7 Alcohol-free Activities for Team Building in Sydney

7 Alcohol-free Activities for Team Building in Sydney

By Annie Symmonds

Are you tired of the same old routine for corporate events? Say goodbye to the headache of post-event regrets and hello to a new wave of engaging, alcohol-free team building activities in Sydney that foster genuine connections and support wellbeing. In 2024, inject some excitement into your team dynamics with hands-on experiences that cultivate stronger bonds without the hangover!

We've all been there—waking up after a night of overindulgence at a work party, plagued by the dread of potential mishaps and misplaced words. But fear not! There's a better way to bring your team together without the haze of alcohol. By embracing alcohol-free team building activities, you're paving the way for deeper connections, enhanced trust and a more cohesive team dynamic.

In a world where alcohol often takes centre stage, why not go for activities that inspire creativity and camaraderie? Whatever industry you're in, everyone can benefit from a break from the ordinary. Our art classes, cooking workshops and craft lessons cater to beginners and seasoned pros alike, providing a level playing field where all team members can thrive.

Gone are the days of hierarchical divides at corporate events. Our team building activities in Sydney foster an inclusive environment where managers and team members alike can bond over shared experiences. Instead of fuelling alcohol consumption in the workplace, help your team feel focused, content and empowered by providing team building activities that are so fun and immersive, you won't even miss the alcohol! You never know, you might spark a creative outlet within your team, helping them improve their health and wellness by doing more things they love outside of work. 

Get creative in the kitchen at cooking classes 

two female colleagues smiling and holding plates of food at a corporate cooking class

If your team are comprised of a mixture of ages and different personalities, the best way to bring them together is by organising cooking classes in Sydney. Cooking classes are a fantastic team building exercise where everyone has to work together. By using your analytical and creative skills together, they’ll be faced with solving problems each step of the way. The best part? At the end of the class, everyone will sit down together and enjoy a beautiful restaurant-worthy meal — cooked by the team!

With thousands of cooking classes to choose from, it’s easy to support local Sydney cooking schools and learn how to cook different cuisines from around the world. We may not be able to travel right now, so give your team a taste of adventure without leaving the city by organising Japanese cooking classes, Italian pasta or pizza making or even spicy Indian cooking classes! 

Send your team to a kombucha making class in Sydney and they might just end up swapping a beer at the bar for a healthier kombucha next time they go for after-work drinks. Kombucha is a fantastic health replacement for beer, especially when you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink that isn’t water or a sugar-laden fizzy drink. 

Taught by a local kombucha expert, the team will learn about the fermentation process and why kombucha is good for your health, and more specifically, your gut. Anyone who has an interest in kombucha will find this kombucha class in Sydney absolutely fascinating. 

For more group activities in Sydney, check out this list of ideas your colleagues will love! 

Satisfy the team’s sweet tooth with dessert classes

For teams that possess a few sweet tooths, consider getting hands-on at a dessert making class! Guided by a passionate teacher, your team can learn how to make everything from Korean Ggot Tteok to Japanese Wagashi or can have a go at piping buttercream into beautiful designs at a cupcake decorating class. 

At the end of the class, everyone gets to return home with a collection of colourful, sweet treats and the confidence to make them again and again.

Invite nature in at a terrarium workshop 

Two female colleagues building a terrarium at a terrarium class for team building

Terrarium workshops are popular for team building activities in Sydney because they provide a creative outlet that everyone loves. While it’s a rewarding DIY experience, it’s also a relaxing and meditative class that will help the team take time out of a busy day and connect with nature. When we’re more relaxed, work solutions come a lot more easily. As the team gets stuck into the team bonding, conversations will flow and they might learn a lot about each other they didn’t know before. 

Learn how to craft your own terrarium and build beautiful layers before choosing which succulents you want to complete your own mini-ecosystem.

Create with clay at a wheel throwing class

Team of colleagues at the potters wheel at a wheel throwing class

Imagine hosting a beautiful pottery wheel throwing class on a Friday night after work. The team will love getting together for an alcohol-free and fun night together as you learn to mould and shape your own pottery. Even if the team are apprehensive about spending their Friday night at a pottery workshop in Sydney, they’ll thank you on Monday morning for giving them the best start for a weekend of zero hangovers and feeling rejuvenated for a productive week ahead. 

Taught at a local pottery studio, the team will be mesmerised as they learn to make their own ceramic mugs, bowls or cups they can use at home every day. They’ll be able to switch off from work mode and switch into spending quality time together, getting to know more about the people they work with every day. 

Hit the streets for a smartphone photography workshop

Woman learning to take photos on her iphone at a photography class

If there’s one thing everyone in your workplace will have in common, it’s a phone. Bring them together by organising a fun and entertaining smartphone photography workshop in Sydney. 

There’s much more to taking photos than you might think! Guided by a local photographer, they will take the team through the city sights to capture some of the best architecture and landmarks in the CBD in the best way possible. Learn how to capture a moment in time through composition, light and perspective. Expect to learn about the best filters and presets to transform your images. The team will love seeing their Instagram fame shoot up.

While a photography course in Sydney might keep the team interested in this team building activity, the skills they pick up could come in handy if you need any work photos taken in the future!

Get artsy at a painting class

Even Mike from accounting will see his creativity come to life at painting classes for team-building. There's nothing like inviting people to express themselves on canvas to encourage bonding and connection. Whether you choose to head on down to a local art studio or have the class come to you, our painting classes are beginner-friendly and open to all with friendly instructors onboard to provide guidance. From abstract splatters or meticulously detailed landscapes, colleagues will enjoy the opportunity to see their vision come to life. The best part is that painting classes leave hands free for drinking and nibbling so you can add some tea or coffee and snacks to the mix to keep the team's energy up. So, add a splash of colour to team building activities with painting classes.

Group of people painting at a corporate paint party

Virtual activities for team building

In a world where remote work is increasingly common, building connections among team members scattered across different locations is super important. Enter virtual team building activities—the perfect solution for bringing colleagues together regardless of geographical barriers. 

From online cooking classes to making sculptures or paintings at home, these online team building activities will keep employees entertained from the comfort of their own home and they're a great way to ensure no one is missing out on all the fun. Plus it's hard to get carried away and drink well into the night when you're not physically together! 

Whether you’re a team of ten or 100, there are plenty of alcohol-free team building Sydney activities to choose from! Help your team on the path to health and wellness and bring them together to build stronger relationships with our collection of fun Sydney workshops.

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