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Seed & Spark offers a wide range of creative workshops. So whether you want to learn a new skill, explore a creative talent, boost your professional skill-set, or just try something totally unexpected, or get some therapeutic 'me time' we have a class for you.

We are passionate about all things creative and would love for you to join us in trying something new and fun!

We also do private workshops and parties at our studio in Sydney's inner west (Drummoyne) or we can travel to you.


Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters

4.9 (498)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 16

label $125 - $130

Succulent Terrarium Making Workshop

5.0 (11)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $85

Jesmonite Terrazzo Casting Class: Coasters and Trinket

4.9 (26)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $110

Alcohol Ink Mug and Planter Pot Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 10

label $100

Dried Flower Frame Art Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 14

label $85

Mindful Origami Class

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 12

label $40

Resin Art and Wood Burning Cheeseboard Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 6

label $175

Paint and Sip Artwork - Citrus Fruits

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 100

label $55

Eco-Friendly Kokedama Making Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 100

label $85

Flower Resin Art Cheeseboard Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 16

label $130 - $140

Resin Art Casting Workshop: Tray & Trinket

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 12

label $99

Pumpkin Carving Workshop: Make Your Own Jack-o'-lantern

date_range 25 Oct, 27 Oct

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 12

label $95

Outdoor Flower Arrangement Class

5.0 (3)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Comes to you

1 to 4

label $125

Kid's Jesmonite Tray and Vase Making Class

5.0 (3)

5 to 17 years

date_range Mon 30 Sep, 1pm

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 10

label $75

Mindful Jewellery Making Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

2 to 15

label $85

Drip Cake Decorating Class with Bubbles

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $169

Clay Hand Building and Sip Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $115

Hanging Mini Terrarium Succulent Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 8

label $120

Jewellery Making Workshop for Kids

5.0 (1)

5 to 12 years

date_range 2 Oct, 3 Oct

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $69 - $75

Macrame Plant Hanging Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 12

label $75

Kid's School Holidays Hair Accessories-Making Workshop

5 to 17 years

date_range Mon 30 Sep, 10am

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $60

School Holidays Watercolour Painting Class for Kids

5.0 (2)

5 to 17 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

2 to 10

label $65

Kids School Holidays Spring Flower Crown Workshop

Adults & 5+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

2 to 10

label $70

Botanical Bath Bomb and Foot Soak Making Class

4.9 (9)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Marrickville

4 to 15

label $89

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Mini Boards

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Comes to you

6 to 150

label $120

Outdoor Watercolour Painting Class and Picnic

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Comes to you

4 to 15

label $69

Everlasting Flower Arrangement Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

4 to 12

label $169

Kid's Posy Jar Painting and Floral Arrangement Workshop

5.0 (1)

5 to 17 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

4 to 10

label $65

Intermediate Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and BYO

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 12

label $179

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop with Dried Flowers

5.0 (28)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne / Mobile

1 to 10

label $125

Gingerbread House Workshop

4.7 (3)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 12

label $85

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop for Kids (Ages 6+)

5.0 (3)

Adults & 6+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Drummoyne

1 to 10

label $85

Eco-resin Homewares Class: Vase & Trinket

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Fitzroy

4 to 16

label $110

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Northcote / Mobile

5 to 16

label $125

Make a Clay Cup and Bowl at Home

4.9 (10)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

4 to 10

label $110

DIY Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

4 to 20

label $88

Learn How to Finger Knit Necklaces

5.0 (2)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

5 to 50

label $65

DIY Flower Arrangement at Home

4.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

6 to 30

label $125

DIY Clay and Glaze Ornaments and Tags

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

4 to 100

label $89

Learn How to Paint Dandelions at Home

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

6 to 50

label $100

Crochet Your Own Bag

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

4 to 50

label $119

Make a Dried Flower Arrangement at Home

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 20

label $199


Meet Seed and Spark

From visual art lover to me-time advocate, Julie Huynh of Seed and Spark invites you to her sun-filled studio to experience resin, glitter and fun!

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Jessica Powell Jul 2024

Teachers provided guidance, are helpful and friendly.

Highly recommend, was lots of fun and creative.

Vicki Jul 2024

My partner’s daughter bought us a voucher. Our teacher and her assistant were very helpful and knowledgeable, we were able to park right outside the venue. I really enjoyed working with the resin and managed to make a very nice cheese board and coasters. The colours and pattern turned out exactly as I wanted, I was so excited, as I am not a painter or a crafty person. I highly recommend the resin art activity. We finished everything in 1.5 hours. Vicki. Sutherland Shire.

Jayne Seward Jul 2024

There was no choice of cheeseboard shapes (only round available) even though rectangular ones were on display by previous people, they weren’t available. Same for the coasters. For the cost of the course I think there should have been a full selection.
Having said that, once the class got going it was lots of fun.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Jayne Seward - Sydney

Michael Taylor Jul 2024

It was a Xmas gift from my daughter. Sophia was very clear and detailed with her delivery and instructions. She was also very supportive with the process. The venue was fine and not crowded. My choice of board was limited (no long / rectangular boards available. But the round board was fine. We learnt the basic use of Resin mixing and toning applications. The class was a little over priced for the time and material used, but very enjoyable to learn new skills. The thing i enjoyed most was that i created a unique piece of art with a practical use that can be gifted to my children as a memento.

Larni Hall Jul 2024

I completed the resin art class with my friend at Drummoyne.
We were pleasantly impressed by the quality, professionalism and fun we experienced throughout the class
Julie, our teacher, was absolutely incredible and we were all so pleased with the end result, bang for your buck!!

Fluid Art class review by Larni Hall - Sydney

Sarah Braden Jul 2024

My friend and I had the best time!
I liked feeling a sense of achievement in my creation. Patient teachers and you can bring your own inspo if you don’t want to do the beach look

Sandy Tang Jul 2024

Had lots of fun in this class with my friend to celebrate her birthday. Sophia and Alison were great and super knowledgeable and helpful. Sophia showed me some inspiration examples and gave me lots of tips and helped when needed. It was a casual, easygoing vibe - definitely recommend in doing with friends!

