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We are a creative reuse centre making a difference in the world by reducing waste and creating change in the way we look at resources.

We run workshops for kids, adults and community groups so everyone can learn how to consume less and make more! With us, you'll see the creative potential in leftover and castaway materials to save them from going into landfill.

At Reverse Garbage you’ll find the materials, skills and inspiration you need to live more creatively, more sustainably and more meaningfully.


Reclaimed Woodblock Printing Workshop

5.0 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 14

label $85

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop

4.9 (52)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $150

Re-Weaving Workshop with Reuse Materials

4.8 (4)

date_range Thu 25 Jul, 6pm

location_on Marrickville

1 to 15

label $85

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners

4.9 (33)

date_range 24 Aug, 26 Oct

location_on Marrickville

1 to 10

label $110

Revive with Indigo Dyeing Workshop

date_range Sat 19 Oct, 10am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 15

label $110

Japanese 'Tsumami' Flower Accessory Workshop with Izumi

4.5 (2)

date_range Sat 10 Aug, 10:30am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 15

label $60

Educational Sustainable Teacher Workshop

4.3 (4)

date_range Sat 17 Aug, 10am

location_on Marrickville

1 to 20

label $75

Introductory Woodworking Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

1 to 12

label $75

Kids Puppet Making School Holidays Workshop

4.0 (2)

8 to 12 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

1 to 12

label $75

School Holiday Woodworking Workshop for Kids: Timber Wagon

4.0 (1)

10 to 15 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

1 to 8

label $150

Puppet Making School Holidays Workshop for Kids

8 to 12 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Ingleside

1 to 12

label $75

Leatherwork Workshop: Stitching and Lacing

5.0 (22)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

8 to 12

label $80

Re-Weaving Workshop with Reused Materials

4.8 (6)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Ingleside

8 to 15

label $85

Proddy Rug Making Class

4.8 (45)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

8 to 14

label $80

Sustainability Workplace Engagement by Reverse Garbage

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville / Mobile

10 to 20

label $55 - $110

Tinkering with Tools for Kids: Electronics and E-waste

4.9 (36)

8 to 13 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

8 to 12

label $45

Wood Tinkering Class for Kids

4.5 (12)

8 to 12 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville


label $50

Flipped Fashion Class for Teens: Make Your Own Jewellery

11 to 15 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville / Mobile

8 to 12

label $30

Weaving Workshop for Kids

4.5 (2)

8 to 12 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

8 to 24

label $35

Zero-Waste Organic Eco Dyeing Workshop

5.0 (7)

date_range Contact for details

location_on Marrickville

1 to 14

label $130




Veronica Hind Jun 2024

Loved it. Clare was a great knowledgeable host. Was a fun class to learn a bit about some printing techniques, zine making

Ruth Spitzer Jun 2024

The zine class I attended at Reverse Garbage was great. Nice and relaxed. The classroom was spacious and cosy. And the tutor Clare was such a lovely soul. Enjoyed the class immensely self and just having an opportunity to play with my art supplies. Having so much fun it went by too quickly.

Mary Verykios Jun 2024

Artist Claire Welch hosted a thoroughly enjoyable, and informative block printing and zine making class. We drew impressions onto a block, then printed these to be used in our zines. Claire guided us through a variety of zine making methods. Then it was up to us to look through pre loved books and all kinds of magazines to cut, tear, mix words and text around in layers telling our personal story. This was was my first deep dive into the world of zines. It was great experimenting with a simple storyboard to create a little book that reveals my story. Thank you Claire! For all the extra tips and information that I can take back to my special needs class.

Stef Scott Jun 2024

Literally the most calm and content i’ve felt in a very long time. Claire was so wonderful and full of knowledge and cool ideas. The group was also amazing! Overall a 10/10 experience, and left me with a massive smile on my face :)

Susan Hando Jun 2024

Teacher was informative and and well organised.
Venue was great. Class size great - lots of time for personal interaction
Materials were fine - well set up with everything needed.
Nice choice of colours of appropriate fabric.
Will be using what I have learnt at this class to try and make versions - perhaps a little larger - at home! Looking forward to an advanced class!

Jasmin Lin Jun 2024

Izumi is a creative, talented, helpful and patient teacher. Her instructions were easy to follow and created a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Izumi also showed me how to use the techniques from this class on other mediums. I had an enjoyable Saturday morning. Thank you

Japanese 'Tsumami' Flower Accessory Workshop with Izumi review by Jasmin Lin - Sydney

Lisa Newey Jun 2024

Really enjoyed our night. Lou was a very knowledgeable and helpful teacher, and encouraged us to be creative and inventive. A real takeaway was the idea that the work and materials will tell you what they want you to do! Would definitely recommend to others.

Madeleine Kynaston May 2024

Great overview of woodblocking. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive instructor. Great class- would very much recommend!

Reclaimed Woodblock Printing Workshop review by Madeleine Kynaston - Sydney

Graham Mitchell May 2024

Saturday Wood Block Printing
Very informative
Venue was clean and nice Space
An enjoyable time with people wanting to explore the creative possibilities of
Recycled Wood Block Printing and applications
The class was good value for Money
The principles of Wood Block Printing and Techniques

Sally Steele May 2024

Really satisfying and interesting. Fergus was a great teacher too. I love the prints I made.

Jane Drabble May 2024

This woodblock printing workshop was a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Fergus is a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher. I had fun, learnt a lot, and made three cute prints!

Leanne Zai May 2024

Loved this class! I went with my mum and sister and we all had a great time. The four hours flew past and I can't wait to see the finished product in a few days time.
Yoko was very knowledgeable and gave very clear instructions at each step. I was very impressed by the preparation she put in before the class to make sure we had exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Pottery class review by Leanne Zai - Sydney

Stephen Jackson May 2024

The teacher and the class were great. I learnt a lot about Kintsugi. I went with two friends and we had fun.

Jane Fafeita May 2024

I booked myself and two friends in for Yoko's kintsugi class. It was a fun and enriching thing for us to do together. I'm an introvert & not terribly sociable, and a class like this was perfect for maintaining and building connections with loved ones as well as learning a new skill.

Jacky McLeod May 2024

Loved it …. It was great class. Yoko was a fabulous teacher, We really enjoyed ourself.

Kay Nelson May 2024

Louise was fabulous, friendly, fun, informative and encouraging.
She even made brownies for the class!
The workshop was clear, easy to follow and we all had time to produce some great results. I’d recommend this to anyone. The group was welcoming and open. Big tick from me!

