A Secret Recipe for Team Building Cooking Classes

A Secret Recipe for Team Building Cooking Classes


Just as we need food to survive, every team needs a list of ingredients to succeed. That's something cooking and teamwork have in common, and with the correct combination of ingredients great things can be achieved. The best place to test out this recipe is in the kitchen at one of our corporate cooking classes in Sydney


The secret recipe for team building success

Serves a full team 


You will need:

1. A kitchen fully equipped with collaborators

Working as a group in the right environment is a key ingredient for successful teamwork. A collaborative setting can encourage people to give their best, and while individual efforts are important, when we bring skills together teams can take the final dish to the next level. In any workplace team, everyone has a role. Each person brings their own set of skills and knowledge that can strengthen the team as a whole. A positive, challenging and encouraging scenario, like a kitchen, can emphasise each individual's strengths and combine them to give the perfect mix of ingredients for a delicious dish. 


2. One tablespoon of leadership, two tablespoons of communication

What's great about cooking is that it's a casual activity. Cooking casually allows for a more intimate and relaxed setting which is perfect to build trust between employees and improve communication. Don't forget to provide chances for leaderships teams to mix with other departments, because without this cross communication it's impossible to accomplish goals as a team. It's important to make people feel comfortable and in a safe space where they can share thoughts without being judged, because great ideas come from positive feedback.

When working in the kitchen your team needs to communicate well so they can work together and complete a dish. Let's say the team is divided and as groups, you are going to prepare a three-course menu. Someone would be the leader or chef of each team, but at the end, you need to determine everyone's tasks based on individual skills. Mutual support and the contribution of ideas from every individual will be fundamental to preparing the perfect meal in order to win the challenge. And that's where communication is essential.


3. Spice up your game 

Talking about winning the challenge, healthy competition is not only fun but an extremely good exercise for team building. These type of challenges allow us to adapt to different situations, build the group confidence and be creative. Creativity is important to overcome any obstacle, and cooking is one of the best team building activities to put it to the test. That's what makes team problem-solving fun: try new processes, non-traditional recipes and innovate, because at the end with the right tools and ingredients, you just need a pinch of creativity to overcome any challenge.


4. Choose your main course

Now, setting a goal is probably the main ingredient. Teams need a purpose in order to be productive. When the time is taken to set a common goal and everyone understands what it is, everybody will feel connected and be on board. It's important to find those engaging scenarios that motivate us to fulfil the common goal and once you've decided on the main course, everyone will be involved and committed to making its the best it can be. 


5. Cook together to work better

Cooking and eating together are social activities that help with our interpersonal skills. These play a very decisive role in any work environment and greatly impact on our abilities to be a successful team. When preparing and then enjoying a meal together, we are spending quality time that helps everyone to feel like part of a community, create bonds and get to know each other. Building solid relationships out of respect and honesty will help get jobs done more easily and effectively in the long run. 


6. Cook with love

A mindful activity like cooking can be extremely good for the mental health of everyone in your team. A caring environment is essential to guarantee not only the welfare of everyone, but also work performance. Taking care of your employees, cooking with them and for others, will act like a self-esteem and confidence booster, and not to mention how rewarding and satisfying it is to enjoy a meal made entirely by the group. Those type of rewards are necessary to keep your team motivated. 



1. Arrange a fun corporate cooking activity for your team via ClassBento

2.  Set your goal dish for the perfect meal. 

3. Choose your head chef or team leader and exchange ideas to design the full menu. Determine each individual's role based on their unique skillset.

4. Get everybody on board: commit and support each other through the process.

5. Have fun, interact, build your confidence as a group, cooperate and make decisions (it’s easier to make them as a team).

6. Serve, gather and enjoy!


Preparation Time

Easy, enrolling in a fun corporate cooking session is one of the best things you can invest in for you and your team. It will not only be a good leisure activity, but it will also provide a unique and entertaining challenge that will put you and your team into the test in a different scenario where decision making and relying on each other will determine the outcome. It will also create stronger bonds and will contribute to positive team growth, which can then be put into practice in any work environment. Like cooking, team building needs time, effort, commitment and practice to reach its full potential. That's why in order to keep winning the challenge you need to fire up your team consistently, both in the kitchen and in the office. 



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