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Eran Naylor Jewellery
Eran Naylor Jewellery
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3 hours

label $220 (Afterpay available)
Looking to take your jewellery making skills to the next level? Learn in your own time and at your own pace with this on-demand advanced jewellery making class! This class is perfect for wax work students and jewellers.
Throughout the on-demand videos, you will learn techniques to build up wax and create settings for stones that are designed for rings, earrings or pendants.
As this is an advanced class, it is expected that you are confident in your finish off skills and have casting and finish off experience from previous castings. With plenty of guidance in these videos, you will get supervision and feedback to continue growing in this wonderful skill.
At the end of this online class, you will feel more confident in your jewellery making skills, ready to wear, display or even sell your creations!
Knowledge required
You will need finishing off and casting experience. This class is perfect for jewellers who wish to advance their wax work.
What to bring
There is an equipment list that will be emailed to you after the class, but most wax students would already have most of it, therefore there won't be much further expense.
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Eran Naylor Jewellery
Eran Naylor Jewellery

4.9 (15)
Instagram followers2k

I am Eran Naylor and I am an Australian goldsmith and designer, originally from England. I began making jewellery about 25 years ago and simply never stopped. I was hooked and even today I find it hard to stop. I am mainly self-taught from a desire to create. I design and hand-make my collections from my workshops in Melbourne. I also teach classes at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park, have an online jewellery school and also teach by private tuition and Zoom.
Wax work is more my specialty and that is mainly what I teach. I love teaching, it keeps me surrounded by creative thinkers and that in itself gives back to me as much as I help others. So it’s a win-win situation that keeps the creative spirit alive!
My inspirations for my collections come first and foremost from designs and patterns from the old Mesopotamian regions, India and South America. In my late twenties, I became fascinated by Egyptology and that is where my love of adornment really flourished. I like to try to transfer the beauty of older times to bold, classic pieces that can be worn or used with ease today. I try to embody in my work the beauty and calm that adorns the wearer and has a bohemian feel and look about it, recreating feeling and senses into real pieces that can be worn like talismans every day.
Using materials, and colours and often experimenting with new techniques I try to create pieces that make the senses flow.

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