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Francois is a French chef with over 30 years of experience, who settled down in Perth in 2013. At 15, he started studying at a hospitality school in Alsace, the French region he was born in. He went to study at the most prestigious Chef School, l’Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise in Paris.

He then worked for several Michelin star restaurants in Paris and then returned to his hometown to open his first bistro restaurant in 1997 in Strasbourg. A few years later, he opened a catering business and then a second fine-dining restaurant, L’Atelier du Gout (Workshop Taste).

When he arrived in Perth, he began working as a Head Chef for Alain Fabregues, the well-known owner of the Mundaring Loosebox restaurant. He launched his company My French Voyage in 2018 to offer intimate gourmet tours in the regional towns of France and make customers discover the real France. Then, he shared his love for delicious food with customers of his cooking class and private catering events.

He has extensively travelled over the years, which has helped him appreciate the different cultures and types of cuisines. Therefore, even though he specialises in modern French cuisine, he is knowledgeable in Italian, Spanish, and various types of Asian food.

His goal is for guests to have a unique experience which surpasses their expectations and fulfil their desires.




Centy Kalapura Apr 2024

I had a great time at Chef Francois's French macaron-making lesson. Throughout the lesson, his knowledge and expertise with French pastries were clear, which enabled us to get the answers to our queries. Even though it wasn't included in the lesson, he also demonstrated how to create choux pastry for us. We were able to take some of the delectable macarons and choux home with us. I really believe that anyone who wants to become an expert macaron maker should take this course.

Stacey Walker Apr 2024

Thank you. Hope to have great fun practising all the techniques and recipes I learnt.

Colette London Apr 2024

Brilliant class. Really loved the energy of Francois. Will definitely be back for another class. Highly recommend 9

Rebekah Page Apr 2024

The macaron demonstration class was wonderful, I can’t wait to try the recipes at home. It was excellent to be able to watch an experienced chef making the macarons.

Karena Yang Mar 2024

Very helpful tips on the traditional techniques and the chocolate desserts are very delicious! Will explore other classes.

Peter Campbell Mar 2024

A wonderful gift from friends, not often we witness and experience precious secrets in French cuisine.
A brief concentrated class, centuries of classic European cooking, delivered, executed, presented from an ambassador displaying years of working at levels of skill we can only dream of achieving.
Two hours slightly opens the door, enough for us to peak in, begging our culinary curiosity to explore further.
I urge those that have passion for achieving their dreams to become better cooks, this is a step towards that, one you must take.
We are blessed chef Francois, found it worth his time to share his knowledge and experience with us all
Thank You.

Nina Boydell Mar 2024

Francois was very engaging and I learnt a lot. Will be putting all the recipes into practice soon I hope.

I’d recommend the class to others - it was great!

Sue Hedgcock Mar 2024

Great demonstrations and some very useful tips. Tasting of the patisseries and a takeaway box was very much appreciated. Delicious.
François has a wry sense of humour and clearly enjoys his trade.

Fiona South Feb 2024

After receiving a gift voucher from work mates, I spent a silly amount of time trying to choose which of the great classes I would choose. I finally decided on French Savoury Tart Demo Class and invited my bestie along to share the fun.
Chef Francois was knowledgeable, entertaining and interactive - answering our questions and bantering with us throughout.
The venue was plenty large enough and clean and tidy.
I love having simple but complete notes/recipes to take home. My three favourite things? (1) Suggestions of how to improve my (already yummy but not Michelin Star) Quiche Lorraine (2) trying new (but easily achievable) recipes and (3) hints for trouble shooting.
Would definitely recommend and we're already planning which class we'll do next.

Teacher's response

Bonjour Fiona, Thank you very much for your feedback regarding my cooking class. I'm glad to hear that the details provided will help guests understand what to expect during the two-hour class. Wishing you the best in your tart making endeavors! If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

Judith Knowles Feb 2024

Great class. Technique’s were explained very well. I made my first short crust tonight and can’t wait to make my first quiche using the methods demonstrated.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Judith, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the class and found the techniques explained well. I hope your quiche was tasty and made everyone happy. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional assistance.
Kind regards, Francois.

