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Asian Cooking by Natasha

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Come and join ‘Asian Cooking by Natasha’ at our exclusive classes and learn about how to prepare authentic Asian cuisine using simple home cooking methods. Let’s travel all over Asia from Hong Kong & China to Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam and discover the true street flavours of these regions.

Natasha has lived and worked in Asia for over 35 years in food & fashion. In the many years traveling throughout Asia she has experienced and learnt about authentic home methods from South East Asia.

Owning Asian restaurants and spending many years teaching, cooking & catering in Europe and Australia Natasha is now passing on her unique methods and fabulous stories about her food experiences and travels is now back in Sydney, her home.

Natasha also offers ‘Private Classes’ at any venue with 6 or more people and you can select from a variety of classes or we can happily design a class to suit. Home or venue dinner parties for special occasions are also on offer where Natasha is your ‘Private Chef’ and will design an exclusive menu to suit your crowd!





Sasha Landis Jun 2024

Our class with Natasha was warm, genuine and abundant. Natasha’s passion for flavour and home cooking was infectious and her approach was intuitive rather strict recipe-based. We had a delicious night out for my friend’s birthday and I would highly recommend if you are looking for a demonstration style class/dinner with a couple of fun hands-on elements. Thank you Natasha!

Kaija Temesvari Jun 2024

We had a team building afternoon with Natasha. We covered the difference between a wonton and a dumpling. we got to practice making dumplings and wontons. We ate incredible food. Everything was accessible to our various skills and we're all very excited to take the skills home.

Deborah Goodman May 2024

Natasha was informative and knowledgeable and very good at passing on her knowledge. Had a great night.

Dumplings and Wontons Making Class review by Deborah Goodman - Sydney

Teacher's response

Hi Deborah
Many thanks for your review! Look forward to seeing you again soon...Natasha

Belinda Hughes May 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a fabulous class! Natasha is energetic, passionate and so willing to share her immense knowledge on all things cooking.

We had the opportunity to eat so many dishes (definitely come with an empty stomach!) and also take some of our creations home.

Wonderful class and highly recommended!

Teacher's response

Hi Belinda
Thank you for your nice words! I hope you can join for another type of class soon...The Thai/Vietnamese class is a lot of fun or we can cater for your own private class of choice. Natasha

Isaak Smith May 2024

You're passionate about what you do, it's not just something you do for money or the sake of it. Great job, I loved your class!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your review! Look forward to seeing you again for another fun class...Regards Natasha

Helen Theodorakopoulos Apr 2024

Natasha was an amazing teacher. So knowledgeable and inspiring. The class was so much fun with so much food we couldn’t eat all and left with doggy bags. I cant wait to apply the skills i learnt into making my Pho and yummy rice paper rolls. I will definitely be back to another class to learn dumplings and wontons. Looking forward to coming back very soon. Thanks Natasha! It was a pleasure to have spent the afternoon with you and learning everything you had to offer.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your lovely words! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Natasha

Vladimir Gligorovski Mar 2024

67 ClassBento workshops attended • 50 reviews

I like the class but only stayed for half of it have done it before

Wayne Burton Feb 2024

Relaxed and fun. Natasha is a great host and simplifies what would normally seem difficult.

Teacher's response

Many thanks for your review
Regards Natasha

Juliana Waugh Feb 2024

Natasha was a wonderful teacher and her class was interesting and lots of fun.The food preparation she presented was impeccable and the food fresh and delicious.My son & I really enjoyed our class.

Teacher's response

So glad you enjoyed the class. Don’t forget to use the tips and knowledge now…
Regards Natasha.

Blake Wiggins Feb 2024

I thought that this was going to be an actual cooking class where I would learn how to cook Thai & Vietnamese. Unfortunately this was more of a food appreciation class than a cooking class. Natasha was great but overall she cooked for us, not teaching us how to cook.

Diane Noumeir Feb 2024

Natasha was brilliant and her way of explaining the ingredients and the philosophy behind the dish made the time go very quick and it was delicious

Teacher's response

Many thanks for your nice words! I am glad you had fun and hope to see you again soon.