Print Making class review by Kay Nelson - Sydney

Clare Ienna May 2024

My mum and I did a lino printing workshop at Reverse Garbage with Louise. It wad a lovely set up, skilled friendly teacher, well resourced and so much fun!
Will keep an eye out for other classes running at reverse garbage!

Marianne Lloyd May 2024

Louise’s Lino class was wonderful! We all came away with beautiful pieces of art and new skills! Great value for money

Poppy Dowle May 2024

Such a great intro class into lino printing! Louise was a fantastic teacher, guiding us through the steps and providing advice and inspiration. Highly recommend this class to everyone.

Lahrohn Moreton May 2024

Teacher was great. Plenty of material to experiment with.
Def value for money.
Liked the easy pace of the lesson and the reveal of artworks.

Jodie Cox Apr 2024

The presentation was good. It was a great validation of what we are already doing.

Mary Repole Apr 2024

Was a workshop for educators In our service to introduce loose part play, the importance of it and ways to do it.

Leanne McConville Apr 2024

The presenters were fantastic. The information was relevant to my needs.
Very friendly relaxed felt more like a chat than a horrible lecture. It was interactive and extremely informative

Anthea Seeto Apr 2024

We had 2 very good and experienced presenters.
I enjoyed the discussions and brainstorming ideas done as a group.
Took photos of the venue and hopefully they will inspire and encourage my team to learn and embrace loose parts play an implement into our curriculum.

Patricia Bursill Apr 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

So professionally run! Creative, knowledgeable and encouraging teacher in a great space. Easy instructions and also willing to experiment, so perfect for all levels. Highly recommend!

Reclaimed Woodblock Printing Workshop review by Patricia Bursill - Sydney

Joshua Ditu Apr 2024

The teacher was very helpful in providing assistance when required.
The location was comfortable and spacious and allowed the children to either work on a table or on the floor.
Overall it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Zoe Mackay Apr 2024

My kids enjoyed the workshop, but I was pretty disappointed. From the description, I was expecting the kids to have some structured lesson time learning to safely use simple wood working tools to work on a project. It was much more unstructured than I expected which meant I felt like it was not very good value for the money. I could have handed them a hammer, some nails and spare parts at home. I was hoping this workshop would provide more guidance than that. I think the description could be updated to give a clearer idea of the style of workshop.

Teacher's response

Hello Zoe, Thank you for your feedback. Apologies that the class wasn't as you had expected. The lead educator had changed in the past year, with a change in approach as well. We believe that tinkering is a process of exploration that can inspire kids to design and make. In the workshop there was discussion of safe tool use, how to approach design, and troubleshooting. This is a much more organic process, and we will update our description to reflect this pedagogical change in approach. If you are interested in a structured course our introduction to woodwork for parents and kids is coming up next month which is a step by step building process.
Best, RG Education Team

Benjamin West Apr 2024

Had a great time planning my timber creation and then making it. It was exciting to learn how to use the hand tools and being able to take my design home at the end of the session. Thank you for running such a great session.

Rachael Latimer Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoko was a great teacher and the venue was just outside 'Reverse Garbage' in Marrickville.
The class was very relaxing and Yoko explained the history of Kintsugi that made the class even more a joy.
All the materials were provided on the day, and it was a great way to spend 4 hours on a Saturday. I would definitely recommend this course.

Gemma Haigh Mar 2024

Excellent activity for all ages and skills. Great teacher, small group, time well spent. We love our new prints!

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners review by Gemma Haigh - Sydney

Daniela Scalcon Mar 2024

What a great way to spend three hours! Louise made us all feel welcome and capable and guided us through the class with patience and clear direction. Everything was provided for our creative endeavour and we received as much help as we needed. Everyone was really happy with their finished pieces and you don’t have to be an artistic genius to produce something fab! I would definitely recommend!

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners review by Daniela Scalcon - Sydney

Ben Shuker Mar 2024

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a Kintsugi class taught by Kawada Sensei this past weekend. This class was a wedding gift, and it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences we've had as a newly married couple.

Kawada Sensei's expertise and passion for Kintsugi were evident from the moment the class began. She guided us through the process with patience and clarity, making sure we understood each step before moving on. Her teaching style was engaging and informative, making the complex art of Kintsugi accessible to us as beginners.

The class was not just about learning a new skill, but also about embracing the philosophy behind Kintsugi - seeing beauty in imperfection and appreciating the history of an object. This resonated with us deeply and added a layer of depth to the experience.

We enjoyed the class so much that we decided to buy a kit to continue practicing Kintsugi at home. We are excited to explore this art form further and create our own Kintsugi pieces.

In conclusion, we highly recommend Kawada Sensei's Kintsugi class. Whether you're looking for a unique experience, a creative outlet, or a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, this class has something to offer.

Tracey Browne Mar 2024

I really enjoyed learning this beautiful repair technique. I was very cathartic. Yoko was an excellent teacher and I loved how she sprinkled the practical course work with the philosophy and history of Kintsugi. 4 hours seemed to go very quickly. Thank you

Tracey Young Mar 2024

Yoko was a wonderful teacher - incredibly prepared, patient and clear in explaining each step. She also gave lots of interesting info about the history of the art form and the philosophy behind it. The materials were excellent. I really enjoyed learning how to practice the art of Kintsugi and I can’t wait to try it out in a broken vase at home.

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop review by Tracey Young - Sydney

Nat Cheney Mar 2024

Yoko was lovely, great class
I bought a DIY box and have already started using it

Kim Lazenby Mar 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoko is so knowledgeable about her craft. She teaches with patience and humour and skill. We felt like we got a real insight into the history and philosophy of the craft as well as its technical aspects.

Ginny Retmock Mar 2024

Good as’s a bit far away if coming on PT otherwise a good workshop

Dina Burnstock Mar 2024

Very enjoyable and informative. I came away with new skills and ideas and excitement about continuing experimenting at home! Thank you.

Lynn Christie Mar 2024

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was well organised and provided the equipment needed to successfully complete a zine and instruction on several printing techniques. The information gained in the course will be very useful in the future - bottom line was that it was absorbing and great fun. The teacher and her assistant were excellent.

Emily Smith Mar 2024

Teachers were knowledgeable, helpful and so friendly. I learned loads and had lots of fun. Loved it!

Jacqueline Kinred Feb 2024

Phil is a great teacher, this class was really fun with ample time to make something to take home complete. Phil explained the processes really well and we thoroughly enjoyed the class. Looking forward to more!