Sonja Coetzee Feb 2024

Was not aware it was only observing
Chairs would be great
Especially for a long class

Teacher's response

Sorry to hear that, Sonja. However, in the class description and the class reminder it is described as demonstration cooking class, also during the first 5 minutes of the introduction class, I explained why it is a demonstration class and not hands-on. My goal is to offer in two hours not only tips and tricks but also a maximum of recipes to make the course best value for you.
Regarding your wish to have a seat, we always offer a few chairs available for our guests. I hope you now have all the reliable skills to practice at home and make your successful tarts to share with family and friends. See you soon, maybe at one of our hands-on cooking classes.
Kind regards, Francois.

Michael Della Maddalena Feb 2024

I thought the class would be hands on. There was no seats to sit on. And everything seemed to be rushed.

Teacher's response

Hi Michael, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback about the Friday Four Essential Pastry Demonstration Cooking Class. I appreciate your honesty and understand that the class may not have met your expectations. As outlined in the class listing, it is designed as a demonstration cooking class.
I aim to provide participants with valuable tips and make the class a great 2-hour experience for improving their home cooking skills. Your input is valuable, and I will use it to enhance the pre-booking information description for future classes. Thank you once again for joining, and I hope you enjoyed the samples.

Maureen Faas Feb 2024

Francois was friendly and gave lots of information whilst cooking four sweet options in 2 hours. He gave us lots of tips on how to do each one with recipes for each and encouraged us to try the recipes and to ask for help at any time. Tip - if you are watching what you eat, this is not a good option for you especially with the sampler box we took home; everything tasted amazing though :)
The only reason for the missing star was that 2 hours is a long time to stand and there were very limited chairs available (I understand that this is a commercial kitchen so this may be difficult to facilitate).

Yolanda Wegman Jan 2024

Very knowledgeable and a great learning experience. I can't wait to try out what I learnt.

Asma Bouzid Jan 2024

Everything was great. François explained all the steps to have successful macarons. The best part is the « dégustation ».
Thank you Chef

Julie Jeremiah Dec 2023

Francois was a great teacher. Very professional and knowledgeable. Class was a demonstration class rather than participation. That meant we could see many more foods being made and baked rather than every participant making on or two small deserts. I can’t wait to try the yummy deserts we learnt how to make

Kerry McIvor Dec 2023

Very inspiring to get me back into the kitchen!
Many thanks for an enjoyable class.

Charmaine Montgomery Nov 2023

Francois made making macarons look so easy! He explained the recipes well, and we’ve come away with a variety of recipe flavours, lots of ideas, and the confidence to try them at home.

The venue was good, with sufficient parking. We couldn’t find the kitchen initially though. Francois had sent a map, but I couldn’t find the email when we got there. I would suggest allowing yourself a little extra time to get there early to find the kitchen and settle in to enjoy the demonstration.

Teacher's response

Bonjour Charmaine, thank you for your wonderful review and recommendation regarding the location of the kitchen. I will take it in consideration and send a better link to access the class. See you early February for your next class. Francois

Geraldine Mandin Nov 2023

It was very nice.
Thank you for the good recipe and easy tricks.
On ferra des choux tres bientot!

Sherry Robson Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class was really informative and moved at a good pace to follow along and absorb the methods being demonstrated. I rarely cook and I left feeling that the macarons and choux pastry were not only something I could achieve but also that I was enthusiastic to try making them at home. I’d recommend for sure.

French Macaron Making Class review by Sherry Robson - Perth

Ruth Johnston Jul 2023

Francois was very knowledgeable and explained the process well. His French accent was difficult at times to understand, however he welcomed questions, and was happy to repeat what he had said. It would have been nice to be more involved in the process for the price. This is a demonstration class. We did not get to taste the Macarons at the end, however did get to take some home.

Teacher's response

As I have explained the macarons required and overnight resting time in the fridge to become fully soft, off course I could invite you to taste them the day of their preparation to understand better the difference. I will use your comment to improve my cooking class. Thank you again for your participation and I hope you have enjoyed your samples and see your homemade macarons soon. Francois

Donna Hill Jul 2023

Francois was great! He provides lots of helpful tips to ensure we'll be able to make perfect macarons at home.

Kerry Reverzani Jul 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Francois is a great teacher. He explained everything really well and has a great casual approach making it a fun class.
Even though it is a demonstration Francois gets everyone involved in the process.
I would definitely recommend the class.

