5 Ways to Save on Electricity You Haven't Heard Before

5 Ways to Save on Electricity You Haven't Heard Before

By Kellie Maloney

We bet you didn’t expect a bunch of art and craft enthusiasts to have the secrets on saving electricity at home. Well technically we don’t — but our clever community of makers, creators and innovators do! And with good reason…

Canstar reports that on average, Australians are spending around $1500 on electricity each year, with these costs only expected to rise with inflation. Staring at your bills you may wonder — how are all these costs adding up? Surely I’m not using that much electricity? 

Let’s break it down for you — according to the Australian government:

  • Heating and cooling are the biggest energy wasters in the average Australian household, taking out about 40% of electricity bills. 

  • Appliances follow at 30%.

  • Hot water at 25%.

  • And finally, lighting sits somewhere between 8-15%. 

energy usage pie chart

Rather than slash those prices completely, with a touch of creative DIY you can transform your space to increase positive energy and decrease spending in your home.

Check out these 5 ingenious tips on how to save money below and show your electricity bills who’s in charge! 

1. Embrace the quiet power of a slow cooker

Indian dish in slow cooker

A machine that almost completely cooks your meals for you, requires little clean-up and keeps your home smelling warm and inviting all day long — does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! 

Slow cookers have the power to do all that and more while using as little energy as a traditional light bulb and under half as much energy as an oven.

Along with helping you save on electricity, slow cookers allow you to ‘prep, set and forget’ so if you’re WFH or running errands, your trusty kitchen appliance will be hard at work, transforming simple everyday ingredients into dishes with deep and rich flavours.

Keen to step into the kitchen and reap the benefits of home cooking? Follow the link for more inspiration on how to save money on groceries.

2. Cool your home naturally with plants 

indoor house plants

We bet there’s nothing you’d like to do more than blast the air-con and lie directly beneath it right now. Rather than resorting to noisy fans or sticking your head into the freezer to save money when the heat gets too much, cool your home naturally with the power of plants!

According to Australian environmental organisation, Greening Australia, plants act a lot like an “evaporative air conditioner” — allowing you to cool the air inside your home and save on electricity where possible.  

Opt for lush, green and leafy plants which absorb more moisture and keep your space feeling as cool and relaxing as a tropical rainforest — pure bliss.

Find out more about indoor plant care at gardening classes like this plant parenthood 101 workshop in Melbourne.

3. Warm your home with the help of interior design

dirty pour acrylic paint pouring

Just as you can cool your home naturally with the help of indoor plants, you can also employ a few simple DIY hacks in your interior design choices to make your home snug during colder months.

Belinda Tainsh Morgan from Morgan and Me Interiors says there are many ways you can save money while warming your home in winter. Even artwork can be used to create feelings of warmth. 

“Vignettes or little styling moments are the expression of your personality and can light up the corners of your home, adding warmth interest and personality to any nook or blank wall,” Belinda says.

Belinda’s top DIY money saving tips for 2024:

  • Throw rugs in the bedroom or on the sofa can be used to snuggle up during those really chilly evenings. 

  • Warm light from table or floor lamps helps to create a welcoming ambience in any space.

  • Choose plush fabrics like velvet, faux fur and wool for cushions to level up the cozy vibes. 

  • Rugs on the floor will not only protect your feet from feeling the coldness of the floorboards, tiles or natural stone but will also provide another layer of insulation. 

  • Additionally, you could consider hanging a decorative floor rug, macrame hanging or woven artwork for further insulation.

If you’re in Sydney, join Belinda at her interior styling workshop for even more creative inspiration! 

4. Make the most of shorter showers

diy bath bomb making

If you’re serious about saving on electricity it might be worth making the switch from indulgent baths — which can use between 50 to 150 litres of water every time — to quick showers. 

Hear us out! Though it may sound like you’re sacrificing on your self-care routine, there are so many creative DIY ideas you can use to maximise your short showers and prevent yourself from running out of steam. 

From crafting fragrant DIY shower steamers and homemade soap to enjoying post-shower luxury with natural DIY skincare, you’ll be saving money and treating yourself.

Feeling daring? Save even more on your water bill by turning off your hot water for those final few minutes. Cold water therapy can be used to soothe sore muscles, improve mental health and boost your immune system. 

5. Switch off the TV and tune into you 

dried flower arranging workshop

While we wouldn’t dare suggest skipping your favourite drama or fantasy series completely, regular binge-watching can cause significant health risks and decrease your overall wellbeing. 

Pressing the off button on your remote and taking a more creative approach to your downtime will not only help save money but also remind you to check in with yourself. 

There are so many ways you can reconnect with the world around you away from bright screens. Sink your hands into pottery, play with fresh flower arrangements or learn how to cook something delicious. Do it yourself in 2024 and learn how to save money at home.

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