Theresa Brungs Feb 2024

This was a brilliant birthday party. The teacher was really helpful, and knowledgeable. The kids had a great time using the recycled resources provided to create some beautiful pieces of jewellery and art.

Zero-waste Birthday Party for Kids review by Theresa Brungs - Sydney

G Rey Feb 2024

AMAZING workshop So friendly and lovely! Had SO many supplies on hand and was just such a fun time

Niamh Kyriacou Feb 2024

It was fun and Yaz was lovely. The class was more open than I thought. You get to make cards using the Reverse Garbage materials, it's not really structured around teaching techniques.

Chloe Fournely Feb 2024

Very nice and chill event. Supply was great for the amount of time we had

Rebecca Walker Feb 2024

Phil was very knowledgeable and really took his time to help us with our individual projects

Sarah Williams Feb 2024

Phil was a great instructor, well prepared with clear guidance and demonstrations of all the techniques. I learnt a lot!

Eleanor Harris Feb 2024

Claire is a great instructor with a passion for art and printmaking. I really enjoyed the workshop.

Emily Phillips Feb 2024

Claire was fantastic! Decided to do the workshop on a whim and so happy I did. Very good explained demo’s and encouraging using the press. So many tips and a well thought out zine workshop!

Hannah Lewis-Dalby Jan 2024

Thank you, Lou! If you would like to learn a craft that’s low on rules, high on fun; embraces ‘mistakes’ (really? that looks GREAT!) and is limited only by imagination and what’s laying around - weaving is for you!
Lou is a great teacher and weaver - thanks for sharing your passion for weaving with us.

Stephen Laws Jan 2024

The teacher was great! I love taking apart the projector and wish I had more time to tinker.

Julia Shingleton Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The kids had a great time using tools and opening old electronics to see what’s inside and how it works. They’re keen to go again, so very happy!

Christine Hui Jan 2024

The kids had a great time! Highly recommend and we plan to be back to do more of the courses on offer.

Nicole Stocker Jan 2024

My mum and I really enjoyed this class, Yoko was a great teacher and all the materials were provided. The time flew by as we went through the steps to repair our plates.

Karen Lang Jan 2024

Yoko is an excellent teacher; knowledgeable, engaging, and she demonstrated and explained the steps clearly.
The equipment was organised and clean, and Yoko clearly spent a lot of time preparing for the class.
I really loved the class. We learned history, Japanese culture, skills, and a lovely technique for repairing broken ceramics.

Susie Rodgers Jan 2024

Great tutor
And venue
The care that the tutor took to prepare the workshop was really wonderful
It was such a peaceful thing to do
Tx heaps :)

Sarah Coughlin Jan 2024

This was a great way for my 9 year old to spend a few hours during the school holidays. She loved sitting down and focusing on her project. She thought her teacher was fabulous and enjoyed all of the attention she got. She was a little distracted by some of the other younger kids who weren’t as into the activity. The space is so eclectic and a great way for kids to learn about recycling

Johanna Featherstone Jan 2024

Children had a terrific time with the teacher who they found friendly and creative. Their feedback was some more food breaks and more instructions needed to make the marionette 'work'.

Robyn Ginty Jan 2024

I have done some basket weaving and wanted. To expand my ideas. The teacher was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and encouraging. The range of found materials was excellent with some novel uses for refuse items. We appreciated the air conditioned venue also.

Aine Jan 2024

11 yr old Kiddo said
The teacher was nice and helpful.
I made a wagon.
My favourite part of the class was cutting with the jigsaw and using the drill.

Amy Cohen Dec 2023

The class was excellent - so well taught, with clear instructions and all the equipment ready. Really enjoyed it

Julie Retter Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

These was an excellent workshop. The leaders explained everything clearly. I was pleased with my finish work. I would have like a little more time as were rushing to finish.

Marie-Laure McPartling Oct 2023

Great venue, lots of good materials to choose from and lovely teacher. The kids had a lot of fun

Halloween Decoration Making Workshop review by Marie-Laure McPartling - Sydney

Eve McClure Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My 9 year old son and his mate loved it. They loved taking stuff apart. Teacher great

Fran Cane Oct 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

My friends and I really enjoyed this class. Our teacher Yoko had everything set up, with easy to follow instructions - taking us step by step through the process.
She was very knowledgeable, Yoko made the class interesting and entertaining through story telling and history. Venue very convenient and easy to find too.

Gaby Meares Oct 2023

Yoko was a wonderful teacher. She was clear and methodical in her instructions. I loved learning the history and tradition behind Kintsugi. It enriched the class, combining the practical instruction with the philosophical. I would highly recommend this class.

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop review by Gaby Meares - Sydney

Rachel Dreyfus Oct 2023

Lovely knowledgeable teacher. All the tools were provided. It was a lot of fun! Hoping to use my new skills on my ceramics!

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

A fun afternoon, lots of laughter and connection, and as an added bonus I learnt a new weaving technique too!

Carol Ashmore Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed the class very informative and practical well stepped process. Great teacher. Thank you

Deanne Palmer Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Enjoyed the chance to see what artist Louise Nade could create with recycled materials. Beautiful and amazing.
Grateful to be given the choice of lots materials to play with and learn some basic weaving techniques from a professional artist and very friendly facilitator.

Alison Goodwin Oct 2023

If you ever want to know anything about Kintsugi, then Yoko is the person to teach it to you! Clearly very knowledgeable and passionate, I left this class feeling very confident in my ability to continue this craft. Yoko is very welcoming and calm, and explains everything really well. She doesn't jump ahead and is patient to ensure everyone understands and is following along. With everything thought of and supplied i couldn't think of a better place to go to learn this!
We were so inspired that we took advantage of being at Reverse Garbage and bought a couple of ceramic pieces to break and continue practicing on!

Tarona Jones Oct 2023

I really enjoyed this workshop. Yoko was a great teacher, very thorough, articulate and great at anticipating questions. I enjoyed the process of learning on the cute, broken plate provided at the workshop. I purchased the starter kit after class and I feel confident in doing my own simple mending at home. I recommend this workshop, it's great value and fun to learn and it will inspire you to be creative at home.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Great teacher, very organised, easy to follow instructions & helpful. Wish it had been all day.