Fluid Art class review by Sandy Tang - Sydney

Roxy Rascon Jul 2024

Our resin class with Julie was absolutely fantastic! Not only we had lots of fun but we learnt a skill and went home with amazing pieces. Julie is an outstanding communicator and teacher, she creates a friendly, relaxed and fun environment. Julie explained every step of the work very clearly and made it less intimidating, in her encouraging and supportive way. I highly recommend this workshop and I would probably do it again!

Dania Diab Jul 2024

The Jesmonite casting class was amazing! The trainer was so lovely and polite and helpful we came out with more casting than expected, great bonding experience and relaxing. It is a great way to use your creativity!

Lisa Lewis Jun 2024

We booked this as a surprise 40th gift for a friend. Sophia was our teacher & us 4 ladies had the best time. We loved the experience & all agreed that Sophia was so helpful, friendly & paid so much attention to detail. Thanks for helping us create our masterpieces, we love them! We are definitely booking again!

Kate Connolly Jun 2024

My mother-in-law had a wonderful time in this class, she loved trying something new and is so excited for her new pieces.

Roxanne Mullany Jun 2024

What a wonderful experience had such a great time in an intimate class. The teacher I had was so friendly informative and helpful. Can't wait to pick up my pieces and look at more workshops to do!

Fiona Shanley Jun 2024

I had a great time. I was very happy with my cheese board and coasters. The instruction was great and everyone did beautiful work. The classroom is perfect with plenty of room. Highly recommended

Daniel Ralphs Jun 2024

Went as a first activity to celebrate moving to Sydney.

Teachers Alison and Julie were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Materials were provided and were easy to use and good quality

We learned to create resin art and made cheeseboards and coasters with resin art on them, which was fun and much simpler than expected

The class was good value for money

The entire process start to finish was enjoyable, pouring the resin and manipulating with the heat gun was the best part

Clementine Cordier Jun 2024

Extremely well organised and friendly staff. Lots of advice and colours available to make your experience unique.

Dexter Lai Jun 2024

Julie and the team really make sure we got the best experience of the resin making. The team explain the process and always friendly towards our team. Thank you.

Sharni Koenig Jun 2024

Girls monthly catch up, great teachers, thorough with their instruction and support throughout. Venue was suitable, light and fit for purpose.

Amruthaa S Jun 2024

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This is the first art workshop that we are attending as a family and we enjoyed it immensely.
Julie is such a warm & friendly teacher and she made sure we felt comfortable right from the start. She clearly explained the method and guided us through the whole process giving us our space at the same time.
We would treasure the coasters, trinket tray, vases and the plant propogater for the years to come.
We will surely attend more workshops during our next visit
Thank you Julie for giving us an evening to remember!

Terrazzo class review by Amruthaa S - Sydney

Prachi May 2024

Such a fun class! The instructors were very friendly and helpful. The resin turned out really nice.

Fluid Art class review by Prachi - Sydney

James Rutner May 2024

Great class, really fun. Instructors were really helpful, and we were both happy with the cheeseboards we made.

Matt Mearns May 2024

Kate was the best, really helpful, but also let us do our own thing.
Stoked with the results

Amanda Pritchard May 2024

Sophia was clear in her delivery and helped bring a vision to life as we muddled our way through our first experience with resin. My friends and I are stoked with our creations!

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Amanda Pritchard - Sydney

Heather Sheldrick May 2024

Julie was fun and encouraging - I made something much better than I thought I could

Miss Crystal Y Wong May 2024

We got the class to ourselves, the two of us, and the teacher was so patient and took the time to take us through each step and didn't rush us.

It was such a fun activity, and I would do it again anyway!

Dawn Strauss May 2024

Our teacher, Julie, was extremely professional and helpful in all ways. Very happy with the finished product. Julie was very generous with her time and her knowledge. We are doing more classes because of the way that this one was presented. Materials were all provided, venue was very clean and well set up for the class.

Kit Ching Wong May 2024

24 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

The class environment was very nice and the teacher is very accommodating and has good attention to detail. Very suitable for beginners and I had a great time.

Sayaka Arai May 2024

We had great time there, teachers were amazing and my cheeseboard is looking great. Can’t wait to pick it up

Kate Mittiga May 2024

Loved it!!!! So fun. I had this class given to me as a gift. Kate and her assistant were really great. Great sized class. Would recommend.

Kim Caiger May 2024

Girls day with my Daughters. Had lots of fun, Katie and Alison were amazing, very helpful and so lovely. Venue easy to find, parking ok but get there a little early to find parking due to location. Would highly recommend this Workshop.

Brittany Madders May 2024

My friends and I just did this class and it was fantastic.. the teachers were kind and easy to follow. No question was too much and they did excellent to make us feel at ease!!

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Brittany Madders - Sydney

Aadam Kumar May 2024

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Amazing experience, lots of fun. The teacher was very good. Definitely something I'll try again.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Aadam Kumar - Sydney

Elaine Warrent Apr 2024

4 in the class so had a more hands on class with the teacher. Very helpful with good guidance and everything provided. Would make a good gift for a crafty person. My partner enjoyed it too! Street parking outside at the weekend

Alex Corzo Apr 2024

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Julie was amazing with the kids, they had a really fun time and are enjoying their artwork!

School Holidays Watercolour Painting Class for Kids review by Alex Corzo - Sydney

Evelyn Colquhoun Apr 2024

Took my friend for her birthday. It was such a fun class. The teachers were patient, extremely helpful and managed to tend to everybody in the class. Such beautiful pieces to take home and use made the cost well worth it.

Coralie Gabus Apr 2024

Love the class and the teacher! Great intro class to resin. I was very happy with my creation, teacher made it fun and was full of tips and help when needed. I did the class with my teenager daughter and we both love it

Fluid Art class review by Coralie Gabus - Sydney

Melissa Sargeant Apr 2024

Friendly simple instructions encouraging very patient helpful
Great amazing teacher….
We had a lot of fin

Beryl Phelan Apr 2024

AWESOME Sophie and Aneil were sensational! They made it look easy and we’re there with you at every step! I can’t wait to get my board! Thank you

Miss Holly Somers Apr 2024

Learn how to use resin was a good class
Good teachers good to learn something I haven't done before

Odette Reynolds Apr 2024

I really enjoyed my Resin Art class on Sunday. The venue was very easy to find, I parked directly out the front. The class was fun, I chose a round cheese board with a handle, with 4 coasters, to make my Artwork. Our teacher was informative and conveyed very clear instructions, she had a helper and they were both very obliging and delightful young ladies.
I am retired and I really enjoyed the experience, it was something different, and I am chuffed with my beautiful resin art work. Thank you ClassBento.

