Candle Making Classes Are for Everyone

Candle Making Classes Are for Everyone

Candle Making Classes Are for Everyone

Candle Making is a fun, relaxing, and very old tradition that is resurfacing today as wonderful hobby. While you may have been intimidated by making your own candles in the past, there are now fun opportunities to learn the art of candle making in just a couple of hours. At ClassBento, we’re adding more amazing candle making classes in Sydney and beyond every month.

Here are just some of the reasons our past participants have absolutely loved taking these classes on candle-making:

•       Candle making classes are great for parties - Hen’s parties, corporate events, family get-togethers, girl’s-night-out, you name it. Whenever a group of people makes candles together, they have a wonderful time and walk away with a memento to remind them of that special event.

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•       It’s also a great option for a romantic outing - If you’re looking for a unique date-night idea, candle-making should be on the top of your list. Whether you’re looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day or want to surprise your significant other throughout the year, you’ll both love the opportunity to create something beautiful to enjoy at home.

•       Soy candles are environmental - Both of the classes offered by ClassBento feature 100% natural soy and reusable materials. There are no harmful chemicals and you won’t throw anything away. In fact, once you’ve used up the whole candle, you can repurpose the vessels for more candles, teacups, or whatever your imagination conjures up! Because the candles are made of all-natural ingredients, there’s no leftover residue. Simply wash the glass container or Japanese pot with soap and water, and you have a clean jar.

•       Candle-making is therapeutic - These workshops are lovely for self-care and mindfulness. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded creative students, you’ll enjoy soothing natural fragrances, and you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the calming effects of warming and pouring the wax for your candle. Our instructors are amazing teachers, and work hard to create a friendly, relaxing atmosphere for the workshop. Plus, at the end, you’ll be able to enjoy your work at home, for a gentle reminder to find a bit of tranquility in your life.

•       Candles make great gifts - while making candles is a fun activity, giving them away is equally satisfying. Choose the perfect fragrance and aesthetic for the special person in your life.


A couple of our favourites are the ones taught by Tara at the Provider Store and the other by Elena Martello at Bellanina Creations. Both classes are popular and well-loved by our students.

At the Provider Store, located in Surry Hills, you’ll have fun making a Japanese-style wax candle. All of the materials are provided for this 2 hour Japanese Soy Wax Candle Workshop, and you’ll walk away with a pure soy wax candle in a beautiful Japanese ceramic pot. Plus, you’ll enjoy a cheeseboard and sparkling wine during the class.

Find out about the aromatherapy benefits of candle making classes here. 

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The Provider Store follows the idea of slow living with an emphasis on creating ethical and sustainable products. Their works are sold world-wide.

This class can accommodate up to 10 people and takes place on Friday or Saturday evenings. Alternatively, you can contact Provider Store directly to set up a private event.

Elena’s Soy Making Candle Class takes place in Annandale and is just over 3 hours. Her emphasis is on choosing the best fragrances and decorating the candles with dried flowers. At the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with three different-sized candles - one large candle in a glass jar with a wooden wick, one medium-sized one with a cotton wick, and one small travel-tin candle. You’ll also be provided with helpful handouts and a guide book so that you can continue the hobby at home.

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Elena has been making candles and soaps for a number of years and is the owner of Bellanina Creations. Her work is often featured in weddings, baptisms, and other special events.

Her class is set up to comfortably fit 6 students but can also accommodate up to 15 people for special events. Children 8 years and older are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian. Regular-scheduled classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays in the early afternoon, or you can contact her for a private event.

So, whether you’re a candle-enthusiast or have never considered making a candle yourself, you should sign up for one of our very popular candle-making workshops. You’ll love our instructors, you’ll meet new friends, and you’ll walk away with a one-of-a-kind candle that you will be proud of! 

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