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Hideo was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo. His father was a playwright and owned two Japanese restaurants, Kihei of Tokyo and Misuji, where he commenced his training, whilst still at school at Shinjuku High School and through to Nihon University. Hideo learnt from his parents the principles of sushi and kappo-ryori food preparation, cooking and presentation. These methods have been passed down through generations of his family. At the same time, he learnt the philosophy of Chakaiseki (the tea ceremony cuisine), Teikanryu Shodô (Calligraphy), Ikenobou-Ryuseiha (flower arrangement) and Hôchô Shiki (the cooking knife ceremony) under the tutelage of Shijyoushinryu by Iemoto-Shishikura Soken-Sensei.

After years of cooking and demonstrating in Japan, Hideo's interests led him to Europe to study classical French cuisine, England and then the United States, where he was able to combine his skills in Japanese and European cuisine by working as a demonstrator in California.

In 1972 Hideo visited Australia for the first time and settled in Sydney in 1974. He set up Japanese Functions of Sydney, the first Japanese catering company in Sydney, which was highly successful. He has lectured in several places and has now opened Culinary Studio Dekura in Chatswood.

Hideo is a master of Shijoshin-ryu in Sydney. Furthermore he is a member of Food Professional Australia, (formally Food Media Australia), Japan Master Chef Association, and a lecturer at the Sydney Sea Food School.

He is the author of several Japanese cooking books and cooking videos.

In 2007 and 2015 Hideo was presented with an award from the Japanese Government to those who have made significant contributions to the promotion of Japanese food and cooking.

In 2016 He was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine.





Suyoung Lee May 2024

I had a great time learning how to make a variety of sushi and eating it afterward.

Camila Aguirre Pezoa May 2024

The class was very good highly recommended both my mother and I enjoy it the teacher was very patient and kind

Tulin Sayah May 2024

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

What an absolutely fun day out with a master of Japanese cuisine.

Make sure you come hungry - your gonna love it!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Tulin Sayah - Sydney

Mark Brakell May 2024

Hideo is a superb teacher, knowledgeable beyond his quiet words, and his ease to impart the what, how and the why of Japanese culinary is wonderful. Our session was a birthday present for my daughter, who LOVES ramen and she was SO excited when we arrived and spent time with Hideo. Thank you for a superb session in learning Ramen. MB and RB.

Cooking class review by Mark Brakell - Sydney

Rena Pulido May 2024

Very clean, small class with excellent quality and food preparation. We made so much food we couldn't eat it all but were able to take it home. Thank you!

Jose Mari Padilla May 2024

It was 3 hours well spent on a Sunday with Hideo Dekura. The ingredients were top quality and the meals we got to prepare turned out impressively well for beginners like us. We enjoyed and would definitely recommend it.

Robyn Meakins May 2024

Thoroughly enjoyable, such a knowledgeable and lovely teacher. Would recommend if you love authentic Ramen

Bing Lu Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My child really enjoyed the class. He was so enthusiastic we went out and bought all the ingredients and made sushi again for dinner The next morning he watched a YouTube video and made tamagoyaki all by himself! Thank you for inspiring class

Mae Blundell Apr 2024

My child(aged 8) had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the class. She loved the teacher and was very happy with what she made

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Mae Blundell - Sydney

Rajni Vescio Apr 2024

It was such a good experience and the host was amazing, my kids looked so happy and satisfied.

Ben Forliano Apr 2024

Can’t wipe the smile off my boys face, he loved making sushi and had a great time! Highly recommend.

Belinda Nixon Apr 2024

My 10 year old L absolutely loved this class. He was so impressed with the food, the quality and instructions. He would like to do further classes to learn more. He is very interested in Japanese culture as well. Lovely kitchen location. Was a fantastic holiday activity and very grateful for the recipe book too, thank you

Patricia Jessop Apr 2024

Myself and my son had a thoroughly engaging class with Hideo.
He was informative, helpful and friendly and coupled with expressing lots of patience, made the whole cooking experience very enjoyable.
We would definitely recommend his classes.

Bonnie Plumpton Apr 2024

Had a lovelyl time at this class. The mochi was delicious and the teacher is a fantastic host.

Rachel Daniels Apr 2024

Kids said that they had the best time.
Excellent instruction on how to make sushi and the people running the course were so friendly and helpful.
The sushi they made was of extremely high quality and very delicious. They highly recommended the course

Mila Aeschlimann Apr 2024

Excellent course for kids!
My daughter had a great time, sushi looks amazing and tastes delicious! Teacher was fabulous!
She wants to come back very soon

Cooking class review by Mila Aeschlimann - Sydney

Dimitri Stergios Apr 2024

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It was so much fun!

Michael Greene Apr 2024

This was a great experience and we loved it, great teaching and an excellent lunch enjoying our work

Alex Quek Apr 2024

Well-organised, neat and conducive for learning. Love the varieties of garnishings that go along with the sushi.

Grace Sanders Apr 2024

A birthday present from my 2 daughters! Super good fun and Hideo is a master chef and a very accomplished teacher. Thoroughly recommend!

Divya Bhandary Apr 2024

I loved making my own Ramen noodles and understand the different toppings that goes into my soul. Master Hideo was so warm and welcoming. His love for food and love to share his knowledge comes through. I am so glad I took up this class and now I make my own Ramen noodles soup and experiment with the toppings.

Vivienne Hui Mar 2024

A really great and fun class to do with a friend! You get to learn how to make a range of sushi and even miso soup. A range of ingredients were provided and were very good quality and fresh. I even took home some sushi to have the next day for lunch :) Highly recommend - sushi really takes skill and patience to make and this class was an awesome class for a novice sushi maker!

Simone Murrie Mar 2024

We had such a great time in the beginner’s class. Our teacher was informative, patient and entertaining. We feel confident to take our new learned skills home and create some delicious sushi!

Ray Ali Mar 2024

25 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

The teacher is a master of his craft. He is patient, gentle and clearly well experienced. The class was well organised with the stations already equipped. We learnt to make various kinds of sushi and had some lovely miso soup as a starter to power us through the class. I would recommend this to anyone!

Bob Mar 2024

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the process of making Sushi Rolls and especially, Nigiri Sushi. Now I’m able to prepare an authentic Japanese meal with confidence.
The facilities and equipment were excellent with Hideo explaining in great detail how and why everything is done in a certain sequence.
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the result of my attempt to present something that appeared to have been put together by somebody with much more experience than just a couple of hours.
I highly recommend this Class to anybody who enjoys not only eating Sushi and Nigiri, but making it all by yourself.

