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Ainslie Walker Scentsmith

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Ainslie Walker Scentsmith is a practising perfumer, product developer and olfactory artist and has been teaching her renowned perfume making workshops in Australia for nine years - based in Sydney, she teaches regularly from her Marrickville studio. She also teaches interstate by appointment and in locations such as The Strand Arcade, and various Boutique hotels such as The Old Clare Hotel in the Sydney CBD.

Her classes are recommended by Broadsheet, The Good Weekend and more.

Her clients include Country Road, Disney, Aje, Glasshouse, Circa Home, The Powerhouse, Two Good Co, Tamara Dean, and Lark Perfumery.

Her fragrances have been exhibited in The Powerhouse as part of Eucalyptusdom and 500 Arhats in 2021/22. Mona - Tasmania, Art Gallery of South Australia with Tamara Dean.

Ainslie is also an award-winning fragrance writer and well-known internationally in the industry.





Daniele Newton Feb 2024

Ainslie was friendly and welcoming and full of experience and knowledge. Her studio was comfortable, spacious and airy.
Time flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed the class, discovering new perfume materials and of course, leaving with my own unique scent!

Neil Sharma Feb 2024

I really love this wonderful perfume-making workshop! It was absolutely worth the price. It was so relaxing, very calm and this workshop have taught me how to choose the right ingredients their scent notes and make my own perfume. It smells so very good! It does made me feel like I'm now a perfumer straight away after this workshop Definitely recommended this workshop to everyone ️

Suzanne Miller Ravagnani Nov 2023

A fabulous class with a very knowledgeable, professional teacher. I loved every minute. Thank you Ainsley

Kate Reardon Nov 2023

Fantastic class, Ainslie is an extremely knowledgeable perfumer. If you want to create a signature scent then I would recommend her class!

Dimitri Douchin Nov 2023

I had a great time creating a perfume I had in mind for more than a year with Ainslie. I came with the mood and story that I wanted for the perfume and within minutes, Ainsley had presented me about 20 fragrances to include and they were all on point.

It was a small intimate workshop and we converged on the perfume I wanted very simply.

Ainsley had brought some great local foods and I had a blast. Will certainly do it again and I have been proudly wearing my perfume all day.

Perfume Making class review by Dimitri Douchin - Sydney

Sandrita Oct 2023

I had a lovely day learning from Ainslie. It was very easy to understand and the whole course was very professional and fun. I definitely am coming back, and I plan to learn as much possible about making perfume. I loved it.

Daniel Teixeira Jul 2023

Perfume making with Perfumer, Ainslie was so much fun and has inspired me explore the hobby further at home. The class was very well put together, great location, extremely knowledgeable teacher and interesting people to meet. Highly recommend.

Perfume Making class review by Daniel Teixeira - Sydney

Nada Alsuhaymi Jul 2023

Nice simple class for a beginner who want to gain some knowledge about making perfumes : )

Simon Berry Jul 2023

Ainslie was very good and definitely knows her stuff. A wonderful person and it was a wonderful experience. Well worth going and trying all that perfumery has to offer.

Hannah Pinkerton Jun 2023

Such a great session with Ainslie, she was so knowledgeable and kind. She was able to tailor our session to my specific needs which was so helpful. Very experienced in the industry across many areas, I had a great time, highly recommend

Lauren Clinnick Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Ainslie was such an expert and a joy to learn from, we had an amazing time and thoroughly recommend this experience! So fun and learned so much. :)

Rasiha Ozdemir Apr 2023

She was very friendly, and professional. She has given a very good knowledge and background around the scope of scents, perfumes etc and I will definitely attend more workshops with her.

Kerrie Holien Mar 2023

Our team had a fabulous time with Ainslie. She was so warm and welcoming, and the space, nibbles and champers was divine! We loved learning about each of the ingredients and thinking about how they made us feel. Learning how to blend and balance the oils and round them out with elements of another ingredient was such a fun and interesting process! Ainslie was so creative in the way she described scents visually, and her passion and knowledge meant we learned so much in a really relatable way. We highly recommend Ainslie and her class to anyone, even if you’re not a lover of perfume, this will appeal and it will all make so much ‘scents’ by the end of the class. Thank you!

Natalie Smith Mar 2023

91 ClassBento workshops attended • 38 reviews

What an elegant and down to earth person.I sea it as a science and this lady knows such beautiful histories behind each scent and there were many. It opened something up inside of me that I didn’t know I had or had the opportunity to experience. What magic I made my very on scent I could describe it. Memories feelings and they all came tiger in my very own bottle namedby me Frida.

Signature Perfume Making Class: Art of Perfumery review by Natalie Smith - Sydney

Carren Allen Mar 2023

What a great experience, this was a birthday celebration and we so enjoyed learning about scents and creating our own. Ainslie was so knowledgeable, helpful and interesting, we had the best afternoon Would highly recommend this class as a fabulous experience and enjoyable afternoon!

Nara Chalmers Mar 2023

It was a most interesting experience.
In a relaxed yet professional manner Ainslie guided us in creating our own signature perfume, using our senses and her knowledge.
Loved the class.
Love my perfume.

Bernard Gallate Feb 2023

I absolutely loved Ainslie's workshop from her warm greeting at the door to leaving with my own signature scent. Ainslie was the consummate professional, sharing her wealth of knowledge with a passion that made the whole process exciting.

Her airy and light-flooded workshop space was ideal and having a small group all seated around a communal table with our own set-ups facilitated discussion as we sampled a wide array of essences from her collection. Ainslie taught us different ways of describing scents and encouraged us to share what we felt drawn to and our experiences with fragrance.

Following a perfectly timed break with cheese platter and refreshments, we began the second half of the session, building a profile of our signature scents with the desired essences. Ainslie managed to give everybody individual assistance in the process. The final step of physically adding the precise amount of each ingredient into a bottle with a dropper and scales was thrilling and then we had the opportunity of testing the result and tweaking.

It was such a delight to smell each of the other participants unique fragrances at the end and we celebrated with a glass of champagne.

It was a terrific experience that I would highly recommend to anybody who enjoys smells, regardless of their knowledge or use of fragrances. Utterly fascinating. And even though Ainslie was realistic about what we might be able to achieve with just one workshop, I unreservedly love the scent that she helped me to create.

Emma Morris Dec 2022

115 ClassBento workshops attended • 83 reviews

This class was so fun! Ainslie knows her stuff! I made a gorgeous scent and can’t wait to learn more from her

Signature Perfume Making Class review by Emma Morris - Melbourne

Kylie Blackwood Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was a great class, beautiful space. Ainslie was a fabulous teacher with so much knowledge, patience and a just a beautiful soul thank you I truly loved the class and love my fragrance!

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