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After completing a Diploma of Commercial Photography and now, with over 3 decades experience in the Advertising Industry, Chris is an energetic, passionate, all round photographer. Chris has a reputation of being warm, kind and easy going on set. His technical and commercial skills were fine-tuned whilst working with established photographers and his own business in marketing, travel and adventure, medical, corporate, events, fashion, food, product, wedding and family photography. This career has transpired across the dramatic changes from the Analog to Digital realm. Chris has also been a long time teacher and mentor in B/W Darkroom, Film and Digital photography, enthusiastically sharing his knowledge and skills with people of all ages and backgrounds.




Claire Cooke May 2021

Learn Phone Photography at Home

This class is a great introduction to photography. Filled with the technical knowledge to really help your photos pop!

Rita Coffey Nov 2020

Phone Photography Class for Kids (10+ Years)

Chris was excellent and very thorough in explaining the science involved with photography to a 13 year. Our son enjoyed the workshop and has asked us if he could do more classes with Chris. Highly recommend this class for teens. Thank you Darren & Rita Coffey

Frances Allan Oct 2020

Phone Photography Class for Kids (10+ Years)

Many different techniques were explained really clearly, in detail, in language that was perfect for a 12 year old and a 10 year old. Chris also gave specific feedback on photos that was very helpful. Highly recommended.

Wassim Dabboussi Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

The quality of the information presented in this work shop is world class, I have completed video and photography courses upwards of $4500 each and the information Chris gives in this workshop was superior to other course I have completed. Chris has a talent to make the information easy to digest and implement. If you want to take exceptional photos for any reason, Personal, Family, Business, Social Media etc. I highly recommend you attend Chris's course.

Carmen Freitas Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

This class was perfect for me. I needed some general quick short tips on how to take better pics with my iPhone. Chris gave some very interesting background to colour, lighting etc; which clarified the why! I had a few wow and ahah! moments. Highly recommend it! Thank you

Nadine Steward Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

Chris is a great teacher provided great tips to better use your phone for enhancement in your photos, recommend this class for anyone looking to make better photos.

David Taff Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

Good to know some of the technical aspects of taking photos and also giving specific feedback to each about the type of photos taken by each student

Heather Mead Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

Fabulous workshop! Chris has great depth of knowledge and is clearly passionate about photography. He has a relaxed teaching style which makes for a very open learning environment. The course outline was well set out and everything was covered, with great examples of topics discussed. Background and history of photography was really interesting and added depth to the discussion.

Silvana Franze Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

I really enjoyed Chris' style and easy manner of teaching. The class was easy to follow and I learned a number of new techniques to use on my iPhone when taking photos. In particular the depth of field tip. Highly recommend.

Photography workshop review by Silvana Franze

Elsa Crandell Jul 2020

Learn Phone Photography at Home

Excellent insight into how to utilize the photographic technology embedded within our smartphones. Tips and tricks that are easy to follow and can make vast differences in the before and after production of photos.

Photography workshop review by Elsa Crandell Sydney

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