7 Virtual EOFY Party Ideas for Team Building in Sydney

7 Virtual EOFY Party Ideas for Team Building in Sydney

By Kellie Maloney

On the hunt virtual team building activities in Sydney? Learn how to cook, craft and create from the comfort of your own home with these unique EOFY party ideas! In 2024, as teams continue to navigate the ever-evolving work landscape, finding creative ways to boost team wellbeing and have your colleagues feeling extra special.

Whether your team is still working completely remotely or you have a hybrid work policy, we've got you covered with 7 virtual team bonding EOFY party ideas that will bring joy, connection, and a sense of togetherness to your Sydney-based team. From hands-on cocktail making and cooking classes to punch needling, these virtual team building ideas in Sydney are some of the best ways to celebrate your team’s successful year!

Shake up your Friday night drinks with cocktail making

cocktail making class at home

Heading out to the nearest pub for your EOFY party ideas is an easy choice, but if you want to shake things up a little, get your team together for an online cocktail party! During the virtual cocktail class, team members can take turns showcasing their creations, sharing their own twists on classic recipes, or even inventing entirely new cocktails with the help of a passionate mixologist. This activity fosters a sense of creativity, collaboration, and friendly competition.

With a variety of cocktail recipes and techniques to explore, your team can unleash their inner bartenders, learn new skills, and create delicious espresso martinis, margaritas and pina coladas together. So, grab your shakers, gather your ingredients, and get ready to mix, shake, and sip your way to a memorable team bonding experience for the end of the financial year. 

Learn how to cook up a storm in your kitchen

pizza making cooking class

On the hunt for unique corporate event ideas to try with your workmates? Learn new skills together at online corporate cooking courses and master the fundamentals at home. From making homemade pasta to creating mouthwatering desserts, there are so many delicious recipes to try as you’re guided by talented chefs across the country. Encourage your team to explore their creativity, experiment with flavours, and savour the joy of preparing a delicious meal together, even if you are physically apart.

Keen the dive in? Don your aprons, gather your ingredients, and get ready to chop, sauté, and simmer your way to success with your team. Whether your colleagues are absolute beginner chefs or have some experience in the kitchen, a virtual cooking class promises a delightful and engaging celebration that will leave everyone hungry for more. Bon appétit!

Discover why you and your team will love a team building cooking class in Sydney!  

Pottery EOFY party ideas to sink your hands into

ceramic painting class at home

Working with clay isn’t normally top of the EOFY party ideas list. It is, however, a fantastic exercise in team building as it combines creativity, teamwork, and individual success. Getting everyone to a pottery studio can be a hassle though, and it’s just as fun to bring the pottery making to your team’s living rooms!

From clay and sip classes to pottery painting workshops, every member of your work crew will get to join your livestreaming session and make unique clay sculptures and ceramic mugs at home. These are some of the best virtual workshops Sydney teams will love and a great introduction to hand building clay. Not only are these team building events fun, but they’re also a chance for you and your colleagues to relax and unwind at home. 

Quick and easy team building activities in Sydney 

candle making at home

Making candles is one of the best things to do in Sydney if you’re chasing down team bonding activities that are quick and relatively easy. Using soy wax, you and the team will follow along on the class live stream as you learn how to melt, pour and fragrance your soy wax in order to make a unique and gorgeous scented candle. This is one of the online workshops that doesn’t take longer than an hour or so and is a fantastic way to gather your hybrid or remote working team and bring everyone together for your team building activities. 

Team building activities for self-improvement

Maybe your team building ideas have been so successful in bringing your team together that making pottery or shaking up some cocktails is a regular occurrence. If so, great work. When done correctly, team bonding activities can have lasting results and promote good habits that really entrench themselves in the team ethos. 

So if you’re chasing EOFY events that can help your Sydney office work on themselves, a virtual meditation class is for you. In one of the best self-care workshops Sydney has to offer, you and your staff will learn how to meditate and destress using a variety of simple and effective methods that will aid their mental health and emotional organisation. This is one of the best team building activities in Sydney for staff wanting to embrace mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace. 

Paint and sip from home

learn how to paint

Get ready to unleash your team's inner artists as you sip drinks and relax at home with online paint and sip classes for team building. These virtual art adventures are the perfect blend of fun and camaraderie. With passionate artists leading the way, you'll discover hidden talents, paint vibrant masterpieces, and bond over shared artistic triumphs. Whether it’s a paint your colleague workshop or another themed paint and sip party, there's no limit to the creative magic that can unfold during these lively sessions. So, grab your paintbrushes, uncork your imagination, and let the paint and sip fun begin!

Punchy EOFY party ideas

As far as EOFY party ideas go, punch needle embroidery is a fun and crafty choice for your remote working or hybrid office. Following along with your local maker, you and the team will learn the literal ins and outs of punch needling, giving your team the opportunity to add their own creative flair into the fabric. If you’re looking for one of the best things to do in Sydney as an alternative to tufting, you can’t go wrong with a punch needle kit and class. It’s one of the most satisfying and creative team bonding activities for you and your team to try.

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