Leonie Seaton Oct 2023

The teacher was informative and helpful. The venue was good as were the materials provided.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

The teacher is such a lovely soulful person, the class today was so much fun!
This is the second class I've attended with Lou, I really enjoyed the first one but this one was even better. The reason was the other lovely people in the class. Today we did lots of artful weaving with interesting recycled materials but also laughed for three hours with the other students which was so good - didn't realise that I really needed that.
The making of the artwork itself was very therapeutic and time just flew by.
Had a great time.

Re-Weaving Workshop with Reused Materials review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Sydney

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Highly recommended - very knowledgable and engaging teacher - well designed lesson with a great project to take home and enough knowledge gained to confidently try this skill at home.

Jennifer Radford Oct 2023

Lou was absolutely delightful and there was a really lovely bunch of ladies in attendance. It was a very very enjoyable experience and a fun afternoon. My only criticism would be that I think $85 is a bit on the high side price wise.

Amelia Lawrence Oct 2023

A fantastic and thorough workshop that I walked away from with not only a new skill, but also a decent understanding of the history of kintsugi in Japan. Yoko was a fantastic teacher and gave lots of additional information about traditional and modern Japanese artistic practices. Would definitely recommend!

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop review by Amelia Lawrence - Sydney

Shantel Sager Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mel was very experienced and accommodating of students capability differences and desires. Learnt a great deal

Julia Mary Herrenberg Sep 2023

I enjoyed the leather class. I learnt everything I wanted. The place was comfortable and the teacher was pleasant, helpful and very patient. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in leathering.

Leatherwork Workshop: Stitching and Lacing review by Julia Mary Herrenberg - Sydney

Verna Wing Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The workshop was exactly as described and we learned the technique of saddle stitching and lacing. Phil our teacher is kind and patient and I enjoyed learning from his experience and expertise. I also appreciated learning a new craft using materials that were readily available, without the requirement of having to purchase expensive tools for basic stitching and lacing whether it is the use of a square of carpet and corflute board or shoe laces which readily available at Reverse Garbage or recycling wood to make the pony. The duration of the workshop was good, as was the venue which gave us the opportunity to purchase some materials available in the shop.

Eva Adams Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Well taught and clear explanations of methods used. Phil is a good teacher and conducted an enjoyable class.

Louise Sep 2023

Phil is a fantastic teacher and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject.
While he taught us the basics he brought along finished items for inspiration.
He also pointed us in the direction of resources which would enable us to continue learning after the class.
We had a good range of material to choose from and ample tools were provided.
I highly recommend this course.

Carrie Markel Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Geraldine and Louise were incredible. They were gentle in their guidance, never imposing their view in the piece but clear and concise on the best ways to achieve certain outcomes. Loved this class. A bit addicted now

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners review by Carrie Markel - Sydney

Anthony Burch Aug 2023

Fun and very interesting workshop. Phil is an excellent instructor with broad experience and knowledge

Shantel Sager Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I attended the class and learnt how to stitch leather together using wax cotton and braiding. I now have these skills and thought the class was well run with clear instructions and print outs of the steps so we don’t forget! Highly recommend

Niamh Kyriacou Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Phil was amazing, can't rate this workshop high enough. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Phil

Amanda McCourt Aug 2023

Phil was a very knowledgeable teacher and explained the tasks well. Really enjoyed this course in a great dedicated space. And perfect size class. And great choice of materials. Would definitely sign up to another class with RG.

Textiles class review by Amanda McCourt - Sydney

Digory Brewer Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My son had a great time at this course. He really enjoyed pulling apart the camera and was really happy that he was able to take home something from the course. It was really enjoyable - thanks Reverse Garbage!

Cooper Lagudi Aug 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended

Brett helped me learn about tools and it was fun to take things apart. I especially enjoy taking apart an olden day phone - Master C.

Claire Hyland Jul 2023

This was a great little hands on workshop.
Our teacher Yoko was very knowledgeable and was able to communicate the steps clearly, making the whole process very easy and fun. With my take home shopping list I'm now confident to try my own Kintsugi at home.

Juan Mamblona Jul 2023

The workshop was thoroughly entertaining and the teacher made sure that everyone had a great time and succeeded in their task. I would totally recommend this to anyone interested in Kintsugi

Ruth Stringer Jul 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Yoko provided excellent clear instruction, explaining every step in the process. She was really well prepared with all tools and items needed neatly set up for us. She was entertaining and enthusiastic and ready to oversee our work and provide hands on help when needed. Thoroughly enjoyable class.

Fiona Meller Jul 2023

Very well thought out class. The teacher had great attention to detail and was helpful and informative

Jana Gorman Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My son loved the woodworking session! What a great opportunity for young kids to learn the art of woodworking.

Cynthia Tay Jul 2023

I liked the class because I like hammering and it kept birds in side it.

Anne Davies Jun 2023

My sister-in-law loved the course. The four hours flew by and I feel we learned enough to repair items at home. Yoko was a great teacher, explaining the steps clearly and helping us adjust how much glue and putty we were using. All in all a great experience.

Julie Rea Jun 2023

Great location and very clear instructions and step by step approach by Yoko, our lovely teacher. Some warm touches with green tea bags and a cracker for a snack.
we were issued with name tags but i personally like to briefly go around the room and get each person to introduce themselves this usually makes for a friendlier group interaction.
other than this I would highly recommend this workshop.

Sally Turpin Jun 2023

Teacher was fantastic - great fun and immersive.
Very clear teaching methods and I felt reasonably competent to carry out my own repair afterwards.

Mary Verykios Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The Japanese workshop art of Kintsugi ceramic repair, was quite detailed, and informative 3 1/2 + hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the venue was just perfect. Thank you to Yoko Kawada for her wealth of knowledge, her patience and guidance.

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop review by Mary Verykios - Sydney

Angel Gebrayel Jun 2023

Yoko was so helpful and knowledgeable! The class was a lot of fun. Would highly recommend

Miranda King-Mozart Jun 2023

Yoko was a great teacher! Thoroughly enjoyed the class, Yoko provided clear instructions plus wonderful to hear about the history of the art of Kintsugi.

Pottery class review by Miranda King-Mozart - Sydney

Julie Venamore Jun 2023

We came from Orange to do this workshop at Reverse Garbage (and roped in VIVID as well). The group was small so everyone got Yoko's assistance when needed. In fact, Yoko was a really good teacher - very measured and comprehensive in the many steps of the Kintsugi repair process. The materials provided were all we needed - Yoko took the time to have them displayed just right and we loved the green tea, crackers and sweet! Well worth the cost; a fun and satisfying workshop and a fabulous teacher - thank you Yoko. We look forward to trying our hand at small (very small!) pieces in the near future. And please don't forget to bring the workshop to Orange!

