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A creative small business offering textured art and dried floral workshops in and around Canberra!




Laura Southwick Mar 2024

Jess explained how we go about this activity beautifully.
The session was a great bonding opportunity with my team and was extremely well facilitated.
I learnt to be patient with my poor art skills to arrive to a product that made the remotest sense even to myself.
Thanks and Best Wishes Jess!

Eva Sampson Mar 2024

We had our corporate team event and the workshop was amazing! The team enjoyed the workshop as it provided us the freedom to create our own artworks instead of having the general "paint and sip" method where we have to copy a specific artwork. Jess was a great host and she was always there to help us out if we have any questions. Thanks Jess!

Dany Mildren Feb 2024

Fantastic class! Great teacher and the vibes were so relaxed and welcoming, a lot of colours and tools to choose from.

Catherine Broomfield Feb 2024

Fun time, teacher excellent. Will take another class again. Really like my end canvas. Thankyou.

Judi Bransgrove Feb 2024

Jessica was very informative & helpful. Lots of supplies - would love to do it again
Thanks for a fun evening

Emma Grey Feb 2024

Great class, wonderful venue, friendly and helpful teacher, fantastic vibe and very relaxing and fun. Thank you!

Kelly Sattler Feb 2024

The Textured Art class was fun. The teacher gave the instructions in an easy to follow way & was there to assist if needed. Everything was supplied. It was well worth the money.

Textured Art Workshop at a Mexican Restaurant - Tuggeranong review by Kelly Sattler - Canberra

Gai Atherden Feb 2024

Had a fabulous time. Love learning new mediums to create with. Looking forward to adding more colour once dry.

Lee-Anne Johnson Nov 2023

Jess was awesome, explained tips well and was helpful the whole way throughThere was plenty of tools etc to create our masterpiece Staff at Burrito Bar were great looking after us with food and drinks.

Emily Leong Nov 2023

The workshop was super relaxed and it was great that we had the freedom to do what we wanted with the textured art. Jess was helpful in showing us how to get started and giving tips on how to the different tools. My mum's group had a lovely afternoon of creativity, and some of us even enjoyed a bowl of ramen afterwards at Ramen Daddy nearby. Highly recommend, no painting experience necessary!

Victoria Scott Nov 2023

Amazing vibes and help throughout the class and very easy to follow along :) loved it!

Eden Sparkes-Trapp Nov 2023

This was my second time doing a wild blooms & co textured workshop and it was amazing again! The space it’s held at in Fyshwick is lovely and get two artworks at the end, definitely worth the money.

Chantel Monaghan Nov 2023

What an amazing class and teacher was fantastic. Would recommend and would do it again

Maddison Pointon Nov 2023

Jess was a fantastic teacher for our textured art class. She created a fun environment and was so lovely in the way she stepped us through the process. Everyone went home with art they loved! We couldn’t be happier!

Ej Kim Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jessica was amazing and she was so supportive. I had so much fun at the class. Highly recommend this class :)

Painting class review by Ej Kim - Canberra

Sonja Berghuis Sep 2023

This cast was absolutely fantastic. I much prefer to the regular paint and sip class. The teacher was fantastic, and the setting was beautiful.
My friends and I had a fantastic time. I would highly recommend.

Textured Art Workshop - Fyshwick review by Sonja Berghuis - Canberra

Kristen Barrett Sep 2023

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

This was a great class! What makes it unique compared to other classes, such as painting classes, is you actually create something you're proud to display in your home. The material used is quite 'forgiving' in that it takes a while to dry, so if at first you don't succeed you can easily start over until you get the hand of it, which is great for beginners!

Textured Art Workshop - Fyshwick review by Kristen Barrett - Canberra

Laura Allardyce Aug 2023

We booked in Jess for a corporate group activity and can't recommend her and her services enough!
Jess is energetic, funny and very clever! She has all the gear, we had no idea!
Thank you for a very fun afternoon, Jess!

Brooke Calvert Aug 2023

A great venue to host a wonderful afternoon of textured art. The teacher was well organised and explicit in her instruction. She was helpful and supportive throughout the session too. A great idea and an enjoyable time for creativity! Loved it!

