Samantha's reviews

Apr 2019

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients

Great classI really enjoyed it. Chris is a natural entertainer, friendly and knowledgeable. The venue is quirky and fun, and the class size (7) was perfect for engagement. We made four cocktails - all unusual and delicious. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it seemed to move so fast - I'm a 'girlie swot' by nature, so would have liked to take notes and dive into more discussion on the native ingredients, but the pace and set-up didn't seem conducive. I'd do it again though, and certainly recommend it to anyone!

May 2019

Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop

Really enjoyable class, very professionally run in a top quality facility. Joseph and Connie are lovely and super-experienced, so they make it look easy as they take you step-by-step through the molding process. It was a big class (26 people), which was fine and gave good opportunity to meet and chat with others. We were each given a mold and made a tray with 3 different fillings - all of which were delicious!

The only reason I haven't given this a 5-star is because I'd have liked to have seen the full process of chocolate-making, whereas this class focuses on molding of filled chocolates. There is another class that shows the full process (which I will sign up for!).

Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop review by Samantha Foster Sydney
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