Ferdia Hayes Apr 2024

Had a lot of fun, definitely recommend it. The teacher was awesome. So good yes

Jamie-Leigh Kiely Apr 2024

My sister and I came as a little birthday present to her and it was lovely We created a magical terrarium and the ladies were so helpful! Would definitely do this again :)

Melinda Seeto Apr 2024

I absolutely loved this class.

The materials provided were amazing. Absolute value for money.

The class was a nice small size and both Julia and Alia were amazing.

Kate Efrat Apr 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We loved the course. The teacher was lovely, so helpful and kind. Was so enjoyable.

Jas Singh Apr 2024

The class was organised well and we had a really good time. Our instructor Alia was very helpful and patient.

Bree Pereira Apr 2024

Was such a great, therapeutic experience. Julie was easy going + educational. She was calm and helped us add our own flair but keep our terrariums unique and neat. Thankyou

Succulent Terrarium Making Workshop review by Bree Pereira - Sydney

Ling Caslick Apr 2024

We really enjoyed our resin cheeseboard and coaster art class. The teachers very helpful. Even helped me choose colours. I was very happy with my cheeseboard and coasters too! Thanks Seed and Spark team!

Fluid Art class review by Ling Caslick - Sydney

Taryn Tollman Apr 2024

It was an amazing, fun, creative afternoon. The teachers were helpful and made the class great.
I am hoping to come back with some friends to create and enjoy the experience together. It is a perfect way to share a few hours of fun.

Clara-Isabel Maldonado Apr 2024

I really enjoyed my morning experimenting with resin art. The team at Seed and Spark were very competent and helpful. Seeing the colours mix and form their own patterns was like magic. I’m very happy with my cheeseboard and coasters.

Suzy Naidoo Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was great, the teacher very helpful and kind. The materials were very high quality. Class was excellent value for money.

Carmel Bradshaw Mar 2024

Learning the technique of mixing the resin and the effect the heat gun gives and the way the white bubbles to look like sea foam

Fluid Art class review by Carmel Bradshaw - Sydney

Annelie Child Mar 2024

I wanted to do something special with my mum before when went back home to Sweden and this workshop was perfect. We had so much fun, our creations look amazing and mum now has a memento to bring back home. Thank you!

Sue McPherson Mar 2024

Celebrated my sisters 50th birthday. Teachers were fabulous- explained the process well and were most helpful.

Sikiraa Polley Mar 2024

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

Hi my name is Siki

I attended this class with my support worker Tara.
I made a pink and purple cheese board and colourful coasters.

Snigdha Dey Mar 2024

The class was great! Started off with some theory then the real fun began. Our teachers were so lovely; very patient with everyone's questions and let us stay back to help finesse our work. Would definitely consider coming back

Louis Wauters Mar 2024

The teacher was amazing and helped us get great results! It was also a great bonding activity with my partner!

Lauren Gerzina Mar 2024

I was visiting Sydney from the US on a work trip and was looking for something to do on my own over the weekend. I stumbled across this resin class and though it looked fun, so I signed up. The class was incredibly fun and while I knew nothing about resin, the teachers made it easy and fun. Every one's finished products look BEAUTIFUL - despite us all be novices. If you are worried that you are not artistic enough or that you will screw it up, don't worry. The teachers will help you. :)

Wesley Nelson Mar 2024

It’s was a great experience! The instructors were patient and really helpful! My wife is planning our next trip!

Erica Jankis Mar 2024

Our teacher Sophia was fantastic. We were in a group with another couple. I really enjoyed using the colours & mixing the sparkle in. The time went really quickly and was lots of fun.
Thank you

Robyn Read Mar 2024

Julie was lovely. A nice informative class with a lovely result. Would highly recommend this activity

Hayley Cullen Mar 2024

Loved this class. So much fun and so informative. Thanks to the team at Seed and Spark for a great time!

Celia Zhuwei Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We went in a group of 5 and got allocated one table to be together. It was great to see the teacher demonstrate what we were to do first and then get into it ourselves. Some of us had the option of doing flowers in resin which was great with the flexibility and the staff were all super helpful during the experience.

Michelle Sif Mar 2024

This was a great experience to share with friends. We all had a fantastic time. The young ladies who ran the class were very professional and helpful. Will definitely be recommending this experience to other friends. It was great value for money.

Kristie Commins Mar 2024

Thank you so much for teaching us how to create resin cheeseboards. We absolutely loved it. We will definitely be back to try some other classes.
We loved how everything was provided and the step by step instructions were easy to follow. The teachers were brilliant and so helpful.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Kristie Commins - Sydney

Mandy Stanford Mar 2024

I think the teacher could do a few steps then everyone follow step by step rather than trying to remember and be concerned if you get it wrong. Maybe we could sketch our design plan first and colour scheme. Both teachers were helpful though. I wouldn’t say it was relaxing and would be impractical to have snacks & wine in amongst all the equipment and paint. Still we enjoyed it :-)

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Mandy Stanford - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you, Mandy, for your feedback on your experience in our class. I’m
Glad you enjoyed it.

We appreciate your suggestion of having the teacher lead the steps for everyone to follow along step by step, and I have asked students in your class specifically for the same feedback, I’ve also tested this but unfortunately it’s diff from paint and sip and won’t work that way as people have creative freedom. The beautiful thing about this class is we show you step by step in the demonstration how to mix resin, then to colour then how to create an ocean board plus another technique. BUT you have complete creative freedom use other colours and express yourself to make a board that is unique to your likening :)

As for designs and colours we send you a pdf with all the information and design ideas as soon as you book so you can come prepare. Our instagram also had hundreds and thousands of boards for inspiration.