John Wilson Jun 2023

lovely and enthusiastic teacher; superbly prepared and meticulous, with a great artistic flair
two more words

Rebecca Huntley Jun 2023

I loved this class and I loved this teacher! She was wonderful at explaining the process and telling us all the background. She had set us up beautifully with the tools, tea and a little cracker to keep us going.

Nicholas Hope May 2023

My son said the teacher was relaxed, friendly, helpful and supportive. The whole experience was a very positive one and he's very happy with the bird-house he came home with. He got to use some tools he'd not used before, he found it a whole lot of fun, and he loved the whole Reverse Garbage idea as well. We'll be doing more Class Bento sessions!

Melissa Waine May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoni was an Outstanding presenter! Great class. I recommend this for anyone of all levels.

Isabella Cox May 2023

Yoko was great. I thoroughly I enjoyed the class. Yoko was thorough and made sure that everyone understood what to do.

Cate Dening May 2023

Yoko is such a fabulous teacher - patient, thorough and interesting. The class was nice and small and so well organised. Highly recommend

Trish Hanna May 2023

Teacher was very patient and thorough in her explanation of the materials and the kintsugi process. The tools used were well planned

Kate Pereira May 2023

Bea was an excellent teacher. Class was very well run - great location and the 3 hours absolutely flew by. Learnt lots of new things i can try at home.

Nicky Alsemgeest Apr 2023

Had a fantastic time at the Chine-Colle class. Bea was a brilliant educator who gave clear direction in a friendly manner. Materials provided were great and techniques taught could easily be done at home. Will be returning for other classes in the future!

Print Making class review by Nicky Alsemgeest - Sydney

Eleanor Harris Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Bea was an enthusiastic and helpful teacher. I really enjoyed the class. It was great!

Narelle Stow Mar 2023

Yoko was an exceptional teacher who explained and demonstrated the skills clearly prior to assisting the class to complete each section of the process. The equipment was provided, including a little Japanese snack, and was cleared away once used and no longer needed. All of these thoughtful steps ensured that we all had a completed piece of kintsugi to take home with us. In addition, Yoko supplied a way of protecting the ceramics for transporting home and a list of equipment/materials and where they could be purchased to continue our kintsugi journey. All in all a fun and inspiring day. Highly recommend the course. I

Nicola Bradley Mar 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved the class! Went with my dad and we both enjoyed it. Lovely helpful teachers. Materials provided. Would definitely recommend!

Cathy Macnamara Mar 2023

Teachers were knowledgeable, organised and encouraging.
I hope too attend future Lino Print workshops. This was my 2nd one.
A suggestion- discount when attending 2nd, third and beyond workshops!

Emma Roberts Mar 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed the zero waste, eco dyeing workshop and I would highly recommend attending this class.

Nicole was an excellent teacher and I found the whole process very easy to follow. I really enjoyed being able to experiment with different plant based and metal materials and experiencing the outcome of how these materials affected the final dyeing progress.
I am inspired to continue what I've learnt in the workshop at home and share my knowledge with friends!

Heaven Lee Mar 2023

I really enjoyed the workshop- the instructor was really knowledgeable patient. As it were recycled leather or leather scraps, we were not intimidated into cutting into the leather but also encouraged to design elements that utilised every bit of the material in true Reverse Garbage fashion.

Marilisa Mar 2023

Great course! Phil is very passionate and knowledgeable. They provide all the tools that you need and get to take home needles, thread and leather scraps for your projects. Also, plan to spend some time in their shop, it’s a treasure trove for makers!

Penny Dalla Feb 2023

Such a great workshop! There was a lot of information for Nicole to cover, but she broke the material down and paced the time very well. I thoroughly enjoyed the class can’t wait to play around with all we learnt some more at home :)

Shelley Frame Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Brilliant teacher She had planned and thought of everything! Clear and well paced instructions with no wasted time.

Heather Smallbone Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Preparation & class excellent, from the beginning to the end. Can’t wait for 5 days to pass to see finished product. Heather

Pottery class review by Heather Smallbone - Sydney

Jayne Gescheit Feb 2023

Amazing A wonderful teacher whose preparation & presentation were faultless . Would love to come again ! Just wonderful !

Ruth Jacobs Feb 2023

Outstanding teacher. All materials were well organised and prepared. Loved every step of this class. Would highly recommend

Simone Ancilleri Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our teacher was so patient and thorough with walking us through the steps. A wonderful and warm teacher. Had a great day and have found a new hobby.

Barbara Karena Feb 2023

Really fun and interesting experience.
Nicole was such a great teacher and very generous in sharing her knowledge and interacted well with everyone.
Highly recommended

Zero-Waste Organic Eco Dyeing Workshop review by Barbara Karena - Sydney

Polly Howard Feb 2023

So much fun! I was new to eco dyeing -
Nicole made us feel totally comfortable and explained the processes so well. Keen to have a go at home now. Nicole has a wonderful host and the new venue is perfect for this kind of thing. Thank you Nicole and all the other participates for a great evening!.

Rebecca Gurney Feb 2023

Thank you Nicole, and Reverse Garbage, for this fantastic workshop. The set up was incredible, such a functional and inspiring space, it felt very welcoming. Everything was so organised, with quality supplies provided [plus lovely snacks] , and most importantly the teaching was clear, and I learned so much in a short time. Best of all was that the teacher, Nicole, is obviously so passionate and interested in the process, down to the significance of each individual materials' provenance. Overall a special experience. Thanks again

Alison Gould Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a great intro to eco dyes! I’ve come home with a couple of absolute. Beauties and learned enough to do more at home.

Zero-Waste Organic Eco Dyeing Workshop review by Alison Gould - Sydney

Skye Feb 2023

I really enjoyed the class, Nicole was an excellent teacher and managed to experiment a lot.

Elaine Ellmers Feb 2023

Very good class. We learn the basics of leatherwork and more complex weaving. Good materials provided. Informative teacher .

Aislinn Batstone Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed our Lino print workshop at Reverse Garbage. A fun & thoroughly engaging 3 hours & just the instruction we needed to get started at home.

Nikki Psaltis Feb 2023

The venue was light and bright.
The teachers were very encouraging and helpful and you did not feel rushed or intimidated even if you were a little slow.
The participants seemed to jell well and we had fun

Sue Little Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teachers were very accommodating and helpful. Venue was well set up. Thank you for a/con.

Lexi Airey Feb 2023

A really great course, I learned a great deal and took home lots of new ideas.