Elisabete Meira de Figueiredo Mar 2024

It was a very interesting Basic Sushi Making Class with Hideo Dekura. He was very thorough in his explanation and took the time to correct anything we were doing wrong, particularly in the way we were handling the holding the food to make the sushi rolls and knife. We will be practicing for some time before we can attend his Master Class.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Elisabete Meira de Figueiredo - Sydney

Michael Power Feb 2024

A great introduction to the art of Sushi making with one of the most experienced Japanese chefs in Australia. The ingredients were delicious and my fellow classmates were fun to work with.

Cooking class review by Michael Power - Sydney

Catherine Paul Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I would highly reccomend this class! Hideo was an incredible teacher, not only of sushi & sashimi but also of Japanese culture & cuisine in general. The class was incredibly interactive from filleting fish to helping prepare the sushi rice & garnish, a fabulous afternoon!

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class review by Catherine Paul - Sydney

Stephen Huynh Feb 2024

Due to a scheduling issue, I found myself alone in class. However, this unexpected circumstance provided me with a unique opportunity to have a private lesson with Hideo Dekura, an experience I will truly cherish. Witnessing his level of care and precision up close was not only inspiring in the kitchen but also in life. The kitchen and materials used were immaculate, enhancing the learning environment. As a beginner in cooking, I learned valuable lessons in preparation, presentation, and discipline.

Cooking class review by Stephen Huynh - Sydney

Gabriella Han Feb 2024

Such a fun and yummy class!

In this class, the teachers makes you do your own ramen noodle which was really fun.
We learned a lot about ramen making and all the different types of broth and toppers.
The class was small (6 people) and it was a great environment.

Aaron Buj Chapman Feb 2024

The teacher was incredibly kind and helpful making everyone feel welcomed. He taught us valuable sushi making techniques and how to properly do things in the traditional way.

Dat Huynh Jan 2024

Took my mate on a bro date for his birthday. We both love sushi so it was a wonderful experience for the both of us. Dekura sensei is extremely experienced, friendly and patient with the class. I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation tasks and tips for beautifully presenting our work on the plates. We got to experience making (and eating) a range of sushi, nigiri and sashimi items.

Eleonora Tomassi Jan 2024

Hideo is a very interesting man and I really enjoyed his class. Can't wait to show off my skills to the family!

Melan Lie Jan 2024

Sensei Hideo Dekura was amazing teacher and very welcoming; it was evident that lots of time and care had been put into the preparation of the class. We had such a wonderful experience in his studio, and not only got to become immersed in Japanese culture through a tea ceremony, but we were also able to to make delicious daifuku with perfect consistency and sweet red bean filling. On top of that, the kitchen was pristine and the interior design of the studio created such an authentic atmosphere as if we were transported to a Japanese kitchen. Thank you again to Sensei Hideo Dekura for a once in a lifetime experience!

Emily Regueiro Jan 2024

The kids love eating sushi so this has been a fantastic experience for them to dig deeper and learn how to not only make it, but more about Japanese culture. It was also a privilege to be taught by Hideo, a culinary Master of Japanese food and culture.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Sandy Jusuf Jan 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

My 7-year old son loved it. He came home telling me we had to go buy ingredients so he could make sushi at home. He was very excited and animated describing in detail how to make the sushi flower they had created in class.
Thank you!

Cooking class review by Sandy Jusuf - Sydney

Thomas Dang Jan 2024

Great class taught by Chef Hideo Dekura. We learnt the proper way to make ramen noodles and constructing the ramen dish. Definitely a fun and rewarding experience, and learnt some great techniques.

I’d say that Chef Hideo Dekura is one of the most experienced Japanese cuisine chefs in the world.

Lucas Hirst Jan 2024

Awesome class and experience, I will never look at Ramen again with the same fear. Our class was small but without a doubt very interesting, I had no idea Hideo Dekura had so many books and other credits to his name. He truly is the Masterchef when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

Gerard David Millar Jan 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Awesome course!

* He fixed an old Japanese knife of mine that had a chunk taken out. I was too ashamed to tell him I used that knife as a screw driver for some Ikea furniture years before. In doing so I snapped the end up. He showed me how to fixed it by wearing the knife away until there was no chip - amazing no machines :)
* He honed my skill - it is all well and good to watch youtube clips. But to have some one there to actually refine it, see what you are doing wrong is awesome! My knives are super sharp and put my skill into practice when I got home. Super happy I was able to do so
* This course only teaches Japanese techniques. I bought Japanese knives but I don't use a wet stone. When I got home I used my western diamond kit with the Japanese techniques he taught me. Using a blind subject (my wife) she couldn't tell the difference from the wet stone with the sharpening with his wet stones.

I would give this course 4.5 out of 5. 9/10 :) My only room for improvement would be a little more openness to the possibility of using other toolsets in sharpening. Such as diamond steal kits. Also perhaps a little more information on the wetstones we used - grit levels and the like. I don't like wet stones because they wear and tear when I purchased one previously. It slowly became uneven and I felt it wasn't worth the bother.

I am happy I was able to replicate this mans great skill with western technology and kinda guessed what to use in terms of my diamond kit.

Bottom line - I came out being able to sharpen a knife in 5 minutes instead of 15. Plus the knife comes out sharper. I really know what im doing! His polite error correction was awesome - thank you so much!

I also loved the Japanese vegetables at the end of the course. We chopped them up, marinated them! Delicious. What a low calorie treat! Going to look for them tommorow.

Meagan Cotton Jan 2024

The studio put on a last minute custom group class for our family while we were in Australia visiting family for the holidays. It was a mixed group of tweens/teens and adults. We had a great time together, ate delicious food, and left inspired to make our own sushi at home! Thank you to Chef Dekura and his lovely daughter for their time and patience.

Kyla Kohler Dec 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

What an amazing clam creative straight forward sushi making class, the end product was also delicious

Tara Tinslay Dec 2023

This sushi making course for kids was fantastic! We had such a great time and the teacher, Hideo Dekura, was so kind and knowledgeable. We highly recommend this sushi making course to other people

Korina Richmond Dec 2023

My kids (age 11 and 13) loved this sushi making course! Definitely recommend this course to others.

Ayala Weinberg Dec 2023

What a great experience
It was such a treat to meet the chef and learn some wonderful skills

Katie Viviers Dec 2023

Good size & tasty. The kids had fun with this easy to follow class. I look forward to them preparing it at home!

Hans Dec 2023

My partner and I had an amazing time learning how to make sushi. The venue was clean, the atmosphere was so calming, fun and professional. I can’t wait to try all the skills I’ve learnt at home. Thank you Culinary Studio Dekura!

Katrina Lo Dec 2023

My child was looking very relaxed and enjoyed during the lesson and while making sushi rolls. Small grouping was great to provide children support when they needed.

