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Hideo was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo. His father was a playwright and owned two Japanese restaurants, Kihei of Tokyo and Misuji, where he commenced his training, whilst still at school at Shinjuku High School and through to Nihon University. Hideo learnt from his parents the principles of sushi and kappo-ryori food preparation, cooking and presentation. These methods have been passed down through generations of his family. At the same time, he learnt the philosophy of Chakaiseki (the tea ceremony cuisine), Teikanryu Shodô (Calligraphy), Ikenobou-Ryuseiha (flower arrangement) and Hôchô Shiki (the cooking knife ceremony) under the tutelage of Shijyoushinryu by Iemoto-Shishikura Soken-Sensei.

After years of cooking and demonstrating in Japan, Hideo's interests led him to Europe to study classical French cuisine, England and then the United States, where he was able to combine his skills in Japanese and European cuisine by working as a demonstrator in California.

In 1972 Hideo visited Australia for the first time and settled in Sydney in 1974. He set up Japanese Functions of Sydney, the first Japanese catering company in Sydney, which was highly successful. He has lectured in several places and has now opened Culinary Studio Dekura in Chatswood.

Hideo is a master of Shijoshin-ryu in Sydney. Furthermore he is a member of Food Professional Australia, (formally Food Media Australia), Japan Master Chef Association, and a lecturer at the Sydney Sea Food School.

He is the author of several Japanese cooking books and cooking videos.

In 2007 and 2015 Hideo was presented with an award from the Japanese Government to those who have made significant contributions to the promotion of Japanese food and cooking.

In 2016 He was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine.



Anne Forbes

Tempura Cooking Class

Everything was fantastic. Great teacher, authentic and passionate about food. Obviously very experienced and willing to share. The venue was great - well set up. Recipes and food delicious but achievable. Thank you for such an enjoyable night.

Cooking workshop review by Anne Forbes

Giorgia Girolamo

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The class was very interesting and fun. I loved to learn some stuff about ramen and noodle making and especially I loved when we had the meal all together. I really suggest to try it!

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Giorgia Girolamo Sydney

Andrea Madelina

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The ramen class was a great experience. You learn to make hand made noodles in a very unique way. I would highly recommend this class. You get to enjoy your beautiful dish at the end of your class with your host and fellow students.

Cooking workshop review by Andrea Madelina

Cara Lennon

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class

Thank you Mr Dekura Such a wonderful experience. The venue was thoroughly thought out with a beautifully set up kitchen and dinning area. Was wonderful to have created such exquisite sashimi to enjoy with our fellow class mates and master teacher. ❤️ Cara

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class review by Cara Lennon

Azhani Amiruddin

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock

My partner and I had a wonderful night - Dekura-san was so warm and welcoming and had such an interesting background. He also made sure to be very COVID-19 safe during this time but manage to have a balance to be hands on to teach us how to cook ramen. We ended up making so much ramen that we have two Tupperwares of noodles to freeze to enjoy for the next fortnight. Could not stress how much to recommend this night - both my partner and I could not stop talking about it with our friends and colleagues the next day!

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock review by Azhani Amiruddin

Inda Rohani

Beginners Sushi Making Class

I really enjoy this sushi making for beginner class. Mr Hideo Dekura is a professional teacher.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Inda Rohani

Myda Gonzales

Beginners Sushi Making Class

Thank you teacher Dekura. Thank you for the techniques. See u next time. I have fun in your class.

Beginners Sushi Making Class review by Myda Gonzales

Iris Barhom

Beginners Sushi Making Class

Really enjoyed this class, the teacher was great the venue was beautiful set up very clean and all ingredients were fresh. It was with a great group with good vibes. It was nice having lunch with the teacher and the group we ate laughed and chatted and mainly enjoyed what we made.
Thank you

Cooking workshop review by Iris Barhom

Gabrielle Gallagher

Beginners Sushi Making Class

Hideo Dekura was a great teacher. Very calm but experienced and professional- also very nice and quite funny. We left with all the skills and knowledge And confidence to make our own sushi at home. There was a huge amount of sushi for lunch and he even made us miso soup from scratch- before we started cooking so we didn’t get hungry- best miso soup I have tastedgreat value and great fun! Thank you!

