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The Cooking Professor

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4.8 (449)
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Discover the joys of cooking in our fun, interactive learning environment at our culinary school in Perth! When you join one of our cooking classes, you join a small team and everyone focuses on making a different dish under the guidance of the instructor. After preparing your dish and learning some new recipes, we all sit down to share the food in a massive feast!

Our three-hour cooking classes in Perth have you cooking for two hours in our open-plan kitchen and we keep our groups small so you get plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor to ask questions, learn tips and tricks, and of course meet new people! We also cater for groups with our Corporate and Private Events – just ask! Our experienced instructors ensure you have a fun time in your food class, regardless of your age or skill level.

Classes and experiences

Jerusalem Street Food Cooking Class

5.0 (8)

date_range 2 Mar, 19 Apr

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class

4.9 (17)

date_range Tue 7 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Spanish Cooking Class: Paella and Churros

4.9 (13)

date_range 14 Mar, 21 May

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Pasta Making Workshop - Adults

4.8 (41)

date_range Tue 23 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $105

Chinese Dumplings Cooking Class

4.9 (10)

date_range Thu 11 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Thai Classics Dishes Cooking Class

4.7 (13)

date_range Mon 20 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Japanese Ramen Cooking Class

4.6 (5)

date_range Thu 23 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Sausage Making Workshop

4.8 (44)

date_range Mon 27 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $105

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Class

5.0 (7)

date_range Wed 15 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Sushi Making Workshop for Beginners

4.7 (15)

date_range Wed 3 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $105

Italian Ravioli and Tortellini Pasta Making Class

4.9 (11)

date_range Wed 27 Mar, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $105

Vietnamese Cooking Class

5.0 (24)

date_range Mon 8 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Greek and Turkish Cooking Class

5.0 (2)

date_range 6 Mar, 1 May

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Indian Banquet Classics Cooking Class

4.9 (11)

date_range 28 Mar, 16 Apr

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Quick and Easy Meals Cooking Class

5.0 (3)

date_range Fri 31 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Balinese Cooking Class

5.0 (4)

date_range Tue 2 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Exotic Moroccan Cooking Class

5.0 (3)

date_range Mon 22 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Classic French Cuisine Cooking Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Wed 24 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Sushi Making Workshop for Parent and Child

4.8 (6)

4 to 14 years

date_range Sat 1 Jun, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $160 - $320

Gnocchi and Risotto Cooking Class

4.8 (17)

date_range 9 Apr, 30 Apr

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 3

4.8 (14)

6 to 12 years

date_range Sat 13 Apr, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 20

label $90

Pasta Making Workshop for Parent and Child

5.0 (11)

4 to 14 years

date_range Sat 20 Apr, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $160 - $320

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 1

5.0 (13)

6 to 12 years

date_range Mon 8 Apr, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 20

label $90

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 2

4.8 (10)

6 to 12 years

date_range Wed 10 Apr, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 20

label $90

Chinese Dumplings Workshop for Parent and Child (ages 10-16)

5.0 (2)

10 to 16 years

date_range Sat 8 Jun, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 18

label $160 - $320

Japanese Cooking Workshop for Teens

11 to 16 years

date_range Fri 12 Apr, 10am

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 16

label $90

Middle Eastern Cuisine Cooking Class

4.8 (5)

date_range Wed 17 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Moroccan Cooking Class: Moroccan Tagine

4.9 (7)

date_range Contact for details

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 14

label $140

Italian Cooking Class for Teens

4.5 (2)

11 to 16 years

date_range Contact for details

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 16

label $90

French Bistro Dinner and Live Jazz Experience

4.8 (6)

date_range Sat 4 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 36

label $90

Spanish Fiesta and Flamenco Dancing Experience

4.7 (7)

date_range Sat 22 Jun, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 40

label $90

Sicilian Trattoria Long Table Dining Experience

5.0 (3)

date_range Sat 6 Apr, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 40

label $90

Indian Biryani and Tandoori Long Table Dining Experience

5.0 (1)

date_range Sat 18 May, 6pm

location_on Mount Hawthorn

1 to 40

label $90



Taylah Wilson Feb 2024

I just want to learn different meals to make️

Chef mark was fantastic he helped everyone out the needed help he was right there, The food was so good I enjoyed it and loved it it’s just a dam shame I couldn’t take any home with me, I don’t like wasting food the cooking class is really good u learn a lot in the cooking class

I loved everything about it, how many people where there and we we’re all relaxed ️

Irene Jones Feb 2024

Lovely atmosphere and we got to cook and eat a large range of new vegetarian recipes.

Miranda O'Brien Feb 2024

Mark was great, all the little tips that make thing’s taste good are helpful

Brooke Taylor Feb 2024

Riki lead a fantastic class - a great room, and lots of interaction within the group, a few laughs and learning. Riki's insights on how to use ingredients differently and how to add flavour is applicable beyond the recipes that we made. And then the food we made and ate was delicious. Highly recommend.

Monique Pesa Feb 2024

The food was delicious! There was a huge selection and also the meal was plentiful. a lot to share for only two people. The venu is gorgeous as you can basically see the kitchen behind you.

Martin Sisolak Feb 2024

My Partner said Riki is a great facilitator. We both enjoyed the class a lot and would like to come again.

Ellana Munday Feb 2024

Chef Mark was fabulous. So patient and kind and we really enjoyed the class. The dumplings were delicious.

Cooking class review by Ellana Munday - Perth

Lana Winfield Feb 2024

We were given a gift voucher for our engagement and decided to use it on this ramen class because we both love Japan and particularly Japanese food. Mark was very knowledgeable and gave us great tips and tricks along the way. Venue was great, awesome layout and enough room for everyone to move around. Impressively cool on a 42 degree day. We’d love to come back for more classes!

Joy Chelchowski Feb 2024

The class was enjoyable. For total beginners it was a good Introduction. Will now try and make at home!

Chloe Willis Feb 2024

My brother bought the class for my mum and I as a gift.
Our teacher Dan was super friendly and very knowledgeable.
Great location as it is fairly central. Learnt a few different ways to make sushi, I'm really looking forward to putting the skills I learnt into practice at home!

Anthony Scibilia Jan 2024

Teacher having to juggle so many parts was pretty good and was very good with giving instructions and history of the food

Wendy Evans Jan 2024

Wow wow wow chef was so informative and well organised the food was delicious and we are inspired to try more classes 10 out of 10 -
The way to chef had everyone organised and at ease cooking their own part of the banquet and then how it all came together as a finished feast impressed us the most Thankyou

Nikola Mihajlovic Jan 2024

Great class, my son really enjoyed it too and now we know how to make dumplings!

Leah Duselli Jan 2024

A great experience. Chef Mark was very knowledgeable and was able to break down the recipes in a really easy to understand manner

Balinese Cooking Class review by Leah Duselli - Perth

Alexander Hayes Jan 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Amazing night learning to cook Paella and churros. Chef Dan was fantastic, cooking facilities extremely good. Food yummmm!
Will definitely be going again!

