Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

No fancy but true and traditional yoga practice

Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Rupal Gupta

Rupal Gupta

Trained Yoga Instructor



1 - 25




You'll learn Patanjali, Ashtanga yoga, inclusive of Yogasanas (poses and postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Dhyana (meditation). You'll know all the prominent asanas and pranayama techniques and the theory of concepts and reasoning behind all the yogic practices.

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build Equipment Needed

Students are to bring their own yoga mats, and sitting cushions (if required). Students are requested to wear comfortable clothes, preferably those allowing free movement of body (pajamas, exercise shorts and t-shirt). Please do not wear skirts or jeans.


Yoga for Beginners class location

Willoughby Park, Willoughby East, NSW

The teacher can also travel within 15km of Willoughby East for private classes


Rupal Gupta
Rupal Gupta

Trained Yoga Instructor

Namaste dear Sydnians,
I am a yogini from India, who loves yoga and wants to spread this great knowledge to everyone who wants to be healthy, happy and live life to the fullest. Yoga is not a practice limited to physical well being but its a way of living that aims at getting one with life itself. For achieving that state of life one needs primarily to cleanse and condition the body, breath and mind. I teach Yogasana, Pranayama and Dhyana, which lead a person to achieve the 100% experience of physical, mental, and pranic well being. Join me to learn and experience yoga in its true and traditional form, as I teach the way I've been taught by the great teachers of ancient Patanjali yoga in S-VYASA university, Bangalore in India.

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