Cooking class review by Katrina Lo - Sydney

Sarah Huang Dec 2023

Fantastic class! I bought this for my partner for his birthday and we both enjoyed it very much. Great for beginners.
Very informative and fun. Delicious sushi!
What a great teacher

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Sarah Huang - Sydney

Clara Atkin Dec 2023

Our teacher was fantastic, funny, and so welcoming! The kitchen was clean and the dining room was so cosy! Everything was provided and there was so many garnishes for us to us. The experience is so lovely and well worth it. We even got to take some extra noodles home with a recipe and an additional recipe booklet.

Zander Neels Dec 2023

Such a lovely experience, learning from the Grand Master. A great variety of rolls, sashimi, nigiri and gorgeous garnishes created by the class. Tips and tricks learnt a plenty.So special to sit down at the end and eat your own creations, using unique Japanese crockery.

Wataru Nakamura Dec 2023

We had 7-year-old daughter's birthday party here. We received very kind and flexible service. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the valuable experience. Thank you.

Chris Thomas Dec 2023

We had great fun with Hideo. Very authentic and interesting flavours. Will definitely be doing again!

Simon Moate Nov 2023

Good venue, great teacher with lots of knowledge to share on sushi making for all levels.

Kalliopi Elfes Nov 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

Amazing class and Hideo taught me so much which I can use when making Sushi at home. Food was amazing and so proud of how my sushi turned out. He has written 18 cooking books, so he definitely knows his Sushi!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Kalliopi Elfes - Sydney

Raul Meza Ahumada Nov 2023

Too short of a class to learn properly how the ramen broth is made, we weren’t taught how to make the broth, we were only taught how to me the noodles and then how to put together the ramen dish from an already made broth

Tais de Almeida Moyses Nov 2023

Amazing, gorgeous venue. The best teacher EVER! Not only Mr. Hideo Dekura is extremely qualified, he is also a very interesting person and extremely friendly. We had great conversations that enriched the experience. Will certainly be back for more

Brendon Zhang Nov 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this class led by Dekura. He is very knowledgeable and passionate in demonstrating how all aspects of ramen is made, from the noodles, to the broth, and toppings. Dekura is also very friendly and hospitable, making the overall experience fun to be apart of.

Angelique Parras Nov 2023

My mum and I loved this class! The teacher was so sweet, very knowledgeable and great at instructing us on how to do every step. He had some great stories about his life and career as a chef. The venue the class was held at was easy to get to, beautifully filled with Japanese items and the kitchen was great quality filled with high quality equipment.

The ramen we made was delicious and we came away with extra noodles to freeze and eat later. The course ran on time, it was so interesting to make fresh noodles and all the ingredients were super fresh and tasty.

This course was well worth the money, we were given freshly made tea as an extra and also provided the recipe and an extra recipe book to take away with us. Would definitely recommend.

Vanessa Campbell Nov 2023

Both a culinary and cultural experience, this class is truly outstanding. We will be back for other classes at this location.

Gabby Clegg Oct 2023

Amazing experience with a seriously incredible teacher. Sensei Dekura taught us so many things and we all had such a fun time learning about making yummy sushi!

Camila Aguirre Pezoa Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I highly recommend this class. The teacher is very nice and patient. I learnt a lot about making sushi from this class today

Sangeeta Venkatesan Oct 2023

Experienced and lovely teacher for which I am very grateful.
I wanted to learn how to make the filling for the sushi and how to get the right consistency in rice. Sadly they were already made.
I did enjoy the way the class was taught and had fun.

Grant Browne Oct 2023

Great class, loads of tips, techniques and tricks to learn. The teacher really knows his stuff.

Cooking class review by Grant Browne - Sydney

Daniel Sehnem Oct 2023

I like the teacher and this class, I’m me back the next level! Thank you so much

Caitlin Molloy Oct 2023

Great value and got to make heaps of sushi!teacher was very knowledgeable. Would recommend for anyone that likes sushi

Jacinta Wrench Oct 2023

It was amazing to learn from such an experienced chef. He generously provided us with a lot of delicious food to eat.

Ling Chan Oct 2023

Comfortably paced, high standards through gentle guidance without stressful pressure, delicious results and lunch in good company. Ramen will never be the same again for me. Thank you, Master Dekura for thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Jaquita Britton Oct 2023

My 13YO son really enjoyed the experience and gleefully told me how I was making sushi all wrong. I also got to do a tasting and they were delicious. I ended up buying his sushi for kids book to inspire my son to cook rather than me.

Cooking class review by Jaquita Britton - Sydney

Karl Generalao Oct 2023

This cooking class was an exceptional experience. The instructor's expertise and the hands-on learning made it both educational and delicious!

Genevieve Sep 2023

My son enjoyed his time and loved it so much we will definitely go back again

Kiri McCurdy Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My daughter loved this and came out with a newfound culinary confidence. I recommend the experience and the sushi was a step above ordinary and really yum. I wasn’t allowed to stay inside but I could watch through a window and the teachers were exceptionally patient and kind throughout.

Cooking class review by Kiri McCurdy - Sydney

Thalia Wibisono Sep 2023

It was great for kids and my daughter really enjoyed the experience. She told me all about what she learnt and said she was so happy to go. We look forward to coming back another time!

Rosanne James Sep 2023

Nice for kids. Sushi looked great and all the kids managed to make it and do a great job. Very enjoyable

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Rosanne James - Sydney

Ms Criena Court Sep 2023

This was a wonderful sushi making class for children. Hideo Dekura was a generous and kind teacher, with a caring and helpful assistant. Thank you.

Rachel Kok Sep 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was both a lot of fun and highly informative in the art of sushi making. Hideo Dekura was a fantastic teacher, patient and funny. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in making sushi. You’ll be surprised with what you can achieve in three hours.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Rachel Kok - Sydney

Frances Boseley Sep 2023

The class was so fun! Hideo Dekura is a wonderful teacher and I can’t wait to use my new sushi skills to host for my friends!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Frances Boseley - Sydney

Max Glanville Sep 2023

Very knowledgeable teacher, great venue and learnt so much! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get hands on learning.

Cooking class review by Max Glanville - Sydney

Justine McCarthy Sep 2023

We had a sushi making birthday party for my daughter and it was so much fun. Hideo was a fantastic teacher and had a great manner with the kids. The space was beautiful and the food we made was fun and delicious. I would highly recommend.

Robert Chaffe Sep 2023

Great Teacher. Step by step instructions to create an authentic sushi experience. Highly recommend doing

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Robert Chaffe - Sydney

Sara Perry Sep 2023

Awesome class learned lots. Master Dekura was fantastic. Everything was porvided. Then we had dinner.

Cooking class review by Sara Perry - Sydney

Julie Kim Sep 2023

My daughter had a private birthday party at Chatswood Dekura sushi cooking class today . It was epic and amazing venue to have a private party for girls such a hidden gem of the place. I highly recommend this cooking class for private lessons even school holidays for kids.
My daughter received special cooking book as a birthday gift.

