Need a Boost? This Creative Summer Checklist Can Help

Need a Boost? This Creative Summer Checklist Can Help

By Kellie Maloney

Did you know that creative activities are some of the best ways to boost your wellbeing? In fact, staying social, finding a routine and keeping active come highly recommended by health experts. Start your year off right with our to-do list of summer workshops and experiences and you’ll see for yourself! 

Mid-January: Stay social with cocktail classes

cocktail making class

After the adrenaline rush of Christmas and New Year’s, it’s only natural to start feeling a little social burnout by mid-January. You’re not alone! The Black Dog Institute has some top tips for combating this, like focusing on what you enjoy, being in the moment and having fun. Luckily for you, we think we have a summertime experience that ticks all those boxes. 

Literally shake it out and get reinvigorated in January with cocktail classes. From zesty margaritas to sweet Pina Coladas, learning how to make cocktails with the people you love is the perfect summer activity for keeping spirits high!  

Late January: Get crafty with the whole family

mother and daughter dried flower arranging

You might not expect that among all the excitement of the school holidays, this time of year can actually be quite challenging for young people. 

According to Headspace, kids and teens may be left feeling “bored, unsupported, upset and sometimes anxious” during this period, as they’re out of their usual routine and not seeing their friends as much. 

As the school holidays come to a close, there’s no better time to get the kids (and bigger kids) together over a fun and crafty activity so they can keep exploring and stay socially active. The key is to find something simple that everyone can enjoy like a terrarium workshop or a polymer clay class

These crafty experiences are a fantastic way to check in and bond with the family beyond Christmas Day and make everyone feel special and included.   

Early February: Slow down with a mindful experience

woman smiling at macrame workshop

Make time in February to slow down, embrace the moment and check in with yourself as summer starts to wrap up. This is a great time to think about new habits you want to make for yourself, as “the key to great health is in positive habit formation.”

Why not try something different this year and pick up a new mindful hobby or skill? Unwind at the potter’s wheel and make ceramics, twist and tie cord into a macrame wall hanging or plant hanger or let loose with colourful fluid art.  

Mid-February: Connect and save at a Valentine’s Day cooking class 

couple making chocolates together

We hear you, you want to do Valentine’s Day differently this year. As you recover from holiday spending, transform the usual dinner and movie combo into a date night activity with added value. 

This is where cooking classes come in. Not only will you learn lifelong cooking skills with an experienced chef but you’ll also get to sit down and enjoy your handmade meal together—it’s like two presents for the price of one!

Turn up the heat with a sizzling BBQ class or knead fresh dough together at a pasta making class.

Late February: Prep for autumn with a new hobby

woman smiling at candle making class

We know what you’re thinking—how do I stop the post-summer blues from sinking in? Well, the answer is simple, be kinder to yourself and adopt smaller, more achievable goals that will make you feel productive and accomplished.

It’s actually very normal to feel a bit down after the holiday period and according to research from Deakin University, it’s actually a sign of good health. To stay motivated, keep the warm and fuzzy feelings you associate with summer alive by trying your hand at a new hobby.

Piece together mosaics, arrange flowers into bouquets or melt and pour fragrant candles. You might not find your creative calling right away, but you’ll be keeping your mind stimulated and fostering your creativity as the weather gets cooler.

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