We also encourage eating and drinking in the first hour of the class before you start creating.

Lastly, your boards turned out fantastic! Thanks for posting a picture of your amazing ocean board with the most amazing cells!

Heba Hassanin Mar 2024

It was fun. Very helpful instructor and great products at the end. It was 1st time but won’t be last :)

Isabel Garcia Feb 2024

The class was excellent. Very friendly environment. More information about parking need to be added. Thanks

Pauline Kanhalikham Feb 2024

Our team was given an opportunity to go out and do something 'fun'. We all agreed it should be something creative and if we were to make something, it had to be something we would want to keep or nice to give as a present. Making Jesmonite items satisfied this brief. There were many different items to make, and we could be as creative as we wanted. Julie was a fantastic instructor, friendly, helpful and very welcoming. We loved the venue, it was bright, spacious and the atmosphere just right. Highly recommend this activity.

Mylène Shankland Feb 2024

Amazing activity, amazing teacher. Thanks. I am not an artist, I loved the session. Highly recommend.

Robert Kenn Feb 2024

A great session with excellent guidance and assistance. Had a fab couple of creative hours. Many thanks Julie

Alyssa Wong Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Both teachers were really great and supportive. Helped us when we wanted to change or fix the patterns on the resin. The floor and chairs and table are covered in dried resin so maybe wear comfy clothes. They had many cheeseboards, mini cheeseboards and coasters to choose from which was awesome. Enjoyed the class! Can’t wait to pick up the items we made

Julie Tran Feb 2024

We had such a wonderful time with Seed and Spark resin class! From the time of making out booking to organising delivery of our boards and coasters has been such a pleasant experience. Julie is so quick to respond to all our queries! We can’t recommend the class more, so many laughs and giggles and a beautiful board to take home!

Janet Farrar Feb 2024

My friends and I originally booked this for my birthday and one of us fell sick. I was able to change the date with no hassle or cancellation fees. When we attended the postponed class we found it to be allot of fun and we were guided by the amazing and very patient teachers. We now walk away with beautiful additions to our kitchen.

Fluid Art class review by Janet Farrar - Sydney

Kitty Granville Feb 2024

Such an amazing afternoon making these boards, our instructor was so lovely and helpful for all of us! The venue was lovely and there were loads of boards to get inspo and ideas from- and the teacher helped us all brainstorm what we wanted to do! Absolutely love my board and coasters, cant wait to show them off to all my friends!

Andrea Rivas Feb 2024

-San Valentine's day with spouse.
-Teacher and Assistant were very patient and very helpful.
-Lovely workshop.
-Great materials.
- Cheese and coaster decor.
-Excellent and fun activity.
-The Amazing experienced teacher creating outstanding results.

Max Nguyen Feb 2024

Super enjoyable and well taught. The instructors were patient, kind and helped us make cheeseboards and coasters that would fit in our home super well.

Claudine Joy Regpala Feb 2024

I booked for 2 people for this class. A lovely and unique birthday gift for my mum visiting from overseas. We pleasantly enjoyed our time and really appreciated our instructors efforts.

Claire Downie Feb 2024

Well organized, enjoyable class which was aa great introduction to the art of creating art works with resin. It was fun and worth doing.

Cindy Catts Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I enjoyed our class overall. Our teacher was friendly, knowledgeable of the technique that was being taught, and willing to answer all questions asked.

Kerrie Gazzard Feb 2024

Just finished a great resin cheese board & coasters workshop with Sophia & Alia. Both were very knowledgeable about using resin and how to get the best results. Everything was supplied with good choice of boards, coasters as well as extensive paint colours to choose from. A great two hours with finished articles to be collected as soon as they are dry. My only regret is that I didn't take a photo of the pieces before I left today!

Natasha O'Brien Feb 2024

Fantastic class, thoroughly enjoyable with really good quality products and beautiful cheeseboard to take home at the end. Julie was really lovely and helpful and a wonderful teacher. Thanks for a fun night for our team!

Wenndy Ng Jan 2024

My daughter had so much fun. The flower arrangement and flower crown looked amazing. Thank you Julie!

Callyn Sliva Jan 2024

We visited on 27/1 to celebrate my friend’s birthday! The teachers were so helpful and patient. Clear instructions and demonstrations. All materials were provided and a wide variety of coloured paints to choose from.

Peter Russell Jan 2024

Excellent couples activity, the teachers provided great instruction and help throughout. We were very happy with our end products.

Cristy Willis Jan 2024

Fabulous evening! Experienced and fun teacher, products were excellent and results impressive. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Andrew Kirkpatrick Jan 2024

Amazing class that I received as a Christmas gift. The teacher was very knowledge and you could tell how much she loves what she does. Makes me want to get into doing resin myself at home, highly recommend

Shayna Cloos Jan 2024

Such an amazing, fun Class, staff were lovely and very helpful, can highly recommend to anyone.

Jennifer Dordevic Jan 2024

Great class. We had a private class and our teacher was incredibly helpful and inspiring. We had such a great time creating beautiful pieces and learning all about Jesmonite and ecoresins. Highly recommended

Marina Aguirre Jan 2024

I bought this as a gift for my Mum, for us to do together. We both really loved this class. All materials were provided with plenty options to choose from depending on personal taste and style. The teacher was helpful and always present to guide us or give ideas. We were in a smaller class (four people total) which we liked. Overall, the class is run great, and it’s a good opportunity to get creative and inspired. We both want to come back again!

Fumika Kimura Jan 2024

I really enjoyed the lass! It was my first time working with resin art, but the teacher kindly taught us how to:)
I love how my resin board turned out after dry!

Roxy Tilse Jan 2024

Alia was a great teacher! She was friendly, informative and super helpful when we needed assistance. We had lots of fun during the class and were really happy with our finished boards ☺️

Nick Jan 2024

This was an amazing experience, and the end result looks incredible! very thorough instructions, and we never felt rushed even when we were going a little overtime. Would definitely recommend!