Anna Calverley Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class! Francois was very knowledgeable and patient and imparted the perfect amount of information for me to feel really confident in making my first ever batch of macrons.
He was funny, pleasant and authentic.
Really enjoyed the class.

Darren Cai Jul 2023

Amazing and del
Chef Francois is friendly, passionate, and his French cooking class was educational and fun. Time flew by in the engaging two-hour session. Highly recommended for an unforgettable culinary experience. Bon appétit!icious cooking

Three-course French Dinner Cooking Class review by Darren Cai - Perth

Lisa Spalding Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class, so many great tips. I have already made the shortcrust pastry and it all worked perfectly, so crispy and buttery. Can't wait to try making my own choux and puff pastry.

French Patisserie Dessert Making Class review by Lisa Spalding - Perth

Lucia D'Souza Jul 2023

Excellent cooking class and very enjoyable too. Francois is a great teacher and he took a lot of trouble to show us how to prepare different pastry bases/doughs. We learnt how to make puff pastry, short crust pastry, brioche, choux pastry, creme patisserie and chantilly. We tasted what we prepared : Mille feuilles/vanilla slice, tarte au chocolat/chocolate tart, choux à la crème, brioche which were all yummy! It was a great experience thank you Francois.

Baking and Desserts class review by Lucia D'Souza - Perth

Renee Green Jun 2023

Francois is a very engaging and experienced chef I can’t wait to practice his recipes!

Bethany Quinn Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class was VERY informative! I learnt more in this class than the others I have attended, I think it’s because this was not hands on, so I was able to watch and write notes while he explained and taught techniques.

He made complicated this feel very easy! Highly recommended.

French Cooking Class: Savoury Tarts review by Bethany Quinn - Perth

Alex Frangs Mar 2023

My sister and I attended this class over the weekend and we both thoughtfully enjoyed it! Such a great location and the teacher was very informed on the topic. We learnt heaps about the process we just hoped to be more involved in the cooking process.

Lisa Spalding Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great fun class. Francois gave us lots of great tips. I made a perfect batch of macarons at home the next day. I would definitely recommend this class.

Baking and Desserts class review by Lisa Spalding - Perth

Melissa Hayman Mar 2023

86 ClassBento workshops attended • 54 reviews

Chef is very knowledgeable and made the class a enjoyable experience. Every step of making macarons was explained well and I feel confident that I can make my own. Overall, very awesome and I would definitely recommend.

Caroline Luke Mar 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Francois was a charming knowledgeable Frenchman with the appropriate accent. This was a fun demonstration class with a little bit of audience participation. Small group of 10. As well as macaron making with 3 styles of filling, he also demonstrated choux pastry. We took away a box full of goodies.

Billel Bencharif Mar 2023

The teacher was very engaging and welcoming. I learned a lot. Les macarons étaient meilleurs après avoir passé la nuit au frigo, merci chef!

Craig Smith Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Crammed with useful tips from decades of experience. Great upskilling experience for the home cook. Highly recommend.

Fatma Cronje Feb 2023

Hello. Class was nice. But you need to now baking before attend the course. Nice tips for the dessert

Nadia Bloch Feb 2023

This was a great class. Lots of advice and tips and new techniques. Everything was delicious and I feel confident to try at home. The chocolate tart was an absolute highlight. Thank you

Kath Stacey Feb 2023

Francois was amazing, great guidance and engagement. Answered all questions happily. Confidence has increased significantly.

Location and facility was great.

We’ll definitely be back!

Thank you.

Cherie McGinn Feb 2023

The class was ok. Was disappointed it wasn't a hands on experience. The writeup made it seem like we would be making some of the items, but it was just stand and watch. It wasn't much different to watching a cooking show on TV.

Teacher's response

Hi Cherie,

I would like to thank you for your review following your Saturday class.

The information provided will help me to improve my services. I can perfectly understand that you may feel disappointed that the class was not hands-on, however, in the description of my class it is specified that it will be a demonstration “ Why not join François' Private Kitchen's beginner-friendly chocolate demonstration class in Perth and learn some new tips and tricks in the kitchen!” Also, when the class started I provided the reason why I have chosen this way, make 4 chocolate desserts instead only 2 in 2 hours, so much information to share and learn and like in many activities it can be valuable to observe, watch, take pictures and videos and more importantly ask everything you want to better understand recipes and technics.

