How to Plan a Virtual Hen Night That's as Good as the Real Thing

How to Plan a Virtual Hen Night That's as Good as the Real Thing

By Classbento Team

Want to find virtual hens party ideas that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home? We've got you covered!

We have hundreds of virtual hen night activities that are just as good as the real thing, including online art, cocktail mixing and chocolate tasting classes. Every engaging workshop is beginner-friendly and unbelievably simple to arrange. Once you've chosen a time and date, we'll send participants a lovingly crafted DIY kit overflowing with equipment and a link to the professionally led live stream. Then the bride is ready to celebrate and make sweet memories with her loved ones even from far away. Keep reading as we reveal our top tips for running a successful virtual hen party, before highlighting five incredible experiences that promise an evening to remember!

Top tips for running a successful virtual hen night

Virtual hen parties have boomed in popularity thanks to their uniqueness and convenience. You don't have to travel far and wide to enjoy some of Australia's most memorable activities, and everything you need is delivered straight to your doorstep. However, there are a few things you can do to make the occasion even more magical…

1. Collaborate with your class organiser

Hens party ideas

Some of the country's most talented artisans, crafters and chefs run our virtual hen nights, and they strive to provide an unforgettable experience! That's why they love collaboration – get in touch and tell them about your friend's humour, passions and partner so they can personalise the masterclass.

Perhaps, there's a hilarious story or collection of school photos you could incorporate? Maybe, you'd like to tinker with the format, so there's time for socialising between creating masterpieces? Our teachers will always do their best to accommodate you.

2. Send the bride-to-be extra party supplies

Jewellery making

While our handmade DIY kits come with all the materials you need, why not surprise the soon-to-be bride with some extra party supplies? 

Goodie bags might contain souvenirs from the past, sweet treats, sashes, skincare products, favourite beverages and friendship bracelets. It's a small but meaningful gesture that's bound to make your best gal pal feel a million dollars.

3. Pick a fun dress code

women at cocktail making class

Staying at home doesn't mean you can't dress up (or down if you're a laid-back lady). Instead, choose a code or theme to get everyone in the celebratory spirit.

You could emulate famous artists for an online painting class or go full black tie for a cocktail making session. Chilled-out hens might prefer an old-school sleepover vibe, complete with slippers, cosy PJs and endless cups of cocoa.

4. Buy tasty nibbles and drinks

women at hens party

Virtual hen nights will have you holding your sides from too much laughing, and that's hungry work! Keep energy levels high by preparing a feast full of wines, snacks and nibbles.

Depending on the experience, food and drink might be included. Online baking, desserts and culinary classes offer all the ingredients you need to cook mouth-watering recipes from home, while virtual paint and sip parties kick-off with a complimentary tipple or two.

5 virtual hen party ideas with the wow factor

1. Go gaga for famous gin cocktails

Mix, muddle and shake four lip-smacking gin cocktails in this flamboyant virtual cocktail making masterclass – perfect for social butterflies looking to let their hair down.

Under the guidance of one of the world's most awarded and inventive bartenders, you'll concoct a traditional gin and tonic, Tom Collins, Southside and Tahitian spritz (mocktail versions are available on request). Alongside busting flair moves and measuring spirits, you'll also discover how to use herbs, mint leaves and citrus fruits to maximise flavour.

2. Relax with watercolour painting

Organising a wedding takes patience, perseverance and extraordinary people skills (everyone has an opinion on menus, venues and guest lists). If your bride's feeling a little frazzled from planning, spoil her with a chilled-out online botanical watercolour painting class.

Not only will the group walk away with stunning pieces of art to brighten their interiors, but painting boasts a treasure chest of mindfulness benefits. It's an opportunity to release pent-up emotions on canvas instead of an unsuspecting mother-in-law, and the repetitive rhythm of brushstrokes also soothes anxious minds.

3. Design a romantic DIY flower crown

Tiaras are nice, but boho flower crowns are better! In this online floristry class, you'll design a dazzling bridal accessory – a bohemian halo bursting with Japanese flowers and locally grown foliage.

After a demonstration from an accomplished florist, you'll implement wiring techniques and choose from a selection of exquisitely coloured blooms. The hand-picked Japanese flowers are everlasting, meaning you can wear or hang your dreamy creation for years to come.

4. Delight plant mums with green thumbs

If your girlfriend's got a green thumb, how about a virtual DIY terrarium making workshop? More interesting than bog-standard house plants, terrariums are miniature self-sustaining ecosystems comprising succulents, exotic greenery and earthy minerals.

Gardens in glass bowls are surprisingly straightforward to create and care for – simply layer stone, sand and soil, then add your terrarium plants and fairy garden decorations. They thrive on humidity and condensation, so you only have to water them occasionally with a spray bottle.

5. Tantalise the senses and sample chocolate

You can't go wrong with a tantalising online chocolate tasting class, where you'll dive into the Wonka-esque world of heady aromas, cacao notes and flavour profiles.

Your host will lead you through a delicious journey, explaining the history, manufacturing process and recipe for the nation's most-loved sweet treat. There's a mammoth 12 samples in your DIY kit, each with different essences and defining characteristics.

Where can I find more virtual hen night ideas?

If you haven't found what you're looking for, browse our complete collection of virtual hen party ideas. We have hundreds of unique experiences on offer, including online craft, pottery and cooking classes. As well as having bucket loads of fun, you'll receive practical guidance from expert teachers and one-of-a-kind keepsakes to commemorate the special occasion.

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