Tamara Lennon Jan 2024

Great class! Sophia was a fantastic teacher and the class itself was fun, engaging, easy for all and we left with awesome pieces of resin art! Highly recommend

Alanna Manfredini Jan 2024

Such a great experience, every single board ended up looking amazing and the instructors were great with letting me experiment creatively outside the box and then helping when it went downhill

Eloise Lamond Jan 2024

My daughter snd I had a fabulous time. The teachers were great, the products fabulous and the outcome wonderfulfun had by all.

Sal Compton Jan 2024

The team were great!

Really encouraging with whatever your artistic level!
Every colour under the sun imaginable available to use, heaps of product to be able to create anything you could want.
Though, my son and I both did a board, we definitely decided "less is more" to have the great impact we all want.
Be brave - do something other than a beach scene (though, they do look awesome!)

Caroline Hutchison Jan 2024

Fantastic workshop using resin. All resources provided. Wonderful teachers who were so relaxed and helpful. Everyone’s pieces turned out amazing!

Jessica Carroll Jan 2024

I booked this for my birthday with a few friends and I’m so glad I did. It was an amazing class. Truely beginner friendly. Amazing staff to chat to throughout the class and ask for help if needed. There is room for creative freedom with design choice and with the guidance of the lovely staff it will truely look amazing. I cannot wait to pick up my design and use it at my next party. Highly recommend!

Adeline Bush Jan 2024

the teachers were so helpful- the explanation of process concise and clear and always at hand to help. my creation was what I hoped to achieve and I am glad I acted on my impromptu decision to attend the class - an afternoon well spent. Many thanks Sophia and assistant (sorry I think your name tag fell off)

Marisa Di Pietro Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Our 2 instructors were amazing! My partner struggles with dexterity due to a stroke but they were both patient and very encouraging! Everything was provided and we were guided through each step which was great as my partner and I are not creative at all. It was so much fun! Would definitely recommend!

Linda Fitzhardinge Dec 2023

Enjoyed this class very much. The teacher provided clear instructions and provided adequate support during the class. I love my final piece - can’t wait to show it off at my next dinner gathering!

Juliet Bigg Dec 2023

We loved this class. Great morning out and a good introduction into how resin works

David Bentley Dec 2023

Great fun and relatively easy to pick up with clear guidance from Alia and Kate. Thanks very much.

Jess Tougher Dec 2023

We had such a wonderful time making this wreath. The class was exceptionally well organised with everything laid out for you to complete. I walked away with a stunning wreath that I’ll be keeping for several years to come.

Ivy Truong Dec 2023

Was a really great experience and fun class! Lisa, our teacher was great and very friendly! Highly recommend!

Beatrice Ellefsen Dec 2023

Super fun class, ended up with something we will all remember and use, love it

Emma Hoekzema Dec 2023

The class itself was great, Julie was very helpful in demonstrating and helping us to creat our resin boards and coasters. However, communication was extremely poor. The original class was cancelled as the instructor was sick (which is completely understandable and would have been totally fine) but it took two days for them to respond to confirm the time for the new class (they didn’t respond until 30 minutes before the class was due to start). Once the class was finished, we decided to have our boards posted to us after drying. Julie stated that they would be posted after 2 days once they are dry. However again, the boards were never posted and only after messaging over the next week and a half (they either took two days to reply, or simply didn’t reply at all) was I able to get the boards posted (express post as they ‘forgot’ to post the boards). Now, I am still waiting to receive the boards and have asked multiple times for the tracking number but have yet to receive a reply.

I really would have loved to give a 4 or 5 star review as the class was great, but the communication has just been so poor and I have wasted so much time trying to deal with it.

Teacher's response

Hi Emma
I am sorry you are disappointed in our communication during this busy Christmas period.
You attended the class and didn’t yet pay for postage in advance and I did mention we can post it for you after it fully cured once paid. But with shortage of staff, sickness and a busy Christmas period we are trying our best. Your board was express posted without extra charge as we value how much we can do for customers. We don’t host classes for 2 people but when we reschedule you we tried our best to squeeze you in during our busy period. I am glad you enjoyed the class as we put 100% effort in running them.

Lily Pillar Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My daughter and a friend attended a kids wreath making workshop. The teacher was so friendly and welcoming and made us feel comfortable leaving our 7 year old to complete the workshop. Our daughter had such a fun time and completed a brilliantly colourful and fragrant wreath. The flowers are everlasting so the wreath will last for quite some time. What a wonderful experience and now my partner and I can't wait to try resin cheeseboard class for an upcoming date night.

Linda Collins Dec 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Wonderful class. The instructor is very patient and friendly. My daughter and her friend had a wonderful time. Will definitely sign her up for another class again.

Robin Lietar Dec 2023

The session was excellent ! Julie really helped us through the workshop. Highly recommended
Thank you

Rick Di Cristoforo Dec 2023

It was a fun experience with the teachers always being there to lend a hand. The final result looks great!

Arisa Kusakai Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had a fantastic experience at the resin art class last Sunday. The teachers were not only helpful but also friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The location was easy to find, adding to the overall convenience. Crafting my own cheese board and coasters was incredibly enjoyable, making it a memorable and creative Sunday well spent.

Melinda Whittingham Dec 2023

Had a great morning creating our wreath! Julie (our teacher) was a great - gave ideas and support. The range of dried flowers (and a few extras - ribbon, lights etc) was great. It was amazing to see how different people's creations were with the wide range of materials. Would definitely recommend to others!

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop with Dried Flowers review by Melinda Whittingham - Sydney

Gaby Livaja Dec 2023

It was such a fun class to do with my friends! The class instructor Sophia was thorough with her explanations and provided great help to ensure our boards looked spectacular! Will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Elisa Napiza Dec 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Julie was extremely helpful and made the class fun. She made sure we loved our end creations.

Emily Whiteway Dec 2023

We had a great time making our wreaths! The instructor Julie was so helpful and made the process really run and easy. We loved the wide selection of flowers and other products to add to the wreath, as well as lights and ribbon at the end. Would definitely recommend the class and would love to do it again next year!

