Beginners Sushi Making Class

3 hours Class size 1 to 8 (public classes), 5 to 10

label $160 (or 4 payments of $40 Afterpay)

If you love sushi, learn how to make your own sushi at home in this beginners workshop.

Our classes are run in a friendly environment where your experienced teacher will guide you step by step to prepare traditional sushi. Learn how to make sushi rice, how to roll sushi, and how to present it in an artful way. You'll be working with the freshest ingredients and using all the right utensils.

Take home all the knowledge to make simple sushi rolls and enjoy a hands-on cooking session in a small group. The class will wrap up with your handmade sushi lunch.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
All ingredients and a sushi lunch.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday or hens party.

This would also be a lovely gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


369 Penshurst St, Chatswood NSW

Beginners Sushi Making Class location
Your teacher
Culinary Studio Dekura
Culinary Studio Dekura

Classes with the Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine

4.9 (406)

Hideo was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo. His father was a playwright and owned two Japanese restaurants, Kihei of Tokyo and Misuji, where he commenced his training, whilst still at school at Shinjuku High School and through to Nihon University. Hideo learnt from his parents the principles of sushi and kappo-ryori food preparation, cooking and presentation. These methods have been passed down through generations of his family. At the same time, he learnt the philosophy of Chakaiseki (the tea ceremony cuisine), Teikanryu Shodô (Calligraphy), Ikenobou-Ryuseiha (flower arrangement) and Hôchô Shiki (the cooking knife ceremony) under the tutelage of Shijyoushinryu by Iemoto-Shishikura Soken-Sensei.

After years of cooking and demonstrating in Japan, Hideo's interests led him to Europe to study classical French cuisine, England and then the United States, where he was able to combine his skills in Japanese and European cuisine by working as a demonstrator in California.

In 1972 Hideo visited Australia for the first time and settled in Sydney in 1974. He set up Japanese Functions of Sydney, the first Japanese catering company in Sydney, which was highly successful. He has lectured in several places and has now opened Culinary Studio Dekura in Chatswood.

Hideo is a master of Shijoshin-ryu in Sydney. Furthermore he is a member of Food Professional Australia, (formally Food Media Australia), Japan Master Chef Association, and a lecturer at the Sydney Sea Food School.

He is the author of several Japanese cooking books and cooking videos.

In 2007 and 2015 Hideo was presented with an award from the Japanese Government to those who have made significant contributions to the promotion of Japanese food and cooking.

In 2016 He was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine.

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Simon Moate Nov 2023

Good venue, great teacher with lots of knowledge to share on sushi making for all levels.

Kalliopi Elfes Nov 2023

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Amazing class and Hideo taught me so much which I can use when making Sushi at home. Food was amazing and so proud of how my sushi turned out. He has written 18 cooking books, so he definitely knows his Sushi!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Kalliopi Elfes - Sydney

Gabby Clegg Oct 2023

Amazing experience with a seriously incredible teacher. Sensei Dekura taught us so many things and we all had such a fun time learning about making yummy sushi!

Camila Aguirre Pezoa Oct 2023

I highly recommend this class. The teacher is very nice and patient. I learnt a lot about making sushi from this class today

Sangeeta Venkatesan Oct 2023

Experienced and lovely teacher for which I am very grateful.
I wanted to learn how to make the filling for the sushi and how to get the right consistency in rice. Sadly they were already made.
I did enjoy the way the class was taught and had fun.

Grant Browne Oct 2023

Great class, loads of tips, techniques and tricks to learn. The teacher really knows his stuff.

Cooking class review by Grant Browne - Sydney

Daniel Sehnem Oct 2023

I like the teacher and this class, I’m me back the next level! Thank you so much

Caitlin Molloy Oct 2023

Great value and got to make heaps of sushi!teacher was very knowledgeable. Would recommend for anyone that likes sushi

Rachel Kok Sep 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was both a lot of fun and highly informative in the art of sushi making. Hideo Dekura was a fantastic teacher, patient and funny. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in making sushi. You’ll be surprised with what you can achieve in three hours.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Rachel Kok - Sydney

Frances Boseley Sep 2023

The class was so fun! Hideo Dekura is a wonderful teacher and I can’t wait to use my new sushi skills to host for my friends!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Frances Boseley - Sydney

Max Glanville Sep 2023

Very knowledgeable teacher, great venue and learnt so much! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get hands on learning.