Cooking class review by Julie Kim - Sydney

Danny Gray Sep 2023

Great practical skills in a concise and hands on class, great for beginners and those interested in the Japanese approach to sharpening.

Alexandra Lee Sep 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Mr Hideo was so knowledgeable and respectful of the ingredients, which was fresh and tasty. The importance of aesthetics and presentation were highlighted. Thank you!

Bradley Pascoe Sep 2023

The class was a fun great experience, perfect for a fun activity! Hideo was a great and informative instructor.

Velinda Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great and encouraging class.
I never expect to filet fish from scratch and made fresh salad sauce.

My homemade sushi level from Meh to Wow.
Thank you Dekura

Camila Pezoa Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Sensei was a wonderful teacher, providing great insight about Japanese cuisine, culture and he made the experience fun.
I learnt so much from this two hour class such as:
How to make noodles by hand
How to knead the dough
How to make the broth and preparing toppings.
I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese culture and cuisine.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Camila Pezoa - Sydney

Chloe Llewellyn Aug 2023

26 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

Enjoyable class, easy to go and nice venue , would reccomend to kids it was fun

Patrick Cornwall Aug 2023

We love Hideo! What a beauty of a way to spend a Sunday arvo with your friends.

Jessica Douglas Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher was very knowledgeable of this skill and able to impart it well to beginners. I feel able to practice this skill at home and keep my knives nice and sharp in the kitchen at home.

Peter Forrester Aug 2023

Great class very professional and learnt heaps. Now I have the confidence to sharpen all of my knives on whetstones.

George Organ Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Very spacious, commercial style setup. Teacher was really patient and shared good knowledge about the process. Learned heaps, ate even more.

Cooking class review by George Organ - Sydney

Rosyline Caro Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had great time making Daifuku. HIideo Sensei was very patient and knowledgeable. He guided us every step of the way. The ingredients were fresh and final product was delicious. He even taught us how to make matcha. Overall it was great way to spend a Sunday.

Wagashi Japanese Sweets Class: Make Daifuku Mochi review by Rosyline Caro - Sydney

Morgan Trent Aug 2023

Amazing and fun! Great date, and a lovely instructor - only thing is you're mainly making the noodles and everything else is pretty much done, so depending on the level of involvement/learning you're looking for

Cooking class review by Morgan Trent - Sydney

Naphassploy Siriphunyhaphatt Aug 2023

I have a Nice and great experience .
Good for new journey. Miso soup is the best

Sally Tranter Jul 2023

Excellent teacher and he was very supportive and inspirational. Would highly recommend the course to anyone and it is a great gift idea.

Stephen Wang Jul 2023

Very professional and experienced and knowledgeable master. Would enjoy more tips/reminders on technical skills as it may help us grasp the task at hand better.

Penelope Sootho Jul 2023

Nice bunch of people. Very organised. Easy going. Delicious food. A fun day to be had!

Cooking class review by Penelope Sootho - Sydney

Charlie Rosa Jul 2023

My son and his friend had an excellent experience at Class Bento. They thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and I'm hoping my son can recreate some of his work at home, for many years to come! Thanks to all the team at Culinary Studio Dekura!

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Charlie Rosa - Sydney

Diane Gunning Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My eldest 2 kids had a fantastic time! A beautiful space, Chef Dekura is warm and welcoming and the kids thought their sushi was fun to make and delcious. We will definately return for the other classes.

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Diane Gunning - Sydney

Angela Bevilacqua Jul 2023

My child had a wonderful experience today learning to make sushi for the first time.

Clairie Ormiston Jul 2023

Beautifully situated in a cottage set up with a kitchen, my son was engaged from the get go equipped and greeted kindly.
He was so proud of what he accomplished and found the teacher and their assistant really clear, engaging, insightful and friendly.
He’s now asking for a kid’s class 2! Highly recommend.

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Clairie Ormiston - Sydney

Jay Chou Jun 2023

I was quiet impress by the whole process. I’ve learned quite a lot and my partner is very impressed. Down side to this is she rather I make it than going to any sushi restaurant.

Cooking class review by Jay Chou - Sydney

Pip Stanford Jun 2023

Hideo is a wonderful teacher, with unbelievable skills, knowledge and experience. His lovely calm demeanour put everyone at ease and he guided us through the recipes and techniques wonderfully. Such a great class!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Pip Stanford - Sydney

Nicole Wilson Jun 2023

The teacher was fantastic, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The venue was well equipped and easily accessible. Learnt how to make different types of Sushi.

Cooking class review by Nicole Wilson - Sydney

Jasey Lim Jun 2023

The class feels like making sushi with a bunch of friends, we each gets a hand on some tasks. Amazing experience.

Charissa Lam Jun 2023

Great time in the kitchen with Hideko-san. Hands on class that gives you confidence to make sushi at home, along with a few other things like a salmon-broth-based miso soup and Japanese omelette (tomago). Thank you so much for your time and knowledge in teaching us.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Charissa Lam - Sydney

Hamish Mayall Jun 2023

We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the class and the ramen. The teacher was really good, friendly and patient, and it was really nice chatting with him. It was a small group and in a very nice setting.

Marilyn See Jun 2023

The class was executed well, the kids had a great time and were very happy with their own delicious creations.

Virginia Chung Jun 2023

Informative & fun class. Perfect way to learn and experience different culture through food. Dekura San is a great teacher & makes everything look easy.

Leanne Matheson May 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

This was a birthday gift from my siblings and I to our parents - right from the start when requesting a private class, Hideo was very accommodating. On the day itself, we found him to be an excellent teacher and has the perfect balance of patience, humour and guidance. We all successfully made our own sushi rolls and nigiri. The Miso soup was a revelation, never tasted such a delicious one before. It was a relaxed, fun and tasty way to spend time with my family! Highly recommend.

Cooking class review by Leanne Matheson - Sydney

Samantha Wegner May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Dekura San is an excellent teacher and the studio kitchen is perfect. We learned many new skills at this class and enjoyed it very much. I would recommend this class to anyone who enjoys eating eel or are curious about preparing eel.

Elsje Elsje May 2023

It would be very perfect if every class session have a certificate which we will be proud yo show it to our family or friends to recomend it to them. Thank you n best regards from ELSJE - Indonesia

Cooking class review by Elsje Elsje - Sydney

Paul Fulton May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Easy going class
Learned key things about knife sharpening a skill which has always alluded me

Joe Meadows May 2023

Hideo was incredible at showing us how to make ramen noodle followed by concocting our very own bowl of noodle with choice of soup base!
With the weather being 11 degrees and rainy outside we sure did pick the perfect day! The group was only 6 so it felt intimate yet social! Thank you Hideo San

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Joe Meadows - Sydney

Sarah McAviney May 2023

We recently booked our daughters 10th birthday at Studio Dekura. The 9 girls had an amazing time and Hideo was just lovely. The studio was really well equipped and the girls can now all make Sushi! They also really appreciated the little menu book they all took home. I thoroughly recommend it!