Karla Dowton Jan 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Dumplings were yummy and the chef was lovely like last time. I'm looking forward to the next one

Julie Zajer Jan 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

So much fun & Dan made it a great experience, never knew pasta was so easy to make. Delicious bruschetta and pasta to eat at the end of class.
Venue amazing and class size was just right
Will definitely be back for another class

Myka Sawyer Jan 2024

It was a lot of fun. Definitely an experience to try and Dan was really encouraging and making sure everyone had a go and a try.

Michelle Joubert Jan 2024

Great venue, enjoyable class and good size of 18 people. Teacher was amazing, making a real fun and inviting environment and was a pleasure to learn from! Would definitely recommend the class to everyone and would do another class of his!

Gemma Stoodley Dec 2023

Dan was an excellent teacher! We thoroughly enjoyed our pasta workshop. The paired sauces were incredible and we can’t wait to start making our own pasta at home.

Anna Howarth From Beigene Dec 2023

My colleagues and I had a great time at the Indian cooking class. Each group worked on a different recipe and we got to try all the meals at the end. It's a really great experience to cook something in small groups and at the end have a sit down meal and try everything. The teacher was very skilled and experienced and was able to guide us through each recipe and help with all our questions. A great activity for work events or with family and friends!

Karla Dec 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The flavours were amazing, chef was really lovely and funny. I can't wait to try at home.

Michael Nov 2023

Think more focus on doing all the items of cooking and not be selective of this table do this and this table do that. I personally wanted a different table or making a different food item.

Aleena Mada Nov 2023

The instructor was really good. Well communicated and answered questions clearly. He was very patient and helpful throughout the entire class. I was worried as there were a lot of people but he managed it really well. He was funny and wonderful.

Ian David Brain Nov 2023

Food was excellent. Could have been a greater time between courses.

Flamenco dancer was excellent. Would have been good if there had been someone to explain the history and progression of Flamenco.

Over all great night

Taylah Wilson Nov 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Rikki was amazing and gave us lots of helpful tricks to use in the kitchen.
The food was also very good and interesting. Everyone who attended the class was lovely and Rikki guided us through all the recipes.
Would highly recommend attending classes with classbento :)

Chloe Cambier Nov 2023

Course was amazing ! We learned so many new technics and the food was delish.
The teacher was also very nice and easy to engage with.

Would definitely recommend it to family and friends.

Ching How Wong Nov 2023

Great lesson! We had fun and nice clear demonstration and instructions. It was truly a worthwhile experience

Ann-Marie Moyles Nov 2023

Great teacher, lots of fun, venue was good too! Overall a great evening. Thank you

Peta Valero Nov 2023

What a Wonderful & Amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening learning about Vietnamese culture & cuisine. Chef Mark is a fantastic teacher and a world of knowledge who guided us through each recipe and process.
What a lovely way to spend an evening, learning new skills and meeting new and wonderful people (and enjoying a 4 course dinner in the process). I will certainly be booking more classes in the future and recommending to my family & friends.

Cooking class review by Peta Valero - Perth

Karen Buttersfield Nov 2023

We had clear instructions the entire way through the class. Kids were encouraged to taste their creations. My boy loved the experience of cooking good favourite food.

Mimi Devine Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was energetic and charismatic, explained everything really well. Super hands-on and a great variation on the average date night for my partner and I. Will recommend to friends :)

Aggie Ansell Nov 2023

Riki is a very good teacher. She has a great relational style. Showing genuine interest in those attending. I learnt a lot about Moroccan cooking as well as general tips for cooking at home.

Taylah Wilson Oct 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

My support worker and I got there early and chef Dan was welcoming he invited us in and we got a seat we had a little chat with Dan the chef about all the recipes,

and that I told him I would like to learn how to cook a risotto as mine went horribly wrong

Then everyone started coming in and getting a seat, everyone was so lovely to talk with

Everyone got to pick a cooking station, My support worker and I did the tiramisu, I love tiramisu but not a coffee fan sorry, but I took some home

Next time I’ll let them know that I don’t like coffee but that was my fault sorry

I loved how chef Dan showed me how to cook two different risotto’s a mushroom one and a beetroot one all the food was so yummy and delicious

I love the chef’s and leaning how to cook different courses and then getting the recipes and cooking them at home

Julie Jeremiah Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This is the second class I have attended and chef Dan is great. He is really knowledgeable pp and gives practical tips to adjust recipes.
The food was delicious and there was plenty, plus it’s great to have some snacks along the way
Thanks Dan. I look forward to the next class.

Lisa Green Oct 2023

I had the immense pleasure of participating in Chef Mark's Thai cooking class on Monday night, and it was nothing short of a culinary adventure. I am delighted to share my heartfelt gratitude for the fantastic experience.

From the moment the class began, it was evident that Chef Mark was a master of his craft. The class was not just about cooking; it was an immersive journey into the heart of Thai cuisine. Chef Mark shared not only his expertise but also his passion for the culinary traditions of Thailand, and it was truly inspiring.

The selection of dishes we prepared was nothing short of extraordinary. The step-by-step instructions were clear, and Chef Mark patiently guided us through the intricacies of each recipe. We had the opportunity to explore the flavours and techniques that make Thai cuisine so captivating, from the perfect balance of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy.

The class also provided valuable insights into the use of authentic ingredients, and I now have a newfound appreciation for the importance of sourcing fresh herbs, spices, and other essentials in Thai cooking.

The best part of the experience was savouring the fruits of our labour! The dishes we created were a sensory delight. Each bite transported me to the streets of Thailand, and I couldn't help but marvel at how the recipes we had learned had transformed into such delicious, restaurant-quality dishes.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Chef Mark for his patience, expertise, and warm teaching style. It was clear that he was not only an exceptional chef but also a wonderful educator who genuinely cares about his class success.

Attending this Thai cooking class was a culinary journey I will cherish forever. I am excited to replicate these dishes at home and share the magic of Thai cuisine with my loved ones. Thank you, Chef Mark, for the unforgettable experience. I look forward to joining another one of your classes in the future.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to learn much as each of us were tasked to do different recipes at separate stations and everything was happening at the same time. There were 14 students to 1 teacher, making 8 dishes in 2.5 hours so perhaps it’s better to have a smaller group so all of us can learn about each process properly. However the food were tasty and delicious, especially the stuffed mushrooms and croquettes. Chef Riki was friendly and very helpful. Thank you for the experience.

Stephen Urquhart Oct 2023

The event was fantastic and very informative I would recommend it to anyone, the class size was about right.

Megan Ruth Griffiths Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Really enjoyable. Teacher was great and we made the dough, learnt various ways of shaping the dumplings and then cooked them up for a lovely feast. easy to get to and plenty of parking. Learnt new skills which is great

Chloe Cambier Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a super fun time ! Marc was amazing and offered vegan and vegetarian’s options.

Chinese Dumplings Cooking Class review by Chloe Cambier - Perth

Rose Oct 2023

My boys absolutely loved the cooking class they did at the Cooking Professor. They said the ladies were both very informative, helpful and they got to create a number of different dishes. Would definitely recommend this class !