Cooking class review by Max Glanville - Sydney

Robert Chaffe Sep 2023

Great Teacher. Step by step instructions to create an authentic sushi experience. Highly recommend doing

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Robert Chaffe - Sydney

Patrick Cornwall Aug 2023

We love Hideo! What a beauty of a way to spend a Sunday arvo with your friends.

Naphassploy Siriphunyhaphatt Aug 2023

I have a Nice and great experience .
Good for new journey. Miso soup is the best

Sally Tranter Jul 2023

Excellent teacher and he was very supportive and inspirational. Would highly recommend the course to anyone and it is a great gift idea.

Jay Chou Jun 2023

I was quiet impress by the whole process. I’ve learned quite a lot and my partner is very impressed. Down side to this is she rather I make it than going to any sushi restaurant.

Cooking class review by Jay Chou - Sydney

Pip Stanford Jun 2023

Hideo is a wonderful teacher, with unbelievable skills, knowledge and experience. His lovely calm demeanour put everyone at ease and he guided us through the recipes and techniques wonderfully. Such a great class!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Pip Stanford - Sydney

Nicole Wilson Jun 2023

The teacher was fantastic, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The venue was well equipped and easily accessible. Learnt how to make different types of Sushi.

Cooking class review by Nicole Wilson - Sydney

Jasey Lim Jun 2023

The class feels like making sushi with a bunch of friends, we each gets a hand on some tasks. Amazing experience.

Charissa Lam Jun 2023

Great time in the kitchen with Hideko-san. Hands on class that gives you confidence to make sushi at home, along with a few other things like a salmon-broth-based miso soup and Japanese omelette (tomago). Thank you so much for your time and knowledge in teaching us.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Charissa Lam - Sydney

Leanne Matheson May 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

This was a birthday gift from my siblings and I to our parents - right from the start when requesting a private class, Hideo was very accommodating. On the day itself, we found him to be an excellent teacher and has the perfect balance of patience, humour and guidance. We all successfully made our own sushi rolls and nigiri. The Miso soup was a revelation, never tasted such a delicious one before. It was a relaxed, fun and tasty way to spend time with my family! Highly recommend.

Cooking class review by Leanne Matheson - Sydney

Elsje Elsje May 2023

It would be very perfect if every class session have a certificate which we will be proud yo show it to our family or friends to recomend it to them. Thank you n best regards from ELSJE - Indonesia

Cooking class review by Elsje Elsje - Sydney

Rebecca Millar Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class. Teacher very skilled. Easy step by step. Yummy sushi at the end! Would recommend.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Rebecca Millar - Sydney

Rod Whitford Mar 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A great course. Fantastic teacher who made it really easy to learn how to make sushi. A fun, entertaining cooking session.

Jenny Talbot Mar 2023

The teacher was fantastic, we enjoyed the class and made several different types of sushi and the miso soup was delicious

Jane McDonald Feb 2023

We had a great time making sushi. The chef was amazing and we went home inpired with our new cooking skills as well as full stomachs!

Cooking class review by Jane McDonald - Sydney

Elise Sproll Feb 2023

I loved this class! Dekura was so patient, kind and made the day fun. He's so knowledgeable and gentle. I had no idea I could make sushi that tasted so yummy and fresh, and looked so delicate. Very proud!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Elise Sproll - Sydney

Bambi Feb 2023

Awesome day with a great chef really recommend this course.
Thank you chef we really enjoyed ourselves

Lisa Thomason Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Enjoyed this class with my two teenage boys. A great set up and very clean working areas. The food was also fresh.
Dekura was calm and professional when showing us the different skills and ways to make great sushi.

Jordan Faeghi Jan 2023

Really enjoyed learning how to make Tokyo style sushi on a rainy Sunday. Perfect activity for all ages.

Tegan Pilley Dec 2022

Whole night was amazing. Teacher was great. Food quality + quantity high. Great skills to take home

Dale Amir Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Sadly my feedback is largely negative. I think the course is expensive and given that we had paid $150 for 3 hours, I do think that making a sushi roll with a piece of cucumber only inside, is cheap and foolish. Cucumber doesn't have a lot of flavour at the best of times.
Also, I think that when 9 or so people come together for 3 hours it would be good to know each other's names and perhaps what has brought them along so that there might be some communication and interaction together.
I do not doubt the knowledge and experience of the teacher, but I did find the session slow.

Richard Webby Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really fun and enlightening class. You end up with a full meal at the end, which was amazing. I’ll have a new appreciation for the work and skill that goes into every future sushi meal I eat!

