Check Out Australia's Most Popular Cooking Lessons

Check Out Australia's Most Popular Cooking Lessons

Check Out Australia's Most Popular Cooking Lessons

If you’ve mastered the art of Vegemite toast and microwave popcorn, it could be time to up your game with cooking classes in Australia. Designed for beginners and taught by professional chefs, cooking lessons are a fun and practical way to get creative in the kitchen.

With a smorgasbord of classes available across the country, it’s never been easier to learn to cook Down Under. Whether you want to attend a Thai cooking class in Melbourne or learn to roll handmade dumplings in Adelaide, there’s something on the menu for everyone. Trust us, your tastebuds will thank you!

1. Get spicy with Indian cooking lessons

Australia is famously multicultural and it’s no surprise that Indian is one of the country’s favourite cuisines. Sure, dining out or ordering takeaway is a great way to enjoy Indian food. But have you ever considered making your own curries from scratch?

An Indian cooking experience will teach you everything you need to know about how to transform raw ingredients into restaurant-worthy dishes. Think creamy chicken tikka masala, fragrant rice biryanis and succulent Rogan josh lamb curry seasoned with Kashmir chilli powder.

Speaking of spice - don’t worry if you’re not a hothead. From Sydney to Perth, all our culinary schools offer you the freedom to customise dishes and make them as spicy (or as mild) as you like. This flexibility is great for groups and makes cooking lessons one of the best team building activities in Australia.

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2. Master the art of Italian cuisine 

When it comes to comfort food, nothing compares to Italian. If you want to venture beyond Domino’s and capture the true flavours and colours of Italy, a pizza making class will get you up to speed, pronto!

Channel your inner Guy Grossi and learn to make fresh handmade pasta, perfectly charred wood-fired pizza and meatballs worthy of Cellar Bar itself. Seriously, after a pasta making class, you’ll never look at Italian food the same way again.

Italian cooking classes are held at the top culinary schools in the country, with locations across Australia. During the hands-on workshop, you’ll learn a wealth of tips, tricks and techniques from a pro. When you’re done, you’ll have the confidence to whip up a batch of ricotta gnocchi or put the finishing touches on a traditional tiramisu. Cooking alongside your bae is guaranteed to get sparks flying in the kitchen, so why not add couples cooking classes to your list of date night ideas?

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3. Travel to Thailand in a hands-on cooking class

Complex flavour profiles and pops of colours make Thai cuisine a firm favourite in Australia. From state capitals to country towns, you’ll find dishes like pad Thai noodles, Tom yum soup and peanut-infused massaman curry served across the country. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Sydney this weekend, why not try a hands-on Thai cooking class?

You’ll soon find out that Thai cooking lessons aren’t just about kitchen skills. As well as learning how to make your own green curry paste from scratch and shred papaya for a ‘som tam’ salad, you’ll dive into the rich history and culture of Thai cooking. It really is a holistic experience and by the end of class, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled to The Land of Smiles.

If you’re more of a sushi and sake kind of person, why not dive into a Japanese cooking class? Learn to make colourful sushi rolls, plump gyoza dumplings and dashi, a salty broth that acts as the base of many Japanese dishes.

4. Make bread, pastries and more in flour-dusted baking workshops 

From Black Star Pastry and Lune Croissanterie to Margaret River Woodfired Bread, Australia is no stranger to world-class bakeries. If you’ve always wanted to go behind the scenes and create a little flour-dusted magic, now’s your chance. These cooking classes for beginners teach you how to make everything from pastel-coloured cupcakes and buttery croissants to plant-based vegan desserts. Herbivore alert! You’ll find a huge range of vegan cooking classes across Australia – perfect for rainy day activities or as cruelty-free gift ideas.

Chad Robertson may not be an Aussie, but his sourdough obsession has certainly made it Down Under. If you’ve killed your starter too many times than you care to remember, a sourdough class will get you back on track. An experienced baker will walk you through every step of the process, from feeding the ‘mother’ to scoring pretty designs. If you’re looking for things to do on a rainy day, it doesn’t get much cosier than a bread baking class.

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5. Impress your friends with Insta-worthy macarons

If you live in Melbourne and can’t walk past La Belle Miette without salivating, you’ll love making your own macarons in a hands-on class. Popularised in France in the 19th century, these delicate desserts have captivated Australia and it’s easy to see why. Every macaron is a masterpiece and the combination of creamy ganache sandwiched between meringue-based biscuits is impossible to resist.

Macarons are notoriously hard to master and it’s no surprise they often go for $2 a pop or more. In macaron-making workshops, you’ll learn all the insider secrets used to create these bite-sized delights. From baking and piping techniques to experimenting with fillings and flavours, you’ll cover all bases in these practical cooking lessons. Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to continue your new macaron-making hobby at home. Even better, round out your European-inspired kitchen skills with a French cooking class.

If you’re on the hunt for bride-approved hens party ideas, a macaron making class could be just the thing. What better way to celebrate with your girls than an afternoon of macaron magic? Just add bubbles! You’ll love putting your new skills to the test and baking melt-in-your-mouth macarons for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Organising a bachelorette with interstate guests? Online cooking classes are a fun way to get the ladies together and spend quality (virtual) time with the bride to be.

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