Belinda Burton May 2023

A fun and delicious way to spend time with friends and learn a new skill. Who knew the trick to a good ramen noodle is kneading the dough with your feet!?! We also learned about the different toppings and the basis for making the soup (though didn't actually get to cook any of those items). We finished by eating the bowl of ramen we created - super tasty!

Geoff Koch Apr 2023

Culinary Studio Dekura offered a very comprehensive Master Class on the history of Sushi / Sashimi making, the tools and ingredients involved, and some useful tips and techniques to succeed at preparation.

The smaller class was ideal to interact with each other more seamlessly, and Hideo-san was very knowledgeable.

I found the overall experience very fulfilling, and the lunch afterwards was a nice communal time to wrap up the afternoon.

Rebecca Millar Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class. Teacher very skilled. Easy step by step. Yummy sushi at the end! Would recommend.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Rebecca Millar - Sydney

Nathan Elvy Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Todays class was great, the teacher was very friendly and the class ran smoothly. The skills that were included in the class were reliable and traditional. As well as the end product was amazing. It was age friendly and no one can do anything wrong, you are helped all through out the class and you learn about the origins of lots of different Japanese ingredients. The experience is once in a lifetime. Making this class even more authentic, having a native Japanese instructor. This class is definitely worth the price as it was enjoyable and educational all at the same time. If you choose to have a public class, the amount of students is 7, that is enough that you get personal interaction as well a group experience. It was a great class, I highly recommend it.

Cooking class review by Nathan Elvy - Sydney

Linda Collins Apr 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Best class ever! My daughter loves it ! Even the sushi is the best I had in Sydney!

Toshiko Wakakuri Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Children made very beautiful sushi.
The taste was also very good.
The teacher was so nice amd gentlemanly !

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Toshiko Wakakuri - Sydney

Carolyn Pittock Apr 2023

It tasted good and I learned a lot. It was good fun and I going to try some at home.

Theo Hunwicks Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The venue was great. The teacher was very nice and helpful and I loved rolling the sushi and eating it! I can’t wait to make sushi at home. They even told me where to buy my supplies.

Cooking class review by Theo Hunwicks - Sydney

Lauren Jones Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My granddaughter really enjoyed this class. She said the teacher was easily understood and she felt confident in being able to make the sushi. She thinks she could make it at home now too.

Stuart Tan Apr 2023

I wanted to learn how to sharpen single Bevel knives. Am now able to sharpen knives scary sharp.
Teacher was great showing us the sharpening then correcting us as we practiced.
We also were treated to a daikon radish salad. Very wonderful experience.

Japanese Knife Sharpening Class review by Stuart Tan - Sydney

Josephine Gueco Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was a very interesting class. Our teacher explained the process really well. I will definitely do anther Bento class.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Josephine Gueco - Sydney

Jayde Armitage Apr 2023

Bought this for my brother for Christmas as he loves ramen. I've never been too fussed, but after taking this class I am now a convert! The teacher was kindly spoken and knowledgeable - check out his many books whilst there. The venue was easy to find, had ample street parking, and was neat and tidy. We had an intimiate class of 6, which gave good access to resources. As another reviewer states, the heavy lifting (i.e. broth and chashu) has been done, so for this part it's information only. Make sure to wear decent socks, you'll thank me for it later lol. Thoroughly enjoyed eating what we made, though the credit must go to Hideo-san.

Cooking class review by Jayde Armitage - Sydney

Gerard Barrameda Apr 2023

Teacher Hideo is a really great!
It was very interactive and fun.
He is very helpful and nice

Cooking class review by Gerard Barrameda - Sydney

Mark Macnamara Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

So pleased to finally get to Studio Dekura. Nice intimate group, everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt about Japanese cuisine, and made yummy food.

Rod Whitford Mar 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A great course. Fantastic teacher who made it really easy to learn how to make sushi. A fun, entertaining cooking session.

Jo Wong Mar 2023

Class was very interesting and we learnt a lot of different techniques about sushi making preparation. We were also provided with amazingly delicious miso soup as a start. Engagement with the class was good and we were provided with support whenever we needed help with certain steps!

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class review by Jo Wong - Sydney

Nerissa Xie Mar 2023

My friends and I got this class as a present for my husband. Charlie and his four close friends really enjoyed this class. The teacher is "a super cool Japanese man" they said! And when Charlie came home he showed me his book that he gave to him for his birthday and started sharpening knives immediately! A very successful gift and a very happy husband. Thank you!

Jenny Talbot Mar 2023

The teacher was fantastic, we enjoyed the class and made several different types of sushi and the miso soup was delicious

Jane McDonald Feb 2023

We had a great time making sushi. The chef was amazing and we went home inpired with our new cooking skills as well as full stomachs!

Cooking class review by Jane McDonald - Sydney

Elise Sproll Feb 2023

I loved this class! Dekura was so patient, kind and made the day fun. He's so knowledgeable and gentle. I had no idea I could make sushi that tasted so yummy and fresh, and looked so delicate. Very proud!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Elise Sproll - Sydney

Bambi Feb 2023

Awesome day with a great chef really recommend this course.
Thank you chef we really enjoyed ourselves

Roupen Minassian Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic experience. 10/10 would do again. Was a nice intimate setting, and great teacher to learn from :)

Robert Tulloch Feb 2023

The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and pitched the lesson at the level of the participants. I certainly learned a lot from this lesson.

Lisa Buttigieg Feb 2023

We had a wonderful time this evening and thoroughly enjoyed this ramen class. Our teacher was a pleasure to learn from and the venue was a beautiful space with plenty of parking. We would definitely recommend this class.

Cooking class review by Lisa Buttigieg - Sydney

Jeremy Leith Feb 2023

The class was great and in a lovely kitchen. Absolutely loved chatting and learning about the ingredients and Japan. And of course, getting to eat delicious ramen at the end was the best part!