James Anvia Nov 2022

41 ClassBento workshops attended • 27 reviews

Superb master is this teacher in Japanese cuisine highly skilled and very friendly most amazing experiences truly great

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by James Anvia - Sydney

John Nov 2022

Dekura-sensei is a master of his craft. An immaculate man in an immaculate space, with immaculate ingredients and immaculate presentation skills. His decades of experience in traditional Japanese cuisine (not just sushi) was clearly apparent, and with a small group of students clustered around the table we could each learn the beginner skills and practice them. Looking back at the photos of the miso, omelettes, nori rolls and nigiri on my phone it's hard to believe that I made them myself!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by John  - Sydney

Dom Nov 2022

The teacher was very knowledgeable and the meal at the end was a big, tasty feast! The class intrigued me to learn more about sushi, and I plan to practice the techniques we learned.

Diane Sexton Nov 2022

Great teacher and the class was very well organised. Will be recommending this class to everyone!

Eryani Tjondrowalujo Nov 2022

Really enjoyable experience. Very practical , easy to follow and fun. The teacher is very knowledgeable.

Sisca Hermanus Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Learnt a lot of the basic sushi techniques. Hideo~san explained and demonstrated clear instructions. Very hands-on class and I'm confident I can make proper sushi at home now ☺️

Cooking class review by Sisca Hermanus - Sydney

Sacha Martin Oct 2022

A very informative and enjoyable class. The teacher, Hideo Dekura, is incredibly knowledgeable and interesting. The class was well prepared for. Would definitely recommend.

Zuleik Carrillo Oct 2022

Great venue location, excellent variety of ingredients to work with. Friendly and approachable teacher. Overall great experience!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Zuleik Carrillo - Sydney

Suzanna Cashmore Sep 2022

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

The class was simply amazing hideo is a wonderful man who is extremely skilled and knowledgeable

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Suzanna Cashmore - Sydney

Jennifer Williams Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Very generous teacher with his knowledge
A wonderful venue
Hands on best way to learn
Did not want it to end
Thank you

Cooking class review by Jennifer Williams - Sydney

Emily Bedwell Aug 2022

This was such an amazing experience! One I would recommend to everyone.
Dekura was such a great teacher, he explained why they do certain processes and explained the history behind it.
At the end of the class it was lovely to sit down with everyone and enjoy the meal. Definitely will want to go back and do another class

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Emily Bedwell - Sydney

Shenaiya Day Aug 2022

Absolutely fabulous experience. Great instruction and beautiful food. We loved learning about the culture too.

Stephen Wood Aug 2022

Valué for money with good technique- very experienced and knowledgeable teacher particularly in relation to true culture.

I’ll be back for the master class. Stephen

Cooking class review by Stephen Wood - Sydney

Jan Marshall Aug 2022

Demurs was a good teacher if a little difficult to understand at times. The venue is very pleasant easy to find with street parking nearby. 10 people in the class. Dekura started by making miso soup for everyone, we helped in making a thick omelette. Then it was really hands on as we all made our own sushi and Nigri plus garnishes. Then it was time to eat what we had prepared. 4 hours well spent and good value for money.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Jan Marshall - Sydney

Chris Pak Jul 2022

Dekura-san was very informative and patient with the whole family taking us through the different types of sushi. It was a fun course and went quickly, plus you get to eat what you make

Daniel Morgan Jul 2022

Great quality ingredients prepared in a true Japanese way. It was hands on and really informative about Japanese culture.

Shaynora Prasad Jul 2022

It was an incredible experience. Really easy to follow instructions, and the sushi turned out delicious!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Shaynora Prasad - Sydney

Ben Hooker Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was patient and gave us clear instructions which he demonstrated and we copied. He involved us in lots of techniques.
The venue was a big kitchen bench with each person having a set out space and dining room to eat our sushi. All materials were provided. I was impressed with what I made and it tasted delicious. I liked the nigiri the best. This was a great experience.

Georgie Cadwallader Jun 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

A very enjoyable class, Hideo was great imparting knowledge and ensuring we achieved correct hands on involvement.
Would like to do more classes there. Felt it was well worth the investment.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Georgie Cadwallader - Sydney

Joey Cai Jun 2022

absolutely a great experience !
Will definitely come back for more Japanese cooking lessons with culinary studio dekura!

