6 Birthday Ideas for People Who Don't Like Parties

6 Birthday Ideas for People Who Don't Like Parties

6 Birthday Ideas for People Who Don't Like Parties

Coming up with birthday ideas for people who don’t like parties doesn’t need to be difficult. All it requires is a little creativity and a generous dash of enthusiasm! 


Let’s face it, not everyone loves a wild house party or a night out on the town – and that’s totally okay. Whether you’re an introvert, a fan of intimate events or you’re simply looking for party themes that are a little more lowkey, there are plenty of birthday ideas worthy of your consideration.


Forget the conventional party themes, overcrowded events and noisy venues – it’s time to celebrate your special day in the most “you” way possible. Ready to make 2021 a year to remember? Let’s dive into our unique birthday ideas for people who don’t like parties!


1. Spice Up Your Weekend

You’ll love soaking up some quality time with your nearest and dearest at one of our locally-run cooking classes! Learn to create your favourite Italian dishes at a gnocchi making class, discover the art of sushi making, or try something sweet and sumptuous, like a chocolate making workshop. Our expert chefs will lead you and your guests through each step, so even if you’ve never boiled an egg (or been to a fancy cooking school), you’ll be well equipped to whip up something amazing! After you’ve put your culinary skills to the test, you’ll sit down to enjoy the fabulous feast you’ve created together. This is one of the best birthday ideas for foodies, wannabe chefs or anyone who’s looking for a wholesome, hands-on experience to enjoy with an intimate group of friends – because nothing says ‘happy birthday’ like a meal cooked with love. 


Gnocchi making classes

2. Get Your Hands Dirty 

If you’re trying to think of creative birthday ideas, clay hand building classes are the perfect way to bring your friends and family together. Pottery workshops are the ultimate combination of mindful meditation, genuine interaction and tactile activity, making it one of the best birthday ideas for introverts. When you head along to one of our clay hand building classes, you won’t be working with the pottery wheel, but rather, you’ll be creating organic forms and beautiful vessels using your hands and fingers, as well as a few simple tools. Clay hand building is easy to learn, suitable for all ages and the kind of activity that you can easily continue on with at home! Why not head along to a clay and sip class in Brisbane or make your own boob vessels in Melbourne for something extra special? You’ll be guided by experienced ceramicists who will help you and your friends develop your initial concept and create something beautiful using a simple lump of clay. This is one of the most popular adult birthday ideas on offer. And when it comes to having a quiet one in 2021, there’s no better way to spend some quality time with just a few close.


3. Learn To Paint Like A Pro

If you and your guests are looking for birthday ideas for adults that are a little more relaxed than your usual 100-person party, painting classes might be the perfect choice. Whether it's a 3-hour workshop, an all-day class a fun-filled paint and sip workshop, we guarantee you’ll have fun learning how to paint together. Discover how to paint using watercolours, master the art of oils or try something unique – like paint pouring – with our selection of locally-run painting workshops and hands-on art classes. Whether it’s your first time picking up a brush or you’re an artist at heart, there’s something to suit every age and skill level. Seeking out birthday ideas for wellness warriors? Check out our comprehensive party guide.

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4. Try A Festive Fitness Experience

It might not sound like everyone’s first choice for a birthday, but there are plenty of people seeking wellness experiences that fit in with their lifestyles. In fact, even wellness holidays and fitness vacations are a thing! If your eyes glaze over at the mention of conventional birthday party ideas and you shudder at the idea of a big night out, why not get your friends together for an endorphin-rush instead? Exercise is an effective way to boost your mood, improve your sleep and get social, but it’s also one of the most unique birthday ideas for people who don’t like parties! If you love getting your blood pumping or you’re partial to a morning sun salutation (or ten), then consider a unique experience that supports your health and wellbeing goals. Head along to a private yoga class, a skateboarding class in Manly or even a Dragon Boat experience in one of Sydney’s beautiful waterways and fill your day with action. There’s no need to worry about party decorations or post-party cleanups with these local workshops – just pack a picnic to enjoy with your friends after the class! 


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5. Get Crafty With It 

If you’re looking for creative birthday ideas for your next special occasion, why not try one of our craft classes? Whether you’re interested in learning how to make a macrame plant hanger at one of our macrame classes or you want to craft a custom design at a weaving workshop, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your friends to flex your artistic muscles! Not keen on conventional birthday party ideas that involve alcohol, dancing or late nights? Don’t sweat it. Simply skip the party and head along to one of our craft classes instead – you’ll not only be supporting local makers and creatives, but you’ll pick up some impressive skills that you’ll keep for a lifetime! 


6. Shake The Night Away

Just because you’re not keen on conventional party ideas doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up a little! Get your tight-knit group of friends together for a cocktail making class and laugh the night away as you learn how to how to make a Margarita, master the perfect Martini and try your hand at some classic cocktail recipes. You'll learn the basics of bartending in a fun, hands-on class that takes place in a local bar, making it the perfect way to celebrate your big day without having to use your own house as the venue. With so many cocktail making classes on offer around Australia, you’ll be sure to find a mixology workshop to suit your needs. During the class, you'll make several different types of cocktails (or mocktails, if you prefer) and sip on them as you go. After you’ve learned how to mix, muddle and shake your favourite drinks, why not head out for a dinner with your closest friends and make the most of the time together?


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