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 2 review by Rose - Perth

Eloise Voss Oct 2023

Teachers were fantastic, I loved all of the extra little tips they gave us and their attitude

Donna Davis Oct 2023

The kids had a great time. Such a welcoming and friendly environment. Wouldn’t hesitate to book my kids into a cooking class again, and I’m even looking at the adult classes and dinner events. The Cooking Professor came recommended through a colleague and we’re so glad we gave it a go! 5*

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 3 review by Donna Davis - Perth

Marion Laban Sep 2023

A lot of fun! Excellent facilities. Talented friendly chef teacher. Made and ate the tastiest sausage that I've ever had. Thank you

Brad Lecocq Sep 2023

Great venue with a funky little vibe. Chef was knowledgeable and explained things well. The food was amazing and a great effort by all.

Gary & Gail Mitchell Sep 2023

Great teacher nice food & everything was explained clearly & class was very friendly would highly recommend

Richard Wales Sep 2023

Good experience learning to cook and meeting new people. Excellent facilities in the kitchen area

Mary-Lorraine Mitchell Sep 2023

Dan started on time which was much appreciated! I arrived on my own but he immediately made me feel welcome and included me. He encouraged us to have tastings throughout but always added how he liked the dish ie. for the paella ‘slightly burnt on the bottom’! The class was relaxed and very enjoyable.

Spanish Cooking Class: Paella and Churros review by Mary-Lorraine Mitchell - Perth

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

while i did overall enjoy the session and learnt something. i found it just fell short of what i expected? i would've liked to be more involved in each process to some extent (while i understand the nature of cooking ramen makes this hard) it's also hard to retain the content without having had the practical experience myself - and following off a recipe isn't quite the same! i really enjoyed all of chef mark's advice such as cutting against the grain and was impressed at how simple it seemed to make noodles. the food was delicious and i will never be buying packaged ramen noodles again!

Tracey Thomas Sep 2023

Our chef was Dan. He was very knowledgeable and got everyone involved. He had a few tricks to teach us. The food was amazing. Had a great night. Thank you. Will be back.

Cooking class review by Tracey Thomas - Perth

Annika Crowley Sep 2023

Teacher was informative and entertaining, the venue was nice and we really enjoyed the class and the food.

Cooking class review by Annika Crowley - Perth

Furio d'Allio Sep 2023

The teacher was very clear on the explanations and guided us to the realisation of the recipes with care. Delicious food, experience to do.

Monique Pesa Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Brilliant experience! Highly recommended! Food and entertainment was fantastic. The whole night far exceeded my expectations.

Tania Rich Sep 2023

A great atmosphere, the group dynamics was fabulous, the chef/teacher was fun, friendly, engaging and informative and catered for all cooking abilities. Most of all the food was AMAZING and delicious! Will go again.

Matthew Ogilvie Sep 2023

Hello, I just wanted to say that my partner and I had a great time cooking with Riki, everything was provided all we had to do was show up.
The food was amazing, Riki was great, and it was good to learn new skills & ideas on how to prepare vegetables.
We have already booked another class and can't wait to go again.
Thanks Agin.

Simon Harris Sep 2023

Riki was great, class was really well run in a good environment, food was amazing and I learnt a lot about Moroccan cuisine.

Thank you very much!

Liana Gunzburg Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Riki was such a warm and knowledgeable teacher. We made a great range of Moroccan foods, which we then enjoyed together for dinner. Highly recommended.

Martin Gelgyn Aug 2023

Dan is a great teacher! Learnt lots and got the opportunity to use the special ingredient…Confidence!

Very enjoyable event and hugely tasty results!

Cooking class review by Martin Gelgyn - Perth

Taylah-Jade Wilson Aug 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

I absolutely enjoyed myself and the food was OMG delicious chef Daniel was brilliant and the speech he did was absolutely lovely I’ll definitely be going be to all the long tables

Toni Craft Aug 2023

Really enjoyed the pasta making but felt we needed more pasta machines in order to not be so rushed.
Dan was informative and good value.

Peter O'Loughlin Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Dan was a fantastic trainer. Went from group to group explaining things very well. The group was engaged all night and the food was awesome. Looking forward to Indian in a couple of weeks. Great night.

Luke Aug 2023

Clean kitchen with hospitable and helpful chefs who provided time to explain and coach the class. Well selected receipes for the time also.

Nicole Mina Aug 2023

I liked the class, great atmosphere, great food and good instructors!
I learnt a new skill!

Cooking class review by Nicole Mina - Perth

Larry Wale Aug 2023

It was a fantastic class, very hands on. The chef Mark and assistant chef Dan were both very good at explaining and showing the methods. Great mix of other participants and we got on well. The food was delicious and walked out very well fed.

Vietnamese Cooking Class review by Larry Wale - Perth

Bev Nicholls Aug 2023

The two chefs were well organised and enthusiastic. The food was well chosen, tasty and interesting.

Michael Tuckwell Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The sausage making class with chef Mack was great , 11 out of 10.
Chef Mack made everyone feel at home and provided good information on the ingredient and helpful advice in the practical. The course has inspired a new group of sausage makers in Perth.

Leonie Manning Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mark is a very calm , articulate, engaging teacher. He made sure everyone was involved in all parts of the process. It was easy to follow the class .
The food was presented in an easy,tasty way , that can be copied at home .Loved this class .

Cooking class review by Leonie Manning - Perth

Kate Moane Aug 2023

This was so much fun. A relaxing environment, great teachers, and a really great way to spend time with my daughter doing something a bit different. We can’t wait to try another class

Cooking class review by Kate Moane - Perth

Iain Rankin Jul 2023

Good experience and knowledge share. Good pace and inclusion, good variety with a good dynamic.

Cooking class review by Iain Rankin - Perth

Nena Sorensen Jul 2023

What a great night! Marc our instructor, was not only a fabulous host, but he had everything prepared for us, resulting in a smooth running, fun and educational night. Marc has found his calling, his passion for cooking was contagious.

We learnt how to make three types of sausages and it was a full hands-on experience. Everybody got to have a go at the different sausage make components and the kitchen was buzzing with fun and anticipationdid we do ok? And my word, yes, yes we did, a trifecta of fine sausages was created.

But that's not all, Marc prepare delicious matching accompaniments for each type of sausage which was the perfect way to showcase our efforts.

No one went home hungry. Great night all around, and I am confident Dad and I can use our newfound skills at home.

The only challenge we face now is which course to do next.

A big thank Thank you to Marc and the lovely lady doing the dishes in the back.


Cooking class review by Nena Sorensen - Perth

Cathy Algeri Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class is great. It was fun and we learned so much. The teacher gave us so much tips on how to prepare the dishes. Thank you.

Cooking class review by Cathy Algeri - Perth

Cliff Roberts Jul 2023

My Dad and I had a great time! There were more than enough ingredients supplied. Our instructor was lovely and provided a lot of great personal tips and tricks for making sushi. And the sushi was great, Thank you! Really fun and we both want to return for another class.

