Why Wheel Throwing Is the New Meditation

Why Wheel Throwing Is the New Meditation

Why Wheel Throwing Is the New Meditation

In these fast-paced times, it’s more important than ever to dedicate time each week to finding your flow and creating some calm. That’s where pottery classes in Australia come in! Available across Australia, wheel throwing sessions at your local ceramic studio are the perfect way to reduce stress, have fun and learn how to relax.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried your hand at throwing clay before – these pottery workshops are beginner-friendly and provide a soothing and encouraging space for you to hone your sculpting skills. From the moment you arrive for class, your friendly and experienced teacher will help to put you at ease, guiding you step by step through wheel throwing basics so your confidence slowly but surely grows.

You will soon discover that a beginner pottery class is not only a fun way to channel your creativity. It also offers the perfect opportunity to unplug and recharge your batteries. By the time the class is over, you will find yourself feeling a great deal calmer and, hopefully, inspired!


Reconnect to a gentler pace of living with pottery workshops

These days, we live life at a rapid pace. Everything is fast, from our food to our cars. While speed and convenience have their benefits, it’s also important to take time to slow down and reconnect with a steadier pace of doing things.

That’s why taking a pottery course can be so beneficial. As you’re practising wheel throwing, you’ll have to focus on the clay gently coming to life beneath your fingers. Your breathing and heart rate will quieten, your thoughts will stop racing and you will find your whole body loosening up, as you rediscover how to go with the flow.

Soothing sensory activities such as throwing clay teach us how to reinhabit our bodies and enter a mindful state, which has all kinds of positive advantages for both our mental and physical wellbeing. That’s why taking a ceramics class really is the new form of meditation or yoga, with an artistic twist! Best of all, you’ll get to experience a real sense of pride and achievement as you watch the clay blossoming under your hands and turning into something beautiful and functional that you can take home and use in your daily life.

Pottery classes in Australia


Say goodbye to screens for a couple of hours 

When you sign up for a fun-filled introduction to wheel throwing at your local pottery studio, you are not only giving yourself a chance to learn some amazing new skills – and cultivate some welcome calm – you’re also giving yourself a break from technology. Too much screen time has been shown to have a negative effect on our wellbeing, including making it harder for our brains to switch off at night when we want to go to sleep. By spending some time away from your devices, focusing on something physical and creative, you will give your mind and body a much-needed chance to reconnect.

Pottery classes also provide a unique place to strengthen your bonds with your nearest and dearest, as well as with yourself! Invite a couple of your best mates along to your next workshop, and share plenty of gossip, jokes and giggles over the clay wheel. Or book a couples’ session for you and your significant other. A beginner pottery class makes a great addition to your usual date night ideas, particularly around Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, as you can make each other adorable personalised clay creations – from cute mugs to vibrant planters

Pottery classes in Australia


Sculpt your character along with the clay at your nearest ceramic studio

You may not realise it, but another advantage that wheel throwing can bring to your life is how it can teach you to cultivate positive personality traits, such as increased calm, creativity and patience.

For example, if you’re the kind of person who is easily frustrated, there’s no need for anger management classes – simply put your name down for a ceramics class instead! When you attend a beginner pottery workshop, you have to develop patience with yourself, as you take time to master the new skills – from how to sculpt the clay on the wheel, to how to decorate and shape it. As your patience grows, you will be able to use it in other areas of your life too, developing new strategies to cope with disappointments and frustrations. This newfound patience, nurtured during your sessions of throwing clay, will not only lower your blood pressure but also make you a more easy-going person to be around.

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Here are 7 reasons to sink your hands into a ceramics class.


Embrace a zen attitude during fun-filled pottery classes

Besides being a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating activity, a ceramics class can also help you to improve your mindfulness. As you patiently work with the clay, shaping it into something unique and practical, you will also find yourself entering a soothing meditative state that leaves you feeling utterly relaxed and restored. The benefits of ‘going with the flow’ in this way are numerous and include improved creativity and focus, lower stress levels and heightened positivity. These advantages will enrich all areas of your life.

In fact, they could also enrich other people’s lives too! If you are the head of a hard-working office – whether in Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth – why don’t you sign your team members up for a beginner pottery class?

These workshops provide the perfect setting for team building activities, allowing your co-workers to forget about targets and deadlines, and truly connect with each other – and with their own creativity.

Taking some time to practice wheel throwing will also lift their mood and is sure to provoke plenty of smiles and laughter, as they have fun learning a new skill. These positive feelings will work wonders back at the office, boosting your employee wellbeing, which is sure to have an effect on productivity.

Pottery classes in Australia

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