Amelia Sampson Dec 2023

Took my mum as a birthday gift and we had so much fun! Nat was so lovely and informative. Such an easy and yummy class. Highly recommend!

Zina Briscoe Dec 2023

Natasha is fantastic, her knowledge and experience in Chinese cooking is amazing. I really enjoyed her class!

Amber Duff Nov 2023

The food was SO good, Natasha was wonderful sharing all her knowledge about many different culture cuisines and how they differ. Super friendly and outgoing. Highly recommend.

Alison Martin Sep 2023

Natasha was lovely, kind, funny and informative and created a unique cooking class that I'll take into my own home.

Gayle Fraser Sep 2023

Really enjoyed Natasha class because she not only made delicious food but gave you an idea about the cultural side to the food we were creating. Venue was small but there was only three people so had special attention. All together excellent!

Janie Wittey Sep 2023

A brilliant class - great mix of hands on experience and learning. Natashia is excellent teacher / instructor. Her depth of knowledge on Chinese cuisine and handy cooking tips made the class. Highly recommend Natashia and her class.

Michelle Rose Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed this class with Natasha - she showed some great ways to mix flavours and the food was fresh and tasty. Natasha is very personable.
I was under the impression that there would be more cooking involved - but it was more of a demonstration class.

Teacher's response

Hi Michelle
I am glad you enjoyed your time and yes, its demo with some hands-on with a 4 course meal 'style' of class. We state this in our class description and the hands on part varies from class to class. Thanks for your feedback and your 4 star rating. Regards Natasha

Lexus Krha Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Firstly Natasha was an absolute delight. She was made for doing classes like these. She is vibrant, engaging and to put it simply a pure ray of sunshine. Sharing her knowledge and stories with the class and answering all of our questions, whether related to the class or not. My daughter loves food and fashion, which just so happened to be Natasha's two passions, needless to say my daughter loved chatting with her. Now for the class itself. My daughter and i would both very highly recommend Natasha's "Wonton and Dumpling Making Class". It was incredibly enjoyable from start to finish and the the food was outstanding, we loved every single element of all three dishes. Wonton and Dumpling making days will most definitely be a regular feature in our home after doing Natasha's class. We both learnt so much and cannot thank Natasha enough. Now to sign up for another one of Natasha's classes and learn even more. :)

Dumplings and Wontons Making Class review by Lexus Krha - Sydney

Teacher's response

Many thanks for your lovely words! It makes me feel happy to please people and ensure they all have a quality experience. Look forward to seeing you again at another class. Regards, NATASHA

Anne Robinson Apr 2023

Wonderful way to spend the afternoon with Natasha cooking up delicious Wontons and Dumplings.
These classes would make a terrific gift token for family and friends.
Natasha certainly impressed me with her knowledge of spices and condiments. Looking forward to attending more cooking classes.

Vladimir Gligorovski Mar 2023

67 ClassBento workshops attended • 50 reviews

It was nice to learn how to do Chinese dishes and the teacher was very understanding also we cooked up a great meal

Chris Stephens Jan 2023

We had a great experience with Natasha, who happily travelled to our house on the Central Coast. Having a child who is non-verbal autistic makes eating out experiences extremely difficult and it was really great to bring this type of experience to our home environment. Natasha was very natural with the group, made everyone feel comfortable and provided great meals with a huge variety of ingredients, several of which we hadn’t heard of before but will definitely be filling the pantry with. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and gained valuable knowledge and confidence in replicating the dishes in the future. Overall, we found it really great value for money and would happily book another class in the future.

Cooking class review by Chris Stephens - Sydney

Jesse Denny Jan 2023

Natasha was amazing and extremely
. Learnt great skills and I can’t wait to experiment with the 4 S’s. Great value for money. Would highly recommend

Kevin Knutzen Jan 2023

Was a great experience! Lovely person and fun! Will come back for another class again :)

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