Estella Pounder Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a Fantastic experience! Hideo was a wonderful teacher, assisting us all to make some beautiful (and delicious!) Japanese food. Hope to be back for his advanced class too!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Estella Pounder - Sydney

Sabrina Lenzen Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing cooking class Hideo is super knowledgable and very friendly. The ingredients were fresh, it was a nice atmosphere and a lot of fun. Will come back for the advanced class soon. Highly recommend

Cooking class review by Sabrina Lenzen - Sydney

Leila Polito Mar 2022

Loved every second of the class. Hideo is such an incredible teacher, so engaging and insightful.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Leila Polito - Sydney

Tanya Addison Feb 2022

was fun and the food was amazing.
great work loved it thanks again have fun

Marcelo Pinheiro Jan 2022

Mr Dekura is a great instructor. We had a really nice time learning and making sushi, talking about techniques and ingredients, and afterwards we got to eat what we made ourselves, which was an amazing experience.

Cooking class review by Marcelo Pinheiro - Sydney

Monica Brenchley Jan 2022

Great teacher and lesson are easy to learn. I want to do next lessons available.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Monica Brenchley - Sydney

Nani Jan 2022

Easy to follow, great for a beginner.
Great ambience, great teacher!

Highly recommend to all.

Cooking class review by Nani  - Sydney

Cristina Silva Dec 2021

It was great time, the class was perfect. He provided a good material and technique as well.

Hester Raijmakers Nov 2021

Great class and the food was absolutely delicious. Thank you chef Dekura for sharing your wisdom

Emma Pitfield Nov 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Dekura san is amazing! I love his classes! I learnt some great techniques for cooking Japanese!

Cooking class review by Emma Pitfield - Sydney

Kelly Wilson Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We learnt to make miso soup, omelettes and different types of sushi. Hideo Dekura is a generous teacher.

Cooking class review by Kelly Wilson - Sydney

Carla Carestia Nov 2021

Dekura-san is an incredibly lovely man, friendly and knowledgeable about all things Japanese. He clearly has a strong passion for educating people not just on the food, but also the traditions and rich culture of Japan. A fantastic way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Very highly recommend.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Carla Carestia - Sydney

David Bollesen Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Highly recommend the class with Hideo. Facilities are clean, food fresh, and results outstanding. His teaching style works well blending history, personal experience, and artistry.

Don Lashbrooke Oct 2021

Great beginner's class for Sushi lovers. You can see the love and car that Hideo has for his craft. Great space to learn and good people on the course too.

Matt Gurney Jun 2021

A very relaxed way to spend a few hours learning from our sushi master.

Thankyou for having us

James Waddell May 2021

A very knowledgeable teacher. Great techniques and fantastic food. I Really had a good time.

Sebastian Williams May 2021

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Hands on and challenging! Love it!
Recommended for sushi lovers.
Venue is clean and organised.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Sebastian Williams - Sydney

Vinai Lakhani May 2021

Excellent teacher.

Made it very easy to learn how to make sushi.

Very clean and convenient venue.

Marcia Almeida May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was fantastic, Mr Dekura is an amazing teacher. You really dive into the Japanese culinary, the traditional way of cooking. I was amazed by how much I learnt. The materials are easy to read, the place is really lovely, you get to eat what you make and take it home. Mr Dekura is a legend, with 18 books written and a lifetime of adventures and experience. Time passed by so fast. I went with a friend and we had a great day thanks for Mr Dekura!

Harry Winter Apr 2021

The teacher was very knowledgeable, pleasant and fun. Explained and demonstrated every aspect well. Great fun, a good lunch and will now do the advanced course.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Harry Winter - Sydney

Vincent Ferrara Mar 2021

Great class! Small groups make for a nice experience. Would recommend this to a friend.

Alice Thachasongtham Mar 2021

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Had a wonderful time learning basic of Japanese sushi set. The teacher is very knowledgeable and had provided so much insight about how to make things from scratch. Highly recommended for Japanese food fans!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Alice Thachasongtham - Sydney

Leanne Carroll Mar 2021

Great beginners course for preparing sushi. Presentation was clear and the preparation was hands on. Hideo Dekura has a wealth of knowledge and experience and made it look ridiculously easy. Sitting together and eating our creations at the end was a good touch. Highly recommended.

Cooking class review by Leanne Carroll - Sydney

Daniel Eklund Feb 2021

Great introductory class on how to make your own sushi! The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and was able to guide us to make some great tasting, and nicely presented, sushi. We were even provided with recipes and guides at the end so we can practice at home

Cooking class review by Daniel Eklund - Sydney

Justin Yap Jan 2021

Dekura sensei was very knowledgeable and provided context around his teachings. All equipment and tools were set up and ready for use.