Cooking workshop review by Gabrielle Gallagher

Angela Wakenshaw

Kids Sushi Making Class (7+)

“Nice learning from a sushi master!”

He was very patient with the kids and explained why you roll the sushi in that way. The rolls were really yummy and overall a great experience for brand new and experienced cooks!

Kids Sushi Making Class (7+) review by Angela Wakenshaw

Jie Cong

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Great experience. The teacher is very nice and professional. The handout is very useful. The noodle making experience was fun and unique. The soup is super delicious and many kinds of toppings. Beyond expectations and will be back for another class.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Jie Cong Sydney

Ben White

Tempura Cooking Class

One of the best cooking classes ever! It was a privilege to be taught by one of the great masters of Japanese cuisine. The tempura was delicious and it was the finer details that I appreciated learning. The conversation was a highlight also as Hideo san is very interesting person with some great stories.

Cooking workshop review by Ben White Sydney

Sabrina Parr

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

I took my brother to this class as a birthday gift, he absolutely loved it. We really enjoyed learning how to make authentic Japanese ramen. It was a lovely experience and the teacher was a delight. Highly recommended!

Cooking workshop review by Sabrina Parr Sydney

Carol Pong

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class

My friends and I attended a private class for a birthday celebration and had a wonderful, fun and relaxing time. We learnt how to prepare sushi, nigiri, sashimi and miso soup. Hideo-san is so knowledgeable and a great teacher. He also had some great stories and experiences to share with us and made the class so enjoyable. We'd love to try out some of the other workshops at Culinary Studio Dekura in future! Thank you so much!

Cooking workshop review by Carol Pong Sydney

Vedro Citra

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Hide-san is amazing. This is my first time making ramen noodle from scratch but he made it so easy to follow. All of the infredients are also good.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Vedro Citra

Chantal Madi

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The teacher is an author or several Japanese cook books and is clearly knowledgeable in all things Japan! The class is a great couple or singles activity and great for groups of friends too. The kitchen is clean and well maintained and you are provided with the best quality ingredients. Overall a fun experience with delicious ramen to enjoy at the end!

Cooking workshop review by Chantal Madi

Victoria Roberts

Beginners Sushi Making Class

Great beginners sushi making class with everything we needed provided. Informative, enjoyable and delicious!
Thankyou Dekura!

Cooking workshop review by Victoria Roberts

Raymond Tan

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Our sensei, Mr Dekura, is warm and friendly. The class size is small (7 students) and atmosphere is relax. We learned about making Ramen noodles from scratch using some traditional techniques. We also witnessed the preparation of the broth. Finally we enjoyed eating a bowl of our own noodle with our selection of condiments.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Raymond Tan

Barinya Seresirikachorn

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The ramen tasted pretty good, but it was on a healthy, less fatty side rather than a typical fatty Tonkotsu. This course would be very helpful for beginners who know nothing about ramen-making. He was a really kind instructor and explained the steps clearly.

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Barinya Seresirikachorn

Toshihiko Oe

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class

I’m very enjoy and happy. I’d like to take again. Thank you very much.

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class review by Toshihiko Oe Sydney

Trissa Lopez

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock

Overall a great experience. I was expecting a lot given Hideo San is a professional chef and teacher but the class even expected my high expectations. He was very knowledgeable and so walked away knowing I can definitely make ramen at home now. Lots of tips and techniques you learn in person. Also, we got to enjoy the food at the end of the class and it was the best ramen I’ve ever had!

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock review by Trissa Lopez

Ray Ho

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

We loved this class as a birthday gift or a fun activity. We would recommend this to small and big group (couples or corporate teams)

Cooking workshop review by Ray Ho

Jessica Ryan

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The teacher was very knowledgeable and included everybody, every had a turn to prepare something

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class review by Jessica Ryan

Alison Cave

Izakaya Cooking Class

Hideo san's kitchen was a wonderful set up for a cookery class and my son and I really enjoyed learning more about Japanese cooking and some of the ingredients we are looking forward to using in the future. Thanks for my Xmas present Eliot!