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop with Dried Flowers review by Emily Whiteway - Sydney

Alison Ashmore Dec 2023

This Gingerbread workshop is one of our Christmas traditions. The studio class size was small offering a more personalised experience. We choose Seed and Spark for their quality ingredients (Gingerbread Folk, Allen’s, Nestle, Pascal) and store quality packaging (silver card base, cello and christmas ribbon) and friendly staff who who clearly love their business and it’s customers. I look forward to returning in 2024.

Matthew Nguyen Dec 2023

Great workshop to do with your friends or partner. Instructor was clear in explaining the instructions and everyone was helpful to assist when needed. Highly recommend to do!

Robyn Morgan Dec 2023

I absolutely loved my resin class today.
Sophia was an excellent teacher. So patient amd helpful . I am really happy with the pieces I created. I would highly recommend anyone to try.

Ann Vu Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Super fun and well organised with plenty of dried flowers to choose from. Lisa was lovely and enthusiastic, a total joy!

Cindy Wehrmacher Dec 2023

The teacher was great. We had a fun time learning how to pour the resin. Our teacher was really helpful and our pieces turned out great. Thanks for a fun Xmas event for my work team.

Ellen Hallawell Dec 2023

Julie was absolutely amazing! She done such a great job showing us how to make are resin boards. She answered all are questions, gave us tips and tricks on how to create beautiful designs with the colours. Can’t wait to come back and do more classes

Aparajita Sinha Dec 2023

We booked a private class for a corporate team building event for 10+ folks, at super short notice.
Julie was very easy to coordinate with ahead of the event and took care of all of our needs. She arrived punctually and was very well-prepared to set up and run the session autonomously. She also created a fun and enjoyable vibe for the session, and our participants felt refreshed within mins of starting the activity, after having spent the first half of the day in intense workshops. Highly recommend booking with Julie and team!

Vanessa Dec 2023

Excellent class. I have always wanted to make a Christmas Wreath and i am glad i was able to tick it off my Bucket List.

Mitchell Kirsch Dec 2023

Class was great, had a really good mix of supplies to choose from, well guided and provided assistance when needed, and the space was comfortable and air conditioned. A fun class that I would recommend for anyone else interested.

Franz Peter Bruckback Dec 2023

Materials,teaching was fantastic, love the art even though I had no prior experience I think I did great. Highly recommend this class and love the cheese board

Masako Cawdell Dec 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

You can easily to make a beautiful wreath
with the materials at class for everyone!

Emma Vella Dec 2023

Such a fun class and the variety of flowers and foliage was great, everyone made something different. Julie was lovely and I was really happy with my wreath!

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop with Dried Flowers review by Emma Vella - Sydney

Nicole Ribera Dec 2023

Loved Julie was terrific, welcoming, encouraging and hands on. A great morning out with my bestie and my sister.

Emily Jagarinec Dec 2023

This class was awesome, I took my mum for her birthday and we both enjoyed it. I definitely felt like I learnt quite a bit about resin. It was fun being able to create your own thing. Public parking across the road was easy as well. Thank you so much Julie! ☺️
Emily & BJ

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Emily Jagarinec - Sydney

Sharon Avis Dec 2023

Had the best night! Sophie was amazing with lots of energy & enthusiasm. She explained everything clearly. So happy with the results

Rebecca Shephard Dec 2023

The teacher was very happy to help and assist. Very nice section of dried flowers. I really like how I got the option to put some little lights on my wreath.

Floristry class review by Rebecca Shephard - Sydney

Eleanor Baxter Nov 2023

We had a lovely time making Christmas wreaths yesterday. Julie was kind and knowledgeable and helped us all out whenever we were unsure of the placement of any flowers or items. The materials provided were all high quality and all six of us left with a beautiful wreath that we are proud of and that shows our individual personalities. Thank you so much, can't wait to do another class with Seed and Spark!

Floristry class review by Eleanor Baxter - Sydney

Melanie Vo-Hoang Nov 2023

We had a very fun experience! Alia was a lovely instructor. So glad we booked this.

Carol Yaniuk Nov 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

This class was amazing. I had so much fun. I was a bit worried about how it would turn out, but it is beautiful! The teacher showed us what to do & helped during the class. They were so friendly. It was the first time I used a heat gun & resin. Money well spent. Love it, thank you so much

Isobel Crocker Nov 2023

This was a relaxed and informative class with a great demo and hands on chance to make a cheeseboard and either a trinket box or 4 coasters. There were 5 in the class, and each person produced beautiful resin work. we were taught everything we need to know to get started doing resin work on our own at home. It was a fabulous granny/granddaugher date.

Julian Chu Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The session was awesome We came late but Alia the instructor was super accommodating and helped us. The artwork was super fun to do and it was definitely a worthwhile experience. Their knowledge of the colours and designs made it really easy to understand and create your own masterpiece.

Sheree Matthews Nov 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

What an amazing class - Julie is a gorgeous soul - so helpful, patient and full of knowledge and suggestions on how you can create your own masterpiece. Ours was a team building exercise and everyone commented on how enjoyable the afternoon was and how they are all looking forward to returning next week with the whole department to try the resin cheeseboard and coasters class. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a friend/family member, would strongly suggest you consider one of these classes - fun and excellent value! Thank you Julie.

Juliette Pantaleo Nov 2023

Julie was so easy to follow and helpful. Very generous with the resources to ensure we all finished with the end product we were hoping for. This was a fantastic staff night as a team bonding session and to get our creative juices flowing.

Bronwen Scott Nov 2023

Teachers were very helpful. The directions were clear and well demonstrated. I liked the guidance with colour selection to get the desired result. very happy with the end result.

Victoria Harrison Nov 2023

Great class. Learnt a lot and loved the finished product. Thanks Sophie - you were super helpful!

Chloe Verrall Nov 2023

Went as a part of a Hen do! Had an AMAZING time! Alison was a great teacher! Overall a great experience!

Niriksha Mutharia Nov 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Great class for beginners. The teachers were very helpful; highly recommend it to anyone interested in resin art.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Niriksha Mutharia - Sydney

Jiawei Lai Nov 2023

Enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. The instructors were engaging and helpful. They were very patient in guiding us throughout the class.