Ruth Stringer Feb 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The class was very relaxed and tailored to the interests of the participants. I learned a lot, such as how to make bees wax wraps and hessian scrubbers. The facilitators were very down to Earth and I loved hearing about their sustainable journey.

Kylie Chow Jan 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Kids had a good time and each constructed an insect hotel. Both teachers we friendly and helpful.

Penelope Kelly Jan 2023

My daughter had a wonderful and relaxed morning with her friend at Reverse Garbage. They learned to make string art and came away with 2 artworks. A great morning.

Rowena Nelson Jan 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great teacher. The kids (7&9) loved learning a new skill and came home with art they are very proud of. A great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Angela Callegaro Jan 2023

My daughter really enjoyed the workshop. The teacher was very good, explaining the steps clearly. All the materials were provided, the workshop was beautifully setup. Will definitely book another workshop.

Norah Murray Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was awesome, my son said he loved all of it and the teacher was very patient!

Desiree Park Jan 2023

My son who is 11, thought the teacher was really good. He was very helpful.
Jacob enjoyed this session immensely. I his mother couldn’t believe what he made - it looked so professional and just very well made. It was a bug hotel.
Please can you offer these classes again, my sons will love to come along to other similar woodworking classes. The class wasn’t to big, so the teacher to student ratio was just right. And I want to tell others about this amazing class!

Wood Tinkering Class for Kids review by Desiree Park - Sydney

van Sabljak Jan 2023

Youngest said it was hard, but fun. Middle enjoyed himself and the oldest wanted a little more building. All in all they came out cheerful and had made something for the garden.

It was great value for money

Jasper Cumming Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very enjoyable. Instructor was supportive and helpful. My son was very proud of what he made and brought home

Andrew Billing Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teachers are friendly, informative and make the class fun, interactive and encouraging. You get to take your creation away with care instructions. While a basic Kokedama (hanging plant) is made, embellishments can be added later.

Lauren Skinner Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

My bunch had a GREAT time- my eldest who is hard to please and reluctant to try new things wants to come along again. Educational and fun! Thanks

Victoria Bismire Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This workshop is excellent. The tools necessary for the workshop were all supplied (and kits available for purchase afterwards). The instructions were clear, and although there was a lot to cover, everyone ended up with a completed piece at the end of the day. The classroom at Reverse Garbage is an excellent venue with good access and amenities. Would very definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn about kintsugi!

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop review by Victoria Bismire - Sydney

Eriko Kinoshita Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very Informative and attentive facilitators, everything is well packaged and organized, enjoyed it very much

Joyce Lubotzky Dec 2022

I loved this workshop. Everything was so well organised, the venue is great and Yoko is a wonderful teacher who really knows her stuff. Such a fun day. I learned everything I had hoped and more!

Pottery class review by Joyce Lubotzky - Sydney

Helen Tasses Dec 2022

this was a great workshop. I came away having learnt what I needed to know as a beginner in the skill of kintsugi.

Highly recommend the teacher, she was clear, methodical and patient. Came away with knowledge under my belt

Cassandra Hawkins Dec 2022

Was a wonderful experience! Very organised and all tools were provided. Yoko was a very patient and hands on teacher and didn't make it stressful at all.
Grateful to be able to buy a kit of everything we used in the workshop, so I can continue practising Kintsugi at home.

Japanese Art Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop review by Cassandra Hawkins - Sydney

Alice Stapleton Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I loved this class! Our instructor was very informative and gave us a lot of individual attention on our own pieces. I’ve leant a lot about the history and skills required for kinsugi, which is quite different to what I expected. I’ve walked away knowingly that I have learnt a new skill, and would be interested in doing another course to advance on the basics learnt in this class.

Beth Garswood Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a well organised and structured class. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and every student was catered for. I learnt a lot and was inspired to continue with the craft.

Emily Moore Nov 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was super fun and a great Bondi g activity with my kid before Christmas.

Zero-Waste Christmas Wreath Class review by Emily Moore - Sydney

Helen Mitchell Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I love making something useful from re-purposed items.

At the workshop I learnt ways to make the circle base of the wreath eliminating the need to buy a polystyrene one. I have ideas about using some of the bubble wrap I come across.

Sally was friendly and great at giving attention to everyone, adults and children, making sure that everyone had what they wanted.

Tina King Nov 2022

Geraldine is an artist who loves to share her passion for printmaking. We had a thoroughly fun time and could have happily spent more time carving and printing. Thanks Geraldine!

Susan Moylan Nov 2022

It was so much fun. The teacher was great. Really good, clear instructions. It was a sister catch up activity with our respective daughters. We had a wonderful time and went home with our artworks. Thank you

Nicola Yakich Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher, Geraldine, was very knowledgeable, talented, humble and helpful.
The venue was difficult to find at Kimbriki - a very small sign I missed twice.
Excellent materials, knowledge of materials and quantity of materials.
Yummy bickie's for a snack.
Loved what I produced and seeing what others made. Easy for everyone to be an artist with linoprint.

Kerrie Girdo Oct 2022

The best class/workshop I've done in many years! So much fun and learned a lot. The facilitator Celia could not have been better; so very generous with her knowledge, time and provided many supplies to try out our new ideas and skills. The venue was good with plenty of natural light and more than adequate for the small class size. Extremely good value for money; would not hesitate to attend further workshops at Reverse Garbage.

Carolina Trajtemberg Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher, Celia, is amazing! Very thoughtful, very creative and very kind and helpful. I learnt a lot from her and my classmates. This Monday class was the best of my week and I’m looking forward to joining the group again.

Simone Cullinan Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was very relaxing and lots of fun. Nicole is a very approachable and kind teacher who gave us lots of support and creative help. Proddy rug making is easy, cheap, fun and sustainable. Thank you for the terrific introduction!

Kai Giovanni Oct 2022

What a fun class! My son loved using everything in sight and enjoyed having the space to be creative.

Megan Simmons Oct 2022

The instructors were great, very patient and encouraging and always ready to help. Great group size and a wonderful, light space to work in. The class was informative and achievable, and I was able to finish my project that evening. The materials supplied were great, with lots of variety and plenty for everyone.

Dylan Chedra Oct 2022

Teachers were great at explaining everything and helping with any problems that come up- you can tell these are people passionate about creating :)

Definitely worth the bit of money to learn a new skill and start making something cool

Chunky Patch Stitching Workshop review by Dylan Chedra - Sydney

Penelope Kourkoumelis Oct 2022

Amazingly inspiring teachers, that were entertaining and encouraging.
The Reverse Garage Education space was funky, breezy and roomy. There was a large selection of yarns and other materials to get our creative juices flowing.
I came away with a new hobby! Definitely worth it.