Nasim Mohamad Jan 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Absolutely loved the class! Dakura san is a really good teacher. We got to learn the authentic technical aspects in sushi making. Will definitely be going back for other classes he runs for sure :-)Thank you for the best 3 hours learning new skill


Jung Lin Jan 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The teacher is patient and helpful. The sushi is yummy. It is good to make it myself

Rosanna Jan 2021

Teacher was informative, professional & very helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in learning about making sushi in a fun & relaxed environment.

Alex Jan 2021

The class was fantastic. The food was delicious and the teacher was great! He was very informative. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering.

Sherif Francis Jan 2021

Wonderful, professional & welcoming teacher. Made the whole experience a fun learning experience. Highly recommend & good value.

Wei Wang Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a fantastic experience for myself and my 13 yo daughter. Dekura-San is a very experienced chef who has a broad knowledge of Japanese culture and food. The venue was homey, clean and especially the kitchen area where we had our class was big and sparkling clean. The course was very well organised, Dekura-san taught us how to make miso soup using the self made stock, tamago yaki, and different types of sushi starting from scratch ( sushi rice preparation). The material provided includes all types of veggies, salmon sashimi and tiger prawns which were all very fresh. In the end we had a wonderful lunch together eating our self made sushi and had a very nice chat with Dekura-San. Highly recommended!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Wei Wang - Sydney

Anne Apcar Oct 2020

Incredible class. Learned how to make sushi as well as other small techniques. The chef is incredible and it was also nice to sit down and eat with them and learn of all his culinary history

Eryn McCaskie Sep 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was absolutely wonderful, he was very polite and had a lot of knowledge on Japanese cooking. The food itself was nice, we prepared miso soup, nigiri, sushi rolls, and tamago. The price point is (in my opinion) a little high for what we did, although it was a fun day spent cooking with good company.

Annette Becker Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great authentic teacher, fresh ingredients, well equipped kitchen and finally excellent Sushi! We will definitely come back!

Inda Rohani Aug 2020

I really enjoy this sushi making for beginner class. Mr Hideo Dekura is a professional teacher.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Inda Rohani - Sydney

Myda Gonzales Aug 2020

Thank you teacher Dekura. Thank you for the techniques. See u next time. I have fun in your class.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Myda Gonzales - Sydney

Iris Barhom Jul 2020

Really enjoyed this class, the teacher was great the venue was beautiful set up very clean and all ingredients were fresh. It was with a great group with good vibes. It was nice having lunch with the teacher and the group we ate laughed and chatted and mainly enjoyed what we made.
Thank you

Cooking class review by Iris Barhom - Sydney

Gabrielle Gallagher Jul 2020

Hideo Dekura was a great teacher. Very calm but experienced and professional- also very nice and quite funny. We left with all the skills and knowledge And confidence to make our own sushi at home. There was a huge amount of sushi for lunch and he even made us miso soup from scratch- before we started cooking so we didn’t get hungry- best miso soup I have tastedgreat value and great fun! Thank you!

Cooking class review by Gabrielle Gallagher - Sydney

Stephen Tran Jun 2020

I had a great time learning the basics and also the techniques of making sushi with Dekura. He was very patient with us and was a very funny person. I hope to see him around soon and would absolutely come back to him when I am ready to take the master course!

Jennifer Stevenson Feb 2020

Great opportunity for my team to enjoy a class / team-building activity -- and also enjoy dinner! The studio is fantastic with all of the materials required and a good size for a small team (we had 9). The instructor was excellent - we learned a lot from him and also really enjoyed his good nature and enthusiasm for great sushi. Would absolutely recommend this course to others.

Victoria Roberts Feb 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great beginners sushi making class with everything we needed provided. Informative, enjoyable and delicious!
Thankyou Dekura!

Cooking class review by Victoria Roberts - Sydney

Savannah Zou Oct 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a great hands-on experience. We made sushi and nigiri and also learned how to create simple but elegant garnishes. We learned very useful tips and what I liked about the class is that I walked away feeling like I could replicate this at home. The amount of sushi we made was more than enough to fill us up, the teacher offered us takeaway boxes for the leftovers! The cooking studio was very clean, yet homely. My only critique is that at times the direction of the class was unclear and we'd be cutting things or doing tasks but unsure of why, but it all made sense in the end.

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