

DIY Christmas Candle Making and More review by Fiona Shaw Sydney

Jan 2022

Learn Resin Art Casting at Home

This class was something new to me and never done this type of resin casting before . Was fun to do and did two coats as told to so took some time to complete and finish .
I now got heat gun to do more like this for Xmas so will continue to make new things as well with this technique . Quite happy with my first attempt at this and quite effective way it's done . Thanks so much Fiona

Fluid Art workshop review by Fiona Shaw

Jan 2022

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates

Loved doing this as was new to me .
Teacher great and one to one class . Struggled with clay a bit rolling out thin and ring for bowl with my hands like usual . Run out time to do coasters unfortunate . Thanks had enjoyable time and proud of my bowl still waiting to dry to put glaze on it for my first effort . Can't wait until drys so can put colour on it see pattern effect better . Thanks so much Fiona
Thanks so much Fiona

DIY Clay Hand Built Bowls and Plates review by Fiona Shaw Sydney

Feb 2022

DIY Acrylic Art Serving Board Craft Box / Kit

Loved this class . Turned out quite effective and coated in lawyer to protect also . So impressed with the serving board .
Want to do again with something different this time . Thanks loved it thoroughly .

Fluid Art workshop review by Fiona Shaw
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