Maya Neumann Oct 2022

Celia was such a lovely teacher - very helpful, informative, warm and friendly. I left the class very confident and all fired- up to fix the many pieces of clothing and cushion covers I have with holes in them.
This class is invaluable for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in landfill.

Heather Wallace Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a fabulous class! With Celia's help and encouragement I patched my favourite pants, and I will be using my new darning skills to fix lots more things at home.

Textiles class review by Heather Wallace - Sydney

Stephanie Salter Sep 2022

Calm, friendly and full of great ideas! Kids loved leaning with him. Very Highly recommended.

Carolina Diaz Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My daughter loved the class. She learnt how to use a hammer, a hand drill and an electric drill, among other things. Made a beautiful insect house.

Wood Tinkering Class for Kids review by Carolina Diaz - Sydney

Wilhelmina Riel Aug 2022

Had the best time learning this new sewing art. In a class of 8-10 people it was amazing the diversity of design each person came up with. Would recommend this to craft-loving people who would like to experiment with their artistic/imaginative side.

Kirsty Galpin Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My son and his friend attended the tinkering session. My son said it was his favourite part of the whole weekend. The teacher was great and they learnt loads about recycling e-waste!

Samuel Giacomo Aug 2022

The kids had a great time and asked to do this kind of thing more regularly!

Jenni Brown Aug 2022

Phil was a great leatherwork instructor. He has excellent knowledge and immeasurable patience and encouragement. I’m very happy with the skills we learned on the day. 5⭐️ afternoon.

Textiles class review by Jenni Brown - Sydney

Jacki Smith Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great workshop! Very knowledgeable tutor and a great lot of supplies that you get to take home to continue your new hobby. Really relaxed environment.

Jenni Murdoch Aug 2022

Our teacher was very knowledgeable, and excellent at explaining the different techniques and their applications. I enjoyed the class and met a lovely group of people, I look forward to developing my skills further. Thank you.

Jarvis Sterndale-Smith Aug 2022

He loved it and wants more so I hope we can have more. It’s not often he’s excited by learning!

Angela Mehmet Aug 2022

My boys had a great time tinkering with tools. Would definitely do it again, thanks

Yin Yu Aug 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed it with my daughter. The instruction was very knowledgeable and really patient with all of our questions. All tool provided so it was really easy too for someone who just want to get a taste of how leatherwork works before buying the tools. Thanks.

Michael Graham Aug 2022

Time flew by and I gained some skills and a few tools.
Satisfied and very happy.

Cathy Macnamara Aug 2022

Lovely teacher at a fabulous venue. Very appropriate space suited to the workshop and Kimbriki is perfect as it supports the ethos of Reverse Garbage.

My daughter and I both LOVED learning skills for Lino printing.

Kristin Apolony Aug 2022

Our teacher Annette was friendly and approachable, open to all sorts of questions and really knew the topic well. The day was relaxed and enjoyable. I'd read a lot about wicking beds online but this workshop was far more informative.

Nan Herlihen Aug 2022

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Geraldine facilities a fun and relaxing Sunday afternoon session. All elements explained and demonstrated well and easy to follow. It was planned and well paced to ensure we covered all elements. The class was interactive and the participants were supportive. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon and discover a new hobby.

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners review by Nan Herlihen - Sydney

Tanya Leishman Aug 2022

I loved it so much. Thanks for sending our awesome teacher to Kimbriki. Well done

Print Making class review by Tanya Leishman - Sydney

Barbara Prissman Aug 2022

An enjoyable workshop from a knowledgeable instructor. A few points that could be improved for further workshops. There was a lack of suitable equipment. Simple things like sharp knives to rip material, measuring tape, more than one spanner, etc would have made for a more efficient experience.
I believe that when advertising the workshop we should have been told in advance that there were no toilet facilities for the participants. Having paid $45.00 for the workshop it is a bit audacious to then ask us to leave the premises and go to a park to use the public facilities. If Reverse Garbage hosts the workshop then they should provide adequate facilities for the participants.

Kenneth Lipworth Aug 2022

The teacher was great. Anette is very knowledgeable, a fluent speaker and very friendly.

If you are holding a workshop at your venue, that runs for five hours (and some of us drove for an hour to get to the venue), it is TOTALLY unacceptable to deny the participants access to the toilets on the premises.

Derek Prissman Aug 2022

The teacher was excellent
The venue wa quita acceptable.
The other attendees were pleasant and friendly.

The only item that I felt could be improved was finding the right tool at the righr moment.

I enjoyed the session
Kind regrads
Derek Prissman

Graham Dobie Aug 2022

Well worth going to, teacher was knowledgeable and a good communicator and able to get everyone working together. Though I know a little from googling it it was good to get hands on experience before attempting one at home.

Debra Lipworth Aug 2022

The teacher was excellent. She was interesting and knowledgeable and I enjoyed that aspect very much.
It would have been very helpful if all the tools and equipment necessary for the job were there, readily available and in good working order.
I also think it’s unreasonable to hold a 5 hour workshop at your facility that people have paid for, (and we had driven over an hour for), and then deny them access to the toilets and to expect them to walk round the block to use public facilities.

Beth Stoodley Aug 2022

The instructor was great , all materials were there access was good the other participants where very pleasant . SI would recommend the course to anyone.

Bennett Miriam Jul 2022

Nicole was fabulous. She explained things pretty well and had a wonderful example of what you could do. She was very patient and very helpful to us all. She had a wonderful selection of materials for us to use and was very generous with all the equipment and resources.

Estelle Benfield Jul 2022

It Was so glad someone could make use of my dine & discover voucher - great idea

Hasu Jul 2022

Fabulous classes by fabulous people. Highly recommend for adults and children. Creativity in a more sustainable world

Sarah Owen Jul 2022

This was pay it forward but very happy as to how RG have communicated their thanks etc.

Mark Lewis Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was lovely to pay my Discover voucher forward. Thank you for the chance to do this

Rigby Robert Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent way to not let something go to waste happy to do it again. Thanks

Jessica Raymond Jul 2022

Was great to be able to pay my vouchers forward for the benefit of the community

James Cottam Jul 2022

Anything that Reverse Garbage does is good and affiliates. I paid forwards my NSW Vouchers and I am sure that someone had a tremendous time. It was a terrific Option for me.

