Tomoko Oka

Tomoko Oka


Tomoko Oka, calligraphy teacher


I'm a Japanese calligraphy artist and teacher based around Sydney and the Central Coast.

I love sharing Japanese culture through my passion for calligraphy and the beauty of the Japanese aesthetic. I love talking to people about this unique art-form, and I always engage my students in my own love for the act and art of calligraphy.

My calligraphy has been used in various advertisements for clients such as Opera Australia, Japan Airlines in Australia, as well as for restaurants, accommodation, and on various products, such as sake labels in Japan. I have also performed small and big brush calligraphy at festivals and galleries in Japan and Australia.

I have conducted calligraphy workshops in schools and various venues in Sydney, the Central Coast and Melbourne, as well as giving demonstrations at karate dojos and at marketing events for private companies.

If you have any interest in Japanese culture, or in trying new kinds of artwork, you might love my workshops! I look forward to meeting you : )


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