Casey Bredenhann Jul 2023

Such a fun class! Great attentive staff at Burrito Bar. Our instructor was lovely and very helpful, the class was a smooth process for everyone to enjoy, easy instructions and clear communication. Would definitely recommend

Jen Fidan Jul 2023

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

This is a really fun class. Jessica is a great teacher and really encourages the students. It took me out of my comfort zone in a good way and I’ll definitely be doing more pieces.

Painting class review by Jen Fidan - Canberra

Emma Speldewinde Jul 2023

Such a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! The venue was beautiful and the teacher was so helpful and generous with her time.

Emma Field Jul 2023

Jess was so lovely and professional as a teacher. We had a great time making our art, and Jess was helpful and supportive the whole time.

I'd highly recommend her class as a fun, relaxing way to spend 2 hours :)

Rhoda Yeung Jul 2023

Friendly and informative instructor who gave us creative freedom and positive energy to pursue our own masterpieces.

Eden Sparkes-Trapp Jul 2023

The class is great value for money, was shown different techniques at the start and then provided assistance throughout the class. Enjoyed it throughly.

Painting class review by Eden Sparkes-Trapp - Canberra

Kellie Keys Jun 2023

Great experience and Jessica was lovely. Only negative was a small space to work in.

Painting class review by Kellie Keys - Canberra

Mary Kouparitsas Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was great, quite funny actually. Her instructions were clear, easy to follow. She was personable and approachable. We throughly enjoyed it.

Zahara Nilar Jun 2023

Jess was a great teacher, she took the time to explain textured art and the different ways to make art. She was easily approachable with any questions with the pieces we created. It was a cathartic experience in the 2 hours! The class was held in a beautiful space.
Would highly recommend this class for anyone looking to learn something new.

Painting class review by Zahara Nilar - Canberra

Linda Burns Jun 2023

All materials supplied, teacher was great, so accommodating and easy to follow instructions. Really liked the autonomy we had to create and design any art, not just a follow along like other art classes. Small class size so easy to chat with friends and get teachers attention when needed.

Painting class review by Linda Burns - Canberra

Jacinta Spinks Jun 2023

This class was great! Jess delivered a mobile class to a group of 9 of us at home and it was excellent! Lots of fun and you get to make some great artwork. Highly recommend.

Annie Bartone Jun 2023

Great class! This was super fun and loved the flexibility the class allowed.
Fun vibes and the art work will definitely be hanged up on our walls.

Danielle Trotter May 2023

I had a great time at the textured art workshop. I learnt lots of new things, Jessica was so friendly and helpful. I can not wait to attend another workshop

Painting class review by Danielle Trotter - Canberra

Prue McGrath May 2023

Great interactive and knowledgeable teacher, excellent value for money, fun group activity.
Make some great art for your home!

Clair Allen May 2023

Jess was a fantastic host. She was witty, helpful and gave a wonderful demonstration. It was lots of fun! Highly recommend !

Susan Corcoran May 2023

Jess was a fabulous teacher, humorous, supportive and knowledgeable. I loved the workshop, she was prepared and had everything we could have needed. I am excited to hang my pieces in my home. Thank you Jess!

Stacey Barker May 2023

The whole thing was great!
Great value for money and Jess is a fantastic teacher.

Meg McIntosh May 2023

Jess was amazing and it was such a fun and relaxing night! I wanted to do more pieces straight away - will definitely be going back x

Brianna Herold May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class! So much fun, so much room to be creative and try something new. Really fun activity as a group or on your own

Siobhan Zoe May 2023

It was really fun. The class was great. It delayed starting on time because another group came late but it was really good.

Matthew Leemhuis May 2023

The class was Relaxed and fun, we had a great time learning textured painting. Thanks for a great night

Philippa Swayn May 2023

I've been wanting to try textured art but didn't want to fork out for all the materials to give up halfway into it. I organised for me and six friends to go try it out together. We chose Wild Blooms & Co due to the fact you could do two canvases.

Jess was welcoming, provided a good introduction to textured art and gave us techniques to try in order to achieve our desired result. All the materials were provided (even fancy glasses to drink from [BYO]).

The venue, Studio Mae, while a little difficult to locate, was a great setting. Very "on trend" with neutral tones, dried flower arrangements and a bougie gold sink

I think the time allocation was good - though I could have kept creating all night It's a very grounding and therapeutic medium to work with. Would be great for a mother & daughter bonding session, a couples date night, or a friends get together. I am definitely going to enrol in more classes to perfect my technique and try my hand at different styles.