Natasha Chen Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was good. He patient. Just couldn’t hear his words properly. The part where we cook the charsu wasn’t there. I think he should teach us how to make the charsu and bring the previous people’s charsu to the table. While using ours for the next batch of people

Kate Raymond Jan 2023

My daughter and I really enjoyed this class. We'd never made noodles before and weren't confident to try it ourselves at home. This class has shown us that it's really not that hard and we are excited to perfect our ramen-making. I was especially interested in the Tonkotsu and feel like now I've got all the information I need to make much more delicious and authentic soups, along with making noodles from scratch. It was a really friendly, small class in a welcoming setting. Thank you so much for a wonderful morning and the delicious food! I wasn't feeling 100% (terrible timing), so didn't eat much of the wonderful spread of toppings provided, but my daughter put together this fabulous dish.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Kate Raymond - Sydney

Samantha Tate Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Hideo is clearly experienced in what he does, I really enjoyed the ramen making class.
6 people attended the class which was a perfect number enabling us to have enough space each.
The recipe sheet given is very detailed which helps when trying to recreate in my own kitchen.
The only challenge was the heat today, mid summer in the kitchen…… I’ll choose a different time of year to attend my next class!

Cooking class review by Samantha Tate - Sydney

Lisa Thomason Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Enjoyed this class with my two teenage boys. A great set up and very clean working areas. The food was also fresh.
Dekura was calm and professional when showing us the different skills and ways to make great sushi.

Matthew Byrne Jan 2023

Overall we really enjoyed the class, more for the experience of it because most of the major prep was already done (broth and meat that needed to be cooked for hours). The teacher was awesome although it was a bit difficult to hear him sometimes because of the face mask.

Jordan Faeghi Jan 2023

Really enjoyed learning how to make Tokyo style sushi on a rainy Sunday. Perfect activity for all ages.

Jessica Polak Jan 2023

Had a great time with this class! Main focus was making the noodles, but we got instructions for everything from the broth to the noodles to take home with us. Learnt a lot and our teacher was very patient.

Catherine Mah Jan 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The wagashi class was clearly presented, with cultural information provided about the history of the sweet. All done while being taken step by step through the different stages so we could recreate at home.

Hideo created a great space to learn and was a welcoming teacher. I had a great evening making daifuku mochi and enjoying them with green tea afterwards.

Baking and Desserts class review by Catherine Mah - Sydney

Bree Bunzel Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Hideo was lovely, patient, super knowledgeable and very helpful. He had such interesting life stories and adventures, I’m inspired by him! Thank you for a lovely experience for my friend’s birthday.

Mia Giordano-Hauser Jan 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

The teacher was very friendly, and my daughters mentioned he was kind and knowledgeable. He provided a pleasant environment and set up for the cooking class. My girls enjoyed it and want to return to another class. Thank you :)

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Mia Giordano-Hauser - Sydney

Jarvis Meng Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Master Dekura is a great teacher, my boy loves the sushi-making class, and definitely will be back for more workshops from master Dekura.

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Jarvis Meng - Sydney

Kok Wong Jan 2023

Awesome class. The kids had such a blast. Thank you and we hope to be back.

Yuliana Lee) Dec 2022

My son enjoyed the class and he is keen to show me how to make sushi on his own with different fillings

Sebastian Liu Dec 2022

We were traveling from the US and found this class online. The teacher and assistant were fantastic and my 7 y.o son really enjoyed it. The final product was delicious and a crowd pleaser. High recommended!

Davina Wong Dec 2022

My 7 year old had a blast! Highly recommended. He really enjoyed it and would do it again.

Jennifer Lin Dec 2022

Had a wonderful time learning how to make ramen! The teacher was very nice and the ramen was delicious! I'm looking forward to taking another cooking class in the future

Tegan Pilley Dec 2022

Whole night was amazing. Teacher was great. Food quality + quantity high. Great skills to take home

Esmeralda Hellgren Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Wonderfully authentic & inspiring class.

The teacher is lovely and the whole experience was amazing!
We got to learn things I would’ve never thought to cook myself
Can definitely recommend

Izakaya Cooking Class review by Esmeralda Hellgren - Sydney

Lucy So Dec 2022

Had the most amazing experience at the Izakaya cooking class today. Mr Dekura was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and personable. The dishes were fantastic and healthy with easy-to-follow recipes. I fully recommend this to anyone who wants to diversify their Japanese palate. Thank you very much!

Tim Short Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Hideo was very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge freely. Also very supportive and enjoyed that it was so hands on.

Alex Thevenon Dec 2022

Excellent teacher who was clearly very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had.

Dale Amir Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Sadly my feedback is largely negative. I think the course is expensive and given that we had paid $150 for 3 hours, I do think that making a sushi roll with a piece of cucumber only inside, is cheap and foolish. Cucumber doesn't have a lot of flavour at the best of times.
Also, I think that when 9 or so people come together for 3 hours it would be good to know each other's names and perhaps what has brought them along so that there might be some communication and interaction together.
I do not doubt the knowledge and experience of the teacher, but I did find the session slow.

Giulia Baccaglini Nov 2022

We learned to do many dishes, from miso soup to sushi and sashimi, and how to cut the fish. Very interesting course

Richard Webby Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really fun and enlightening class. You end up with a full meal at the end, which was amazing. I’ll have a new appreciation for the work and skill that goes into every future sushi meal I eat!

Michael Egan Nov 2022

Great hands on course produced 5 dishes for ourselves then sat down to enjoy at the end

Kelly Wilson Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A fabulous cultural and culinary learning experience, guided by the Master, Hideo Dekura. Followed by a feast

Cooking class review by Kelly Wilson - Sydney

Andy Lee Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The location is great and easy parking. The teach is excellent and great skills. Highly recommend to try this course!

James Anvia Nov 2022

46 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

Superb master is this teacher in Japanese cuisine highly skilled and very friendly most amazing experiences truly great

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by James Anvia - Sydney

John Nov 2022

Dekura-sensei is a master of his craft. An immaculate man in an immaculate space, with immaculate ingredients and immaculate presentation skills. His decades of experience in traditional Japanese cuisine (not just sushi) was clearly apparent, and with a small group of students clustered around the table we could each learn the beginner skills and practice them. Looking back at the photos of the miso, omelettes, nori rolls and nigiri on my phone it's hard to believe that I made them myself!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by John  - Sydney

Dom Nov 2022

The teacher was very knowledgeable and the meal at the end was a big, tasty feast! The class intrigued me to learn more about sushi, and I plan to practice the techniques we learned.

Kevin Lee Nov 2022

Very delicious! Fun birthday "experience" gift for my fiance. We also learned how to make miso soup.

Cooking class review by Kevin Lee - Sydney

Diane Sexton Nov 2022

Great teacher and the class was very well organised. Will be recommending this class to everyone!

Eryani Tjondrowalujo Nov 2022

Really enjoyable experience. Very practical , easy to follow and fun. The teacher is very knowledgeable.

Mark Harris Nov 2022

Hideo is a lovely and experienced chef. He teaches the really great way to make proper ramen noodles from scratch. He had premade the tonkotsu broth because it takes many hours, but he explained clearly how to make it yourself and how to purchase the correct meat cuts for it. He provides good printed materials to take home and continue your practise yourself. The tonkotsu-miso ramen we made together tasted amazing! The kitchen was excellently suited to the class. I highly recommend this class if you want to know how to hand make the best ramen noodles!

