I Did a Workshop with My Family. Here's What Happened Next

I Did a Workshop with My Family. Here's What Happened Next

By Kellie Maloney

I joined a Kokedama workshop with my Mum and Nan knowing that I wanted to spend some quality time with them. Little did I know that a plant, some moss and string would bind our three generations together in ways I never expected.

Are you planning an experience for the whole family this Christmas? Read on to see how getting creative with those you love most can bring absolute joy.

1. It showed our different approaches

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I walk into our Kokedama workshop with Merchant & Green in Redfern not knowing what to expect. My Nan is an avid gardener and my Mum is passionate about her thriving succulent garden, whereas I struggle to keep my Devil’s Ivy (arguably one of the easiest plants to care for) alive at times. 

As we get settled before the class, Mum and Nan immediately start comparing plants, searching for their favourite. I stand back and watch as I sip on complimentary tea. I’m in no rush at all…

2. We were reminded that imperfection is beautiful 

The class begins with head florist Chris sharing an insight into the rich history of Kokedama making. He explains the Japanese worldview of Wabi-Sabi, the beauty of imperfection in nature.

Although we express it in various ways, my Nan, Mum and I are all perfectionists. I think it’s helpful for the three of us to hear these words before we start the class and remind us that no matter the end result, we’ll have created something beautiful.   

3. We all created in our own style

kokedama making for beginners

As our teacher, Orla leads us through the actual Kokedama making I can’t help but observe Mum and Nan.

Mum looks peaceful and in the zone as she wraps up her plants. She loves focusing all of her energy on one thing and making it the best it can be. She even asks to purchase a larger plant for the ‘medium-sized’ Kokedama. Mum always knows exactly what she wants, something I’ve always admired about her.

Nan, on the other hand, takes a more collaborative approach. As the true matriarch of our family, it’s in her nature to check in on us. Throughout the process she looks over to Mum and me, giving us pointers and making sure we’re all at the same stage.

I focus on wrapping my plant, feeling more and more satisfied as my pile of moss and soil is transformed into a lovely round ball. I try to be patient with it, enjoying the quality time spent with two very important women in my life.

In these small moments I see all of our unique little quirks shining through, quirks that are reflected in the three totally individual Kokedama plants we take home.

4. Nan found her new favourite hobby

Christmas 2022

After the class, we drive straight to Flower Power where Mum and Nan buy more plants and materials. It’s heartwarming to see how inspired the class has made them and to know that I was the one who got them there.

Kokedama making has since become my Nan’s favourite new hobby. She hasn’t stopped making Kokedamas for the whole family and even has a few Christmas gift requests from her neighbours.

5. Mum found new babies to care for (the plant kind)

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Mum has added her Kokedama plants to her flawless interior design and is always more than happy to show them off to any house guests.

6. Turns out my thumb’s not so brown after all

I’m also happy to report that my plants are still kicking (despite a few minor setbacks). And with the help of my part-time plant carer, Dad, are getting just the right amount of water.

7. Making brought us together

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Making together and exploring our unique traits was just what Mum, Nan and I needed to connect in ways we hadn’t before. Watching it stir up a hidden passion in my Nan was particularly meaningful and a memory I’ll treasure forever. Not only did we each go home with a handmade creation, but with memories more special than a wrapped present on Christmas day. 

Now the only thing to do is decide what to learn together next. Cooking, pottery, flower arranging – the crafty options are endless! My advice to you this Christmas is to unlock your family’s creativity together. I couldn’t recommend it more. 

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