DIY Christmas Gifts and Cards Sydney

DIY Christmas Gifts and Cards Sydney

By ClassBento Team

Want to make some unique, heartfelt eco gifts, with your personal touch, that your recipient won't find anywhere else?

Maybe it's a birthday, a special occasion like an anniversary, or Xmas (aka Christmas). Or maybe you're doing wedding or other invitations.

Why not learn a new craft or skill, and have heaps of fun while you're at it?


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Xmas DIY gifts


DIY greeting cards

Up your calligraphy skills, by taking a brush lettering class. Learn to master the strokes of your pen, and write beautiful and artistic messages. Add a bit of flair, and excitement to your message!

Create your own prints to use across stationary and cards, by taking a block carving class. Create designs of classic Christmas icons like Xmas trees and mistletoe, or maybe make Aussie signs of the season, like ripe cherries or Christmas beetles.

Or try a screen printing class, and make prints with a different technique, to decorate your cards, T-shirts, totes, and more


DIY Xmas gifts Sydney


DIY gifting

Create a unique blend of perfume, by blending scents and odours to make your very own scent.

Or make soaps and candles - a luxurious and sensual gift for extending those long summer nights.

Maybe make a serving board, with a twist of acrylic art.

Or design and make your own jewelry to gift someone special.


Xmas DIY decor ideas

DIY decor

Make a terrarium - a living garden that will bring a breath of fresh air to any living space. Easy to maintain, it will last for years, and the bauble-like shape of the glass vase is a nice homage to the merry season.

Or create your own bauble and fill it with loving or aspirational wishes.

And finally, add an Aussie touch by creating a bouquet with Australian natives. These will dry and last well into the future.




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