How to Enhance Team Motivation in Sydney

How to Enhance Team Motivation in Sydney

By Sam Bowden

Elevating team motivation and synergy in Sydney isn't just about the grind—it's about fostering a fun and tight-knit crew. Discover our wide range of corporate team building activities in Sydney to make sure your team gets reinvigorated in 2024! These activities aren't just about shaking up the work routine—they're like supercharged energy drinks for team morale and unity. They're the secret sauce for keeping everyone pumped up and connected. With regular team-building, companies not only keep motivation levels sky-high but also weave tighter bonds among their team members, creating a tribe that's ready to work together to conquer anything. Plus it makes the workplace more fun and who doesn't want to add a little more fun to the work day?

From cooking to gardening, these team-building activities in Sydney bring the good vibes and they're more fun than your usual ice breakers or Friday night drinks. Whatever activity you decide to go with, making sure the workplace vibe stays positive has never been easier with our help. So in order to get the jump on staff motivation, we've put together our quick list of do’s and don’t’s when it comes to your corporate team building events in Sydney. 

Do: The team that cooks together stays together 

Group of colleagues enjoying homemade pizza after a cooking class for team building

Cooking classes have always made for an excellent choice when it comes to corporate team building in Sydney, because it builds a sense of collaboration and teamwork. This is an essential part of any team building exercise—if you want your team to stay together, they have to play together and nothing beats the fun of learning how to cook with each other! Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, corporate cooking courses welcome everyone to try this relaxing, mindful activity. Your staff will work together to create a delicious meal, with the guidance of a passionate chef so you can all sink your teeth into our Sydney workshops, no matter how many times you’ve picked up a pan. 

The best part about our cooking classes is that at the end of the class, everyone gets to eat a delicious feast around the table. Food brings people closer together, and with your staff breaking the bread they just made, you’ll have them bonding like Remy and Alfredo in Ratatouille! Many of our cooking classes also come with additional extras, so if you feel like making dumplings and cocktails, make sure you contact your local teacher to see if they can offer any special packages for you and your team. This wonderful corporate team activity in Sydney is one for remember for years to come! 

Don't: Head to a fast food restaurant 

Although it has its benefits, getting your office to go through the drive-thru at your local McDonald’s is not a healthy way to motivate your staff. Not everyone wants to eat a burger in the back of a van, and this is a surefire way to zap them of any enthusiasm for your team ideas going forward. If you’re looking for a fun team building cooking class in Sydney, our BBQ and beer workshop is the perfect choice for you. 

Do: Help your team embrace their green thumb at terrarium classes

Three employees laughing while making a terrarium at a terrarium class for corporate teams

It would be a very fair statement to say that we love a good terrarium workshop—our office is full of them! Building a terrarium is a unique way to get back in touch with nature, and to work that green thumb your nan was always insisting you need! Terrarium building is an ideal team building activity as it’s been proven to reduce stress, as you unwind, get your hands dirty and learn how to create your own DIY terrarium. 

Throwing a terrarium workshop into the mix may be a good way to spice up your work routine, helping you get to know your team outside the office. If your office also needs a touch of new decor, terrariums are a welcoming dash of green to the office space. Plants in the workplace have found to purify the air of toxins, reduce noise (honestly!) and help everyone feel more relaxed and calm. This is why terrarium building classes is one of our best corporate team building activities in Sydney, where you and your colleagues can even bring back their unique terrarium to the office to admire. For more tips on how to be effective with mental health in the workplace read our article here.

Employees displaying finished handmade terrariums at end of corporate team building day

Don't: A veggie patch day is fun but.. 

If you’re thinking of getting the staff together to dig up a veggie patch outside, think again. It may not be the best activity to engage everyone, especially on a hot day. Instead, our indoor plants and pinot class is a much better option for teams, where everyone can spend a relaxing day learning how to take care of indoor plants while sipping on a glass of pinot. Mmm, delicious! 

Do: Head to the great outdoors at photography classes

Group of colleagues soaking up the sun at an outdoor photography workshop

Forget the cliche paintball or bowling games, and instead shake things up at our photography classes in Sydney! Discover the art of capturing moments in your local neighbourhood and unleash your creativity behind the lens. If you're looking for unique corporate events ideas, we have a range of DSLR photography and smartphone photography classes that make great outdoor team bonding activities. Even if you're an absolute beginner, they require no prior experience or skills, which means anyone can join in on the fun! 

Step out of the office and embrace the experience of walking with your team at our outdoor team building activities. Even if you're a local, there's no better time to explore Sydney and gain a new perspective through our photography classes. From landscape photography that captures the beauty of nature to street photography that unveils the essence of urban life, there's a class perfect for you and your team. Wherever you are in Sydney, from the Rocks to Manly, there are plenty of photography courses available day and night. Simply take a scroll through our website, choose your favourite workshop and head on a unique experience that your team will never forget. 

ClassBento employees enjoying a team-building activity

Don't: Find a intermediate photography workshop 

Intermediate photography classes are great but if you're looking for team building ideas to suit everyone in your team, visit our fun photography classes for beginners instead. Under the guidance of local photographers, they’ll get your team having so much fun taking photos of the great outdoors in Sydney. 

From cooking classes to terrarium making classes, there are a wide range of unique corporate team activities in Sydney, so it's never been easier to find something your whole team will love. Consider the needs of the team and what activities everyone is interested in, then simply pick a workshop and get ready to make this the best team event in 2024! Our team building ideas in Sydney will have your team motivated to not just come to work, but to see the faces they work with! 


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