Sushi Making Workshop for Beginners review by Cliff Roberts - Perth

Lydia O'Reilly Jul 2023

I was disappointed with this class. I complained a few times about not being able to see the chef slicing the vegetables, but I was ignored. It would've been simple for things to be moved from the chef's bench so I could see what the chef was doing. I appreciated having the apprentice chef there to help me.
There were prawns and crab sticks on the tray to use, but the chef only used chicken in the recipes she demonstrated. We were not asked to slice the crab sticks. I didn't slice the prawns because I didn't see how to do it. I waited for the recipes to come that would use prawns and crab stick, but it didn't happen. This is despite the fact that the California Roll uses crab, avocado and cucumber (which I discovered when I came home and researched it on the Internet). We sliced a lot of vegetables that we didn't get to use. I expected to be cooking for the 2 hours advertised. I'm a pensioner and for me it wasn't good value for money.

Renee Rhoter Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This is the 3rd time my son has been at the kids cooking class. We will definitely be back and he always enjoys the class.

Robyn Brown Jul 2023

Great communication and rapport with Chef Mark and Dan
Very encouraging and helpful
Great night

Ashleigh Dawson Jul 2023

My husband and I had such an amazing time creating dumplings from scratch! I cant wait too book another cooking class for us!

Chinese Dumplings Cooking Class review by Ashleigh Dawson - Perth

Renee Rhoter Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My son and daughter did the kids cooking class menu 2 and absolutely loved it. They were so excited when I picked them up. The facilities are great and everyone is really friendly. I highly recommend the kids cooking classes.

Jackie Leslie Jul 2023

My kiddo and two friends really enjoyed this class. He had a lot of fun learning how to make the bread rolls, egg and bacon muffins and the chicken puff pies. Will definitely consider the other menu's next school holidays.

Scott Elvery Jul 2023

The teachers were vert cordial and engaging. I picked lots of little tips as they passed on their knowledge from their considerable experience- you simply dont get thta from an internet recipe.

Michele Hendren Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Huge thank you to Daniel and Mark for a very informative and fun class. Loved all the tricks they showed us and the positive vibe to the class. Good fabulous. Cannot wait to have a go at making gnocchi at home now.
Definitely keen to return and try another class. Moroccan and Tapas sound great. Money well spent

Gnocchi and Risotto Cooking Class review by Michele Hendren - Perth

Samantha Belfield Jul 2023

I bought this for my partner for Christmas for us to do together, we weren't sure how it would go as we'd never done one of these before. We rocked up, parking was on-site, we were greeted by Mark who was in great spirits. Mark was a great instructor throughout the whole night, showing us what to do and helping if he needed to, it was a great atmosphere between everyone there and we all had a fabulous night, can't wait for the next one

Cooking class review by Samantha Belfield - Perth

Natasha Platcher Jul 2023

It was a great bonding experience for my daughter and I. We loved the food and all the aromas and colors. I’m in a wheelchair and the venue was very handicap friendly. The also had a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The Chef was great he had energy and humor.

Indian Banquet Classics Cooking Class review by Natasha Platcher - Perth

Karen Moss Jul 2023

Thank you for yet again an outstanding cooking experience. Our chef Mark was professional and very informative. He was extremely patient and helped us to create a fabulous Indian feast.

Cooking class review by Karen Moss - Perth

Anette Gronden Jun 2023

Great class!
Chef Mark was an excellent and inspiring teacher.
Very relaxed and good fun evening.
We would love to come back for another session.
Thank You

Sausage Making Workshop review by Anette Gronden - Perth

Sarah Delena Jun 2023

Lovely evening from start to finish- relaxed and cozy vibe, with great food and music!

Taylah-Jade Wilson Jun 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Riki, our teacher, was brilliant. She showed me how to cut baby squid ink off, telling us lots of techniques e.g., telling us the certain rice and brands to use to make a successful Paella. The venue was very spacious and clean. The atmosphere was amazing. I wish I knew about these cooking classes sooner. I will definitely be coming back for more. I am looking forward to learning new cooking skills in the savoury department. And HOW CAN I NOT FORGET ABOUT THE CHURROS - I will never be having Dominos again. Yours were light and fluffy and wanted to take them all home - thankfully I now have the recipe. Thank you for everything. I can't wait to try and remake everything I learnt at home. See you at the next class.

Cooking class review by Taylah-Jade Wilson - Perth

Angela Keating Jun 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

incredible experience. unlike anything i’ve ever made but definitely a new favourite dish i can’t wait to cook all the time. a wonderful way to experience new cultures

Jerusalem Street Food Cooking Class review by Angela Keating - Perth

Joanne Gangemi Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a lovely evening cooking & learning with Rikki. The food was amazing with such beautiful flavours and the group of people were a great fun bunch to work with Thanks for a great evening Rikki. Jo, Tony & Charlie.

Cherry Wu Jun 2023

Teacher was easy going and made us feel at ease which helped the atmosphere to allow the students to relax and chat. He was also very tolerant of being called constantly with questions from multiple students without getting stressed which was helpful.

Cooking class review by Cherry Wu - Perth

David Scholtz Jun 2023

A great evening out with Riki providing a true sense of Jerusalem food and culture. Highly recommended

Hollie Benson-Lidholm May 2023

Class was amazing, Teacher was really energetic and made the room feel welcome. Everything we did was explained extremely well, food was amazing and I’m excited to try at home

Would definitely recommend this class to anyone who was thinking about going!

Cooking class review by Hollie Benson-Lidholm - Perth

Clancy Carter May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, Tim was a fantastic teacher and the food was amazing! Thank you again

Linda Brown May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was energetic and enthusiastic which made the class enjoyable. Having been to many cooking classes before from different providers, this one felt a bit rushed and haphazard. Though we did learn to make fresh pasta as promised, so overall, it was worthwhile.

Pasta Making Workshop - Adults review by Linda Brown - Perth

Caasi Isaac May 2023

Surprised my partner with this as a date night and we loved every second. The teacher was amazing. So passionate, personable and knowledgeable. Perfect mix of learning the origins of traditional pasta dishes, and practical experience.
The sauces he prepared were incredible and it was so wholesome enjoying the meal with the group at the end.
can’t recommend this class enough!

Cooking class review by Caasi Isaac - Perth

Krystal Nguyen May 2023

was abit unorganised, would have been nice to be able to eat our own pasta instead of sharing

Larissa Elliot May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved it! Great energy from the chef who made us all get a great outcome. We will come back

Nicole Chappell May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Chef, was the real deal, thoroughly enjoyed the yarns.
It was like herding cats, he handled it well.
Would book again.

Matt Kelly May 2023

Class was great. Tim was very enthusiastic and kept us on task, and we ended up with some great food at the end!

Michael Hume May 2023

Riki was amazing, my very first time doing a class and it didn’t disappoint! I’m not too skilled in the kitchen but always like the idea of cooking Paella! This class was perfect for me! Awesome vibe

Spanish Cooking Class: Paella and Churros review by Michael Hume - Perth

Debra Hackett Apr 2023

The Cooking Professor class shows that anyone can cook like a professional, keeping recipes relatively simple to follow. An enjoyable evening.