Deborah Hennessey Jul 2022

Such a very great idea to pay it forward and use up this government initiative

Stephen Tate Jul 2022

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Elizabeth Farley Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

As this is an automated form & there was no actual workshop, am sure whoever benefits from my pay it forward voucher will enjoy a future workshop.

Kaitlin Riddington Apr 2022

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Enjoyable course and fantastic teacher. Would definitely do again. Leather is such a creative medium.

Tom McClean Mar 2022

Course content was right for the duration - enough detail and scope, but not so much we just skipped across everything. Phil, the teacher, was very knowledgeable and had a great way of explaining things practically. The physical materials on offer were fantastic.

Christina Sceats Mar 2022

This was a fantastic intro class to stiching and braiding leather.
Phil was highly knowledgeable, clear in his instructions and very helpful.
Plus it's great working with salvaged leather.
I had a really enjoyable time.

Kaitlin Riddington Jan 2022

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Fantastic class teacher was very patient, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Looking forward to making my next rug.

Natalie Somhom Dec 2021

Kids really like the workshop and would love to join again. The educators were really friendly.

Julie Wyner Dec 2021

Really fun class and I actually created something I was proud of, and bought the kit so I can do more at home. Well worth it!

Joucelen Gabriel Dec 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great class and great facilitators. Learnt a lot and was very inspired by the teachers and other students lino prints.

Sarah Bishop Dec 2021

Teachers friendly and very knowledgeable. We all got a design onto Lino and printed. Very happy and highly recommended. Would go again.

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners review by Sarah Bishop - Sydney

Diana Kincaid Dec 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The materials were good and the instructions clear.
It was also good to have reasonably priced materials to take away and do at home.

Margy Syrett Dec 2021

More signage to find the actual venue would be helpful. Lovely short workshop for total beginners. Great enthusiastic teacher. Lots of fabrics to share. Might need help finishing the piece even though the finishing process was fully explained.

Gwyneth Stock Dec 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I signed up my teenage daughter for this class and she really enjoyed it. The teacher was soo warm and lovely to her. I will definitely be going to more classes run by Reverse Garbage, what a terrific organisation.

Jennifer Kirkby Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was great fun. I learnt so much. Our teacher was really helpful and inspiring. Wonderful afternoon.

Kitty Chan Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

So fun and so easy to learn! I can’t believe we can make something look so amazing with old tshirts!

Philippa Ryan Dec 2021

Great class with not just the basics but everything you could want to design the rug you wish to make. The teacher was able to come and spend time with each student and did a great job getting the class involved with each others projects.

Megan Nov 2021

350 ClassBento workshops attended • 344 reviews

What an amazing kit, was soo surprised at how much stuff was included, it had all really great items, was able to make so many different things.

Jewellery Making kit review by Megan

Lan Brown Oct 2021

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

The teacher was very informative and creative! She taught us the importance of sustainability, how we can incorporate materials into practical works. Thank you!

Rosie Dalton Jul 2021

Loved the kit I received from reverse garbage. Such a fantastic idea with so many pieces to use in creating uniquely crafted items/art.

Junk Jewellery Craft Kit review by Rosie Dalton

Tim Harmer Jun 2021

Great couple of hours learning from knowledgeable and helpful teachers. Come out with more than a few wonderful prints and very inspired!

Lino Printing Workshop for Beginners review by Tim Harmer - Sydney

Lynne Jennings Jun 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Beginners Lino printing was a fantastic workshop & a lot of fun. Teachers were great, there were plenty of materials for everyone, & they were very flexible & patient supporting everyone to get creative. Highly recommend. Lynne

Karen Rivers Jun 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed todays workshop, great teachers & supplies worked well. Feedback list plus FUN Thank you

Keely Jun 2021

Enjoyable, patient and knowledgeable tutors, all equipment provided, great for beginners but also for people wanting a refresher

Lynne Jennings Jun 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This was a really fun & creative way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you.

Lynne Jennings Jun 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Francis was extremely generous with her time & with all her knowledge she shared. It was a lot of fun to create a picture using material & was a really well resourced, relaxing & creative space. Thank you!

Linda Carmichael Jun 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Most enjoyable. Small class, lots of encouragement to be loose and creative. Frances Ingram pointed us in the direction of the fable we were working with and let us interpret it without telling us what to do. Highly recommended.

Susan Quinn Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I have just spent the morning with three people of whom one was Ffrances. An excellent teacher and inspiring artist. Through her teaching and encouragement we all were able to produce a beautiful picture. It was such an enjoyable experience.

Michele Jackson May 2021

Enjoyed the class,the Teacher was enthusiastic,knowledgeable & generous with her skills and materials. I liked the fact the class was relatively small & I thought the space worked really well.

Natalie Gouda May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Grace was an excellent teacher and venue was great. Will definitely continue with this new skill!

Luke Dando May 2021

Great teacher! Very informative and helpful, learnt a great deal in the short time of the class.

Venue was easy to find, facilities and materials all fine as well!

Pam Hanlon May 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

We had such a fantastic time! Fiona was a brilliant teacher and really patient when it came to helping us learn. Such a relaxing afternoon and a really cool venue, looking forward to continue working on our rugs

Textiles class review by Pam Hanlon - Sydney

Nicole Buckland May 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Ffranses was such a lovely and gentle teacher and I really enjoyed learning how to make these forgiving and playful rugs. I’m excited to put all my old t-shirts to use!

Susan Robertson May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher very informative, a lot of material to choose from. Frame supplied ready to use and to take home, very helpful.

I am very happy to return to the Reverse Garbage site again

Jacquie Mancy May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I loved this class - the first time I’d done linocut since school. The teachers were so helpful and friendly, we learnt all the basics and had lots of fun. Materials were provided. Highly recommended!

Print Making class review by Jacquie Mancy - Sydney

Alex Snellgrove May 2021

The teachers were friendly and their instructions were clear. They showed examples of work and supplied reasonably good quality materials. I wouldn’t say that the paper we used was great quality.
They made good suggestions and had ideas for people who needed them. They were patient and pleasant.
The venue was quite comfortable, although the light was a bit dim. I think perhaps desk lamps would help, as it was overcast outside and also the trees blocked the natural light. The chairs also didn’t go right under the tables, so it was awkward to move between desks when people were sitting down, as there wasn’t much room.
Three hours was about the right length of time for our activity (linoblock printing).

Elizabeth Wills May 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Had a really fun time and learnt so much! The teachers were very helpful and made everything easy to understand.