I hope the taste of these four desserts and samples received to return home made the class a little bit more enjoyable than not being able to taste them when watching a show on TV.

Again thank you Cherie for your valuable comment.

Hope to see you again in the future.


Angaliqe Morfea Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Francois made the class fun and interactive. Very experienced chef and a wealth of knowledge about chocolate and deserts The recipes were also very delicious

Andrew Jones Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The presenter was an absolute expert, and very engaging through the lesson. Unfortunately we had limited hands-on time, but it was arguably better, because we could make more things, and able to observe and write notes as we went.
I don't know the cost (mine was a gift), but it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

(Be prepared to stand for two hours though, something I guess is the norm for bakers) :-)

Samantha Buxcey Jan 2023

Great class, fun and enjoyable.
I now have more confidence in making different flavours and making the macarons!

Nerida Williams Jan 2023

Fantastic afternoon spent with Francoise demonstrating macarons and choux pastry.

Great atmosphere, learnt lots of tips and tricks - all very easy in terms of access to the venue and the facilities in the commercial kitchen.

Jessica Buttel Jan 2023

Great demonstration class on the basics of making pastry and how to use as a base for desserts. Francois is friendly and approachable and made the class fun. I feel confident to tackle home made pastry now! You also get to sample and take home some tasty treats.

Kari Willesee Jan 2023

Francois was a great teacher, very efficient, taught us some great tricks of the trade and had a sense of humour :)

Madeleine O'Connor Jan 2023

Teacher was great, so welcoming, the 2 hours flew by, learnt so much with lots of tricks to be able to make all of it at home. Proper French treats! Would absolutely recommend.

Melissa Hayman Jan 2023

86 ClassBento workshops attended • 54 reviews

Lots of information and tips for making different pastry and recipes provided. Teacher is lovely and welcoming. Awesome afternoon.

Sharon Casey Aug 2022

Francois was friendly and approachable. Very knowledgeable and helpful. The tips he provided were really useful.

Madelene Raymundo Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun and very helpful demo experience learning about making macarons. Francois gave lots of helpful tips that make me feel more confident trying to make macarons at home as well as Italian meringue.

Madelene Raymundo Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun and very helpful demo experience learning about making macarons. Francois gave lots of helpful tips that make me feel more confident trying to make macarons at home as well as Italian meringue.

Helena Nermut Jul 2022

Francois is a great teacher, well prepared and answered all my questions in detail. The class is a demonstration class on the technical side of making French pastry. You get great notes and recipes and Francois adds lots of tips, suggestions and recipe variations (making a savoury version, at what stage to freeze left overs etc). The end products were delicious and we got to take a sample box home to share (or not!)

Baking and Desserts class review by Helena Nermut - Perth

Asa Sodergren Jul 2022

Fantastic two hour class, teacher was passionate and so incredibly knowledgeable. He made everyone feel welcome and comfortable.
Venue was great, amenities and drinks provided. Would not hesitate signing up for another class with Francois.

Jessie Wallis Jul 2022

Really enjoyed this class! So interesting watching Francois make pastries, brioche and learning excellent tips. Plus eating it as well, the puff pastry was amazing! We've made short crust pastry and gougère since we got home to practise :)

Bridget Chamberlain Jul 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Francois was knowledgeable, lively and simply delightful in all things French and cooking. Delicious food that is replicable at home. See you again

French Cooking Class: Savoury Tarts review by Bridget Chamberlain - Perth

Melody Karlsson Jul 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Another great and informative demo class! François shared many of his tips and tricks on making French savoury tarts! The food was absolutely delicious!
I'll be in my kitchen recreating what we made in class!

Tara Hill Jun 2022

Francois was is a passionate chef who demonstrated how to make a large variety of Macarons, recipes were easy to follow and we were encouraged to ask questions. The little surprise at the end of the evening was scrumptious. A great way to spend a winter evening.

Petina Blackwell May 2022

Great demonstration of techinques and opitunities for students to practice. So much more confident that I can create great Macrons at home now.
Will definitely do more of Francois' classes.