Cooking class review by Mark Harris - Sydney

Melissa Carroll Oct 2022

Hideo was extremely patient and attentive. The course was focused and easy to follow. A small class makes it easy to ask questions and learn. A true cultural experience as well as a learning experience.

Tony Hang Oct 2022

My knife was razor sharp by the end of the session and I'm keen to apply the learning to my other knives. Thank you Hideo-san

Edward Chung Oct 2022

Strongly recommed this place for kid's birthday party, it beats all those chocolate making, artwork, bath bombs, princess, etc places (we've tried all). My girl had her 11yo party about a week ago, she and friends (total 9) had an amazing time. All 1.5 hrs were FULLY engaged as Hideo sensei n his assistant put great attention to them, and he is very funny too. Barely enough time for cake cutting. Everyone had an individual setup with all the ingredients provided. They loved the accomplishment of a genuine edible delicious sushi (refer to photo). The completed sushi (if uneaten) were taken back home. Thank you Hideo's team, I'm certain we'll return next year!

Cooking class review by Edward Chung - Sydney

Sisca Hermanus Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Learnt a lot of the basic sushi techniques. Hideo~san explained and demonstrated clear instructions. Very hands-on class and I'm confident I can make proper sushi at home now ☺️

Cooking class review by Sisca Hermanus - Sydney

Sacha Martin Oct 2022

A very informative and enjoyable class. The teacher, Hideo Dekura, is incredibly knowledgeable and interesting. The class was well prepared for. Would definitely recommend.

Zuleik Carrillo Oct 2022

Great venue location, excellent variety of ingredients to work with. Friendly and approachable teacher. Overall great experience!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Zuleik Carrillo - Sydney

Walter Deane Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Loved learning about a pretty unexpected way to make ramen. Realised when I showed up I actually had a cookbook by the instructor! Great class.

Sylvie Duncan Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great experience for my 10 year old daughter. Easy to get to location and good communication.

Orianna Ellis Sep 2022

Loved making the sushi which was also very yummy. I made a new friend. I was wondering if there were classes more suited to teenagers? Thank you

Julian Mah Sep 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My son absolutely loved the class. He left with a huge smile and a box of delicious sushi for lunch.

Sushi Making Class for Kids review by Julian Mah - Sydney

Adam Pecar Sep 2022

Hideo was very knowledgeable and I had a great time learning how to sharpen my knives well with whetstones. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about this craft. I'm looking forward to practising more in the future!
Thank you Hideo.

Lydia Burmey Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My kids loved the workshop today. It was a great experience for them.
Thank you!

Suzanna Cashmore Sep 2022

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

The class was simply amazing hideo is a wonderful man who is extremely skilled and knowledgeable

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Suzanna Cashmore - Sydney

Heather Jay Sep 2022

Teacher was amazing, so much fun, food was the best :) love to do another class.

Jennifer Williams Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Very generous teacher with his knowledge
A wonderful venue
Hands on best way to learn
Did not want it to end
Thank you

Cooking class review by Jennifer Williams - Sydney

Shane Fleming Sep 2022

Great class for beginners. Easy to understand, hands on and you will have confidence to work on your own knives.

Japanese Knife Sharpening Class review by Shane Fleming - Sydney

Laptin Chun Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was okay, teacher could have told us a bit more throughly and clearly for the instructions, but otherwise good class

Anu Sep 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Great class, quite fun, good teacher, very interactive, the ramen noodle making part was very fun

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Anu  - Sydney

Sam Wegner Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A really great class! Can absolutely recommend.
Dekura San is a great teacher and the studio kitchen is very good and in a great location.
My Dad and I had a great time and learned a lot.

Shuk Lam Sep 2022

Dekura-San, Thank you for the great experience! This class is truely unique and super fun. My boyfriend and I loved it! We will be back for other classes soon.

Cooking class review by Shuk Lam - Sydney

Clare Wang Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great, engaging and delicious! Also loved that group sizes were small. Thank you so much!

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Clare Wang - Sydney

Apple Aug 2022

Enjoy the class , good teacher, large room and very clean more variety ingredients would be nice

Thi Nguyen Aug 2022

The class is very fun , I learn a lot of thing . My teacher very friendly. I will join more class of him.

Victoria Bismire Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Excellent class. The venue is easy to get to and there is great parking in the side street next to it. Great facilities and the instructions provided were really clear. By the end of the class we all had delicious daifuku to enjoy with green tea. Recommended!

Wagashi Japanese Sweets Class: Make Daifuku Mochi review by Victoria Bismire - Sydney

Zara Humphreys Aug 2022

Everything about this was great! Lovely and very experienced tracer. Great venue, and beautiful Daifuku to eat at the end. Totally worth the money imho

Emily Bedwell Aug 2022

This was such an amazing experience! One I would recommend to everyone.
Dekura was such a great teacher, he explained why they do certain processes and explained the history behind it.
At the end of the class it was lovely to sit down with everyone and enjoy the meal. Definitely will want to go back and do another class

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Emily Bedwell - Sydney

Brett Wendorf Aug 2022

Mr Dekura literally wrote the book on Tempura cooking so wonderful to hear his wealth of information as well as admire his culinary skills. He is knowledgeable, good humoured and patient. Everyone had a great time and hopefully will use their new found skills to prepare a great meal at home.

Kelly Low Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Absolutely lovely experience! Hideo was very accommodating and sweet, he really made you feel comfortable at home. The class itself was very informative, and all the extra tips on ingredients and shopping were great.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Kelly Low - Sydney

Liana Rock Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a great class. Not only did we learn how to make our own noodles, but the teacher was really good at breaking everything down into easy steps. He explained everything really well and was happy to answer any questions. I would definitely recommend.

Shenaiya Day Aug 2022

Absolutely fabulous experience. Great instruction and beautiful food. We loved learning about the culture too.

Tamara Awad Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

An amazing class! Chef Hideo Dekura was very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. This class was a fun and immersive learning experience. I highly recommend it for all ramen lovers!

Cooking class review by Tamara Awad - Sydney

Howard Dahdah Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chef Hideo is extremely knowledgeable and readily shares this with us. He is also very generous with his ingredients. It feels like a banquet you have just eaten. A really enjoyable experience overall.

Connie Trapani Aug 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Loved this class! Chef Dekura is a master & he imparts his wisdom on the class.
Well organised, small & intimate we had a blast kneeding our noodles! I won’t spoil it for the next class!
Our masterpieces were delicious & inspirational to try at home.
I can’t wait for the next class!

Cooking class review by Connie Trapani - Sydney

Jackie Webck Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

A fabulous course - to be highly recommended. I attended with a group of friends and it was such a lovely way to catch up, learn and share new experiences.

