Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - Be Alternative

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - Be Alternative


Guys think that they have it hard on Valentine’s Day, but they have no idea how tricky this holiday can be for the girlfriends and wives out there. Do you go with the boring and safe gift like cuff links or new clothes?  And why is that every time that you ask him what he actually wants, you just get a shrug?

There has to be something out there that you both can enjoy on this upcoming celebration of love. Well, stop stressing. You can completely surprise him this Valentine’s Day by signing him up for a ClassBento workshop. There are so many options that your guy is going to love, and all you have to do is find the right one.

Whether your boyfriend or your husband is the artsy, foodie, outdoorsy, or mechanical type, there’s something out there for him. Here’s a list of top 5 ClassBento workshops that will make excellent gifts this Valentine’s Day. And if he's extremely difficult to buy for why not take the easy route with an experience gift for him.

1.      Terrariums for two

If your boyfirend or husband has a green thumb but no time for the garden, or no garden to spend time in, then this is the perfect gift for you both to enjoy together. Spend time creating a little garden in a bowl together with one of ClassBento's most highly rated classes based in Redfern at a wonderful florist's called Merchant & Green.

2.     Design Your Own T-shirt

If there’s one thing guys love, it’s a great graphic tee. And instead of buying him a generic one, why not give him the gift of creating his own? This two and a half hour course will cover everything from brainstorming ideas, to design, to actually printing the image on a t-shirt. And there’s no pressure to be a talented artist - the instructor has a whole binder of inspiration to pull from.

At the end of the class, you’ll both have a wearable memory of the best Valentine’s Day ever. Maybe they will even be matching!

Bonus! Afternoon classes are pet-friendly, so you can invite the pup too!

3.     Handplane Shaping for Bodysurfing

Rikki Gilbey is the founder of WAW Handplanes, and this Valentine’s Day, he’s going to teach you and your man how to make your very own handplanes at his studio in Stanmore. The finished products are not only beautiful, but they’ll come in handy on your next trip to the beach. In the all-day workshop, you’ll design your own handplane and learn all the woodworking techniques to make your design come to life. At the end of the day, you’ll go home with a finished handplane fixed with an adjustable and recycled neoprene strap system.

4.     Ikebana Flower Arranging


If your boyfriend or husband is the zen type and has a gentle soul looking for peace then our Ikebana flower arranging workshop will do the trick! Spend time at a wonderful Japanese florist in Glebe and get both your zen back! 

5.     Intro to Motor/Body Restoration

Alright, we may have to warn you about this one. Once you introduce motor and body restoration to your partner, you might trigger a full life-change. After all, this course teaches a huge list of awesome skills such as metal shaping, welding, and hammering, and consists of ten one-hour sessions, or twenty-four one-hour sessions. Everyone is welcome to join this class, from total beginners to the more advanced, so if you’ve got a car enthusiast or a car enthusiast in the making, your guy is going to love it.

Alright, if nothing on the list made you think, wow that’s perfect for him, don’t worry. ClassBento has a ton of other options to choose from this Valentine’s Day. Some of the honorable mentions that we just couldn’t leave out are:

•         The Foundations of Audio Engineering - for the music lover

•         Cocktail Making with Australian Native Plants  - because you’ll both love those homemade cocktails on Valentine’s Day

•         Smartphone Photography - learn how to perfectly capture your next outing together!

No matter what ClassBento workshop you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time with your boyfriend, husband, date, or whoever you’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with. Happy celebrating!

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