Sharon Dewar Nov 2023

A great afternoon of creativity Our teacher Alison along with Julie and Kate were fabulous making the experience so much fun and rewarding.
Best value for money - coming away with a cheese board and four coasters after only 2 hours.
Fantastic location and great work space - everyone had plenty of room to spread out and not be in each other's way.
Really inspiring!

Deidre Newman Nov 2023

Had the best time making our resin cheeseboards and coasters today.
Teacher was very friendly, informative and patient with us.
Would highly recommend this class.

Gaby Bradley Oct 2023

My daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Sophia, our teacher, was friendly and very knowledgeable. She relayed her knowledge of this art in an easy going and fun way and was always helpful when we got stuck for choice. We learnt about covering the work surface, the properties of resin, hardener, colors, shimmers and cells. It was very interesting to see the magical effects when manipulating the resin with the tools provided. The workshop had a welcoming feel to it and was well lit. We felt comfortable and encouraged to let the creativity flow. The workshop was relaxed and rewarding and good value for the money.

Daniel Oct 2023

To start the only negative thing I can say has to do with the parking which is not readily available. The rest…let’s start with the teacher; Alía was amazing and friendly and taking us all on a step by step journey and was great. The place was pretty good and the things that we needed were readily available. It was a great Father’s Day present and one that I will always treasure as it was my daughter’s present and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I feel very lucky to have been a father to her.

Teacher's response

Hi Daniel,
Thank youfor your review and we are thrilled that you had a great experience with our instructor Alía and got to spend quality time with your daughter.

As for parking, did you get a PDF document when you booked as it outlines best place to park and also gives you some info and inspiration before class? There is plenty of parking on Renwick St and surrounds and Collingwood St has unlimited parking. On the weekend you can park on Victoria Road riigt in front of the studio also.

We appreciate your feedback and will see if we can make the parking section on the PDF document more prominant. Cheers Julie

Sheena Bianco Oct 2023

Absolutely fabulous class I bought it for a father's day present for my dad and me to hang together doing something he and I both have an interest in (resin) GREAT teacher, GREAT class Having our creations posted out to us as we live in South Sydney (took us aaaages to get there and was late because parking is difficult IGA parking is only 2 hours So if coming, get public transport if possible) But they were looking superb before we left and we can't wait to get them home! thanks seed and spark, I'll be keeping na eye out for other classes you do

Teacher's response

Thank you, Sheena, for your fabulous review! We're so glad to hear that you and your dad had a great time in our resin class. It's wonderful that you both share an interest in resin, and we're honored that you chose our class as a Father's Day present!
With parking though there is plenty of free street parking especially on weekends. There's parking out front on Victoria Rd and on the surrounds of Renwick St through to Collingwood St. IGA carpark is mainly for shoppers and only 1P so I wouldn't recommend parking there. Thank you for your kind words, and we'll definitely keep you updated on any future classes we offer!

Monique Piggott Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

So fun and engaging. The teacher was really enthusiastic and helpful (super patient too, as I was a beginner!)

Fluid Art class review by Monique Piggott - Sydney

Chere Paul Oct 2023

Warm greeting upon arrival, very welcoming. Instructions explained and examples shown made for a lovely evening…
Wonderful night out. Thank you

Katrina Otto Oct 2023

The whole experience was fabulous. Lisa, our teacher, really listened to us and was very helpful & responsive to all our questions and needs. Highly recommend this experience.

Fluid Art class review by Katrina Otto - Sydney

Chanel Friend Oct 2023

Such an amazing experience! The team at Seed and Spark were so helpful and so happy to make our day easier! Highly recommended.

Anastasia Valanidas Oct 2023

What an amazing lesson! Alison was so knowledgeable, supportive and creative. Would highly recommend this class to everyone. Value for money and first class equipment! Thanks again!

Harsha Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

The teachers Sophia and Alia were amazingly patient and incredibly helpful.
I'm so happy with the end result!

Fluid Art class review by Harsha - Sydney

Kim Kolo Oct 2023

Hi I had a experience at this class. The teacher was patient and explained all the techniques well.

Fluid Art class review by Kim Kolo - Sydney

Erin Triglone [Actau] Oct 2023

I managed to coax my husband into an “art course” and we had such a good time in the resin class.
So much so, he’s open to trying other Class Bento options in the future

Abigail Birkett Oct 2023

Our daughter loved this workshop. Lisa was very attentive and created a really mindful, soothing environment for the group to get creative. Snacks provided were a bonus. We'll be back!

Jenna Cooke Oct 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

I had such a great time with the ladies in this class. The instructors were very informative and encouraged your creative self-expression with the cheeseboard and coasters. I was greatly appreciative of the option to post the items once they were set. Thanks so much for an enjoyable Friday evening!

Dee Gunning Oct 2023

Amazing teacher! Such a fun class & loved how the resin work turned out. Would definitely recommend this class!

Nelle Connell Oct 2023

Fun class to do with my goddaughter - lovely Aloa was a teacher - very patient and knowledgeable. Good location easy to find. Would recommend.

Alexander Robinson Oct 2023

Great class, Alison was super helpful and ended up with a great result that we can take home :)

Fluid Art class review by Alexander Robinson - Sydney

Kelly Grainger Oct 2023

It was so much fun and something we’ve both wanted to do for ages.

I wanted to give Sarah a resin chopping board for her birthday but couldn’t find the perfect one despite trolling markets. Then I stumbled across this craft class to make our own.

Thank you so much @seedandsparkau for a lovely afternoon of learning, crafting and bestie bonding

Fluid Art class review by Kelly Grainger - Sydney

Lara Baumgartner Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

While we made some nice items in the end, this class was run by someone who was nice but seemed to be filling in and hadn't run the class before (or not in a long time). They asked us whether it was specifically a terrazzo class and how many items we were supposed to be making, which didn't inspire confidence. Things weren't planned out and it felt chaotic to be honest, which isn't what you want from an experience like this. We still had a good time and I liked that we could pick the three items we wanted regardless of size etc, but I expected much more in terms of organisation and direction and wanted it to feel calmer. I don't know if I'd book a class here again.