Fiona Coad Aug 2022

We all had a great day today, as a family and under the guidance of Mr Dekura. Our noodles were perfect, the teacher is awesome and thank you Mr Dekura for our wonderful experience.

Stephen Wood Aug 2022

Valué for money with good technique- very experienced and knowledgeable teacher particularly in relation to true culture.

I’ll be back for the master class. Stephen

Cooking class review by Stephen Wood - Sydney

Jan Marshall Aug 2022

Demurs was a good teacher if a little difficult to understand at times. The venue is very pleasant easy to find with street parking nearby. 10 people in the class. Dekura started by making miso soup for everyone, we helped in making a thick omelette. Then it was really hands on as we all made our own sushi and Nigri plus garnishes. Then it was time to eat what we had prepared. 4 hours well spent and good value for money.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Jan Marshall - Sydney

Gin Lin Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The ramen class was great to learn how to make ramen noodles from scratch. The teacher was patient and informative but kept it light and enjoyable too.
Being able to eat your classwork is a good bonus!

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Gin Lin - Sydney

Jennifer Chong Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had the best time and I feel confident making my own ramen noodles at home Thank you for this amazing class! I will recommend it to all my friends!

Cooking class review by Jennifer Chong - Sydney

Nobby Rapata Jul 2022

So much fun! We did this for my partners birthday to try something new and we’ve fallen in love with cooking classes! Hideo was so lovely and really made it such an informative and enjoyably class, and omg The food Everything was so fresh! We love raw fish so this class was great to do it all yourself. We’ll definitely be trying another class soon :)

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class review by Nobby Rapata - Sydney

Charlene Bi Jul 2022

my daughter and her friends had the birthday party at this place. The sushi rice and materials are so fresh the whole place smells delicious. Kids had a lots of fun and really wanted to eat the sushi they made! Everyone said this is the best party ever! Dekura is very patient and friendly.

Connie Trapani Jul 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Wonderful class from a master chef. We not only learned very unusual dishes but picked up great tips. Chef was very generous in sharing some special dishes he had created. As it was a very small class we got a real in depth view.
The studio was lovely & intimate. Recommend highly!

Cooking class review by Connie Trapani - Sydney

Justine Waters Jul 2022

Everything about this class with just superb . Learnt so much with Dekura’s extraordinary expertise , passion and patience . Cannot re omens this class w ought for anyone wanting a true Japanese master teacher , experience and learnings

Matthew Wearne Jul 2022

Excellent teacher, with so so much food. Couldn't recommend more highly. Group all interested well with each other.

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class review by Matthew Wearne - Sydney

Chris Pak Jul 2022

Dekura-san was very informative and patient with the whole family taking us through the different types of sushi. It was a fun course and went quickly, plus you get to eat what you make

Paul Ward Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class, well-paced, informative, and nicely interactive.
The ramen afterwards was a definite winner.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Paul Ward - Sydney

Lita Luly Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a fab session! Absolutely loved this course. Hiedio is awesome patient, SO knowledgeable and a delightful man.

Thank you so much and HIGHLY recommend

Cooking class review by Lita Luly - Sydney

Philippe Hong Jul 2022

We had an amazing time with Hideo. He was very patient and super helpful. We got to have a very good taste of Japanese cuisine. He definitely is very passionate and know his topic. Would highly recommend!

Cooking class review by Philippe Hong - Sydney

Marcela Frutschi Jul 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

The kid's had so much fun and ate everything. The teacher was patient and the venue was great. Easy drop off and access.

Gary Tran Jul 2022

Mr Dekura was a gentleman. Very patient, friendly and generous with his time and kitchen. Not only did he give us a great lesson in sharpening by keeping things simple and going by feel, he also gave us a great overview on Japanese knives and their uses. Learning from YouTube is one thing, learning via hands-on demonstration with ongoing feedback from a true master of his craft is at another level. Thank you Hideo.

Sally Peacock Jul 2022

My daughter is usually anxious about new experiences, but she was quickly comfortable in the class and really enjoyed it. Kid (and parents) are super happy!

Kristina Thomas Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My 7 and 8 year old girls really enjoyed this class, they made some beautiful food and were so proud of their creations. Lovely hosts - thanks for a great afternoon!

Cooking class review by Kristina Thomas - Sydney

Jai Gadani Jul 2022

It was excellent and Jai came away very happy and excited want to g to attend more classes !

Daniel Morgan Jul 2022

Great quality ingredients prepared in a true Japanese way. It was hands on and really informative about Japanese culture.

Fiona Hughes Jul 2022

I did the tonkatsu ramen noodle making class and I thought it was ok. The tutor was nice, engaging and has a strong background in Japanese cookery.

My main reason for joining this class was to learn how to make the ramen broth, instead it was already prepared on the stove. I know it takes hours to make the base, but I would of liked to have seen him prepare a new one for his next future class. We were provided with a recipe for it, but it would of been nice to see the process.

We made the noodles which were fun to make and a great way in engaging with others. Once our noodles were made, we prepared the toppings and all sat down together feasting on a huge bowl of ramendelicious!

Shaynora Prasad Jul 2022

It was an incredible experience. Really easy to follow instructions, and the sushi turned out delicious!

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Shaynora Prasad - Sydney

Ben Hooker Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was patient and gave us clear instructions which he demonstrated and we copied. He involved us in lots of techniques.
The venue was a big kitchen bench with each person having a set out space and dining room to eat our sushi. All materials were provided. I was impressed with what I made and it tasted delicious. I liked the nigiri the best. This was a great experience.

Benjamin Bevan Jun 2022

Was a fun lesson got to make really yummy ramen. Teacher was great will definitely be cooking it at home

Cooking class review by Benjamin Bevan - Sydney

Linda Buko Jun 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed this class especially the part where we kneaded the dough with our feet. Can’t wait to do this with the grandkids . Chef Hideo is patient and kind and very knowledgeable and made the class fun and interesting. End result was delicious bowl of ramen noodles and knowledge so I can make them for my family and friends.

Cooking class review by Linda Buko - Sydney

Aphichaya Khamkaew Jun 2022

Professional teacher. He is very kind and gives a lot of tips of how to do sushi perfectly. Nice, clean and convenience location.

Cooking class review by Aphichaya Khamkaew - Sydney

Yiwei Li Jun 2022

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

The 4 hour class was full on with loads of simple but nice recipes. Dekura san made the experience enjoyable and sushi-making process achievable. Now gonna apply those techniques and tips in my own kitchen!

Georgie Cadwallader Jun 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This is my second workshop with Hinemo again loved it and learnt a lot, I find he is always generous with his own tips.

Cooking class review by Georgie Cadwallader - Sydney