Cooking workshop review by Alison Cave

Jaime Aquinde

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class

The teacher has in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine and is great at directing the class. The venue is conducive for learning as it is very quiet and has all the necessary materials and equipment, everything was provided from the aprons, knives, handouts, etc.
We learned a lot about choosing which ingredients to procure and where to get them, the process of making miso soup, filleting and boning fish, blanching baby octopus, making japanese-style omelette, sushi rice, different types of sushi, sashimi and nigiri, and beautiful garnishes. Overall, great value for money; aside from the learning, the best part is you get to eat your creation with your new friends! Highly recommended!

Jeannette Ferguson

Kids Sushi Making Class (7+)

Great teacher. Everything needed was provided and I learnt that nori is Japanese for seaweed.

Bartek Marnane

Kids Sushi Making Class (7+)

It’s usually hit and miss with my daughter on new activities such as this, but she loved the class. The teacher was patient, welcoming and supportive and she had a fantastic time.

Eryn McCaskie

Beginners Sushi Making Class

The teacher was absolutely wonderful, he was very polite and had a lot of knowledge on Japanese cooking. The food itself was nice, we prepared miso soup, nigiri, sushi rolls, and tamago. The price point is (in my opinion) a little high for what we did, although it was a fun day spent cooking with good company.

David Taylor

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

A great course for people that want to get an in-depth look at ramen noodle making and some great pointers to the whole process

Katherine Noel

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

This was an awesome experience! Very welcoming, fun and accommodating with a relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to try something different.

Alice Zheng

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Was a great experience. Yummy ramen and learnt alot about the techniques on how to make good ramen noodle. Fantastic for team bonding.


Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Mr Dekura's class was really good. Making noodles was fun and the recipe followed the traditional method.
We cooked and ate delicious fresh shio ramen and it was nice to share the meal with the class and get to chat with such an experienced Japanese cuisine connoisseur.
Thank you.

Annette Becker

Beginners Sushi Making Class

Great authentic teacher, fresh ingredients, well equipped kitchen and finally excellent Sushi! We will definitely come back!

Tracy Piper

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class

I had an awesome time , never had a cooking class before , Hideo Dekura makes everyone feel welcome , we made amazing sushimi and sushi dishes that we all ate for lunch , I will definitely come again , Thankyou again Hideo Dekura .

Felicia Chan

Izakaya Cooking Class

Dekura-san was amazing and I was inspired after the class to try out the items on my own. The cooking methods and ingredients were simple but the end product taste so good! Venue was great and cosy. Would highly recommend this class!

Rowan Macdonald

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

What was the highlight? Kneading the ramen with our feet; hearing many facets of Japanese culture while learning to cook; tasting our creation?
Dekura-san was very patient and attentive while letting me and my 12 year-old companions have a very hands on experience.
Clean and roomy premises with a strong attention to hygiene suitable for the current circumstances
Highly recommended

Janine Mace

Tempura Cooking Class

Brilliant class. Hideo-san is an excellent teacher who is very generous with his time and who is keen to share his deep knowledge of Japanese food and cooking techniques. Would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn more about both tempura and Japanese food preparation in general.

Rebecca Beaton

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Great teacher, very interesting and fun experience - I highly recommended it! Book it, you won’t regret it :)

Paul Butler

Izakaya Cooking Class

It was really interesting to understand more about Japanese cuisine - The teacher was very knowledgeable

Sue Champion

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

It was a very relaxing wonderful ramen noodle making class I had experienced. The teacher Hideo was so organised and provided absolutely everything. I really enjoyed the class. Thank you Hideo

Michiko Friesenegger

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Mr Dekura was friendly and a great teacher. His studio was lovely and it was a good experience making ramen from scratch. I'd definitely look at doing another class with him.

Saisha Nariani

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The teacher was very knowledgeable and taught in detail
Materials provided were clean, up to the mark and of excellent quality
The venue was neat and well suited for detailed class


Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

I really liked the ramen and Mr Dekura was very very good . We made ramen from scratch, better than shop ramen

Pm Luong

Izakaya Cooking Class

Mr Dekura was an inspirational teacher who imparted his knowledge with such calm and grace that made the experience so memorable and amazing.
His cooking style and his wealth of knowledge was Worth more than one could ever hoped to learn in a cooking class. ( I am already booking more sessions with him).