Thank you Jess!

Painting class review by Philippa Swayn - Canberra

Kristy Morse-Evans May 2023

I loved it! The venue was beautiful with lots of choice for wine and other drinks, there were so many supplies and the teacher was incredibly open and friendly about the process.

Lucy Earl-King May 2023

I took the texture art workshop at Studio Mae and I’ve already booked in again - it was so much fun! Jess explains everything so well and has all the tools available. The venue is gorgeous too.

Elise Monge May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Jess was such a great teacher and gave such great insight into how to get to your desired outcome. Best painting class I’ve ever done. Thank you so much Jess!

Kaye Greenwood May 2023

Excellent class. Ability to use your own creative ideas and put it on a canvas. Teacher was fantastic, venue was easy to locate and a lovely setting. Small class which gave you opportunity to get tips and tricks one on one with the teacher.

Rachel Walters May 2023

Jess provided the most beautiful private class for a birthday. She’s a great teacher, and provided a wide variety of materials and was so encouraging. The space is lovely and easily fit our group. Everyone had so much fun and went home with their own art. Thank you so much!

Painting class review by Rachel Walters - Canberra

Emily Kinloch Apr 2023

Jess is such a wonderful teacher. She was so patient and supportive! It was a really fun and calming day! It was so enjoyable for everyone. I can’t recommend this workshop enough!

Painting class review by Emily Kinloch - Canberra

Merryn Brown Apr 2023

Jess and the workshop were great!
Everytging you needed was provided and Jess provided plenty of guidance and instruction if/when needed.
Had a really good night

Hannah Urquhart Apr 2023

Thanks so much Jess! I really enjoyed switching off for a few hours and just creating. It was a great atmosphere in the class and you explained all the techniques with clarity and I found it really helpful. Can’t wait to do another one soon :)

Textured Art Workshop - Fyshwick review by Hannah Urquhart - Canberra

Lily-Rose Dwyer Apr 2023

Loved it so much! Jess answered every question i had and even gave a hands on demonstration when she couldn’t word things, will definitely be booking again for my birthday

Painting class review by Lily-Rose Dwyer - Canberra

Judy Swann Apr 2023

Really lovely venue and a lot if fun - plus we brought home something we are proud to say we made!

Aanika Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved the personal introduction at the beginning, it added so much more of a personal experience touch to the entire experience.

Michelle Turner Mar 2023

The textured art class was great! Everyone had a fantastic time and went away with some great artworks. Jess set everything up and packed down quickly. Great instructions and ideas on what we could paint. Excellent value for money. Would highly recommend and can't wait to do another class!

Karina Hudson Mar 2023

My first time was so great that I came back again! Jess was really supportive, remembered me, and was very patient with all my new questions and ideas. Brought home another two awesome artworks that are just waiting to find their place on the wall. I'd definitely recommend Jess' class at Studio Mae — fun + creativity + calming environment.

Georgia McCauley Mar 2023

The Textured Artwork Workshop was so fabulous! Jess was an amazing teacher and I had such a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Mae the studio is the perfect space for this workshop

Suzi Scicluna Mar 2023

So much fun. Highly recommend for a girls night out. Learnt some new skills in a fun friendly environment.

Roxanne Hermes Mar 2023

This was my second class with Jess, I had so much fun the first time I brought my mum back as a birthday gift. It was the perfect way to unwind at the end of the week and take the time out to do something creative. Highly recommend!

Emma Johnston Mar 2023

Jess was great. The class is fun and super easy. You finish with something you can actually hang in your home.

Textured Art Workshop - Fyshwick review by Emma Johnston - Canberra

Karina Hudson Mar 2023

This class was amazing. Jess is a great teacher — very friendly, helpful, and generous with her knowledge and time. Studio Mae is a luxurious and relaxed space that sparks your creativity. Jess provides all the materials you could possibly need to play with this art form. This class is extremely good value for money. I walked away with two completed artworks that already have a place to hand on my wall. We learnt multiple techniques and had plenty of time to play, change our mind, re-do, or completely start over. The best bit? You'll get to connect with gorgeous people while being creative and totally chilling out. If you're questioning it, stop — buy the ticket, get the bubbles, and go!

Textured Art Workshop - Fyshwick review by Karina Hudson - Canberra

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