7 Group Activities in Sydney Your Work Colleagues Will Love (No Matter Their Age)

7 Group Activities in Sydney Your Work Colleagues Will Love (No Matter Their Age)

By Annie Symmonds

Discover team building activities in Sydney that your colleagues will love — no matter their age! Get crafty in the kitchen at a hands-on cooking class, learn how to paint a masterpiece with a glass of wine in hand or build a DIY terrarium for your home office. With these fun group activities in Sydney, you’ll be able to discover plenty of amazing art workshops, craft lessons and culinary experiences that’ll suit every member of your team.

Maybe you’ve tried the standard Sydney group activity of after-work drinks at the same venue the team has always gone to. You know you need to change things up, not only because they’ve done an outstanding job, but because you know they are worth more than the local pub. If you’ve got a team full of people that are all completely different, it’s worth exploring fun team building activities that won’t be awkward or full of uncomfortable silences. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Think outside of the box and ditch the booze-fuelled work parties which can often make the non-drinkers feel uncomfortable (and the drinkers feel even worse for waking up with a hangover). Bring out the best in your team and help them feel motivated, productive and empowered to be the best versions of themselves inside and outside of work hours.

With that in mind, let’s help you discover some fantastic group activities in Sydney your work colleagues will love.

Discover the joy of cooking in the kitchen

adding finishing touches to Japanese food

Cooking classes are one of the easiest solutions when looking for group activities for adults in Sydney. While it requires effort from everyone to come together and learn new skills, the classes are rewarding and satisfying, especially when you sit down to eat your restaurant-worthy meal together!

With so many cooking classes in Sydney to choose from, why not pick a cuisine from around the world and give your teammates hope that their overseas holidays will resume? Learn how to roll sushi or make ramen the traditional way at a Japanese cooking class or feast on Italian classics like pizza and pasta. 

Not sure what to do (and what to avoid) when planning corporate team building activities in Sydney? We've put together a handy helper.

Join a fun and relaxing paint and sip class

group of people painting at paint and sip class

If you’re looking for a Friday night after work activity which isn’t centred around the local pub, why not book a paint and sip class in Sydney? One of the most popular corporate team building activities in Sydney, paint and sip is the perfect combination of productivity and creativity. And of course, there’s nothing better than sipping on a glass of wine to let your hair down. If you have a few introverts in the team, this is a fantastic experience to help them feel more confident in getting to know other members of the workplace.

Guided by a local Sydney artist, you’ll meet at a studio and indulge in a fun night learning to paint. While this is a beginner's art class, there’s no need to feel competitive or overwhelmed about having artistic flair. Simply create your own version of a famous painting and enjoy getting to know the other members of the team in a social, laidback environment.

Embrace your green thumb at a terrarium making class

woman smiling as she builds a DIY terrarium

One fabulous activity that everyone will love is joining a local terrarium workshop. Not only will you get the chance to bring some beautiful plants into your home but you'll also learn all about the ins and outs of plant care. With the help of a knowledgeable terrarium teacher, you'll gain the confidence and know-how to keep your plants thriving.

In this fun and entertaining DIY art workshop, your team will get their hands dirty and learn how to build layers using different soils before choosing which succulents to create their own DIY terrarium. Terrariums are also the perfect starting point for looking after plants! As they only require watering once or twice a month, these low maintenance plants will help build confidence with your team members to see the benefits of keeping plants at home.

Looking for more unique things to do in Sydney? Discover how to make a Japanese moss ball at a Kokedama workshop! Kokedama are plants that are covered in moss and wrapped in string. Similar to terrariums, they are easy to maintain and will add a unique touch to your living space or home office.

Embrace the beauty of Kintsugi pottery

repairing kintsugi plate

Try something completely different and have the whole team stepping out of their comfort zone as they come together in one of the best indoor activities in Sydney! Find new things to do in Sydney with a kintsugi workshop. The team will love learning all about the ancient Japanese art form in this satisfying and rewarding experience.

Taught by a kintsugi teacher in Sydney, the team will learn how to fix broken ceramics with beautiful gold lacquer. Learn all about the ancient tradition and completely relax at this beautiful Sydney team building activity. In this mesmerising workshop, the team will soon feel comfortable and will have an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Explore your local neighbourhood with a smartphone photography workshop

Everyone in Australia has one thing in common, and that’s a phone. Regardless of the ages of your team members, you know you’re onto a winner when you can teach them how to take epic photos using their smartphones. As we’re always trying to capture special moments through the lens of our phones, learning how to take exceptional photos with a photography teacher in Sydney is a handy life skill.

The team will be able to stretch their legs and leave the office on an adventure around some of the best landmarks in Sydney. Expect to practice taking photos using various styles of image composition, light and angles to take your photos to the next level. Not only will the team appreciate you for organising one of the best group activities in Sydney for their own interest, but it will also bring them closer together and encourage more chatter outside of the office.

Indulge in hand built pottery

Unleash your team's creative side with hand building pottery classes, another fantastic group activity in Sydney. This is a great way to foster a relaxing and engaging environment for your team away from the pressures of the office. Guided by an expert ceramicist, your team will learn how to shape clay into beautiful objects, unleashing their creativity while also learning a new skill.

Hand building clay is also proven to be therapeutic and stress relieving. It encourages teamwork as colleagues can help each other out in creating their pieces. Plus, they can bring home their handmade pottery as a reminder of this unique bonding experience!

Get crafty with a wood burning class

If you're looking for team activities in Sydney that's truly out of the box, why not consider wood burning workshops? Known as pyrography, wood burning involves etching designs onto wood surfaces using heated tools. It's an art form that requires patience and precision - something that challenges your workmates while still being fun and enjoyable.

Under the guidance of skilled artisans, your team will learn the basics of wood burning to create their own masterpieces onto a wooden cheeseboard. This shared experience not only builds news connections but also encourages creativity and quality time with the team. Besides, who knows? You might discover hidden talents among your colleagues during this unique group activity in Sydney!

With so many team building activities in Sydney to help build stronger connections with your team, it’s never been easier to help improve work productivity and employee wellbeing!

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