French Macaron Making Class review by Petina Blackwell - Perth

Sarah Thomson May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I absolutely loved Francois’ French Macaroon Making Class. Francois was incredibly warm, welcoming and explained everything clearly - everything you need to have a go at making these on your own at home using standard cooking equipment most people will have in their own homes already.

Baking and Desserts class review by Sarah Thomson - Perth

Monica Spillman Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Jam-packed demo class. This isn't a class where you will be cooking the food, but it is worth it. There is not a single moment where Francois isn't giving you the ultimate tips for a successful bake with every element of the recipe. Highly recommend! I'd genuinely do this session again. Authentic is a genuine description of what Francois provides here. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious.

Karen Hodson Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Excellent presentation, content and product!
Very genial presenter, huge knowledge, ability and willingness to share information.
Facilities were adequate for purpose, although the provision of some bar stools for the participants would have been beneficialstanding for 2-3 hours isn't for everyone.

Brooke Humble Dec 2021

Insightful and fun class! Francois is a warm and inviting instructor, who's only too happy to help even after the class!

Rina Shah Dec 2021

Francois taught us how to make French patisserie .Brioche, Choux pastry, mille foi, chocolate tart and all melted in our mouths. We're soo delicious!
Best was making puff and short crust pastry from scratch. Francois was very friendly.

French Patisserie Dessert Making Class review by Rina Shah - Perth

Sally Meadows Nov 2021

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Everything was wonderful
Materials we used did not smell
Lovely cold drinks
Had a wonderful day

Celine Gaudin Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Francois is really skilled and he shared lots of tips with the preparation of the dishes. It was a lovely class.

Kathryn Normanton Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

teacher was very pleasant although his very strong French accent meant made it a bit difficult to understand.
Macarons failed unfortunately.
Would be interested in trying a different course

Emma Carr Sep 2021

My daughter and I had a wonderful time at Francois' Patisserie Desert making class. Francois was friendly and expertly demonstrated how to make 4 patisserie. Watching the method and desired textures has now made us feel as though we can try to make these ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed the tasting also! A stool to perch on would have been good but as we were all keen to get in close to see what was happening, we didn't miss it too much! Now we have to practice!

French Patisserie Dessert Making Class review by Emma Carr - Perth

Michelle Bowes Aug 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Another fabulous class - thank you, Francois! Great tips and tricks to ensure pastry making is enjoyable, as well as successful.

Anne Haskis Aug 2021

Francois delivered a fabulous class- lots of tips that are practical for home cooks. Covered a lot in a short time and sent us home with amazing pastries! Highly recommended.

French Patisserie Dessert Making Class review by Anne Haskis - Perth

Liv Kerr Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Francois is so super lovely! Really informative and well set out class. Learn so much but not too much. So so much yumminess and would definitely go to another class. Super excited to try everything out at home with all his awesome tips. Merci beaucoup François! Très très bon

Jessica Gray Aug 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was engaging and friendly. Some of the steps were a bit over my head as he used quite professional and industry language that I didn’t understand. The class was fun and interactive and he was open to any questions as he demonstrated.

Darcy Phillips-Hill Jul 2021

This class was fantastic - very informative, entertaining and delicious! A relaxing and fun Friday night.

Jane Meehan Jul 2021

Enjoyed this small class with a nice welcoming atmosphere. The cooking demonstration was more of a conversation with plenty of opportunities for questions. It gave me the information and confidence to have ago at home and they came out beautifully. Would definitely do another cooking course with Francois.

French Macaron Making Class review by Jane Meehan - Perth

Michelle Bowes Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class last night! Learned so much and put it to the test today. Halved the recipe and made chocolate, natural and pink macarons. They came out perfectly! Thank you for all your expertise, Francois!

French Macaron Making Class review by Michelle Bowes - Perth

Melody Karlsson Jun 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this interactive hands on demonstration on all aspects of mastering the secret macaron technique! Francois is a brilliant teacher! During class he happily answered our questions sharing his expert knowledge and insights so we could confidently create the same perfect results at home. Francois made the macaron making process easy and very quick, dispelling any myth that macarons are difficult to master and time consuming. If anyone wants to master the 'Art of Macarons' look no further than this class. I highly recommend. Will be back for more classes!

Leanne Scott May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Terrific class, I learnt some pastry techniques I didn't know before. It was nice taking some samples home.

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