Zora Vinci Apr 2023

The class was fun, the food was yum and our teacher was freiendly kind and funny, made the class an even better experience.

Natalie Lincolne Apr 2023

We had a great time I. This class. Our chef/instructor was very organised and had all of us chopping, prepping and cooking the dishes in a way that gave us mastery over one recipe but also with the knowledge of the intracies of them all.
Thanks for a great evening!

Cooking class review by Natalie Lincolne - Perth

James Gill Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Nice, class really enjoyable. Nice to learn how to make dumplings from scratch. Highly Recommended

Fiona Scullion Apr 2023

Fab class well structured and the time flew by. Loved all the tips and tricks from Niki. Thanks so much for a lovely evening. Will def be back!

Lauren Dyke Apr 2023

We had a fabulous Italian themed cooking party for my daughter today. Chef Tim was fantastic, very patient, attentive & knowledgeable.

The girls all had a fabulous time & the pasta turned out great.

Eveything was very relaxed & the venue was lovely.

Anna-Maria Shellabear Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Sunny has great energy and took the time to answer all of our questions and get everyone involved.

Aubree Harbron Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

My 8 year old daughter really enjoyed this class today. She said there was lots of tasty treats and everyone was really friendly and helpful. The menu range was good too even trying something new like tzatziki.
We would have really loved for the recipes to be available. Even for her to read the ingredient listing and pour the measurements herself. Then to have the opportunity to bring the recipe sheet (or email) home to recreate the delicious menu for her family.

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 3 review by Aubree Harbron - Perth

Teacher's response

Hi Aubree

Thank you for your great feedback. We are so glad your daughter enjoyed it!

The email ‘Thanks for joining us!’ with the recipe link was sent to you (or the person who booked the spot) straight after the class on the 18th of April at 1:11pm (maybe it went to you junk folder)

We hope to see you again soon.

Happy cooking!

Renee' Rhoter Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My son did a kids cooking class and he loved it. Great value for money and the chef's were really nice and friendly. He said he definitely wants to come back. Thank you.

Cooking class review by Renee' Rhoter - Perth

Dyan Lee Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was informative and welcoming - this was my second time attending. The venue was comfortable and well equipped with all the materials provided. Atmosphere was fun and informal with lots of learning opportunities and enjoying food together. Would highly recommend these classes.

Robert Biancotti Mar 2023

Tim was great 10/10
Very relaxed class 10/10
Well explained 10/10
Great place 10/10
Will book again
To everyone involved well done

Katherine Bousfield Mar 2023

Felt a bit rushed
Instructions not clear.
And no printed recipe was told it would be emailed but wasn't

Chinese Dumpling Making Workshop review by Katherine Bousfield - Perth

Teacher's response

Hi Katherine

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.

We appreciate all feedback so we can continue to improve and grow with the business and provide fun, interactive Cooking Classes for all to enjoy.

I have forwarded your email onto the owners and the Chef.

We have actually recently reviewed this Workshop and have now set it to a Cooking Class timeframe of 2.5 so it will no longer feel rushed.

Your recipes were sent to you at 9:11pm straight after your class. It looks like there was a typo on your email address upon you booking in.

Please email us at [email protected] your correct email address for us to forward the recipes again to you.

We value you as a customer and hope to see you again soon in one of our other classes.

The Cooking Professor Team

Tori Lill Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chef Mark conducted the class in a professional but fun manner and he was very engaging and insightful.

Alyssa Mar 2023

Our teacher was awesome - so fun and welcoming.
The place was so clean and set out with great aesthetics.
We really enjoyed our experience and would definitely recommend go others.
Thank you!

Emily Cardy Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was amazing and of course get food! Sunny is a great chef and teacher. Would highly recommend doing the class.

Jodie Ferguson Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark was great,he was way to listen to and was really nice, he explained and demonstrated every step perfectly. W my daughter and I had a great time, and WOW the dumplings were delicious.
Thank you

Amy Ward Mar 2023

This was fun and informative. The food was fantastic! We ate so much! Teacher was nice, experienced and had a good sense of humour!
We had a fun time!
We forgot to take a photo before we already ate most of the dumplings! Lol.

Cooking class review by Amy Ward - Perth

Paul Nathan Mar 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Tim was a Very Very enthusiastic and engaging teacher & Me & Dad had a Blast and learnt a lot!
Venue covers all that is needed and it was awesome to be able to BYO & have a Drink & the fact there was a team of people to sort all the dishes and cleaning after was a blessing in disguise!

Trevor Padman Mar 2023

Tim was fantastic, the class was fun , interesting and set at just the right pace, a great experience

Pedro Nametala Mar 2023

Tim as an amazing cooking teacher.

Explained everything quite thoroughly and gave us a bit of history on the plates and sauces.

Would definitely recommend to others

Rachel Adams Mar 2023

Such an interactive and fun class! You get to do all the pasta making yourself and trying different sauces with different fillings! Would recommend to anyone!

Sally Cave Mar 2023

Riki was very happy and interactive with the whole group.
She was clear with instructions and very willing to add extra information - ideas, technics, substitute ingredients. Explained every dish the group was doing clearly and this is where for me I pick up some very good extra ideas and approaches to cooking in general.
The overall menu for the Moroccan evening was an excellent start into this style of cooking and how to get the best results and flavours was clearly shown and taught in this evening course. Riki was very interactive with all students and really got the class working together.
Additional information on courses, styles of cooking and events where shared by Riki.
Overall comment fantastic evening, great experience and learning, would definitely do another course.

Exotic Moroccan Cooking Class review by Sally Cave - Perth

Kate Rowbottam Mar 2023

Sonny was an amazing teacher and both teachers were extremely approachable, and patient
The venue was set up really well, easy to orientate and find things, clean.
Equipment was good to use, good learning different techniques.
Great value for money will definitely be returning, good night out the house with a friend or group!

Cooking class review by Kate Rowbottam - Perth

Jaryd Moulton Feb 2023

Teacher was very informative, friendly and approachable. I enjoyed the learning experience. The class was also east to understand

Pasta Making Workshop - Adults review by Jaryd Moulton - Perth

Krizzia Mendoza Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Chef Dani was great, learned a lot from him and easy to follow. Will definitely go to more of his classes

Melissa Scrivener Feb 2023

The teacher was really enthusiastic and eager to engage with us. They were really helpful and we learnt a lot and had a lot of fun while doing it.

Bill Beeftink Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chef Mark was a great instructor. He brought a bit of humour and shared his knowledge of cooking in sn engaging manner.

Jane Cluning Feb 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Mark our chef and instructor was fabulous, he explained everything clearly and concisely. We worked in pairs and each pair had a different dish to make and at the end we sat down to a delicious feast of Indian food.
There was alot of fun and banter.
Mark gave encouragement and feedback on how we went.
I would highly recommend this class.

Indian Banquet Classics Cooking Class review by Jane Cluning - Perth

Martin Feb 2023

Danielle was sensational. Very well run and super informative. Tim was also very friendly xx

Will come again

Karla Muckenthaler Feb 2023

What an amazing experience! So much love was put into each and every dish. Getting to mix with so many different people, eating, drinking and just enjoying laugh was awesome. The flavours that were added to each meal could never be topped. We are so full of happiness and fantastic foods. Plus the genuine gratitude from Chef Mark at the end just topped off the night. Thank you for all you put into this experience.