The venue was homely and beautifully presented, every detail has been carefully thought of. The ingredients were chosen so creatively and so fresh that you’d think it can only come from his garden.
I learnt many of my favorite dishes I’d tasted in Japan through my travel, and the principle behind authentic Japanese cooking- my dream came true There were so much food that one could never finish in one go- lucky me.
This is one of the best cooking lessons I’ve had. I’d highly recommend mr Dekura’s classes to anyone interested in learning about Japanese food and culture.

Stephen Tran

Beginners Sushi Making Class

I had a great time learning the basics and also the techniques of making sushi with Dekura. He was very patient with us and was a very funny person. I hope to see him around soon and would absolutely come back to him when I am ready to take the master course!

Jin Song

Japanese Knife Sharpening Class

An informative class on knife sharpening and Dekura's teaching was approachable for beginners. I would highly recommend this class.

Patrick Weaver

Sushi and Sashimi Master Class

We had a great time last night learning how to make authentic high end sushi & sashimi! Hideo was a very knowledgeable teacher & lovely to work with. Would definitely recommend this class. Thankyou Hideo-San!

Brett Fisher

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Teacher very helpful on different ingredients used even catered for vegan. Delish options and very easy class to learn

Marian Afinidad

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

The ramen culinary class with Hideo-san was an experience I cannot wait to repeat. My partner and I were lucky enough to be the only ones in the class for today and it was an intimate and enjoyable experience. Hideo-san’s kitchen was clean and organised, with all ingredients and required materials fresh and ready. He was also an intriguing conversationalist, with plenty of stories to tell and recommendations to provide for our next visit to Japan. We will definitely be returning for his sushi class! Hideo-san, arigatou-gozaimasu!

Sonia Cuan

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Dekura-san was an excellent teacher. He explained everything very well and assisted each student individually. The facilities were very spacious. The class size was the optimum size. I was very impressed by the quality of the class and would be more than happy to consider taking another class run by Dekura-san.

Joan Ting

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Fun learning to make ramen. Amazing teacher. Venue is great and we had a great time learning from scratch the classic way of making ramen.

Tracy Kwang

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock

Our sensei (teacher) was well prepared laying out all the ingredients, experienced and made the class easy to follow by explaining each step clearly! We ate the ramen afterwards for lunch together and very experienced a Japanese culture. I highly recommend this class!

Sinead Morgan

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock

Thank you for a very relaxed and informative class! We made our own ramen noodles from scratch and every step of the process was demonstrated including the stock making and the flavour combinations created by the toppings. We then enjoyed our own delicious bowl of ramen. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and included snippets of information about ramen making in different regions of Japan.

Jennifer Stevenson

Beginners Sushi Making Class

Great opportunity for my team to enjoy a class / team-building activity -- and also enjoy dinner! The studio is fantastic with all of the materials required and a good size for a small team (we had 9). The instructor was excellent - we learned a lot from him and also really enjoyed his good nature and enthusiasm for great sushi. Would absolutely recommend this course to others.

Jenny Ahern

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Loved this class, I love ramen and this was a wonderful intro into making it at home. Did this on my own, but a mixture of groups and people on there own, very relaxed and fun atmosphere. Highly recommend giving this a go!

Yu-Lin Low

Izakaya Cooking Class

The teacher was very patient, very caring in his style of teaching cooking.
He prepared all the ingredients in advance so we students can enjoy learning how to cook as well as tasting the foods afterwards.

Jamie-Lee Burns

Ramen Noodle Making & Chicken Stock

Really enjoyed our class, and the ramen turned out great! Can't wait to have a go making this at home.

Jovi Santos

Ramen Noodle and Tonkotsu Soup Cooking Class

Very practical class on cooking ramen. Techniques learnt and ingredients used can be done easily at home for family meals and parties. The instructor was warm and friendly and very experienced.

Betty Kovacs

Izakaya Cooking Class

He was very knowledgeable and friendly, great food options and tricks with food , thank you

Savannah Zou

Beginners Sushi Making Class

This was a great hands-on experience. We made sushi and nigiri and also learned how to create simple but elegant garnishes. We learned very useful tips and what I liked about the class is that I walked away feeling like I could replicate this at home. The amount of sushi we made was more than enough to fill us up, the teacher offered us takeaway boxes for the leftovers! The cooking studio was very clean, yet homely. My only critique is that at times the direction of the class was unclear and we'd be cutting things or doing tasks but unsure of why, but it all made sense in the end.

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