Why Having Flowers on Your Desk Brings More Happiness

Why Having Flowers on Your Desk Brings More Happiness

Natalie Kemp

It’s Monday morning. You spent a lovely couple of hours on Saturday afternoon sampling one of the many floristry classes Melbourne has to offer. Now the beautiful bouquet that you worked so hard to create is destined to sit in an empty house for most of the coming week - unloved and un-admired - whilst you’re spending time on your commute and at your desk.

Here’s why taking the flowers to work with you and enjoying them on your desk for the week is the best idea ever! 

It’s a well-known fact that a simple clear office desk equals a clear mind for the week ahead. But adding a table flower arrangement to that scene transforms your work environment from just a clean, uncluttered space into a positively inspirational one. Glances at that astonishingly gorgeous peony, while you’re on the phone, can help you take a slow breath, savouring the aroma and beauty of the flower and finding the strength to stay calm and professional.  

The days of sitting in a stark, aesthetically displeasing cubicle - most likely under fluorescent lights - is thankfully not the office model for modern companies anymore. Small business owners and even major corporations have listened to the findings of several studies that indicate that stress and anxiety levels in staff can decrease if there is a natural feel in the office surroundings. That is, by bringing the outdoors inside, in the form of plants and flowers throughout the workspace, the mood, creativity and productivity of employees can improve. 

You don’t have to be an anthophile (excessive lover of flowers) or have taken part in one of the floristry classes in Melbourne to feel the joy that they bring! Many studies have found that the sight of a flower bouquet has a positive impact on the wellbeing of pretty much everyone. We all feel happier at the sight of a bunch of beautiful blooms. Participants in studies about the effect of flowers have reported less depression and anxiety as well as a greater sense of life satisfaction. Even just a small posy of handpicked wildflowers will make you feel lighter, happier, less easily prone to a mood slump and what’s more, you’ll also be feeling more creative! 

You can bet you won’t be the only member of your work team to feel the appreciation for the beautiful flower bouquet on your desk. Your prettified desk is sure to be the envy of others at work. You might even transfer the idea into some colleagues minds and soon there’ll be a bunch of flowers next to every computer, enhancing the wellness of the entire office team! 


8 of the best flower suggestions for your office desk 

1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers sure bring the sunshine in but they do like light so make sure you’re near a window if you choose these happiness-inducing bright blooms. They actually demonstrate the phenomenon of 'heliotropism', where the leaves and flowers follow the sun. They can last up to 10 days if you make sure you remove most of the green leaves, leaving only a couple so as not to dehydrate the flower too quickly. You should always follow this general rule for all cut flowers - never allow leaves to fall beneath the water line in your vase, as they will rot and cause your entire bunch to die prematurely!


2. Orchids

On the other hand, orchids are a great choice because they don’t need much light. They do like a good watering once a week if they’re still in plant form. If they’ve already been cut, an arrangement with some Australian natives like kangaroo paw and flannel flowers would be a lovely choice. 

3. Australian natives 

Speaking of Australian natives, you really can’t go past a bunch that includes blue thistle flowers, yellow billy buttons and some flowering gum blossoms. The thistles and billy buttons also dry beautifully. When the flowering gums are past their prime (and they are quite hardy so that could take a couple of weeks!), hang the buttons and thistles upside down for a few days and then you will be able to adore these beauties on your desk for a long long time. You could even make a dried flower wreath with them!

4. Vibrant bloomd

Go for the ones with eye-popping colour! Gerberas, with their big open faces and bright petals are an instant mood-lifter. As are dahlias, which vary in colour and petal shape enormously across different varieties. Other strongly coloured varieties that are sure to put a smile on your dial are cosmos, anemones, tulips and poppies. 

5. Spring stunners

As winter fades and Spring takes hold, there is no better way to celebrate the turn of the season than by collecting a bouquet of flowers for your work desk. All the more special for their fleeting appearance on the annual flower calendar, varieties like the densely-petalled white, yellow or pink ranunculus and the beautiful pale pink peony are sure to inspire a flash of excitement as you toil away at your job. 

6. Single variety arrangement

Even a small table flower arrangement that features some simple greenery and just one modest flower variety like daisies, daffodils, sweet william or chrysanthemums will do the trick! 

7. Roses

Roses have a gentle scent that is generally appealing to most people. Their colours traverse the spectrum from purest white, cream and yellow to pink, red, mauve and even deep burgundy. Some are even green! If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a large showy variety like the classic English cottage garden Cabbage Rose or the impressive David Austin Rose, you and your colleagues will be smiling ear to ear. 

8. Lavender

Placing a little jug of lavender on your desk can offer some aromatherapy to those around you as well as yourself. The smell of lavender can help you to feel calm, think more clearly and can even lower your stress and possibly even your blood pressure. So if you’ve got some growing at home, get out your secateurs and carry a bunch into work!

And remember...

Don’t underestimate the power of the scent when choosing your flowers, particularly if you share an office space with others or sit at a communal desk. Lilies are grand to look at, but they do have a strong scent and can trigger allergic hayfever-like symptoms in some people, as can Australian native wattle. 


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