Dyan Lee Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Riki was amazing we had a great time learning how to cook new middle eastern dishes. Loved everything x

Russell Carrington Feb 2023

Mark made the workshop so much fun, with his sense of humour, welcoming attitude and abundance of knowledge. The prep stations and ingredients were great to work with, and the overall vibe was really relaxed.

Karen Angell Feb 2023

Highly recommend this class
Teacher was very knowledgeable & passionate about cooking - with such a happy smiling personality.
Venue was great & very well prepared.
I also loved how the teacher related the class to practical tips to be able to cook from home.
Food was amazing

Bradley Metcalfe Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Sammy was excellent, engaging, entertaining and shared his knowledge. A great evening with wonderful food. Thanks Sammy

Rhianna Hall Feb 2023

Had so much fun at this class! Was so simple and easy going, Chef Mark was open and welcoming and ready to share his knowledge and experience with everyone

Anne Leask Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun morning spent with my son. We both enjoyed making and then eating the pasta.

Dianne O'Halloran Feb 2023

Chef was great at explaining how to cook the rice as well as demonstrating how to assemble everything. Everything was well presented, prepared and organized. Good atmosphere. Enjoyed it immensely and have already highly recommended to to all my friends and family. Thanks a million.

Kelly Finlay Feb 2023

Fantastic experience with an experienced and fun chef who dealt with a large group so professionally. Will definitely be back.

Isaiareth Cauilan Feb 2023

I made dumplings and the teacher was observant on our techniques especially on a big group. It is a great value for the money because we learnt 3 different dumpling fillings and several dumpling pastry folds.

Dave Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great teacher and a genuinely fun and enjoyable experience. Sunny was very open to questions, with a warm and engaging style that kept the whole class engaged. Most importantly, the food we made was delicious!

Gerri Clay Feb 2023

Great food, and enjoyed learning in a relaxed and fun environment. Sunny was engaging and a
Good teacher

Madelyn Feb 2023

Very informative fun session, chef was great and the chicken tasted amazing. Will do another class

Eric Carino Jan 2023

He is nice and approachable. Learning from him about cooking was so easy to follow. looking forward to see another cooking lesson from him.

Patrick Jan 2023

It was a wonderful night, with a great teacher. 5 stars foe such a wonderful experience

Krizzia Mendoza Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Chef Sunny was great, he explained the process well and was very positive the whole time

Henrik Jan 2023

A really great parent - child activity The venue was clean and the staff were super friendly and encouraging.

Cooking class review by Henrik  - Perth

Leesa Neal Jan 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher was very knowledgeable and super friendly! We made some great food and had a lot of fun!

Cooking class review by Leesa Neal - Perth

John Jan 2023

I took my father and my Nonna (a dinky di Sicilian!) to this experience on Saturday night. It was absolutely fantastic. The food was brilliant but it was the atmosphere and the staff and the beautiful chef that really made it. Thanks so much, we had the best time!

Raelene Bianchini Jan 2023

Paul was incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He hosted a fun and engaging class which was throughly enjoyed by myself and my fourteen year old daughter.

Linda Le Jan 2023

Chef Mark is so amazing! Taught us great cooking tips all while being cheeky and funny - we had a fab night out :)

Hoa Nguyen Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher is nice and friendly and her cooking tips are insightful. Nice ambience. Food was delicious. Great opportunity for team building or family bonding or just simply learning new cooking skills.

Cooking class review by Hoa Nguyen - Perth

Bethany Quinn Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Firstly the teacher Sunny was very welcoming and encouraging. He was a really easy to understand and took his time to help everyone in the room.

The venue was clean and well organised and I loved that we didn’t have to clean our dishes at the end, having that done for us was a treat.

The food was really good. I enjoyed learning to cut things differently and fold the rice rolls.

Will absolutely do another class.

Aiden Rentell Dec 2022

This was a birthday present for me and I was so excited to learn new skills and have a fun night out with Mum. Sunnie out chef, was amazing. He made the whole night fun and made sure I was involved in everything. I also learnt so much. Looking forward to making dumplings for Christmas. I'm also 14 but was made to feel like I was one of the adults which really helped my confidence in the kitchen.

Chinese Dumpling Making Workshop review by Aiden Rentell - Perth

Carlise Byrnes Dec 2022

Chef Mark was fantastic, he was very knowledgeable and funny too! The location was very clean and well prepared. 100% would recommend the experience!

Teresa Dec 2022

I had a great time. I enjoyed the evening & the interaction with others was good. Our host on the night was informative. Overall it was a fun night.

Teresa Taranto Dec 2022

First time I’ve been to something like this. Our teacher Mark was good. I had a great time - learnt how to make dumplings & overall was a good experience. Thanks.

Leesa Neal Dec 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Venue was great teacher was great loved not having to do the boring bits like dishes

Michelle Pearson Dec 2022

Great dumpling class. Mark handled the students very well and was clear and concise in his instruction as well as a lot of fun. Really enjoyed myself.

Nicole Heatley Dec 2022

Paul was very good with the children, super generous with food portions - all the kids loved

Jack Cheong Dec 2022

My second time here, Sunny was amazing, very friendly and knowledgeable. Great facility, and menu items. Would highly recommend

Laura Parker Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Had Vietnamese cooking with Sunny. So much fun and great cooking’s very hands on.

Pho - one of my fav dishes was a stand out. Vietnamese pancakes - unexpectedly delicious, prawn rice paper rolls - I definitely need to practise, chicken strifes and salad, delicious dessert. All great hands on learning with a fun and enthusiastic chef!

I can’t wait to sign up for the next one

Coraline Zilwa Nov 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This class was absolutely amazing It was so much fun and easy to follow! Definitely going back for the other options!

Jodie Ferguson Nov 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic class
Sunny wa fabulous and the food superb.
Can’t wait to receive copies of the recipes

Spanish Cooking Class: Paella and Churros review by Jodie Ferguson - Perth

Jack O'Day Nov 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Chef Sunny did the best he could with a far too large class and not enough time to teach the chosen dish (ramen).

Cooking class review by Jack O'Day - Perth

Sandra Adam Nov 2022

Great night loved Sunny's hints and tips and general information about the ingredients and utensils.

Japanese Ramen Soup Cooking Class review by Sandra Adam - Perth

Ross Nov 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Sunny was friendly and knowledgeable. The kitchen was well appointed and the class format flowed well. Food was delicious. Great value for money.

Krizzia Mendoza Nov 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Sunny was really great and very friendly, easy to follow. The class was great! Will definitely book another class!

Eve Arbour-Neagoe Nov 2022

It was a great experience! Sunny was fantastic, great teacher and very enthusiastic! Amazing food as well!

Jody Kershaw Nov 2022

It was such a fun class, the chef was great and there was lots of sushi left to eat afterwards!

Stephanie Rush Nov 2022

Class was well prepared and instructions clear. Very personable teacher. We will be back again.

