Top Christmas Gifts for Couples

Top Christmas Gifts for Couples

John Tabari

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When it comes to Christmas shopping, trying to find a unique gift for that special someone can be hard enough. But finding the perfect present for a couple? Near impossible. Until now…

Introducing Classbento.

Classbento has carefully curated a whole range of creative, hands-on workshops that make fantastic gifts for couples. We’re talking everything from chocolate and cocktail making classes to terrarium building experiences for two. And if the below doesn't suit then you can also buy an experience gift card at a price that suits you, but for now read on!

cocktail making date night

Is your budget already at breaking point? No problem! Not all presents have to be so pricey — Classbento has workshops starting from as little as $15 per person.

Need some more ideas? Whether you’re shopping for your mum and dad, your aunt and uncle, your grandparents or your sibling and their new partner, here are Classbento’s top six workshops and experiences for couples:

1.     Cooking class: They say that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach… A cooking class is a great opportunity for couples to flex their culinary skills while enjoying some delicious homemade treats together.

2.     Pottery workshop: A chance for the happy couple to recreate that loved-up scene from Ghost while learning the basics of pottery. Plus, they’ll each get to take home a handmade decorative bowl, teapot or vase to remember your gift by.

3.     Fragrance making workshop: Where couples can learn all about the sense of smell and its intimate connection with our emotions and memory, then blend their own signature scents together. How sweet!

4.     Painting lesson: After being introduced to washes, layers and various paint application methods, couples can then create their very own masterpieces to take home as mementos of both their day and your Christmas present!

5.     Cocktail making class: Not only will a cocktail making class teach couples how to make a damn good martini or how to put a new twist on a margarita, it’ll have them shaking what their mamas gave them while pouring some seriously delicious beverages.

6.     Night photography course: Your gift-receiving couple can get better acquainted with their fancy DSLR cameras and each other at the same time, with Sydney’s beautiful city skyline as the backdrop. A night under the stars = romance at its best.

Can’t decide which workshop to book for the lucky couple? No worries — we get it! Simply choose how much money you would like to spend and Classbento can send out a lovely little gift card. Alternatively, you can get a voucher emailed to you as a nice, easy-to-print PDF (perfect for those last-minute purchases!).

The best part? Classbento’s workshops take place all over Sydney every day of the week, AM to PM, so your recipients will be able to find a class that is both local and that suits their busy schedules without any fuss.

By purchasing a Classbento workshop as a gift, you will be supporting a local small business or artist. Plus, one dollar from every Classbento workshop booking gets donated to Dementia Australia — 'tis the season of giving!

You can find out more about Classbento and all the wonderful workshops that they have available for couples here.

Gift Experiences for Couples classes

Japanese Superfoods as Medicine Cooking Class

label $133

10 to 15

5.0 (6)


Superfood Gyoza Cooking Class

label $133 - $150

1 to 15

5.0 (2)


Matcha Lovers High Tea Cooking Class

label $133 - $150

1 to 15


Smartphone Photography Course

label $80 - $99

1 to 8

5.1 (22)


Superfood Ramen Cooking Class

label $133 - $150

1 to 15

5.0 (4)


Palette Knife Painting Workshop

label $125

1 to 15

5.0 (1)


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

label $50

1 to 5

5.0 (30)

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop

label $125

1 to 25

4.8 (16)


Makmak Raspberry Macaron Making Class

label $100

1 to 16

4.5 (13)


Private Terrarium Workshop for Two

label $165


5.0 (22)


Ikebana Floral Art Class

label $75

4 to 6

Pebble Painting Class

label $65 - $75

2 to 5

Introduction to Pottery Class

label $170 - $220

1 to 2

5.0 (24)

Succulent Terrarium Making Class

label $110

1 to 12

5.0 (160)


Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop

label $99

1 to 40

4.7 (36)

Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop

label $80

1 to 25

4.6 (30)

Soap Making Workshop

label $179

1 to 10

4.7 (26)


Soy Candle Making Class

label $149

1 to 15

4.9 (71)


Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop

label $100 - $120

1 to 15

4.9 (52)


Fluid Art Workshop

label $140 - $160

1 to 8

4.8 (4)


Make Wedding Rings Class

label $380


Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

label $80

1 to 15

4.9 (115)


Flower Arranging Workshop - Wildflowers

label $150

1 to 8

5.0 (18)


Make Your Own Teapot Workshop

label $129 - $149

1 to 10

4.9 (35)

Weave a Wall Hanging Like a Pro Workshop

label $175

1 to 6

5.0 (17)


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