Amazing Father's Day Presents for Grandad in Australia

Amazing Father's Day Presents for Grandad in Australia

By Annie Symmonds

Discover epic Father’s Day presents for Grandad and help him feel loved like any other dad in Australia! Grandparents can be a huge support for many people and provide a love that is indescribable, and this shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to Father’s Day. Whether you’re looking for Father’s Day presents for your step-dad, foster dad or even your uncle, all men should be appreciated on Father’s Day.

You don’t need to panic about what to buy Grandad this Father’s Day in Australia. Show him how much he is cared for and appreciated with unique gift ideas for men. While Granddad might be slowing down, it doesn’t mean he can’t be creative. Help him ignite a spark within and feel empowered with epic gift experiences for men. And no, we’re not talking about going bungy jumping or any other adrenalin sports-related gift ideas – we’re talking about gorgeous Father’s Day gift experiences he can do by himself or better yet, that you can do together.

If you’re not lucky enough to spend much time with Grandad, why not surprise him with a fun Father’s Day present you can do together? From BBQ cooking classes, pottery classes and even cooking classes, spend quality time with him and create long-lasting memories together. He’ll feel so touched that you took the time to organise an activity together and spend more time together in person.

If you need some amazing Father’s Day presents for Grandad in Australia, get ready to feel inspired with some of the most popular activities for men below! You might just have yourself a winning Father’s Day gift idea.


Learn to make pasta together


A beautiful Father’s Day present could be a fun Italian cooking class where you’ll spend a few hours in your local area, learning to make fresh pasta together with a local chef. Grandad will also meet like-minded people at the class, which might empower him to connect with more people and become a social butterfly.

Regardless of whether he loves to cook, it’s all about spending quality time together having fun trying something new. He’ll learn how to make lots of different types of pasta and take home a few new recipe ideas to cook himself. Help Grandad feel more confident in the kitchen and he could experience the health and wellbeing benefits of cooking more delicious meals from scratch. Left it a little late? Check out the best last minute Father's Day gifts Australia-wide!


Try a pottery class

Pottery classes make fantastic Father’s Day presents because they are perfect for men who say they aren’t creative (without realising they are). Choose from hundreds of pottery classes in your local city and empower Grandad to make something with his bare hands –the perfect experience for the DIY loving type. Pottery classes are gentle and relaxing in nature, and Grandad might like to try a clay-hand building class and learn how to make pottery simply using clay, water and his hands. He’ll love feeling very grounded in this mesmerising experience.

He might like to try a pottery wheel throwing class and watch the clay spin as he moulds it into various shapes and sizes. He could end up learning to make mugs, bowls, plates and even vases for the home. 

How about a kintsugi class instead? Learn the traditional Japanese art form and mend broken pieces of ceramics with gold lacquer. 

You never know, he might decide to start a new hobby he never knew he had within! Join him for a pottery class and create gorgeous, priceless memories together. 

Glassblowing class


Discover one of the most thrilling Father’s Day present ideas in Australia with a glassblowing class. Grandad will feel empowered as he learns to blow glass in a naked flame to create beautiful glass art. Think it might be a bit much for him to use a blow torch? Simply go with him and help him build his confidence in this exhilarating class. 

After learning plenty of tips and tricks from a local artist, you’ll both take home your piece of art as a keepsake and reminder of the memories created from this special Father’s Day together.


Smartphone photography class

It might be cliché, but many of the older generations find it difficult to use a smartphone. Take Grandad to a smartphone photography class and spend quality time teaching him how to use his phone properly and how to take amazing photos with it. He’ll love sharing the tips and trick he learned with his friends and family, all thanks to your help and effort. 

This is a completely priceless experience that will really help Grandad on his way to becoming a digital expert of his generation! More importantly, give him your time to show him how to use his phone and what it’s capable of doing to help improve his life.


BBQ cooking class


Does Grandad love cooking on the barbeque? If he could do with a few pointers, he’ll love a locally-run BBQ class!  While most men might think they have it all covered when it comes to cooking on the barbeque, there are always new tips to learn to perfect cooking skills.

Come along with Grandad xand spend time bonding in this fun and engaging cooking class run by a local BBQ expert! Learn how to marinate meat and how to smoke meat to perfection before sitting down for a meal together at the end of the class. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time together so Grandad can show off his new skills at the next family barbeque.

While there are thousands of gift experiences for him to choose from, we hope these amazing Father’s Day presents for Grandad will spark inspiration for you to create long-lasting memories together.

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