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Wesley Taylor Art Studios

Providing social art classes in beautiful South Brisbane

Wesley Taylor Art Studios, painting teacher
4.9 (12)


I'm a Brisbane-based artist, and I've been painting and drawing since my early childhood days. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Queensland Art Gallery, which gave me ample opportunity to pursue my passion and hone my skills.

I'm very much inspired by the beauty and diversity of Australia. Many of my paintings focus on landscapes, surreal, animals and people. North Queensland is a particular favourite, and you'll see the influence of coral seas and mountain landscapes throughout my artwork. I have a post-impressionist style through which I try to capture the wonder of the world around us.

I specialise in pastel on card, and acrylic on canvas, though I'm also experimenting with abstract and air brush.

I've been fortunate enough to display my work in many art exhibitions, and have been the recipient of many prizes and awards.





Laura Oliver

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

We had a group of girls celebrating a Hens weekend. The class is a great idea for a group of friends. You each get a drink on arrival. Wes was an fantastic teacher, very helpful and funny. Would definitely recommend this class, even if you cant paint! Because none of our group were very confident at the start! But they all turnes out amazing!

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday review by Laura Oliver Sydney

Heidi Coleman

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

Teacher was great and it was a very fun night. The only downside was the full room was really hot and being part of the mantra apparently they couldn’t turn down the air con. Apart from that it was a really good class and great fun!

Painting workshop review by Heidi Coleman Sydney

Debbie Tidswell

Brush and Sip Class: Australian Landscapes

Great fun class . Venue was great too
Looking forward to more classes in particular the new idea of different paintings being hung together

Painting workshop review by Debbie Tidswell

Madonna Brady

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

Wesley was so friendly and welcoming, the venue was fantastic very central to Southbank and everything on offer. The class was casual and fun and wesley gave great tips on how to create a lovely art piece. A special Sunday afternoon activity, we painted a palm tree very cool.

Painting workshop review by Madonna Brady Sydney

Patricia Cochrane

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

Lovely atmosphere and easy to follow instructions. Wonderful night and I got to take home a wonderful painting!

Painting workshop review by Patricia Cochrane Sydney

Shenley Chan

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

My friend and I really enjoyed the Paint and Sip class.
The theme was painting a sea turtle in the ocean.
The teacher was very approachable and supportive.
We had enough materials to paint a beautiful picture.
The class was held in Mantra hotel. The environment had a nice ambience to paint in.
The class was worth going to and it was a nice night out for a calming art therapy session.
I would be interested to return and would recommend this class to anyone who would like to do an activity during the night.

Painting workshop review by Shenley Chan

Ilana Rosalky

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

Our team booked a paint and sip class with Wesley for our end of year party and had such a great time. Wesley was very funny and a fantastic teacher and, surprisingly, I walked out with a pretty decent painting! We were very happy with the whole experience and I would definitely book Wesley again.

Debbie Riley

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

A relaxing, friendly evening learning the skills of painting. It was incredible value for money with a bonus spectacular view of the city night scape.

Leisha Ward

Photography class

What a fantastic experience. Wes was an excellent guide and teacher. He had a very relaxed style and was easy to understand.
During the class we explored many hidden gems of Southbank, and learnt how to compose them into some terrific pictures.
Would recommend to both locals and visitors.
Thanks for a lovely afternoon

Rusha Joshi

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

It was a fun, relaxed class that I very much enjoyed. All my friends who I invited had a fantastic time.

Jade Chow

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

Jess was really nice and helpful, she assisted us in every way at all time that no one was left out and we all enjoyed. Her instructions were very clear that made every step easy to us. At the end I couldn't believe what I had achieved for an absolute beginner! It's beyond my expectations.

Liz O'Dwyer

Paint & Sip Class Australian Landscapes Friday

Relaxed, fun class. Great teacher. Venue easy to find and get to using public transport. Nice to have a class of wine as we worked.

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