Carissa Mills Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Julie was an amazing teacher and was so helpful, we did this as a team building exercise and we all had a great time, would recommend Seed & Spark to anyone looking for an activity to do.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboard and Coasters review by Carissa Mills - Sydney

Tricia Oliver Aug 2023

Sophie was a wonderful teacher and we thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to more classes

Cella Budd Aug 2023

Julia was an amazing teacher and very accomodating, she set us up in a beautiful space and we all had the best time.

William Downes Aug 2023

Excellent class.

Came with my partner and we were both really happy with the experience and how the final product turned out.

Julie, Sofia and Alia were great assistance throughout the night too.

Would defo recommend!

Nicole Aug 2023

Teacher was friendly and knowledgeable. Huge variety of colours available. So happy with the final product.

An Aug 2023

A great way to spend an afternoon. The class made something that looked so complicated and intricate so much fun and less terrifying. I am so proud to show off my cheese board!

Josephine Baird Aug 2023

Great teacher, learnt a new skill, had fun and a great timerecommended everyone do it

Terrarium class review by Josephine Baird - Sydney

Ellie Fahri Aug 2023

My husband and I had the best time for his birthday, Julie was great, very friendly, informative and patient. We couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

Fluid Art class review by Ellie Fahri - Sydney

Courtney Hurworth Aug 2023

We had a full class and three people helping us with our designs and we’re really happy to help with any silly questions or provide colour matching. Plenty of colours to choose from however only two boards to choose from but still had a great time and would do again.

Fluid Art class review by Courtney Hurworth - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you, Courtney, for your lovely review! We're thrilled that you had a great time in our class, with a full class and three helpful teachers for your designs. We're always here to answer any silly questions and provide colour matching. We definitely had 4 different boards available in your class to choose from, Round, rectangular, arch and black round board. We also had 3 different coasters and a mini board alternative, Cheers!

Jessica Iannuzzi Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This class was amazing Right from the second we entered we felt so welcome and comfortable. Everything was super organised with all materials set out for each person ready to go. The teachers gave clear and easy to follow instructions, and helped everyone throughout the whole process. Because of all of this we felt confident and excited to compete our project. My friends and I all made totally different designs but they all looked amazing and we were all happy with them. Highly recommend!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Jessica for taking the time to leave your review. We're thrilled to hear that you had such an amazing experience in our class and agree your boards looked amazing. We are so grateful for your review - thank you :)

Jessica Zhang Aug 2023

Really fun class and Julie (instructor) was wonderful - she was clear with her instructions, and tried hard to make everyone happy with their designs. Would recommend for a girl's night out or just a creative outlet!

Teacher's response

Thank you, Jessica, for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that you had a really fun experience and our instructor, was fantastic. It's great to know that her instructions were clear and that she went above and beyond to ensure everyone was happy with their designs. We appreciate your recommendation for a girl's night out or a creative outlet - we believe our class is perfect for those occasions! Thank you again for your kind words, and we hope to see you again soon for more creative fun!

Annette Gould Aug 2023

Our experience was fantastic. The way the teacher explained the steps was clear & a little overwhelming but fantastic. The venue was easy to find & the room was well presented.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Annette, for your fantastic review! We are glad to hear that the teacher's explanation of the steps was clear, and will work to simplify to improve the experience even more. It's great to know that the venue was easy to find and that the room was well presented. We hope you had a wonderful experience overall!

Marijana Kramaric Aug 2023

Lots of fun! Great day out and well paced teacher was happy to take extra time with individuals to help if they needed it.

Fluid Art class review by Marijana Kramaric - Sydney

Jade Tavener Aug 2023

Sophia was fantastic, friendly, clearly spoken and energetic.
Lots of options to choose from with colours and materials available.
I loved that you could choose your own board and shape.

Natasha Kelvy Aug 2023

My husband and I had a wonderful time at the Resin art class: cheeseboard and coasters. Our instructor Sophia was absolutely amazing! She was a wealth of knowledge and was more than happy to help us out whenever needed. Would definitely recommend this class!

Giitika Gunther Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I loved this workshop! There were a range of boards and colours to choose from so you could be unique in your design. They demonstrated everything and offered guidance if you were unsure. I was really happy with the outcome of my board and coasters, it was fun to do and they look great.

Fluid Art class review by Giitika Gunther - Sydney

Julian Zhou Aug 2023

Julie was super helpful and fun! The class was a great and relaxing way to chat with friends and also make something cool & useful together. She was super accomodating in helping us pickup the boards outside of their usual opening hours!

Geeta Field Jul 2023

Every thing was good - teacher, help, support, material, product,room,heaps of space. both of us really enjoyed it

Nina Yu Jul 2023

Loved this class, would highly recommend! Such a fun experience x thank you so much!

Natalie Dalati Jul 2023

This is such a great class and no matter what you create, it ends up looking great. There's lots of staff on hand to guide you and the explanation is great. Really enjoyable and highly recommend. Julie is an outstanding staff member

Fluid Art class review by Natalie Dalati - Sydney

Nadima Abdul-Karim Jul 2023

My teacher was amazing, and kind. The class was perfectly set out organised and the teacher made us feel comfortable and confident in our work. She helped in assisting us when needed. We loved the class, the artwork made at the end and the teacher would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Fluid Art class review by Nadima Abdul-Karim - Sydney

Fiona Liu Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Highly recommend this class. The studio was absolutely beautiful. Julie was such an amazing teacher who was so willing to answer all our questions and share her indepth knowledge. Our group had so much fun and the end results were so beautiful thanks to Julie!

Fluid Art class review by Fiona Liu - Sydney

Miranda Tawadros Jul 2023

The teacher was great, however, she needed an assistant as she had 8 students who were constantly asking questions and needing help.

Mary Davies Jul 2023

Fab class. Only suggestion would be to provide a bit of an introduction to the class, and the process at the start. I felt a bit in the dark as to what we would be doing.

Jane Chapman Jul 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The jesmonite party worked really well for the group with great quality products and calm friendly guidance from the host. It was great the girls were able to take home their pieces on the day rather than have to wait and return.

Catherine Limjoco Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was so fun! Julie and Flavia were great teachers. They were very patient and generous with their time. I definitely would recommend this class to anyone!