DIY Resin Goddess Craft Kit

Have your next girls night in covered with this gorgeous resin craft kit!

Chelsey Teale
Chelsey Teale
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($90 per box for 1+ boxes)

Interested in making resin art but feel like staying home? Learn all the fundamentals of casting resin and make something beautifully feminine and powerful just for you, or better yet... get one for you and all your friends to do as a fun activity.

This DIY resin goddess kit is perfect for hens parties, birthday parties, or just a Friday night in with a glass of wine in hand!

Resin art is on-trend, and these stunning figurines with beautiful dried flowers are something you'll not only have fun creating but will have something your proud to show off as the end result.

Everything is designed to be reusable in this kit. The only thing you’ll need to re-stock is the resin if you wish to make more goddesses!

Included in your DIY resin kit:
  • One silicone goddess mould
  • Tubes containing Resin Part A and Part B
  • Measuring cup
  • Mixing utensil
  • Dried flowers for one goddess
  • Resin guide booklet
  • Sheet of baking paper
  • Pair of gloves
  • Skewer
What you'll need
Everything you will need is included in the kit! There's the option to use your own dried flowers however, you will be provided with a sufficient amount in your kit
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Chelsey Teale
Chelsey Teale

5.0 (262)
Instagram followers12k

Chelsey Teale is an Australian based artist currently living in Sydney, originally born and raised in California. Chelsey has been creating mixed media art in an attempt to capture a sense of flow and movement within her paintings. Her current work would fall under abstract expressionism mixed in with minimalism. Specialising in non-traditional painting methods and straying away from using any strict guidelines on how the paintings should turn out, rather trusting the movement and flow of the medium. Her approach to her art is completely intuitive and comes from within, which makes her pieces feel authentic and original.

Meet Chelsey Teale

Meet Chelsey Teale, the Sydney artist who transformed her side hobby into a full-time job and discover why you should try pouring paints!

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