Benjie Pimentel Nov 2022

Mark very personable and informative, venue excellent and well presented, learnt extra tips, enjoyed immensely.

Guy Bidgood Nov 2022

Chef Mark was fantastic venue clean and tidy ingredients for our sausage making cause very good using the equipment and cooking what we made with the chef’s side dishes great but I feel the course is overpriced

Lorna Edwards Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had the most amazing time. The teacher, Dani, was funny, he showed genuine care and passion for his work. He was very clear on what the process was gonna be what it would look like before, and after and during the session. At no stage did I feel pressured, just had a really lovely night definitely will be coming back again to do another class. Thank you very much.

Maria Jones Nov 2022

Teacher was great ! Kept things flowing but still managed to make sure everyone understood what to do. Food tasted fantastic and was a great atmosphere.

Naomi Harris Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed the class! Teacher is amazing, funny and entertaining. Had some really good tips to use in the kitchen! Highly recommend!

Rhys Luck Nov 2022

Sunny was really friendly, had a bright positive energy and led the class really well. Would highly recommend!

Paul Hodkiewicz Nov 2022

Sunny was a great teacher - very skilful and patient. Result of four courses was yummy too!

Talarah Hill Nov 2022

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Enjoyed the class teacher was nice and easy to talk to had a great night

Dell Lussick Nov 2022

Rika was very good. Her instructions and demonstrations were terrific. The whole group was actively involved in the preparation of the many dishes. I have recommended the course to colleagues already

Spanish Cooking Class: Paella and Churros review by Dell Lussick - Perth

Vernon Adams Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing experience for me and my seven year old daughter. Paul was awesome, venue is great and food delicious. Thanks

William Crofts Oct 2022

Great teacher entertaining
Good food
Learn heaps
It was good fun

Quiet background music please

Ross Oct 2022

Excellent teacher - great class! Really loved the little side tips that were thrown in incidentally - how to hold a knife properly, how to dice an onion the easy way.
And of course - how good was the food to eat at the end!

Maddy Fallon Oct 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Building our pasta skills. Excellent consideration for the vegetarians in our group. Clear instructions, entertaining & friendly instruction. Quick recipes via email. Coming back for the Gnocchi - gotta do all 3 classes.

Cooking class review by Maddy Fallon - Perth

Maddy Fallon Oct 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Building our pasta skills. Excellent consideration for the vegetarians in our group. Clear instructions, entertaining & friendly instruction. Quick recipes via email. Coming back for the Gnocchi - gotta do all 3 classes.

Italian Ravioli and Tortellini Pasta Making Class review by Maddy Fallon - Perth

Laura Parker Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Gnocchi and risotto with Dani was amazing. He is an authentic Italian chef, so talented and masterful in teaching. The amount of food we made was incredible.

Great venue and friendly vibe. Hands on experience. Was so much fun.

They had 3 stations - pan friend gnocchi, normal gnocchi and risotto. We chose our own areas for prep and we all helped with the cooking.

100% recommend.

BYO wine or drinks to enjoy with dinner.

Cooking class review by Laura Parker - Perth

Emily Cardy Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing, authentic Italian teacher teaching Italian food.

Had the best night learning new skills and getting to eat the amazing food everyone created. Highly recommend and will definitely be coming back with friends!

Gnocchi and Risotto Cooking Class review by Emily Cardy - Perth

Rajin Nathan Oct 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Great facilities and processes at the venue.
Great atmosphere! The teacher Sunny was very interactive, informative and always happy to answer questions and help.

This is my 3rd class and we will be back!

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class review by Rajin Nathan - Perth

Stephanie Gardiner Oct 2022

Chef was very bright, happy and informative.
I liked making the noodles from scratch, will definitely try that at home.

Grace Hughes Oct 2022

Sunny was great fun and very patient. I learned a lot and had a great time

Sarah Spence Oct 2022

Chef Sunny was very informative. I enjoyed learning all about Ramen noodle soup and how to make it. Soup was yum.

Jessica Dantaz Oct 2022

Great experience, Sunny was fantastic and fostered a warm and enjoyable environment. We loved learning new cooking techniques and most of all, the end result - our ramen dish was delicious!

Japanese Ramen Soup Cooking Class review by Jessica Dantaz - Perth

Johanna Beaver Oct 2022

My kids has such fun and loved the variety of items made, from the smoothie to savory, sweets and bread. Best of all for me - a few hours to myself and no nagging they were hungry when they got home as they were all totally full! Thank you for a really fun holiday activity, they can't wait to do it again!

Michelle May Oct 2022

A wonderful way to spend an evening. Learning new skills from the highly experienced chef Mark. It is also a great set up where you can cook and eat at the same place.
Thoroughly recommend this experience to others.

Hellen Oct 2022

I would prefer leaving zero stars, i bought this as a gift for my partner, a shift worker. Over a long weekend his work times changed, we tried to give as much notice as possible but this business was not interested and would not allow us to reschedule, we provided 4 days notice instead of 7 days. This was an unfair decision and I wont ever use this service again or recommend it to anyone I know

Teacher's response

Hi Hellen

Thank you for your feedback.

As per my email reply to you on the 27th September (Scheduled class was on the 30th September) our Policy, appearing on our Terms & Conditions (please see below) if less than 7 days’ notice is given, we do not offer a reschedule.

However, you are welcome to send someone in his place.

When we receive late notice before the classes we can't guarantee that we can get your spots replaced on such short notice. The Chefs, staff, cleaners, and a lot of the ingredients have already been organised/purchased to cater for the number of bookings for this class.

As a small business (just the same as it is for majority of businesses/corporations general practice) we cannot afford to cover the costs of rescheduling to another date. We do hope you can attend one of our Cooking Classes soon.

Terms & Conditions

In the unlikely event that a class does not reach minimum numbers, or due to other unforeseen exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to change the date and reschedule the class. If this occurs, we will provide you with the options of rescheduling your class to the new date or providing you with a gift voucher to the value of your purchase valid for 6 months.


We do not offer refunds. Please be aware that class bookings and vouchers are not refundable. We do permit the transfer of your booking or voucher.

Cancellation & return Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes for any reason. If the event is cancelled, all students will be notified, and options provided.

If you cannot attend a cooking class, you have the option to reschedule into another class date if notice of at least 7 days is given. For any notice less than 7 days, rescheduling will require full payment for the new cooking class date.

If you cannot attend a long table dinner event, you have the option to reschedule into another dinner event date if notice of at least 10 days is given. For any notice less than 10 days, rescheduling will require full payment for the new event date.

However, you are welcome to replace yourself with a friend to avoid losing your payment.

Thank you

The Cooking Professor Team

Nick Magry Oct 2022

Sunny was an excellent instructor and gave us insight into the Thai cuisine and its many flavours and styles. The venue had everything you needed and the food we cooked was delicious and easy to follow. I’ve taken home many preparation and cooking tips I can easily use for any recipe.

Jane Carter Sep 2022

The teacher was friendly and helpful. We learnt about ingredients and some great food preparation techniques.

Erin Fadden Sep 2022

Kids loved it! Will def go back again.
great little set up there for sure.

Zara Talbot Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

From my 10yo daughter: The teachers were so nice, lots of fun, made it all easy to follow, they weren’t loud and screechy, and it didn’t feel rushed.
It was fun learning so many new cooking techniques.
All 5 dishes were tasty, and the quiche was particularly delicious!

Alice Wells Sep 2022

Sunny was a fabulous host/Chef and demonstrated lots of hints. Upbeat, knowledgeable, patient. Food was delicious.

Anna Carver Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was a lot of fun, Sunny the teacher did a good job of helping everyone make many different delicious plates of Tapas . I enjoyed my time with the class.

Emma Farleigh Sep 2022

We really enjoyed the experience. Dani was so informative and gave lots of precise and clear direction for what will influence your dough and how to make the best pasta. He was great with the room always so engaging and had great energy, constantly checking on everyone whilst giving advice.
For 2 hours of cooking and plenty of food at the end I do think the class is value for money.
We love how personable Dani was and we learnt a lot about Italian cuisine overall and what slight changes you need to make that have a big impact on the result of the dough
We will be telling lots of our friends about this class

Fiona Beermier Sep 2022

Fabulous night of pasta making with Dani. He explained everything really well and even gave us a little history on some of tge traditions. Would highly recommend doing this class, it makes the eating of pasta so much more enjoyable. It's the love that goes into it :)

Heather Leipold Sep 2022

Very informative and thorough. Very enjoyable and would highly recommend to anybody. Will definitely book another lesson.

Maddy Fallon Sep 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Sunny was brilliant, easy to follow & entertaining. Felt quite competent at the end & can't wait to try recipes at home. Coming back for more.

Chinese Dumpling Making Workshop review by Maddy Fallon - Perth

Stephanie Will Sep 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Sunny is a great teacher and we had a fantastic night. Food was amazing too

Cooking class review by Stephanie Will - Perth

Natalie Barnett Sep 2022

Sunny was entertaining and a great teacher/instructor. Loved learning how to make own dumpling wrappers and flavoursome fillings. Best part of course was sampling dumplings at end, and there was so much for everyone to enjoy. Loved the experience and will definitely book more

Chinese Dumpling Making Workshop review by Natalie Barnett - Perth

Sally Mattner Sep 2022

Chef Mark was wonderful. He was funny and made sure that everyone got to try the different stages of making sausages. And it was all very tasty!

Geoffrey Kidgell Aug 2022

Pleasant setting & the instructor was informative and attentive. Enjoyed the experience and would recommend it.

Leonie Emery Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Was a most enjoyable night Mark was a fantastic teacher I know how to make sausage now, great meeting other students, great night

Gertrude Carpio Aug 2022

All went well
Teacher is easy to understand
Place was organised
All ingredients we need are present

Cheryl Schulenberg Aug 2022

The sausage making class was fun and very informative. The instructor was thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. We learned a lot and will likely take more classes. A very fun evening indeed!

Verona Bevan Aug 2022

What was the teacher like?
Mark, the teacher was very friendly and knowledgeable and patient.
How was the venue (if applicable)? Lovely spacious clean venue.
If materials were provided, did you like them? Yes, all was provided for and as it was a sausage making class - we really did enjoy them all
Was the experience good value for money? Great value for money.
What did you do / learn? Made sausages, three different types from scratch.
What did you like most? Learning with others was really fun, meeting new people and eating the finished product together was icing on the cake.

Ash Westcott Aug 2022

I absolutely loved the experience the dumplings we created were out of this world and the teacher Mark was excellent so added to the amazing experience. Would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to have some fun as well as learn the skill of dumpling making.

Michelle Wearing-Smith Aug 2022

Mark was fantastic. Great instructions. Dumplings looked and tasted great. Friendly group. I definitely recommend.

Cooking class review by Michelle Wearing-Smith - Perth

Dale Baker Aug 2022

Chef Mark does a great job. Fun class and a great group activity for people of all ages.

Kim Howard Aug 2022

The chef was really good and made us feel very welcome.
It was great to be able to prepare our own food and get to eat it.
The meal was extremely tasty (Moroccan).
Enjoyed the experience.

Zane Goncalves Aug 2022

Sunny was a great teacher very thorough yet efficient. Was great to do stations for cooking each dish so it can all be made and we can all enjoy each recipe.
Was a nice way to learn of the different key ingredients for Moroccan food!

Hope Morrison Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Daniele was personable, knowledgeable and a very good teacher. It was a very entertaining night.

Leah Kubale Aug 2022

Not an actually cooking class, just a demonstration. Food was good, and Natalie the chef was great. No info on what wine was offered. Would have appreciated food served using utensils/gloves only and no touching.

Shannon Cribben Aug 2022

Excellent teacher , informative, friendly , organised . I was expecting an actual intimate cooking class with my group instead of the 30 or so people in the class , just watching . Maybe I just misunderstood . Otherwise I enjoyed the class ,

Rachael Hewett Aug 2022

Lovely chef, great food and well presented.
The masterclass was relaxed and easy to understand. Questions were welcomed warmly.

Natasha Khin Aug 2022

Great experience, entertaining and knowledgeable teacher and the most delicious food. Great value for money and a wonderful gift idea for a loved one.

Sean Archer Aug 2022

Sunny was a fantastic instructor, very passionate and made it easy to understand. Venue was excellent and we all had a lot of fun. Heading back for another course soon!

Japanese Ramen Soup Cooking Class review by Sean Archer - Perth

Gillian Berry Aug 2022

Fantastic night Sunny and Mitch were the best Great food and company Will be back xxx

Steven Marcuson Aug 2022

My wife and I attended the Jerusalem Street Food Cooking Class with Riki. This was the first time we had attended any cooking class. There were 14/15 of us attending. Ricki immediately put us all at ease with her straight talking Israeli style. We knew immediately we were in good hands. The class was all about participation and everyone was soon chopping and cooking and having a laugh! The foods we created were superb and we all had the pleasure of eating our masterpieces at the end of the evening.
We look forward to getting the recipes so we can have a go in our own kitchen. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in Middle Eastern food. We will come back for other classes.

Jerusalem Street Food Cooking Class review by Steven Marcuson - Perth

Frankie Perrott Aug 2022

It was great fun and all the steps were well explained. The next day I already started making my own pasta. Loved it :)

Alex Pearson Jul 2022

It was great fun and excellent food! Sunny was a great teacher. I Highly recommend

Michelle Beckton Jul 2022

Daniele is well suited to teach groups of inexperienced cooks. He is well organised, clear with his instructions, and is constantly multitasking. The food was delicious and it was plentiful.
Daniele your good nature and good Italian spirit made the class.
Grazie Mille

Gnocchi and Risotto Cooking Class review by Michelle Beckton - Perth

Jing Ong Jul 2022

Kids get to prepare food and be in an actual kitchen learning with other kids and being taught by a chef. They love to eat what they made as they feel very accomplished. Cant wait to cook again in next school holidays.

Junior Kids Cooking Class Menu 1 review by Jing Ong - Perth